Student Bulletin

March 30-April 3, 2015
The Pirate Pride Bulletin
No school March 23-27- Spring Break
March 30
Regular Schedule
March 31
Regular Schedule
April 1
E7 Schedule
April 2
Regular Schedule
April 3
Regular Schedule
TAG Café Writing
Club 7:30-8:30 am
Lego League
7-8:30 am
Brain Bowl
7:30-8:30 am
Jazz band 7:30-8:30
Science Club
3:30-4:30 pm
IM soccer 3:30-5 pm
6th Grade Jazz Band
7:30-8:30 am
Jazz Band 3:30-4:30
Chess Club 3:30-4:40
IM bball 3:30-5 pm
IM soccer 3:30-5 pm
IM bball 3:30-5 pm
SNL Club 3:30-4:45
IM soccer 3:30-5 pm
IM soccer 3:30-5 pm
IM bball 3:30-5 pm
IM bball 3:30-5 pm
April 7: IM bball @ Summit , April 7: IM soccer @ Nederland, April 8: IS track begins, April 9: CU World Affairs Field Trip. April 10: Spring Fling Social ,
April 14:5th grade math night for incoming 6h graders for 15/16 school year, April 15: Spring poetry night 5:30-8 , April 15: Teen voices FT, April 17 & 20:
No school- conference exchange day , April 24: LMS variety show, April 28: 6th grade band concert @ CHS, 7 pm, April 28: Orchestra FT, April 29:
6th grade orchestra concert @ CHS, 7 pm, April 30: Awards night, 6 pm
Crandall’s Corner… Athletics, Activities, and Clubs
Do you like running and jumping? Looking for a spring activity? Track and field season is right around the corner! The season starts on
April 8th! You need to be signed up on Revtrak to participate and must have an up to date physical. Spring break is a fantastic time to get
signed up and your physical taken care of. Please bring a copy of your physical to the main office! See you all out on the track!
Science Club attempted to derive pi yesterday by dropping straws on tiles in the bathrooms, and using Buffon's Needle formula. We had
to use the bathrooms for the data gathering because they're the only places with consistent tiling in the building now. Mr. Friedman came
with the idea and a box full of straws. We separated the girls and boys, and they took half of the straws, roughly 50 into the respective
bathrooms. Measured the length of the side of a tile, and the straw in mm. Then, gathered data after about 6 drops. Then, we came back
to the room, and manipulated the formula P= 2l(a+b) - l^2/piab, into pi = 4la-l^2/Pa^2. a and b in the formula are the sides, of lines in 2
dimensions, so we made it a^2 since the tiles are squares. L is the length of the straw. The probability P was derived by dividing the
number of straws that touched a line of tile by the number of straws dropped. The guys got 3.4 and the girls got 3.333 for pi.. I was
amazed that it worked so well! Pretty cool thing to do, so you might want to try it when pi day comes around again!
Boys IM soccer will have their culminating event on Tuesday, April 7th at Nederland
Girls IM basketball will have their culminating event on Tuesday, April 7th at Summit
March 30-April 3, 2015
The Pirate Pride Bulletin
A note from the Principal
A big thank you to our custodial crew for all they do to
keep our school clean, safe, and maintained!
Spring is truly on its way… in fact, please mark your
calendars for the LMS SPRING FLING! Our 8 grade
organizing committee is working hard to plan for this
awesome school dance and activity afternoon. A film
with a 6 grade focus will begin at 3:45 pm in our
auditorium. A dance with a 7/8 grade focus will be in
our MPR from 4:00-6:00 pm. Big thank you to Brynn
Bussanmas, Lily Bush, Katie Hogan, and Hannah
Spracklin for making it happen!
On March 18 LMS inducted students into the
National Junior Honor Society. These students made a
commitment to their academics and giving back to
the community. Please congratulate their hard work
and integrity.
Dakota Anderson, Wes Barnhill, Brynn Bussanmas
Sarah Boyer, Lily Bush, Zea Cain, Michael Donohoe
Suki Falbo, Audrey Fowles, Grace Frusciano
Libby Garcia, Helen Gover, Lily Gregorius
Caroline Hagelin, Paxton Hansburg, Grace Hardwick
Emerson Hermann, Maddie Hoffmann, Katie Hogan
Samantha Holland, Eliza Howard, Jackson Jordaan
Sean Jordaan, Ben Kowalski, Allie Larsen
Sabrina Lasica, Olivia Lynch, Logan Mathews
Morgan Negrey, Joe Nelson, Nicolas Pedersen
Maggie Pieper, Ellie Redfern , Matthew Spangler
Jackson Tillinghast , Krista Visscher,
Grace Wade-Stein, Curtis Wagner, Will Waldrip
Eli Watson, Blakely Weber, Marisa Weissmann
Luke Werkmeister-Martin, Faith West-Renney
Natalie Wilcox, Carson Wille, Victoria Wilson
Enjoy Spring Break Sunshine and Sleep!
All the best,
Louisville Middle School
Phone: 720-561-7404
Twitter: Ginny [email protected]
Email: [email protected]
Surprise morning choir performance
March 30-April 3, 2015
The Pirate Pride Bulletin
March 30-April 3, 2015
The Pirate Pride Bulletin
The following students were selected as lousiville leaders.
A Louisville Leader is a student….
Who is consistently prepared and ready to learn.
Who treats others as he/she would like to be treated.
Who demonstrates growth through creative, academic and social endeavors.
Congratuations to…
Brad Bolles, David Celano, Zak Chehadi, Rami Elnasser, Joe Hoff, Noah Hubbard , Olivia Hyde,
Gabriela Maiocco, Samuel Logan Mathews, Olivia Mckeen, Leo Nelson, Tucker Peyok, Julian Poletti ,
Max Rathweg, Melanie Rodriguez De Santiago, Josh Selvin, Olivia Simpson-Klein, David Spong, and
Natalie Wilcox.
On being selected as Louisville Leaders
March 30-April 3, 2015
The Pirate Pride Bulletin
BVSD Bike to School Day is April 22, 2015
Get you and your bike ready!
Mark your calendar for the seventh annual BVSD Bike to School Day, the school district’s largest
single-day event. It’s Earth Day too!
Registration opens April 1. Parents are invited to participate but only students and staff may
register. The school with the greatest participation, based on registration, will be rewarded with a
fruit-smoothie party courtesy of the BVSD School Food Project. To learn more, please visit
Sponsored by the BVSD TO School Program, a unit of the BVSD Transportation Department,
providing transportation options for students and staff.
We are eagerly recruiting new faces to commit a bit of volunteer time to LMS by becoming
a Parent Partner. By assisting parents new to middle school and ushering in new families
to our community, you ease the transition enormously just by sharing the knowledge you
already have about LMS. We have several parents "graduating" this year so we are looking
for some new recruits! It's a fun way to help and a great way to meet new people. If
interested, please email Raili Filion at [email protected] She will be in touch with you
after spring break to tell you more about the role of Parent Partner.
March 30-April 3, 2015
The Pirate Pride Bulletin
Parent Engagement Network presents:
Thriving During the Teenage Years
Successfully Transitioning into High School and College
By Dr. Jan Hittelman
Making the transition into high school and college can be both exciting and stressful for both parents and
students. Here are some suggestions to help make these transitions successful:
 Create an opportunity to have a special family event to acknowledge this important transition in your
child’s life. A special meal, trip, or activity to commemorate this event and honor your child’s
accomplishment, will help make this important time more meaningful and significant.
 At a positive moment, start with a conversation with your adolescent. Try to elicit their feelings and
concerns regarding this transition. In a supportive way, share your concerns as well.
 Based upon you conversation, identify areas of concern and try to develop an action plan to address
them. Empower your child with ownership of this process, while letting them know that you are eager to
support them in any way that you can.
 Write down your action plan and review it together to ensure that it accurately reflects both your child’s
and your thoughts.
 As your child begins their transition to their new learning environment, check in often regarding how
things are going. Reassess your action plan and make modifications as needed. Identify unanticipated
challenges or concerns and brainstorm strategies to address these issues as well.
Unfortunately as a culture, we have lost a lot of the rituals that mark these significant life transitions. By
creating your own ritual around these events you will provide your child with well-deserved feedback regarding
their growth and accomplishments, as well as ensuring a more successful beginning at their next stage of
To learn more attend the upcoming free event:
Successfully Transitioning to High School
When: Monday, April 13th, 6:30-8:00pm
Where: Mamie Doud Eisenhower Library (3 Community Park Road, Broomfield)
Who: Jenny Key, LCSW & Sunda Friedman TeBockhorst, PhD
More Info:
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------UPCOMING PEN EVENT:
Natural Highs
With Avani Diliger and a Panel of Natural High Youth Participants
Thursday, April 9, 6:30-8:30pm
Monarch High School (329 Campus Drive, Louisville)
To Register:
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Learn more about PEN by visiting their website: or by contacting Paula
Nelson ([email protected], 303-880-6030)
Dr. Jan Hittelman, a licensed psychologist, is Director of Boulder Psychological Services and the Founder of
the Boulder Counseling Cooperative. Questions or comments for this monthly column can be sent via email to:
[email protected], or by phone: 720-217-3270