LAKC - Raceday Schedule

March 29th 2015 - Race Day Schedule
Sportivo Course
SUBJECT TO CHANGE - Please listen to the Announcer for updates
Warm up groups
Drivers Meeting
PRD Pilots (NC)**
TaG Cadet
125 Open / S4SM / S-3 / S-5
Kid Kart GX50 Honda (NC)**
PRD Masters / TaG Masters
PRD Senior / TaG Senior
JR-1 / JR-1 Pilot Comer
S1 / S2 / S4
National Anthem after Qualifying
Race Groups
PRD Pilots (NC)**
TaG Cadet
125 Open / S4Sm
Kid Kart GX50 Honda (NC)**
TaG Masters / PRD Masters
TaG Senior / PRD Senior
JR-1 Comer / JR-1 Pilot Comer
S1 / S2 / S4
S3 / S5
^ Quality in two groups
Warm up
7:30 AM
8:00 AM
8:07 AM
8:14 AM
8:21 AM
8:28 AM
8:35 AM
8:42 AM
8:49 AM
8:56 AM
8:56 AM
9:10 AM
360 lbs
242 lbs
395/415 lbs
160 lbs
**/ 390 lbs
255 lbs
320 lbs
*/ 360 lbs
225 lbs
395/340 lbs
9:20 AM
9:27 AM
9:34 AM
9:41 AM
9:48 AM
9:55 AM
^10:02 AM
^10:16 AM
^10:30 AM
10:44 AM
10:51 AM
11:11 AM
11:24 AM
11:37 AM
11:50 AM
12:03 PM
12:16 PM
12:29 PM
12:42 PM
12:55 PM
1:08 PM
1:21 PM
1:46 PM
2:03 PM
2:21 PM
2:39 PM
2:54 PM
3:12 PM
3:30 PM
3:47 PM
4:04 PM
4:24 PM
4:42 PM
10:58 AM
1:34 PM
5:00 PM
*TaG Senior / **TaG Masters weights – Leopard or X-30 *365lbs - **405lbs
** (NC) NON-Contact classes. All of these classes are no contact during the race events. You must avoid contact with karts.
Drive smart and safe!!
MANDATORY DRIVERS Meeting: At 7:30am SHARP! With roll call. All sessions are released by the grid steward.
WARM UP: 1 session, Transponders required for this session. IKF wristbands must be required at ALL times.
QUALIFYING: Released as a group or with separation per race director’s discretion. Qualifying lineup is based on
your warm up session time. If you did not get a time on your warm up, you will start the qualifying session in the
back. It is up to the driver to get a clean lap. Any blocking, drafting, or unsportsmanlike like action will result in a DQ
at the race director’s discretion. If transponders are delayed for any reason, grid line up will be generated by
computer pea pick. It is your responsibility to make sure the transponder is working. No holding back allowed.
Unaltered OEM Neck collars required in all classes at all times (this will be a post tech item). Kid Kart and Cadet
Drivers must wear chest protectors.
Kid kart 8 laps* All other classes 10 laps*
Kid Karts – 10 laps* All other classes 16 laps*
Time Permitting
LAKC runs under 2015 IKF and SKUSA rules where they apply. Supplemental rules and LAKC rules supersede.