PCM Broker Submission Form ��� FHA Streamline

PCM Broker Submission Form – FHA Streamline
BROKER: ________________________________________________________ LOAN PROGRAM: ___________________________________________
LOAN # _________________________________________________________ LTV: ___________________ %
CLTV: ___________________ %
CONTACT: _______________________________________________________ PHONE#: __________________________________________________
EMAIL (Broker): __________________________________________________ EMAIL (Borrower):___________________________________________
BORROWER(S): _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
PROPERTY ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
BORROWER: ________ ________ ________
CO-BORROWER: ________ ________ ________
________ SFR
________ CONDO or PUD
________ NON-OWNER
________ 2-4 UNITS
The following MUST be uploaded to PCM’s Broker Portal for the submission to be ACCEPTED.
 Signed and dated initial 1003
 Settlement Servicer Provider List (Lender Paid Comp Only)
 Final 1003
 Borrower’s Certification and Authorization
 Truth-in-Lending (dated within 3 business days of application)
 Initial GFE (dated within 3 business days of app)
 ECOA Notice
 Servicing Disclosure (within 3 business days of app)
 ECOA Notice of Right to Receive Appraisal (within 3 business days of app)
 HUD-92900-A
 PCM TILA/RESPA Acknowledgement
 Privacy Policy Notice
 USA Patriot Act Disclosure
 ARM Disclosure (if applicable)
 Fee sheet (itemization)
 Case number request ordered at www.PCMexpress.com, with refinance authorization
 Homeownership Counseling Disclosure (or broker disclosure approved by PCM) and CFPB List disclosed within 3 business days of app
Credit Documents
 Mortgage only credit report (six months payments must have been made to be eligible for streamline)
Asset Documents
 Bank statements – 60 days statements, only required when funds to close are needed
The following are required, but will not hold up the file from being SUBMITTED TO UNDERWRITING
 Closing Fee Sheet
 Legible Driver’s License for all borrowers and/or evidence of lawful residency if not US citizen
 Verification of Social Security Number
 Anti-Steering Loan Options Disclosure (lender compensation only)
 All up-front disclosures provided to the borrower at time of application
 All applicable Federal and State specific disclosures
 Current note to verify NTB and lienholders
 GSA & SAM search results for all parties
 HUD-92900-B (2015 version)
 Informed Consumer Choice Disclosure (2015 version)
 Preliminary Title Report with tax information and effective date w/in 90days of close - MUST HAVE 24 month chain (Mortgagee Clause)
 CPL w/effective date within 30 days of close
 Closing Agent, Title Co. or Attorney E&O and Wiring instructions
 Insurance Binder with yearly premium and paid receipt if applicable
 Payoff statement current for month due
 Employment Certification Disclosure
Primary Capital Mortgage, LLC
FHA Streamline Submission Form
24 March 2015