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B3-12 シンポジウム
Symposium Ⅰ
Nasal tip contouring
for natural nasal shape in Asian
JEON Jeong-hwan【THE LINE Plastic Surgery Clinic】
Nasal tip of Asian is characterized by lack of skeletal support. So Asian tipplasty is focused on the method of skeletal
this method is proper for Caucasian but not exactly proper for Asian tipplasty. Some kinds of methods are applied for
method to apply easily for Asian nasal tipplasty. In our method, we used Medpor for supporting nasal tip structure by
support, especially for tip projection. Simple columellar strut is the standard method for nasal tip projection support. But
tipplasty : septal extended graft, batten graft, and extended columellar strut with use of septal cartilage. We simplify this
特別講演 シンポジウム 一般演題
means of extended columellar strut (septo-columellar extended graft). This is very simple and effective to make proper
nasal tip projection on Asian nose. We have about 2,500 cases with this method from 2008 to 2011. Five cases of
complications were visited : all cases were partial protrusion of Medpor. Exposed parts were healed by secondary
intention after protruded Medpors were excised partially. Some cases of minor deviated columella were found but were
insignificant and patients have accepted that results. This method is simple and effective for Asian tipplasty especially
having weak septal structure and relatively time saving method. So I want to share this method and report my results.