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Contractor Members
Aevenia Inc.
American Directional Boring, Inc.
Amerine Utilities Construction, Inc.
Anderson Underground, Inc.
Ansco & Associates, LLC
Arvig Construction
Atlantic Engineering Group
Aubrey Silvey Enterprises, Inc.
Bob Hull, Inc.
Boldt Power, Inc.
Bonneville Contracting & Technology Group
Bowlin Group, LLC
Brooks Construction Co., Inc.
Buck’s Communications
C-Com, Inc.
C.D. Brown Construction Inc.
C.W. Wright Construction Co., Inc.
Cable Services Co., Inc.
Cablevision Communications, Inc.
CCI Systems, Inc.
Central Cable Contractors, Inc.
Cobalt Telecom, Inc.
Connex Communications Inc.
Creek Enterprise Inc.
Don E. Kelly Contractor, Inc.
DRS Enterprises
Dycom Industries
Eastern Missouri Industries, Inc.
Echo Powerline
Eilertson, Inc.
ElectriCom, Inc.
Ellingson Companies
Energy Mat Services LLC
Flock Enterprises, Inc.
Gabe’s Construction Co., Inc.
Globe Communications, LLC
GMT Service Corporation
Grady Crawford Construction Co.
Gudenkauf Corporation
Hemlock Directional Boring, Inc.
Henkels & McCoy, Inc.
Holtger Bros., Inc.
Horizontal Boring & Tunneling Co.
HyPower, Inc.
Infrasource, Inc.
Infratech Corporation
Intercon Construction, Inc.
Irby Construction Co., dba Okay Construction
J. Carlson Services, Inc.
J. Fletcher Creamer & Son, Inc.
J&R Underground, LLC
Education • Advocacy • Networking
Associate Members
Jansen Cable Construction Inc.
Jordan High Voltage Inc.
K & W Underground
Kennedy Network Services, Inc.
Kenneth G. Myers Construction Co., Inc.
Klaasmeyer Construction Co., Inc.
Koch’s Telecommunications Service Inc.
MasTec North America, Inc.
Mears Group, Inc.
MGI Network Services, Inc.
Michels Corporation
Mid America Underground
Midwest Underground
MP Nexlevel, LLC
Nichols Construction, Inc.
Niels Fugal Sons Co.
North Missouri Construction, Inc.
North States
Pauley Construction
POWER Constructors, Inc.
Push, Inc.
Quanta Services Inc.
Robinson Brothers Construction, Inc.
Rockingham Construction Co., Inc.
SDT, Inc.
Sellenriek Construction, Inc.
Slabach Construction Co., Inc.
Sonoma - Underground Services, Inc.
Standard Utility Construction, Inc.
Star Construction, Inc.
Syracuse Utilities, Inc.
TelCom Construction
Texus Telecommunications, LTD.
Thayer Power & Communications Line Co., LLC
Tjader & Highstrom
Trawick Construction Co, Inc.
Underground Construction Co., Inc.
Underground Solutions
Unitek Global Services
Universal Communications
Utility Contracting Co., Inc.
Utility Services Assoc. Constr. Co., Inc.
Vermeer Rocky Mountain, Inc.
Waas Boring & Cable Inc.
White Construction, Inc.
Williams Communications, Inc.
Winstar Construction LLC
World Fiber Technologies, Inc.
360 Industrial Services
Aerial Reach Associates
Altec Industries, Inc.
American Augers
American Pipe & Plastics, Inc.
American Polywater Corporation
American Wire Group
Baroid Industrial Drilling Products
Beasley Forest Products
Bethea Tool & Equipment Co., Inc.
Blaze Equipment, LLC
Blue Diamond Industries, LLC
Brief Relief
Carson Underground Inc.
Case Construction Equipment
Caterpillar Inc.
Cobbs, Allen & Hall
Communications Supply Corporation
Condux International
Corning Cable Systems
Custom Truck & Equipment
CZM Foundation Equipment
Digital Control, Inc.
Ditch Witch
Ditch Witch of Minnesota
Dura-Line Corporation
Elexco Inc.
Equipment Technology LLC
Fabyanske, Westra, Hart & Thomson, P.A.
FMI Corporation
FS3, Inc.
General Machine Products Co., Inc.
Geospatial Corporation
Global HR Research
Global Machinery
Grande Truck Center
Graybar Electric Co., Inc.
Greenlee Textron
Hi-Line Utility Supply Co.
Hunting Trenchless
Incident Prevention Inc.
J.J. Kane Auctioneers
J.T. Miller, Inc.
Jameson Corporation
John Deere
Kennametal, Inc.
KGP Logistics, Inc.
Kirby-Smith Machinery, Inc.
Larson Cable Trailers, Inc.
Lewis Manufacturing Company
Mantis Crane
McGriff, Seibels & Williams, Inc.
McLaughlin Group, Inc.
Melfred Borzall Inc.
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C.
Osburn Associates, Inc.
Pelsue Company
Pittsburgh Pipe/T.D.I.
Power & Telephone Supply Co.
Preformed Line Products Co.
ProCom Sales Inc.
Prysmian Group
R & A Engineering Co.
Radius HDD Tools
RDO Vermeer
Scott Powerline & Utility Equipment
SCS Telecom Supply
Sharewell HDD Services
Sherman & Reilly, Inc.
Southern Drill Supply
Southwire Company
Spectrum Planning Inc.
Sumitomo Electric Lightwave Corp.
Superior Essex
Tallman Equipment Co., Inc.
Terra Tape - a Division of Reef Industries
Terramac LLC
Tesmec USA, Inc.
The Galloway Group
The Knapheide Manufacturing Company
The Toro Company
Time Manufacturing Co.
TSE International, Inc.
TT Technologies, Inc.
Underground Tools, Inc.
Utilicom Supply Associates, LLC
Utility Fleet Sales, Ltd.
Vac-Tron Equipment
Vantage Point Solutions
Vermeer Corporation
Vermeer Equipment of Texas, Inc.
Vermeer Midwest
Vermeer Wisconsin
VOCON Auctions
Wagner-Smith Equipment Co.
Yates Insurance Agency
Learn why your
company should join today
Who Is PCCA?
Industry-Specific Education & Training
Since 1945, the Power & Communication Contractors Association has represented
the interests of contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers in the various sectors of
power and communication construction throughout North America. PCCA provides
industry-specific education and training, advocacy on issues that impact your
bottom line, and unbeatable networking opportunities with people who can open
doors in power and communication construction.
PCCA-member contractors build electric power facilities, including transmission
& distribution lines and substations, and telephone, fiber optic, and cable TV
systems throughout North America. Other business activities include intelligent
traffic systems, local area & premise wiring, security, renewable energy, water &
sewer utilities, and gas & oil pipelines.
PCCA is supported in large part by its associate membership, which is made up
of manufacturers and suppliers in the industry who provide the highest quality
materials and services. Associate members are equal partners in PCCA, working
alongside contractors and having representation on the Board of Directors.
Why Join PCCA?
Advocacy on Issues that Impact Your Bottom Line
USDA Rural Development Program
• Close working relationship with the agency that funds much power and
telecommunications work
• RDUP representatives attend PCCA meetings to give program updates and
address problems
Davis Bacon Prevailing Wage
Working to make wage classifications better match the work that employees
perform and to make wage determinations better match what workers are
actually paid for that work
PCCA Leadership Development Program
• One-day sessions delivered each year at the PCCA Convention
• Ongoing learning experience with action planning and follow-up to
reinforce concepts and encourage practical implementation of skills back
on the job
• Course material customized by PCCA’s subject matter experts and using
examples specific to power and communication construction
• Interaction with experienced industry executives
PCCA Project Manager Academy
• Four days of tough, no-nonsense, total immersion into the business of
construction that will fast-forward your people’s knowledge, decisionmaking skills, and leadership abilities
• Participants learn to think and act as if they have a personal stake in every
• Course materials include PCCA-specific case studies and samples of
checklists, best practices, plans, specs, contracts, change orders, etc.
• The PCCA Project Manager Academy is held annually in January
PCCA Construction Industry Roundtable
• Fast-moving and frank discussion at every PCCA meeting that touches on the
various segments of our industry
• Detailed economic forecasts on the markets in which you work
• Reports from the USDA’s Rural Development Program, the Association of
Communications Engineers, construction economists, and other industry
Topical Educational Sessions and Speakers at all PCCA Meetings
PCCA Journal &
Department of Transportation Hours-of-Service Regulations
“We come away from the PCCA Convention with a feeling of how
others are doing in the business and of the many opportunities that
are available to us for the future.”
– Tommy Muse, Silvey Enterprises
Unbeatable Networking Opportunities
Work alongside industry leaders on issues that impact our businesses and
bottom lines
Attend PCCA Conventions and Mid-Year Meetings where everybody hangs out
with everybody and where career-long relationships are forged
Socialize with colleagues from across North America, meet their families, play
golf, and enjoy relaxed, fun times
Become part of the PCCA community during meetings, at,
and on Facebook
Attend the 2015 PCCA Convention
March 6 - 11, 2015, Palm Beach, Aruba
Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort Spa and Casino
March 6-11, 2015
For more information, contact Stacy Bowdring or Dana Gilbertson at
(800) 542-PCCA or go to
“Leadership development is important to us as we grow, and it
helps develop each individual as they obtain more responsibility.
PCCA facilitators do an excellent job! They know how to keep people
engaged and get the point across.”
“I attended the Project Manager Academy to see what it was all
about and could not have been more impressed. We will continue
sending our people. If they put 25 percent of what they learned to
use on the job, we will get a return on our investment that is much
more than the registration fee.”
– Rob Pribyl, MP Nexlevel
– Heath Sellenriek, Sellenriek Construction