Teochew Yam Mooncake Recipe

Teochew Yam Mooncake Recipe
< Ingredients >
 500 gm. yam, cooked and mashed
 250g castor sugar
 90ml oil
 25g melon seeds (kuaci 瓜子), toasted
Water dough:
 200 gm. plain flour
 50 gm. margarine
 30 gm. sugar
 100 gm. Water
Oil dough:
 180 gm. plain flour
 100 gm. Margarine
< To make filling >
 Cook mashed yam with sugar and oil till dry. The paste should leave the sides
of the wok clean when stirred.
 Leave to cool, add in melon seeds and mix well.
 Divide into 16 equal portions of small balls each and leave aside as filling.
< To make pastry >
 For water dough, Mix flour, sugar, margarine and water. Knead into smooth
dough. Rest for 30 minutes. Divide into 4 portions.
 For oil dough, mix margarine and flour and make it into smooth dough. Divide
into 4 portions. Rest 30 minutes.
 Take water dough and wrap up the oil dough.
 Flatten the dough into a long rectangle and then roll up into a Swiss-roll
shape. Flatten again and roll into a Swiss-roll again (altogether two times).
 Cut the roll into 4 pcs each.
 Flatten the cut dough, spiral side facing up and wrap up with yam filling. You
should get a dome-shaped pastry mooncake.
 Place pleated side down on a greased baking tray and bake in a preheated
oven at 180ºC for 25 to 30 minutes or until pastry is cooked.
 Or you can deep fry yam mooncake in medium hot oil till golden brown.
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