Sihl Launches TexBanner Extrem white 145

3275 TexBanner Xtrem white 145
Dear Customer Finally an economic alternative to Tyvek®! Sihl presents its newest banner - 3275 TexBanner
Xtrem white 145!
TexBanner 3275 is a 100% synthetic non-woven material coated with our water-fast matte
inkjet formulation. It’s high tensile strength and tear resistance, combined with its ability to
be stapled, sewn, or used with grommets makes it the perfect indoor or outdoor banner!
Although 3275 is optimized for aqueous based inks, it delivers optimal performance with latex
and UV inks as well.
The cost to performance ratio of this media combined with its many application possibilities
makes it stand out amongst the rest! We encourage you to give 3275 TexBanner a try - we
guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
3275 TexBanner Xtrem white is available in the following sizes:
36”/42”/54”x150’ - 3” core
All the best,
Sihl Inc.