Views from the Hill March

March – April 2015
The Weddings Harvest
The Wedding Harvest is a one-day curated
wedding fair held at the fresh beachside
wedding venue - Kirra Hill Community Centre
in Coolangatta on Saturday 28th March from
10am – 4.00pm.
Located just 60mins south of Brisbane and
50mins north of Byron Bay, the event will
bring together hand-picked vendors who are
creative and in tune with the ever growing
trends in the wedding industry.
The event will include approximately 70
FABULOUS exhibitors; mini wedding style
markets; fashion
installations; food
stalls and a chill
out zone for all to
enjoy, sit back
and take in the
Kirra Hill Community & Cultural
Centre Weddings with a View
Want to make your wedding grand and
memorable? Our picturesque venue located
on top of Kirra Headland with breathtaking
views in all directions is the perfect location
for your wedding reception and ceremony.
To reserve your date or for more information
Call us today on 0755811964
The Weddings Harvest
The Wedding Harvest is a one-day
wedding fair being held at the fresh
beachside wedding venue - Kirra Hill
Community Centre on the Gold
Coast. Located just 60 minutes south
of Brisbane, and 50mins north of
Byron Bay.
The Wedding Harvest event will bring
vendors who are creative and in tune
with the ever growing trends in the
wedding industry. The event will
include approx. 70 FABULOUS
exhibitors from every category; a mini
wedding style
market, fashion
installations, food vans, catering
stalls, chill out spaces and live
What you can expect at the harvest:
 See new trends first hand being
showcased by our vendors.
What’s on at Kirra Hill Art Gallery
The Wedding Harvest
March 27th & 28th
March 30th – April 20th
Friday Studio
April 20th – May 4th
Visit the Kirra Hill Art Gallery to see works
on display from local artists.
The Kirra Hill Art Gallery provides a
unique opportunity for anyone with an
interest in Art to display and exhibit their
works of visual art, drawings, paintings,
photographs, watercolours, sculptures
and art objects.
 A collection of hand- picked
vendors to suit the harvest bride.
 Top of the range catering corner
and food vans.
 A bridal suite
 Chill out zone designed by one of
our wedding stylist with furniture
and décor hire companies for you
to relax and enjoy with ocean
 Access
beverages in the harvest chill out
 Live performances on the lawn
 Mini wedding markets stalls
When: Saturday, 28th March, 2015
When: Kirra Hill Community Centre,
1 Garrick St, Coolangatta
Time: 10am – 4pm
While the Art Gallery continues to be
popular for Artists to showcase their Art
we are still taking bookings for 2015
For information on exhibitions or gallery
bookings contact Kirra Hill Community &
Cultural Centre Phone: 07- 55811964
Email: [email protected]
Open to the public
Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm.
Closed public holidays,
Christmas and New Year
Heritage Report
Incite Dance Inspire & Excite
Following the quiet break over Christmas
New Year activity on Kirra Hill has
commenced again.
Incite Dance is your latest and most
energising dance studio in Kirra, Directed
by Jasmine Kenyon.
Catering for ages 3 and above, both
males and females, we welcome your
family and friends to join our community of
passionate dancers.
The Historical Display Room was visited
by teachers from a local private school
who had booked out the whole site to
undertake a two day in-service workshop.
The room has once more been visited by
some past students holidaying in the area,
including members of the Shambrook
family who were celebrating the Shamies
(soft drink) centenary.
Recently Channel 7 gave good coverage
when it replayed an episode of Great
South East as well as doing an outside
weather broadcast from the hill. We are
now looking forward to Bleach Festival
returning for a couple of events as well as
the forthcoming Wedding Harvest.
Sue Burnett
Heritage Group Team Leader
Gold Coast Sunshine Sisters
We meet the 2nd
Thursday of the
month Kirra Hill
Community &
Cultural Centre
10am – 12pm
For further information contact
Kathy – 0400487018
Email: [email protected]
Carolyn – 0419663188
Email: [email protected]
With more than 20 years combined
experience in the dance industry, our
comprehensive tuition either just for fun or
for the more serious dancer, across a
range of dance genres, including:
Hip Hop
Musical Theatre/Cabaret
Embracing Fitness
10 week body
transformation I aim to teach you that it
isn't all just about six pack abs, drastic
restrictive diets, or choosing to live solely
by the scales. It's about creating lifestyle
changes to improve health and wellbeing.
We focus on building strong, healthy,
confident bodies, with a commitment and
drive to become your best possible self, to
start living a balanced, happy, healthy life.
The Challenge:
By taking part in the Embracing Fitness
Body Transformation Challenge you will
be taking your first step towards a
healthier, fitter, leaner, stronger self. Over
the next 10 weeks we are going to work
together to form healthy habits, to improve
your lifestyle and overall health.
Embracing Fitness's Body Transformation
is an intensive 10 week program designed
to improve fitness, shred body fat, and
build strength. The program is a female
only challenge, running out of Kirra
Community Centre. Ideally creating a
program delivered in a supportive, nonintimidating environment, catering for
various ages and for all fitness levels.
Transformation Package:
The challenge is run over 10 weeks from
the 16th of March to the 22nd of May.
Each week you will attend three 1 hour
group training sessions, with a female
Personal Trainer. There will be two
groups one in the mornings and one in the
evenings. Both groups will be capped at
14 ladies to ensure quality service,
personal attention and assistance.
Package includes the view of:
 Three group personal training
sessions per week
 Meal plans and recipes
 Food guidelines and training
information booklet
 Food and exercise diary
 Progression sessions (weigh and
 Weekly support and motivation
from your trainer in person, via text
and email
 Whilst training with a small group
of like-minded peers, in a
supportive and fun environment
If you are looking to achieve some
health and fitness goals, this program
is for you!
Annike Lyons Certified Personal Trainer
Mobile: 0435342828
Keep in mind you get out what you put in,
and if you apply your best efforts you will
be pleased with your results at the end of
10 weeks. The program is a unique
combination of training styles. It's original
and provides variety with the purpose of
obtaining great results. The program is
fun filled and lacks the monotony that
occurs in other programs. It incorporates
weight training, HITT, boxing and Pilates.
[email protected]
Moto: Results with care
Erin’s Yoga
There is a
new yoga
on Monday
mornings at
7.30am. My
Erin Bourne
and I’m so
happy to be
able to offer
for just $5.
The class is open to everyone, all ages
and levels of yoga experience as I can
offer options and variations to enable full
participation in the class.
The yoga style is vinyasa which means
we flow with the breath and link the
postures in a way that feels natural to the
The class is fun and light hearted while
still being alignment focussed and
biomechanically safe.
Just so you know a little about me before
you come along I will give you a brief
history. I have been practicing yoga for
about 15 years and teaching for over 6
My teacher training includes Level 1 & 2
attained at Essence of Living on the Gold
Coast and an additional Intensive Level 1
with Radiantly Alive in Bali. I also have an
Exercise Science degree.
It is my goal to empower people to claim
their rightful health and happiness
Why yoga is amazing and everyone
should practice:
Yoga has so many benefits that you may
not be aware of so I thought I would share
a quick list.
Improve flexibility, muscle strength
and posture.
Protect your spine, cartilage and
Assist building bone health.
Increase blood flow and through
the lymphatic system, boost
Lower blood pressure
Regulate adrenals
Make you happier
Creates a healthy lifestyle.
Lowers blood sugar
Helps you focus.
Relaxes your system and improves
Helps you sleep better.
Aids digestion.
Increases self-esteem and inner
Eases pain
Improves your breathing.
Supports your connective tissue
Encourages self-care.
Sargent Fitness Bootcamp
Boxing/ Cardio/ Strength Fitness
All Levels
Last year we had our second ever concert
and what a show it was!
The children had a
blast dressing up and
dancing on the stage.
New boxing classes and kid’s boot camp
and games at Kirra hill Community centre
If your little one loves
to dance then they
need to join a
Treehouse Class!
Monday 5pm QLD time (boxing)
Thursday 4pm QLD time (kids fitness)
Friday 6 pm QLD time (boxing)
Each class goes for 1 hour full of fun and
you will meet new friends if you have kids
bring them along to play.
What are you waiting for come and
join in the fun and meet new people
make new friends and get fit while
having lots of fun.
Classes for boys and
girls from 2 to 10
We asked some of our students what they
liked best about Dancing:
"I love it because we dance to Frozen"
Miss 4
"I like to fly
around with the
colours and
throw the
feathers into the
sky" Miss 3
Hey Sarg, just want to thank you for
helping to get me motivated with my
exercise & weight loss program. In the 5
weeks since my initial assessment & PT
session with you I have lost 5kgs & I am
feeling so good & have so much energy.
Its hard work but the results are well
worth the effort! I still have a few kg’s to
go but I am excited for the future! With
your help the weight is off for good this
time. Thanks Phil.
"Miss T has the best songs and we get to
do cartwheels, she sometimes lets me
sing" Miss 7
"I like hop step hop step" Miss 2.5
Activity Description
7.30am – 8.30am
9.00am – 10.30am
Erin’s Yoga
Taoist Tai Chi
Society of Aust
Vinyasa Yoga
Taoist Tai Chi
Internal arts of health classes
3.00pm – 8.30pm
Incite Dance
5.00pm – 6.00pm
th week
2 and 4
6:30pm – 8:30pm
Sargent Fitness
Ukulele Players
Energising dance studio
For ages 3yrs to Adult
Boxing/ Cardio/ Strength Fitness
All Levels welcome
6.00pm – 8.30pm
Men Wot Sing
Ukulele playing
Men’s Singing Group
Cook Room
External Arts
Art Activity
External Arts
Art Activity
Erin Bourne
Mob - 0412487259
Phone: 55991326
Mob: 0403145041
Shannon Sargent
Mob: 0413 872 649
Des Williams
Mob: 0418 656 533
Bill Emery
Mob: 0410 559 875
6.00am – 7.00am
Bright Side
11.00am – 12.00pm
Pilates Class
3.00pm – 5.00pm
5.30pm – 8.30pm
Yoga for adults
A variety of exercise sequences
performed in low repetitions
Cook Room
Dance Classes
Children’s Dance Classes
Art Activity
Incite Dance
Energising dance studio
For ages 3yrs to Adult
Art Activity
9.30am – 11.00am
Belly Dance
Belly Dance
Art Activity
3.30pm – 8.30pm
Incite Dance
Energising dance studio
For ages 3yrs to Adult
Art Activity
4.30pm – 5.30pm
Yoga Class
Bright Side
Gita Style Yoga
Yoga for adults
Cook Room
Adult Dance Classes
Hula Fitness for women and girls of
all ages and fitness levels
Cook Room
Art Activity
Amy F
Mob: 0422937434
Megan Wagner
Mob: 0481172487
Miss Tahnee
Mob: 0404419149
Mob: 0403145041
6.00pm – 7.00pm
6.30pm – 7.30pm
6.30pm – 7.30pm
Art Activity
Mob: 0434468085
Mob: 0403145041
Evelyn Douglas
Mob: 0418 328681
Mob: 0422937434
Erin Forbes
Mob: 0412487259
Mob: 042773670
Activity Description
Contact Details
9.00am – 4.00pm
Heather Bell Art
Painting Classes
Art Activity
Music with
Fun & stimulating all-abilities music
group for parents and 0-6 year olds
To increase strength, flexibility;
coordination also improves
confidence and social skills
contemporary Classes for people with
and without a disability
Mtg Activity
9.30am – 10.30am
3.30 pm – 4.30pm
Yoga for kids
3.30 pm – 6.30pm
Studio Aperio
6.00pm – 7.00pm
Sargent Fitness
6.30pm – 7.30pm
Cook Room
Heather Bell
Phone:0438241 991
Monica Zidar
Mob: 0412 147 184
Amy Farrow:
Mob: 0422937434
Cook Room
Mob: 0423311117
Kids Fitness and games
All Levels welcome
External Arts
Shannon Sargent
Mob: 0413872649
Tranquil Space
Slow paced Yoga for self-confidence,
energy, physical strength & flexibility
Art Activity
Donna Codogan
Mob: 0410 059 585
Essence of
Active & Healthy Yoga Classes
Great Hall
Mob: 0405657420
Adel Sainsbury
Mob: 0438 564 697
8.00am – 9.00am
9.00am – 1.00pm
Kirra Hill Art
Morning and afternoon
Art Classes
External Arts
10.00am – 11am
Hawaiian Hula
Traditional Hawaiian Hula Dancing
for Kids (3+) to Seniors
Art Activity
Mob: 0402580627
6.00pm –7.00pm
Sargent Fitness
Group Boxing/ Cardio/ Strength
Fitness All Levels welcome
External Arts
Shannon Sargent
Mob: 0413872649
3.30pm – 8.30pm
Incite Dance
Energising dance studio
For ages 3yrs to Adult
Art Activity
Mob: 0403145041
Purple Pear
Drama Classes for youth
Mtg Activity
Low impact cardio workout for
women of all ages & fitness levels
External Arts
Mob: 0406954233
Contact Details
9.00am – 10.00am
Monette Lee
Mob: 0414 533 500
Monthly events
10.00am – 12.00pm
2.30pm – 4pm
Activity Description
GC Sunshine
support group
Cancer support group meeting held
2 Thursday each month
Free Art, craft, family support
All abilities welcome
2 & 4 Friday monthly
External Arts
Kathy 0400487018
Carolyn 419663188
Mob: 0410489555