���Inspired by Nature��� Art & Photography Competition 2015

„Inspired by Nature‟ Art & Photography Competition 2015
Thank you for your interest in The Royal Wolverhampton NHS Trust‟s „Inspired by
Nature‟ Art & Photography Competition 2015. To ensure your artwork or photographs
are correctly entered into the competition, set out below are entry criteria guidelines to
help you, please also read the competition terms & conditions.
‘Inspired by Nature’ Art & Photography Competition Categories
1. Local Landscapes (i.e. West Midlands, Staffordshire, Shropshire regions)
2. Worldwide Landscapes
3. Flowers (could be “still life” or natural)
‘Inspired by Nature’ Theme – guidelines
All competition entries need to have a recognisable nature theme.
As a guide „landscape‟ can include woodlands, garden scenes and geological.
Competition entries are to be considered for display in The Royal Wolverhampton NHS
Trust‟s new Urgent and Emergency Care Centre due to open in November 2015 at New
Cross Hospital, Wolverhampton. There is a requirement for artwork or photographs to be
appropriate for patients with a diverse range of needs, including patients who may have
Dementia and also to be appropriate for culturally diverse groups of people.
Therefore, the following work is not eligible for entry and cannot be considered:
Avoid abstract work, insects, birds and people - not eligible for entry.
How to enter – checklist
You can enter a total of up to 6 pieces of Artwork and / or Photographs (images)
into any of the categories.
All original Artwork (images) entered into the competition must be 2D, and
scanned to provide a digital image of the original artwork.
Please read and agree to the competition terms and conditions.
Complete a competition entry form ensuring you have signed it.
Posting your entry:
Print your artwork or photographs (images) you wish to enter at A4 size on paper.
Label each image with your full name and category you are entering it into, attach to
competition entry form – post to address provided.
If you are unable to post your entry you can send it by email:
Prepare your artwork and / or photographs (digital files) to ensure the files do not
exceed 9MB in total when all files are attached to an email and also attach copy of
competition entry form – send to email address provided.
The postal address / email address details are provided on the competition entry form.
Technical Standards Criteria – If your entry is shortlisted
Please be aware that if your competition entry is shortlisted, a high-resolution (high quality)
digital file of your artwork(s) or photograph(s) (images) will be required. This will be part of
the judging process to assess if your work could be printed at the size / quality required for
exhibition purposes. Original artwork is to be scanned at a minimum of 300dpi and the
digital file saved as a JPEG file at maximum quality. Digital photographs to be submitted
in JPEG or RAW format at the highest quality your camera can produce.