Cherry Blossom Viewing in Osaka Spring is on its way!!

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Monthly Event
Calendar of Osaka
Cherry‐Blossom Viewing
End of Mach ‒ Early of April Apr. 9
(Thu)- 15(Wed)
Cherry Blossom
Viewing at Osaka
Castle Park
Passing Through
The Mint Bureau
Under Cherry Blossoms
T he main t o w er o f Os ak a
Castle looks particularly beautiful at this time of the year
when cherry blossoms are in
full bloom. The view of cherry
blossoms against the backdrop of the main tower is an
iconic image of Osaka.
A famous place for cherry blossoms
with approx. 132 species, 350
trees in bloom. To call it the best
place in Osaka may not be an exaggeration. "This year's cherry blossom" is selected and introduced for
people to familiarize themselves
with rare cherry blossoms. P Japan Mint ¥Free
The Festival: Apr. 4(Sat)
Lit up: Mar. 28(Sat)‒ Apr.
Ikeda Satsukiyama
Cherry Festival
One of the most popular places
to view with great number of
cherry blossoms in Osaka. The
animated festival includes various events of song and dance
as well as sales of plants, flowers and food.
P Ikeda ruins of a castle park
Apr. 2
(Tue)- Apr. 15
Passing under
roadside cherry
Why not walking under an
approx. 460 meter-long cherry
tunnel of 160 Somei Yoshino
cherry trees at the water treatment plant and the roadside
cherry trees at Asukacho Park in
front of Sozenji Station? Open
until late, you can enjoy nighttime cherry blossoms. Cherry
trees blossoming in the light of
approx. 130 lanterns impart a
wholly different impression from
that of the daytime.
※Cherry trees are expected to start blooming on
26th March in Osaka 2015.
P Osaka Castle Park ¥Free
Lit up : Mar. 28
(Sat)‒ Apri.12
The event: April 4
Okukawachi meets
The Nagano Park, located an 8-minute
walk from Kawachinagano Station, is
filled with cherry blossoms in spring.
From March 28, visitors can enjoy such
events as cherry blossom illumination.
More events and programs are conducted on April 4, including food and
miscellaneous market, and mini-concert.
P Nagano Park ¥Free
P Kunijima Waterworks ¥Free
Late March ‒ Early April
Daisen Park
Cherry Blossom
Visitors can enjoy blossoms
on approx. 400 cherry trees
including Somei- y oshino
(Prunus × yedoensis Matsumura) and Oshima-zakura
(Prunus lannesiana var. speciosa) in this cherry garden
covering an area as large as
40 hectares. T10:00‒17:00 PDaisen Park ¥Free
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It's new style of viewing
Sakura(Cherry blossom)
You don't have to bring or
prepare anything but appetite to come here as lots of
kind of food will be offered at food stalls of famous restaurants.
There are several packages include admission fee for the garden,
picnic sheet, and lunch box or vouchers can be used at food stalls.
Cherry Blossom Season〔2 extra hours〕: Mar. 21(Sat)- Apr .15(Sun)
Golden Week〔1 extra hours〕: Apr. 25(Sat)‒ May.10(Sun) Some 5,500 cherry trees of 9 varieties
are in flower everywhere in the Natural
and Cultural Park and the Japanese
Garden. Trees are illuminated at night
on weekends.
P Expo Park ¥Free
Osaka Castle
Sakura Viewing &
Yozakura Illuminage
T9:00 - 22:00※lit up from 18:00
P Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden ¥350 yen
Mar. 28
(Sat)‒ Apr.12
( Sun)
Expo Park Sakura
Apr. 1
(Wed)- 12
Twilight Osaka Castle
Enjoy longer opening hours at Osaka Castle during the cherry blossom season and Golden Week. Make the most of this time and try
imagining what life was like in the turbulent world of the century-long
Period of Warring States.
P Osaka Castle ¥ Adult 600 yen (Osaka Castle Main Tower admis-
sion) Free for junior high school student and younger, Osaka residents
of over 65 years of age (ID required), persons with official handicap
Lit up : Mar. 29
(Sun)‒ Apr.12
(Sun) The event: Apr. (
5 Sat)
Yamanakadani Sakura Festival
1000 of Somei-yoshino cherry blossom trees along the river 550m
long will be in full bloom end of March. They are lit up in the night and
creates fascinating view.
On 5th of April, the festival is held at Wanpaku Oukoku and surrounding, with Japanese drum performance, Yosakoi dance, concert and
more including some attractions for kids.
P Yamanakadani District ¥Free
※Event held on Apr. 5(Sun)
Mar. 28
(Sat)‒ Apr. 12
Settsukyo Gorge Cherry Festival
Cherry blossoms in picturesque
scenery, designated as one of
the 100 Selected Green Places
in Osaka. The Flower Viewing
Dance and Takatsuki Drum are
performed at the festival as well
as jazz music. Stalls of flower
viewing dumplings, etc, ply their
trade. A festival filled with fun.
P Settsukyo Gorge Cherry Festival ¥Free
Monthly Event Calendar of Osaka
End of March Early April The event:Apr.5,
11:00 - 15:00
Oizeki Cherry
Approx. 600 cherry
trees fill the park. Lanterns are lit during the
festival to elevate the
flower viewing spirit.
Outside tea ceremony,
bazaar, mini concert,
and a historical strolling tour are held.
P Oizeki Park ¥Free
Late March ‒ Early April
Mar. 28
(Sat)‒ Apr. (
5 Sun)
Kemasakuranomiya Park
Cherry Blossom
Eiraku Sakura Festival
P Kemasakuranomiya Park ¥Free
P Yunoen Muratake Farm T18:00 - 21:00 ¥Free
Cherry blossom
scene in an
urban city. Contrast of water
and cherry
trees, as well
as cherry blossoms reflected
on the river at
night are especially beautiful,
representing the cherry blossom scenes of water town
Eiraku dam
has 2km long
trim course
around it and
about 1000 of
cherry blossom trees all
along the way.
During Sakura
countless lanterns will be lit up and let people to enjoy the
night view of cherry blossom. It shows you totally different
fascination from that of daytime.
Notable Events
Apr. 5(Sun)
Haru Matsuri Hosha Shinji
(Spring Archery Ritual)
Having begun after a historical event when villagers managed to rid themselves
of a tormenting snake, the Great Snake Festival is now a ritual event held to
pray for prosperity and a good harvest, and has been designated an intangible
folklore cultural asset. After marching through town carrying a 30-metre-long
rope resembling a giant snake, the procession returns to the shrine, places
targets, which symbolize the snake's eyes, on two pine trees, and shoots
arrows at them.
P Yasaka Jinja Shrine ¥Free
Apr. 18(Sat)‒ Jun. 7(Sun)
Tokimeki Beach Clam Digging
After enjoying clam digging on the beach, you can exchange your catch for
sand-free shellfish weighing up to 800g (adult) and 500g (child) to take home.
A BBQ set rental is available on the beach, so you can cook and enjoy the
flavor of fresh clams. Relax and enjoy a full day on the Tokimeki Beach with
beautiful scenery.
T 8:30 ∼ 17:00 (Mon-Fri)
8:00 ∼ 17:00 (Sat, Sun, Public holiday)
P Tokimeki Beach (Tannowa Bathing Beach)
¥ Adult 1,300yen / Children (elementary school
student and younger) 700yen
April 18
(Sat)‒ June 7(Sun)
Shell gathering at Nishiki no Hama
Nishiki no Hama Park is located in Nishiki no Hama, where you can see Kansai
International Airport and Osaka bay, about 45 mins from Namba to the closest
station by Nankai Railway and 1km on foot from the station. It is a popular
place for families as people can enjoy the shell food. After finishing the shell
gathering, you can take 800g (400g for kids) of how much you dug.
P Nishikinohama Beach Park
¥Adult (Older and junior high school students) 1,500 yen /
Children (age 3 ‒ Elementary school students) 750 yen
Apr. 18
(Sat)- 19
Taishi Holy
Candle Ritual
Enjoy the beautiful atmosphere
of a ritual that sees 10,000
candles light up Eifuku Temple.
Cherry trees in the premises are
also lit up to give a special glow
at night.
T 18:00 - 21:00 P Eifukuji
Temple, Taishi-Nagomino hiroba,
Saihoin etc ¥Free
Apr. 12
Kansai Collection a hybrid fashion event drawing a crowd of 30,000
people every time. Special guest models and musicians create the
colourful performances on the runway. There will be so many booths
and stalls offering free cosmetic samples, experience trendy hair
make-up, delicious food and more!
P Kyocera Dome Osaka
¥Non-reserved seat 3,000yen (ADV), 3,500yen (Door) / Reserved
seat S 6,000yen (ADV), 7,000yen (Door) / Reserved seat SS
10,000yen (ADV only) / Platinum seat 30,000yen
Apr. 22
Shoryo-e Ceremony
On 22nd April, the
anniversary of
Prince Shotoku's
death, bugaku
(cour t music and
dance) is performed
on the Ishibutai
Stone Stage before
the Rokujido Hall.
Surviving for more
than 1,000 years,
the performance
has been designated an Important
Intangible Folk Cultural Asset by the national goverment.
T12:30 ∼ P Shitennoji ¥Free
(carp streamer)hoisting:Apr. 26
- May, (
5 Mon)
The Event: Apr. 29(Wed・Public holiday)
Koinobori Festa 1000
K o in o b o r i is b i g
carp streamer for
celebrate Children's
Day on 5th of May.
You can see more
than 1000 of carp
str eamer s in the
sky at Akutagawa
Sakurazutumi Park
during the period.
The festival is held
on 29th April with
several stalls, drum performance and mini concert.
P Akutagawa Sakurazutumi Park ¥Free