Press Release Miele Introduces Innovative New MasterChef Oven Collection

Press Release
Miele Introduces Innovative New MasterChef Oven Collection
The smart oven that leads you step-by-step to the perfectly cooked meal, and remembers how to bake
Mom's apple pie.
Richmond Hill, Ontario - January 30, 2003 - Miele, the largest
family-owned appliance company in the world, introduces the
MasterChef oven series, the first fully-programmable digital
ovens, as sleek and beautiful as they are easy to operate.
The groundbreaking MasterChef Collection was developed
specifically for the North American marketplace through
intensive consumer research and is designed to make life
easier for anyone who’s ever uttered the words “I just want to
cook a turkey” in frustration at their oven’s complicated
“We spent hours videotaping consumers in test
environments trying, in vain, to understand and operate
a variety of ovens,” says Matthew Kueny, Manager of
Miele USA’s Product Development Group. “Ease-of-use
was their number one desire, and our motivation in
designing the MasterChef oven. You don’t need an
instruction manual to operate this oven. You don’t even
need a recipe book. You won’t have to call your mother
every time you make a roast,” continues Kueny. “You are always just two or three touches on
MasterChef’s menu system away from a perfect meal.”
The MasterChef operating system gives gourmet chefs ultimate performance and control, while novice
cooks enjoy intuitively easy-to-use menus. “Ease-of-use, performance, design flexibility and quality are
the defining characteristics of the new MasterChef oven line,” concludes Kueny.
How the Miele MasterChef Oven cooks a turkey
The MasterChef oven is like having a personal chef at your beck and call. Consumers simply choose
what they would like to cook, and the MasterChef program does the rest, automatically selecting the
optimal cooking mode and temperature.
As an example, here’s how easy it is to cook a turkey
Place the turkey on Miele’s Integrated Roasting Pan and insert roast probe.
Select “Poultry” from the MasterChef menu.
Select “Turkey” from the “Poultry” submenu.
Select the size bird.
The oven sets the optimum time and temperature, and automatically sears and cooks the turkey to
perfection, constantly reporting on its progress. You do nothing more: it’s really that easy.
“You can make a chicken dinner or roast simply by entering the type of food you’re cooking and letting the
oven do the rest,” states Vicki Richter, Miele Customer Support Manager. “We believe the new
MasterChef’s programmability and easy-to-use operating system will define how all ovens are made in
the future.”
The only oven that remembers more than 30 favorite recipes
A fantastic new feature unique to the Miele MasterChef oven is the “Favorites” program, which lets
consumers store more than 30 customized cooking programs of their favorite recipes in the oven’s
memory. The whole family will appreciate the unprecedented convenience.
Mom or Dad can go away for a week and leave packaged dinners for the family, ready to cook
under “Favorites”, for every night they’re gone.
Novices, babysitters, teenagers - all become “MasterChefs” in just a few short touches on the soft
key pad.
Accurate to within 1°F - Total control for the true MasterChef
The MasterChef oven may be easy for novice chefs, but it provides a professional level of total control
and accuracy for true gourmets. With 15 cooking modes, and temperature accuracy to within 1°F, the
MasterChef oven gives chefs ultimate flexibility to bake, roast, proof, dehydrate, broil and more.
MasterChef comes equipped with unique Miele cooking features, such as Convection AutoRoast, which
automatically sears meat first at high temperatures to hold in moisture. Miele’s true convection system
delivers even, consistent cooking on six levels, with no flavour transfer. So you can cook salmon fillets
and corn muffins at the same time with delicious results. And Miele’s dual timer lets you know when each
will be done.
Road-tested with real chefs
MasterChef ovens have been extensively “road-tested” in professional environments, logging thousands
of operating hours. Chef Mario Arnone of DuJour Gourmet in Philadelphia, PA was among the first pros
involved. “Baking is the real mark of an oven’s capability,” he says. “There are always dead spots where
you literally have to throw away some of your baked goods every time. We were amazed at the consistent
and even results we got with the Miele oven. So much so, that we don’t even fire up our ‘professional’
ovens any more. We do all our baking in the Miele – for the best results.”
The only oven that cooks in five languages... and keeps the Sabbath
The MasterChef oven can be operated in five languages - English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German making life more convenient for today’s multi-lingual households. This oven is even smart enough to convert to the
metric system for recipes with International origins.
“The Sabbath mode allows people of the Jewish faith to program their MasterChef oven to stay on for up
to 72 hours,” says Tom Foy, Miele National Customer Support Manager. “Additionally, the oven will not
activate until the food is placed inside, further balancing Kosher cooking needs with energy consumption
concerns. When set to the Sabbath mode, the display and lighting remain unchanged – another key
feature for religious observance.”
Cleans in a breeze
The MasterChef’s smooth, tempered glass control panel is easy to wipe clean, and when the oven is in
self-cleaning mode, a unique catalytic converter inside the oven removes any unpleasant cleaning
Oh, it looks good, too
In making the world’s smartest oven, Miele recognized that consumers want an oven that looks as good
as it cooks. The MasterChef features a strong, symmetrically-balanced face that blends the contemporary
and the classical in a “framed” motif that integrates tastefully with any kitchen. With single or double
configurations available, MasterChef provides complete design flexibility in stainless, black or white with
multiple handle options from sleek to professional.
The Miele oven is striking enough to become a design focal
point, yet subtle enough to blend seamlessly into virtually
any style of kitchen architecture,” says Patricia Bender,
Miele Showroom Manager and Interior Designer. “The
sleek, sophisticated appearance doesn’t call undue
attention to itself, won’t look dated over time and provides
enduring beauty and functionality.”
In conjunction with the MasterChef oven series, Miele is
also introducing its revolutionary Warming Drawer. The
Warming Drawer adds even more design flexibility and
consumer functionality. It warms in just minutes, providing
busy families with dinners kept perfectly warm for any
unexpected delays, and supplying the frequent entertainer
with warm hors d’oeuvres for hours on end.
“The Miele Warming Drawer is a perfect complement to the MasterChef oven and cooktop,” states Paul
McCormack, Miele Marketing Manager, Domestic Products. “In addition to the unplanned delay, it is the
ultimate chef’s tool for keeping everything perfect for holiday dinners. The open-sided design is ideal for
entertaining, providing easy access for large serving platters, so you don’t burn your hands or spill dipping
sauces. We like to say the MasterChef Warming Drawer perfects the planned and unplanned wait.”
“We are convinced that our MasterChef ovens represent the finest cooking appliances we have ever
produced, and quite possibly the best you can own,” states Nick Ord, President of Miele USA. “The
Master Chef Collection is yet another example of how we continually strive to create innovative, quality
solutions to enhance the customers’ experience with our appliances.”
MasterChef oven collection retails from $3.999 for a single oven to $6,999 for a double oven with
stainless steel finish; Warming Drawer retails from $1,799 to $1,999.
About Miele:
Miele may well be the breakout quality brand of the decade. Long
considered a household name in Europe and worldwide, Miele is exploding
onto the scene in Canadat and the United States with its sleek design,
superior engineering and unparalleled service. Founded in 1899 on a
promise of Immer Besser, a German phrase meaning “forever better,” Miele
has distinguished itself in the appliance market by continuing to offer a
record number of major innovations. As the world’s largest family-owned and
operated appliance company, Miele is immovably committed to the highest
quality, performance and environmental standards. The firm’s innovative
heritage, together with their state-of-the-art design and engineering
aesthetic, has inspired frequent comparisons in the media to other German companies synonymous with innovation:
Mercedes Benz and BMW.
Miele sells a wide range of exceptional consumer appliances including vacuum cleaners, laundry
systems, rotary irons, dishwashers, built-in ovens, cooking surfaces, ventilation hoods and steam ovens,
as well as the revolutionary built-in coffee system. In addition, Miele offers professional laboratory
glassware washers, industrial parts cleaning systems, dental disinfectors and commercial wet cleaning