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Imagine lofty days at the cottage, a weekend getaway to the beach, a few weeks
fishing and camping or a few days getting your golf swing back. All of our favourite
Canadian spring and summer adventures await us, but wait. Don’t forget one of the
most important fashion accessories for comfort and enjoyment of all our outdoor
activities and for protection of our sight, Rx sunwear.
In this edition of Tmag, browse the latest styles and trends in both prescription
sunwear and eyewear. Learn how to protect your eyes from the sun and reduce
headache and eye strain from electronic devices like your smart phone. Learn
which frames suit your face shape best and discover the hottest colour trend of
the season, Marsala.
New eyewear can be so much fun in the spring and you can express yourself in so
many ways with whimsy or classic style. Many current styles also connect with the
natural world. I love many of spring’s latest most creative and innovative models
inspired by nature. For a Bohemian look that echo’s butterfly, consider Chloé or for
something bold, Calvin Klein’s eye-stopping, mottled cameo.
In this edition, we are also proud to feature French designer Jean-François Rey
and owner of the J.F. Rey eyewear brand. His unique eyewear designs with 3D
depth, combined with urban and architecture inspiration are always stretching the
boundaries of what’s creatively possible in eyewear. He is also a two-time winner
of the Silmo d’Or, the Academy awards of eyewear.
I hope this edition helps you find the perfect eyewear and sunwear frames. Let
each frame tell a story about you, create curiosity and bring compliments. Try on
new eyewear and Rx sunwear with the help of your vision care professional. Find
what will look great and make you feel extraordinary.
See great sights this spring and summer!
Charleen Anne Wyman, BA
Managing Editor, Tmag
[email protected]
3 Tmag
The moment a tailor-made solution turns into the best
natural vision – no matter what you’re doing.
• Bestnaturalvisiontailor-madeforyouandyourmaindailyactivities,dayandnight.
• Strain-freevisionforprintmediaanddigitaldeviceusage.
• Providingupto50%larger*fieldsofclearvisionthanordinaryprogressives.
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Jean-François Rey
Let Your Inner Animal Out
Product Information
Be Sun Safe
Protect Your Eyes and Look Great
Canadians’ Mobile World Creates
Eye Strain and Headaches
Spring - Summer
Inspiration Styles for Him and Her
Eye Health
Did You Know…? 26
Perfect Glasses for Your Face
Choosing Your Frame 28
Marsala, Colour of the Year 32
On the cover: Get wild. The modelled featured frame is from J.F. Rey’s
Animals Collection.
6 Spring
Summer 2015
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The moment you don’t notice your working day is over.
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J.F. Rey
L e t
You r
A n im a l
O u t
By Isabelle Boin-Serveau
French eyewear designer Jean-François Rey was born in the Jura Mountains,
a sub-alpine mountain range on the Swiss border known as the cradle of the
eyewear industry for its longstanding history of traditional craftsmanship and
10 Spring
Summer 2015
French sophistication
TitaBOX, a high-end optical collection for men and
women, has it all: top-quality materials and a chic
design. The exclusive acetate frames and patented
high-tech hinges are sure to make others green
with envy!
Rhythmic and hot
Zumba knows how to shake things up with sensual
textures and lively colours. These hot frames will
make you want to dance the salsa!
While the eyewear business has been an integral part of
the Rey family history for two generations now, JeanFrançois didn’t dive into it headfirst. Before he designed
for top French ready-to-wear brands like Agnès B.,
Bensimon and Marithé François Girbaud, he studied law
and international commerce and spent time travelling the
world, finding his greatest inspiration in Asia, especially
in Japan.
The Man with the Golden Touch
Of course, being a born designer, Jean-François Rey
came home to pursue his destiny in 1980 to design his
own frame collections. This decision would not only
change the course of his life and career, but launch a style
and design revolution that can still be felt in the luxury
eyewear industry today.
By the 90s, his bold concepts and striking innovations
had made a huge splash. He was the first designer to
introduce a staggered, frame-free side lens style. The
dynamic style came to personify the designer and has
been imitated in France and all over the world.
As everyone knows, making glasses is a team effort, but
it takes a master like Jean-François Rey to explore a
variety of avenues and use a pool of talented voices to
create something special. Despite its name, the J.F. REY
brand reflects on more than a single designer. It taps into
the talents of the many creative designers who labour
to create the Boz Eyewear, Volte Face and Sky Eyes
What’s the creative process that goes into your
Bedazzling eyes
These trendy, semi-vintage yet forward-looking
sunglasses stand out for their fluorescent colours.
Perfect if you want to turn heads this summer!
Our designers work together like a well-oiled machine.
These are extremely creative people who are wildly
passionate about what they do. And while they may
each have their own signature style, the brainstorming
sessions they engage in are what produce results that
might otherwise be unachievable. These are people who
love a challenge, which is a major plus for us. What we do
is a cross between art and engineering. It’s a business that
requires highly complementary skill-sets and constant
All these collections can be seen at:,,,
11 Tmag
Twice the Style
Fun fact: the eyewear designer is also lucky enough to
share his passion for design with his wife, Joëlle, a woman
who knows all about colour and texture. Her creativity
and knack for choosing the perfect colour are behind all
those fresh new colours that sound as dreamy as they
look – milk cream, anise green, Sudanese brown, not to
mention cascade green, a new favourite that can be seen
in the new collections. Fueled by their shared creative
passion, the couple love to travel the world for inspiration.
What frames are you the most proud of?
None in particular...or maybe all of them? Every concept
has a story. Every collection is a new experience,
technologically, esthetically and personally speaking. We
owe our success to the great work that goes on between
our designers, our suppliers and our plant workers in
Jura. I suppose that’s what makes me most proud: the
team spirit and passion that drive us to consistently produce magnificent collections.
Creative Process
Safari chic
Animal print frames that will make you roar with
pleasure! With their audacious colours and lines,
Wild glasses are the perfect accessory for urban
jungle dwellers. The Zebra model features panther
markings while the Zebu model features African
adventurer-style camouflage. Both are available in
several shades. Go on! Take a bite out of life!
There’s one trap no creative worker or designer ever
wants to fall victim to: running out of gas or fresh ideas.
Fortunately, Jean-François Rey can rely on the power of
an elite team of designers to ensure that never happens.
Bewitching charm
These vintage-inspired sunglasses feature round,
feminine acetate frames with a snake-skin like
texture, in this case, the python print. You won’t
need to walk in the shade with these sunglasses!
12 Spring
Summer 2015
How do you keep coming up with fresh ideas and resist the
urge to repeat yourself?
Every collection is a new creative and technical challenge. That’s the
day-to-day work of our design teams: to keep pushing the envelope,
innovating and amazing people. What keeps us relevant is the type
of materials we choose, the decision to opt for unlikely colours or
colour combinations, or to make unexpected use of raw materials.
That’s what we do; it’s what drives us. You have to stay connected
to that creative energy and draw inspiration from everything around
you: art, architecture, design, your travels...I love Japan and my trips
there have always inspired me and fueled my creative instincts. New
technologies and high-tech materials go hand in hand with Japan’s
refined and subdued culture. A recent example would be our Factory
collections with their ultra-pointy design, exclusive materials and
titanium sun clips.
New technologies and
high-tech materials
go hand in hand with
Japan’s refined and
subdued culture. A recent
example would be our
Factory collections with
their ultra-pointy design,
exclusive materials and
titanium sun clips.
What are you working on now?
We’re finishing up the collections that we’ll be presenting at Silmo
2015 in Paris: J.F. REY, Boz Eyewear, Volte Face and Sky Eyes, in
addition to our Kids & Teens collections and our Petite collection
for smaller faces. 2015 will also mark the start of a great project that
resulted from an incredible meeting and the launch of a brand new
line of JF Rey glasses…so stay tuned!
Tips from a Master
Do you have any tips on how to pick the right glasses?
People often forget that a great pair of glasses can also be their best
fashion accessory. Between the shape of your face and all the colours
and materials out there, picking glasses can certainly be daunting,
but the last thing you want to do is leave the decision to chance. You
have to find the perfect face-frame fit based on the advice of an eye
care professional. You have to be daring, playful, and assertive...and of
course, make yourself happy!
Modern manliness
With his Factory collection,
Jean-François Rey offers a manly and
modern urban adventurer look.
The titanium sun clips can be
attached to a prescription frame in
a design that bridges the past and
future. Wow effect, guaranteed!
Chic and distinguished
Classy, feminine and modern...Doris is all that and more with all that
glitter that will light up your eyes. In a class of their own!
13 Tmag
Product Information
Be Sun Safe
P r ot e c t Yo u r Ey e s a n d Lo o k G r e at
Skin protection from the sun is a major
concern for anyone who spends time
outdoors, but are you aware the sun can also
harm your vision? In fact, the sun’s UV rays
contribute to the development of several
serious eye conditions, including macular
degeneration, cataracts and eyelid cancer.
Prescription shades provide protection. Yet,
less than 20% of today’s prescription eyeglass
wearers buy Rx sun lenses. Many simply
don’t know how much better performance
they can get and how great they can really
look with Rx sun lenses. Today, more options
are available than ever before for optimum
sport function, crisp and clear driving, and
the fashionista.
Today’s high performance sun lenses allow
you to wear patented prescription sun
products in a comprehensive collection of
lenses, treatments, mirrors and tints for any
style or activity. Prescription lenses offer
advanced designs and patented technology
for superior protection to meet your exact
sun lens needs. Know the different types of
lenses available for your specific needs.
Polarized Lenses
Polarized lenses enhance vision by reducing blinding glare, increasing
clarity and improving colour perception. Polarized lenses assist in:
• Providing 100% UVA/UVB protection
• Eliminating glare
• Allowing greater visual satisfaction for driving and outdoor activities
Customized Sport and Fashion Sunglasses
Many sunglass and sports frames have more front curvature than
regular glasses. This curvature, referred to as “wrap”, presents optical
challenges to maintain clear vision when looking through your lenses
at different angles. Now, lenses are available that can be optically
customized to the exact requirements of your prescription and wrap
angle (or degree of curvature) of your favourite frame. This offers a
consistently excellent optical performance across the entire lens. This
type of lens for both progressive and single vision needs offers:
• Maximum visual acuity offering up to 50% larger, clear fields of view
• Use with high performance sport or fashion-driven wrap sunglasses
• Full correction for the prismatic effects resulting from frame wrap
• Reduced headache and eyestrain
• Superior wearing comfort
Lenses for High Performance and Protection Outdoors
High performance sun lenses deliver extreme clarity, lightweight comfort,
strength, and protection. Superior tint quality and lens performance make
them perfect for golfing, biking, driving, skiing and all things outdoors.
These unique lenses for both progressive and single vision offer:
• Superior optical clarity for specific needs
• Exceptional impact and stress resistance for durability and protection
• Lightness—1.11 specific gravity for comfort
• 100% UV protection
• Chemical resistance for durability
If you spend time in the sun, drive or participate
in outdoor sports, ask a vision care professional
to help you optimize and protect your vision.
See and look better today, and tomorrow.
This information capsule is brought to you by Zeiss
14 Spring
Summer 2015
The moment you can really enjoy the sunshine.
• ReliableUVprotectionforallsunglasstints.
• Maximumcolourpersonalization.
16 Spring
Summer 2015
An overview of the
Model: CE119S
17 Tmag
Model: DQ0169
Model: 08-1122
18 Spring
Summer 2015
Model: 92/S
19 Tmag
Calvin Klein
Model: 7972
20 Spring
Summer 2015
Jimmy Choo
Model: Estelle
Michael Kors
Model: MK2002
21 Tmag
Model: Sunny 103
Model: Chloris
22 Spring
Summer 2015
Bon Vivant
Model: Céline
23 Tmag
For Her
s t yl e s
1 Chloé
Model: CE117S
2 Diesel
Model: DL0111
black gingham
3 Salvatore Ferragamo
Model: SF724S
24 Spring
Summer 2015
For Him
s t yl e s
1 X-ide
Model: Cocco
2 Michael Kors
Model: MK1003
black gingham
3 J.F. Rey
Model: JF2581
25 Tmag
Eye Health
Did You Know…?
A Yearly Eye Exam Can Save Sight for Diabetics
Diabetes can have damaging effects on both your vision and eye health. The biggest risk
to vision is when it begins to cause a weakening or swelling in the tiny blood vessels that
nourish the retina. This is called diabetic retinopathy, the largest cause of blindness in
Canada for those under the age of 65.
Some symptoms that may occur at the onset of diabetic retinopathy are blurred vision,
flashes of light, sudden loss of vision and blotches or spots in vision. There may be no
symptoms at all in early stages, making yearly visits with an optometrist necessary for
detection and best treatment success.
If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, maintain optimal blood glucose levels, blood
pressure and blood cholesterol, and continue to see an optometrist annually.
Nutrients for Eye Health
Three of the many important nutrients for eye health are
lutein, zeaxanthin and omega-3 fatty acids.
Smartphones Linked to
Increase in Eye Problems
Prolonged smartphone use,
especially among Millennials is
linked to eye problems ranging
from eye strain to myopia, and
even temporary blindness.
A survey from the Vision
Council’s report on digital
eye strain found that 7 out
of 10 Millennials reported experiencing symptoms of eye
strain. 84% of the Millennials surveyed
owned a smartphone.
Lutein and zeaxanthin are carotenoids and contain
a pigment that is abundant in the macula of the eye.
Consuming lutein and zeaxanthin, either in foods or in a
supplement, results in an increase of carotenoids in the
macula. Foods highest in lutein and zeaxanthin are kale
and spinach.
Three important omega-3 fatty acids are DHA
(docosahexaenoic acid), EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)
and ALA (alpha-linolenic acid). DHA and EPA are found
in fish oils and ALA is found in
nuts and flax seed.
Experts recommend taking a break every
20 minutes and focusing on a more distant object,
at least 6 meters away, to avoid eye strain.
26 Spring
Summer 2015
Distributed by
/ Bobbi Brown The Duke
Perfect Glasses for Your Face
c h o o si n g
Your Frame
Finding the right pair of glasses doesn’t just happen by
chance. You need to be armed with specific information
to correctly evaluate facial proportions, angles and
shapes, which then allows you to choose glasses that will
highlight the natural contours of your face.
And no one is better positioned to identify the shape of
your face (round, oval, square or triangular), or to help
you choose a pair of glasses that will suit your face, than
your optician.
Maintain Perfect Natural Balance
An oval face appears longer than it is wide, with high
cheekbones and the forehead being slightly wider than
the jaw. To maintain this natural balance, frames that are
as wide as or slightly wider than the broadest part of the
face are the best choice. Alternatively, walnut-shaped
frames that are not too deep or narrow also suit an oval
face. However, ovals are lucky in that almost any frame
design will suit them. You can also choose cat-eye, oval,
round or angular frames, like the models suggested on
the right-hand page.
After discussing square faces in our last issue, let’s now
talk about oval faces.
Identifying your face shape is the key to choosing your
perfect frames. An oval face is considered to be the ideal
shape because of its balanced proportions. It also offers
the most versatility when it comes to eyewear choices.
Ask your
look best
on you.
28 Spring
Summer 2015
Perfect Glasses for Your Face
F R Am e s
f o r
Oval Faces
Choose a cat-eye, oval, round or angular frame.
Model: Alpha 32a
Model: GU2506
Michael Kors
Model: Duke
Model: MK4001
Model: Dawson
Model: 1399
29 Tmag
Product Information
C a n a di a n s ’
M o bil e
W o rld
Creates Eye Strain and Headaches
Canadians have gone mobile and while we keep the muscles in our
thumbs busy, our eyes are working even harder and may be feeling
the strain. According to the Canadian Internet Registration Authority
(CIRA) in their 2014 Fact Book, greater numbers of Canadians are
going mobile and spending more time than ever texting (93% of use),
accessing the Internet (82% of use) and watching videos (37% of use).
Actual smartphone ownership has increased to 57% in Canada, higher
than the global average of 42% and a 10% increase over 2012 to 2013.
These progressive lenses also allow the
wearer to easily refocus at multiple distances
from near to far quickly and comfortably all
day long. The result is a level of clarity and
comfort that ordinary lenses can’t provide in
today’s visually demanding world.
Extensive mobile use challenges the way we use our eyes like never
before, especially, if you’re in the age group requiring progressive
lenses for close up viewing. Reading books and magazines is done
at a natural relaxed arm’s length distance. Conventional progressive
lenses have been designed to suit this print reading style. We hold
our digital devices significantly closer to the eyes compared to the
distance from the eyes we hold conventional printed materials like
books and magazines. The lower contrast and resolution, print and
image size on screens require us to move the device closer.
Even if you don’t wear progressives or
glasses at all, eyestrain and headache can
be experienced with regular digital device
use by those in their 20s, 30s, and early 40s.
Advanced single vision lenses offer a solution.
By providing a comfortable power boost for
near vision combined with excellent visual
acuity at all viewing distances, these digital
lenses help people suffering from eyestrain
to develop more comfortable vision.
Signs You May Need Progressive Lenses
for Your Digital World
A New Range of Digital Lenses for
Single Vision Wearers
How Digital Lenses Work for You
If you’re an active smartphone or tablet user and your eyeglasses do
not accommodate for this difference, your visual system has to do
extra work! This visual challenge goes beyond the eyes. The viewer
may compensate by assuming unnatural head and body postures in
order to bring the content on the mobile device into sharper focus.
This, in turn, may cause:
• Muscle strain in the back, neck and shoulders
• Dry eyes
• Digital Lenses enable relaxed vision and
outstanding visual acuity when using
smartphones or tablet PCs, making it
easier for your eyes to focus.
•A power boost for comfortable closeup vision relaxes your eye muscles, while
allowing you to maintain sharp focus.
Having to focus on your phone, and then a magazine, across the
room, and back to the phone also creates visual stress.
If you have a mobile phone,
use other digital devices or a
computer daily, ask a vision
care professional to help you
optimize your vision.
Enhanced Progressive Lenses to the Rescue
Enhanced progressive lens designs are now available to meet the
demanding vision requirements for Canadians’ mobile needs. When
the right lens options are prescribed, the challenge of seeing digital
content up close and conventional print at a further distance is
resolved. The result is strain-free vision for both print and digital
device distances.
30 Spring
Summer 2015
This information capsule is brought to you
by Zeiss
The moment your eyes keep up with your digital life.
ZEISS Lenses for the Digital World.
• Letsyoureyesmoveeasilybetweenyourdigitalworldandtherealworld.
• ProvidesrelieffromDigitalEyeStrainallday,everyday.
M a rs a l a
By Charleen Wyman, BA Journalism and Communications
If you’re a trend setter or looking for a colour
that will complement your skin tone and
match your accessories this season, Marsala
it is.
The spring’s top colour is named after and
inspired by the Italian, fortified wine from
Sicily. Marsala, a naturally robust and earthy
wine red, has been named the Colour of the
Year for 2015 by the world colour authority
“Much like the fortified wine that gives
Marsala its name, this tasteful hue embodies
the satisfying richness of a fulfilling meal,
while its grounding red-brown roots
emanate a sophisticated, natural earthiness,”
says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of
the Pantone Color Institute®. The appealing
hue is seeping quickly into fashion, beauty,
accessory, luxury cars and eyewear.
The tone Marsala has already been a hit on
Spring 2015 runways in the collections of
fashion designers Daniel Silverstain, Hervé
Léger by Max Azria and Dennis Basso.
The Versatility of Marsala in Eyewear
Used for apparel and accessories, the shade is appearing in eyewear
collections on its own and pairs well with neutrals, including warmer
taupes and grays. Because of its burnished undertones, Marsala is also
compatible with amber and golden yellows, greens in both turquoise
and teal, and blues in the more vibrant range.
Marsala is flattering against many skin tones. Sultry and subtle,
Marsala is a great “go-to” colour for beauty, providing bold highlight
for the cheek, and a rich pop of colour for nails and lips. The earthy
shade can be toned down or charged up. A matte finish highlights
Marsala’s organic nature, while adding sheen conveys a completely
different message of sophistication, glamour and luxury.
Just like the wine, the colour is being used liberally or sparingly. Sweet
Marsala is primarily used as a cooking wine; the colour Marsala makes
a great base colour. The wine can also be made dry and fine enough
for sipping, like sherry or madeira and equally, the colour can be used
as a delightful accent.
Other flavourful colours you will see and can try on in eyewear and
sunwear this spring and summer are Pantone’s Custard, Tangerine
and Strawberry Ice.
32 Spring
Summer 2015
Colour of the Year
1 Vogue
Model: VO2971s
2 Bon Vivant
Model: Christophe
3 Joop
Model: 1108
4 MaxMara
Model: Classy Floral
Bloom (Coral)
5 Bon Vivant
Model: Donatella
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