Enterprise Modernization Solution Brief

Enterprise Modernization
Target & deploy
Microsoft Services
• Get cloud-ready so you
can take advantage of the
cloud when you need to
• Our end-to-end solution
and partnership with
Premier services enables
the applications we write
and migrate to be
supported for the future.
• Implement security and
identity technologies to
stay protected on any
Microsoft platform
• Receive globally available,
proactive Premier support
that reduces risk and costs
• Access expertise from
Microsoft product groups
and Microsoft IT
Transform your business
Transform your business into a modern enterprise that engages customers
in delightful new ways, enables innovation, and differentiates your business
in the marketplace. A modern enterprise allows you to put tools and data in
the hands of your leaders to uncover insights for competitive advantage.
You can enable your employees to collaborate and work on the go, so
inspiration can come from anywhere at anytime. And with our hybrid, public
and private cloud platforms, you can optimize your IT and deliver flexible,
responsive services to your business users.
To realize the advantages of big data, mobility, and modern applications,
you need the right platform. You need a platform that can help you
innovate while meeting the demands for new applications, new services,
and additional capacity.
The time to transform your business is now
Microsoft Services can help you develop modern applications and update
legacy infrastructure across on-premise and cloud platforms. With support
for Windows Server 2003 ending in July 2015, and support for SQL Server
2005 ending in April 2016, the time to transform your business is now.
Enterprise Modernization from Microsoft Services
With internal access to the end-to-end platform stack and product
engineering teams, Microsoft Services is uniquely positioned to bring
together the products, services, and devices it offers to innovate new
solutions and resolve tough issues.
Our Proven Experts
The Microsoft Services organization is a diverse group of technical
architects, engineers, consultants, and support professionals dedicated to
delivering on Microsoft’s mission of empowering people and businesses to
realize their full potential at home, at work, and on the go. More than
21,000 services experts live and work around the world engaging in billions
of customer and partner interactions each year through onsite, phone, web,
community, and automated tools.
Enterprise Modernization Solution
Framework from Microsoft Services
Microsoft Services applies a leading-edge approach to modernize enterprise IT
organizations’ legacy infrastructure and services. By providing a comprehensive,
end-to-end set of services from strategy and planning through deployment and
migration, Microsoft Services is able to accelerate the “time to value” and minimize
the impact to the business.
Strategy Workshop: a no cost, one day workshop with business and IT leadership:
• Optimize the use of the latest cloud technologies
Discover and rationalize
server and application
Target and Deploy
Prepare for the migration
of applications and
servers to a modern
Deploy and migrate
applications or servers to
target environment
Establish business
continuity plans and
• Gain insights about the right resources needed to modernize legacy systems,
helping drive down costs and improve service levels
Discovery and Rationalization: a one-week engagement to understand your
migration or service improvement planning options for key business applications
and server workloads to remain on supported environment, while prioritizing the
value of your IT investment. This includes:
• Rationalization and categorization of known applications
• Cloud-based dashboards and automation of application classification to
minimize impact to IT staff
• Documented landscape of current server and application environment
We can help you prepare for migration by assessing and targeting your critical
business areas to ensure your applications and servers are ready to be migrated.
• Determine target environments and prepare them for your applications
• Implement security and identity technologies to stay protected
• Better understand how Active Directory impacts business applications
• Increase knowledge on how to identify and mitigate possible risks prior to, and
during upgrade and mitigation.
• Accelerated services to deploy target environments
Migration Jumpstart: Our tailored approach provides migration package options to
get you started quickly on the right path to a modern enterprise. These fixed scope
engagements migrate custom Line of Business, Microsoft and/or third-party
applications to your target on-premises and off-premise environments.
Pay-as-you go migration: Create a customized solution using a fixed price model to
select the mix of Microsoft, 3rd party, and LOB apps to migrate that better aligns
with your budget constraints, timelines, and business goals.
To make sure your applications and servers are achieving peak performance after
migration, we can help you implement a business continuity plan, and establish
troubleshooting and tuning procedures. This includes:
• Hands-on disaster recovery execution power to improve the efficiency of the
Disaster Recovery Plan for your Active Directory Services
• Ensure the responsible personnel can effectively set up, configure, administer
and troubleshoot a Group Policy environment
• Developer support for application performance tuning
• Windows Azure Application Security Review
For more information about Consulting and Support solutions from Microsoft, contact your
Microsoft Services representative or visit www.microsoft.com/services