26 March 2015 - Fountain Gate Primary School

School No. 5072
26 March
Prospect Hill Road, Narre Warren 3805
Telephone: 9703 1187
Fax: 9703 2001
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.fountaingateps.vic.edu.au
Friday 27 March
Easter Hat Parade 9.00am (Small Gym) Preps, Grade 1 & 2
Free Dress Day – Gold Coin Donation
Friday 27 March All students will be dismissed at 2.30pm.
End of Term
Start of Term 2
Monday 13th April 2015
Monday 4th May
Tuesday 5th May
All students required at school for 9.00am start
Friday 8th May
Wednesday 20th May
Puppet Theatre Performance – Level 1 & 2 – Small Gym
Myuna Farm – Prep Grades
Tuesday 23rd June
Wednesday 24th June
Discovery Day – Grade 5 – FGSC – 8.55am-1.00pm
Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews - 1.15pm-6.00pm & 6.30pm-7.30pm
Student Classes finish at 12.30pm
Start of
Term 2
Monday 13th
April 2015
Curriculum Day – No Students required at school.
Puppet Theatre Performance – Level 1 & 2 – Small Gym
All students required at school
for 9.00am start
There will be a Free Dress day tomorrow Friday 27th March
for the whole school.
Gold coin donation
Principal’s Comments
Dear Parents,
The term has flown by and here we are at school
holiday time again. Here’s a list of things to do
with children during the holidays that I found on
the internet.
☺ Make an assault course, use boxes, chairs,
scooters, skateboards etc, time how long it
takes and aim to improve.
☺ Hide a treasure inside or outside. Write some
clues or make a treasure map for kids to
follow. Then get them to make one for you.
☺ Allow your children to make a movie on your
smart phone.
☺ When your children have sorted out all their
toys, have a garage sale.
☺ Make paper dolls of your family using cut out
photos. Cut out clothes from magazines to
dress the “family” in.
☺ Have a mini Master Chef session with pita
bread and pizza toppings.
☺ Ask your child to teach you their favourite
computer game.
☺ Create a backyard golf course.
☺ Learn magic/card/circus tricks and put on a
☺ Use 2 litre bottles as bowling pins.
☺ Go to a local cycle way/bike track and go
rollerblading. A great way to get out in the
fresh air and enjoy the
sunshine and exercise.
☺ Camp Out in the back
yard – kids of all ages will
love this experience
☺ Buy some big chalk and
create a driveway
☺ Save boxes and containers of all sorts and
make a box city on a spare table. Add toy
cars and people.
☺ Make an indoor or outdoor cubby with a
sheet, tarp, cushions, cd player, food etc.
☺ Make your own board game using a setting
that is relevant to your family, e.g. a soccer
game, a game about a favourite TV show etc.
☺ Grow some seeds, watching this happen is
always fascinating.
☺ Make some musical instruments out of empty
☺ Smile! Get the camera out and let the kids
take some photos – download them on the
computer and create a slide show.
☺ Play dough – buy some or make your own –
this will provide hours of fun for you and the
☺ Lots of Local Libraries hold story-telling
workshops during school holidays, and then
the kids can borrow some new stories to read.
☺ Make Paper Dolls - make a
chain of paper dolls and colour
them all in different colours.
☺ Create a puppet show, use soft
toys or make small puppets from
socks or wooden spoons and
put on your own show.
☺ Do some leaf rubbings, collect
an assortment of leaves and
place them under paper then
use a crayon/pencil to rub over
the top.
☺ Have a Picnic or BBQ lunch at
the local park – let the kids help pack their
favourite lunch and snacks.
☺ Do some gardening with the kids – make a
herb or strawberry garden pot, they are
fantastic and useful too!
☺ Weather permitting, set up a water play area
with lots of different containers and things for
water to run down. Especially good in
conjunction with a sand pit.
☺ Have a game of hide and seek - lots of fun for
the little ones.
☺ Kick a paper soccer ball, set up some goals
and try your luck.
☺ Create an indoor car track with hills, curves
and straights using cardboard, cut up pool
noodles or any materials matchbox cars can
roll along.
☺ Teach children some old games such as
hopscotch, knuckles, elastics, clapping
games, marbles (you may need to google
these or ask your parents!)
Looking forward to seeing everyone back next
Kind Regards,
Jenny Duggan
Prep B
Aun Hasani
Always doing his best
work and being a good
role model to others.
Joshua Scrutton
Prep R
Taylor Ruhr
Having an excellent
attitude to learning.
Hayley Parsons
Mansor Nadim
Prep S
Matthew Waixel
Janak Patil
Knowing lots of
information about
Contributing ideas to
class discussions.
Keep it up!!
Amy Boutthajit
Writing a fantastic story 5/6B
about 2 Kings. Well
Raven Nhem
Tyren Min
Karl Balitbit
Sahill Kakar
Ethan Sione
Maddison Griffin
Ensuring to use his
discovery time
effectively when
working on his place
value learning
Always working hard to
complete all set tasks
in the classroom. Well
For showing
enthusiasm during
Writers Workshop and
composing some
excellent expositions.
Always being kind and
courteous towards
others and
maintaining a positive
outlook. A great
example for others.
Working hard on her
learning sequence
and making lots of
advances through it.
Well Done!!
For his display of
kindness, selflessness
and persistence
during activities with
our prep buddies.
Anissa Eminovski
Using revising
strategies to
strengthen the
structure of her
Using a real world
issue to write a
purposeful persuasive
letter to the Prime
Always thinking of
For an excellent letter
to his buddy. Well
Working wonderfully
in writing and
producing a great
viewer’s response.
Well Done!!
Tulin Velievski
Tre Hart
Her excellent
figurative language
sentences during
“Snapshot” writing.
Choosing appropriate
strategies to solve
equations during
addition learning
Congratulations to our winning FGPS soccer teams. At the annual Casey
Cup soccer tournament we achieved some outstanding results on
Tuesday 24th March. The girls’ team won outright. Our mixed team
finished runners up. Our boys’ team was knocked out in the quarter
finals but secured enough points for FGPS to be awarded the overall
champions and the best school in the tournament!
I am looking forward to having some photos from the event in the
newsletter early next term!
Jarrod Parsons
Physical Education
Girls’ Team – Winners
Roya 5/6B
Senna 5/6L
Mitra 5/6T
Maddison 5/6J
Caitlyn 5/6J
Zohal 5/6C
Mixed Team – Runners Up
Anissa 5/6B
Kayla 5/6J
Angel 5/6L
Zulfegar 5/6L
Mahadi 5/6T
Lui 5/6M
Artist for the Month of
Artist :Jessica Gogan
Grade: 5/6B
Title: Design a Greek Vase
Medium Paint and Brush
The Greeks made many beautiful vases and pots to store things like olive oil,
wine and water.
They were painted with patterns and pictures.
The pictures on the pots give us a clue as to what life might have been like 2,000 years
ago in Ancient Greece.
Students in Level 5 and 6 have been introduced to the designs of Ancient Greek Pottery
as they explore the use of geometric and organic shape in making ordered patterns.
They then had to design their own vase or pot with pattern.
Jessica is one of my talented art students.
She enjoys art and has great drawing and painting skills.
It is wonderful to see Jessica discovering and developing her
talent and learning new skills. Well done Jessica.
Kathy Mottahedin
Visual Arts Teacher
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