���Group Lease, Ready to roll regionally���~From the interview by

24 March 2015
To whom it may concern
Wedge Holdings Co., Ltd.
Tatsuya Konoshita,
Representative Managing Director & CEO
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Contact: Yukihiro Yokoyama, Corporate Officer
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“Group Lease, Ready to roll regionally”
~From the interview by ShareInvester, which is the biggest investor’s network in Asia region~
Group Lease PCL (GL), our consolidated subsidiary operating the finance business in Southeast
Asia, has been interviewed by ShareInvestor, which is the biggest investor’s network in Asia
region, top internet media for financial industry, top technology company, and has secured more
than 500 listed company as clients. And the article has been published in BANGKOK POST on 13
March 2015, which is the biggest English newspaper in Thailand.
Please refer to the following URL for the news release.
Thank you.