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Setting the Stage for S uccess
“Without the arts, my life may have turned out quite differently. At the age of 14, I left home due to many family
difficulties that, at the time, could not be resolved. I attended four different high schools and lived with three
different families in four years. My participation in the arts and my reputation as “the girl with the voice” gave me
a sense of belonging and the confidence to believe in possibilities! “
Tonya Fordham, Drama Advisor
WB School District
of the Arts
For the past 43 years, the WBHS Auditorium has served our schools
and community well, bringing together diverse groups of students,
families and friends to experience the magic of the performing arts.
The current facility is growing old and in need of major enhancements
to better serve the programming needs of the students and provide
greater opportunitiesfor members of the West Bend community.
The arts are essential to the quality of life in a community, along with educational institutions, health and human
services, and housing, help make a community livable and an attractive place to live, visit and work.
The arts are a critical component in K-12 education. Participation in the arts increases SAT scores, improves academic
performance and problem-solving skills, helps redirect at-risk students and helps them achieve, and is essential to
the development of a skilled and creative workforce.
C hallen ge -After 43 Years
The lobby, dressing room, storage and workspaces do
not adequately meet the current needs and limit use as
a gathering place for community activities.
The acoustics and sound system are unreliable and
interfere with providing high quality experiences
for both performers and audiences.
wi t h
t he
Our goal is to transform the high schools’ auditorium into a
first class arts facility that will support, celebrate, and enhance
arts programming in the West Bend schools and community.
The arts affirm and celebrate who we are. Beyond their intrinsic value, the arts stimulate creative thinking and foster
an appreciation and understanding of various cultures.
The auditorium will include:
“Being in band has made me
a stronger person and a better
leader. I can make a difference.”
Tim Milligan
Class of 2009
“I’ve never felt more at home
than when I step onto a stage.
I feel like I can come alive!”
Natalie Wanasek
Class of 2014
Current Users of the West Bend School District Auditorium
The West Bend Students:
-High school musical performance each year
-Two high school drama performances each year
-Three choirs at the high schools – Mixed, Concert and Vivace
-Two orchestras at the high schools – Virtuosi and Philharmonic (Chamber)
-Three bands at the high schools – Concert, Symphonic and Wind Ensemble
-Co-Curriculars: Bluegrass Strings, Brass, Wind and Fire, Chamber Music Band,
Chamber Music Orchestra, Dixieland Band, Pit Orchestra
-AP Classes including: AP Art History, AP Studio Art, AP Music Theory
-Treble Makers - Elementary all-district choir
-Elementary Schools Holiday concerts
-Middle School music & drama programs
-District staff - large group presentations, assemblies and meetings, i.e.;
-Financial Aids, WBSD Annual Meeting, Athletic Awards,
Scholarship Awards, Testing, Parent Meetings, District Staff Inservice
The lighting, riggings and fly systems are severely
outdated and quickly approaching the end of a
safe and useful life.
The comfort of the seating continues to diminish.
The flooring and aesthetics are dated and worn.
S how !
The arts are good for business. They offer opportunities to build customer and client relationships, enhance employee
and community relations, and attract and retain employees. The arts also enhance economic vitality by purchasing goods
and services and generating sales for other businesses.
-Arts Wisconsin- Business & Arts Handbook
Attractive and comfortable environment with new
flooring and seating
Enlarged stage to create greater flexibility and
bring performers closer to the audience
Spacious lobby and visual arts gallery that
will serve as a large group gathering area with
concession space available
Separate and secure entrance
Upgraded sound system and acoustics
Cost-effective lighting system
Renovated restrooms
Additional and functional rehearsal, work
and storage space
Updated riggings and fly systems to provide
a modern learning laboratory for students
interested in working behind the scenes
Community Groups:
-Firefighters Charity Event
-Kettle Moraine Symphony
-Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra
-Kettlebrook Church
-West Bend Children’s Theatre
-West Bend Park and Recreation Department
-Mirror Image Dance Studio- “The Nutcracker”
-Lighthouse Ministries
-People to People
-Spotlight Productions
Outside current East entrance and auditorium
Architect rendering of new entrance and auditorium
The lobby of the new auditorium will be “a destination” on its own merit, to serve
the students as an artist reception area, gallery and exhibit space for events not
needing a house or stage. It will be a place for art shows where community artists
can be featured and meetings and events can be held.
"The arts enable students to develop the abilities to think critically, to understand their responsibilities within this immense
yet interconnected planet, and to utilize the tools needed to express themselves beyond status updates and electronic
communications. My own arts education taught me to see the world through the realm of what is possible, with the ability
to recognize beauty everywhere. I was given the encouragement to dream big and the tools necessary to pursue those dreams.”
Jonathan Zautner, WB East 1998,
General Manager/Production Coordinator for Loh, Inc. and Zarathustra Music, New York
Attendance at arts and cultural events is an indicator
of the richness of our lives and the vibrancy of our economy.
“Orchestra has had an excellent
impact on me throughout the past
six years. This is a wonderful program
already, but for me to imagine what it
could be like with the new renovations
just gets me excited [and] would
definitely impact my experience in the
performing art of orchestra.”
Jarrod Schneider
Class of 2015
“Drama Club formed me into a more
organized person who isn’t afraid
to try something new.”
Ellie Klukaczewski
Class of 2013
“Being able to travel halfway
around the world to march in front
of three-quarters of a million people;
it was an exhilarating time.”
S po tlight
on the A rts
West Bend High Schools’
Auditorium Transformation Project
Eric Matenaer
Class of 2010
The Honorary Co-Chairs of the Auditorium Transformation Project campaign are Mrs. Sharon Ziegler and Mr. Kevin Steiner,
President and CEO of West Bend Mutual Insurance. Both are strong community stewards who understand the impact
a strong school system and Arts culture can have on creating a vibrant community.
Your support of this project will touch the lives of generations of students and members of the West Bend Community.
Donations can be made by completing a pledge card or by visiting
The West Bend Public Schools Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization, separate from The West Bend Joint School District #1;
all donations are tax deductible as defined by the IRS.
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