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Additional Options for Upgrading, Replacing, and Retrofitting
Meet Wide Range of Fleet and Driver Needs
ELYRIA, Ohio – March 25, 2015 – Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems LLC continues
to expand the availability and adaptability of the Bendix® TABS-6™ Advanced trailer roll stability
system, now offering a variety of kits for the flexible and innovative technology, whose features
include automatic trailer lift axle control (additional hardware required). Fleets and owneroperators can upgrade an existing Bendix antilock braking system (ABS) to TABS-6 Advanced,
replace another supplier’s existing system with TABS-6 Advanced, or add it to a newly built
“The safety and cost-saving benefits of TABS-6 Advanced – from its stability technology
to the automatic trailer lift axle control – are valuable across a wide range of applications,” said
TJ Thomas, Bendix director of marketing and customer solutions, Controls group. “We’ve
designed conversion kits with various combinations of sensors, valves, and electrical harnesses
that cover most existing configurations and suspension systems, so there’s a TABS-6 Advanced
kit for just about any commercial trailer on the road.”
The TABS-6 Advanced trailer roll stability system combines antilock braking with a set of
trailer sensors that monitor stability and can automatically trigger braking interventions when
conditions that may lead to a rollover are detected. Bendix, the North American leader in the
development and manufacture of active safety and braking solutions for commercial vehicles,
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pioneered single channel roll stability in the North American market with its introduction of
Bendix® TABS-6™ Advanced trailer roll stability in 2008.
Automatic lift axle control helps reduce tire wear and fuel consumption by maintaining
proper per-axle weight load. When equipped on a trailer with a lift axle, the system monitors the
load on the air bags. It can send a signal that will raise or lower the lift axle as required based
on the trailer’s suspension and legal load limits – without needing driver input. This prevents the
error of overloading a single axle and helps operators avoid the additional tire wear, brake wear,
fuel usage, and possible extra tolls associated with running a light load on multiple axles.
Bendix TABS-6 lift axle control functionality can be configured using Bendix® ACom®
diagnostic software or at end-of-line installation.
Compatible with both spring-ride and air-ride suspensions, TABS-6 is available in singlechannel (SC) and multi-channel (MC) configurations to deliver solutions suitable for a variety of
fleet needs. The single-channel configuration is built on an ABS configuration of two sensors
and one modulator (2S/1M), and provides an option that adds less weight and allows for easier
installation and maintenance without sacrificing performance. The multi-channel option is more
easily installed on vehicles with ABS systems already built with multiple sensor-and-modulator
configurations such as 2S/2M or 4S/2M. Tandem and tridem axle configurations are better
served by the MC option, since each axle is sensed and controlled.
When paired with a tractor equipped with the Bendix® ESP® Electronic Stability Program
full-stability system, Bendix TABS-6 Advanced helps the vehicle combination achieve better
stability protection.
The Bendix TABS-6 Advanced system can also work with a variety of trailer electrical
requirements, handling between 8 and 32 volts without a separate power converter.
When connected to the Bendix® Trailer Information Module, TABS-6 Advanced provides
information on stability events, maintenance schedules, and diagnostics that can be accessed
by fleet technicians without additional tools.
TABS-6 and TABS-6 Advanced are available options at all major trailer manufacturers in
North America, and TABS-6 is standard at Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company.
“The Bendix commitment to safer roads includes encouraging investment in
technologies that can improve highway safety for everyone, which is why we strive to
continuously improve our products’ performance and provide comprehensive post-sales
support,” Thomas said. “The capabilities and aftermarket options of TABS-6 enable fleets and
drivers to find the ideal solution for their budget, operation, and safety needs.”
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For more information about Bendix stability systems, call Bendix at 1-800-AIR-BRAKE or
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