Install Guide ��� PC

Intelligent Color Delivered
ChromaDriver is easy
As easy to install as a driver, but with job nesting, layout tools, and error correction that provide proper placement to
minimize media use. Color is always great with included Validation® and Magic® profiles optimized for each media.
Ink savings is built-in.
Welcome to the install instructions for ChromaDriver.
Items that you will need:
The ChromaDriver Installer
A PC or Mac running a current OS
A supported printer
Chromaticity Validation® brand media
ChromaDriver is as easy to install as it is to use. In
this document, we will cover the few important spots
in the install where we need your interaction.
Locate the ChromaDriver installer. Usually this will
be your downloads folder or your desktop. Start the
installer by double clicking the icon.
The first window you may see is the User Account Control.
Simply click Yes here.
Throughout the installation we suggest using the default settings to simplify the install and any future support.
You will see a few screens where your option is OK, Yes, Next, Back, or Cancel.
If you stick with the first three options, the install will proceed just fine.
with the
and click
Intelligent Color Delivered
ChromaDriver is easy
ChromaDriver is completely installed when you
see this window. Please allow the application to
launch and click Finish. This will start the search
for your printers, allow you to choose the
Chromaticity Validation® media, and finally
activate the software by entering your
ChromaDriver License Code (CLC).
*ChromaDriver comes with a demo code but we
recommend entering your permanent CLC if you
have one.
If your printer is on and attached, clicking OK allows ChromaDriver to search for all supported and connected devices.
After a short search, ChromaDriver found 3
devices on our network. Clicking the drop
down provides our list. You may choose the
one printer you want to use. Here we have
chosen the Epson 7900.
Manual setup requires
that you choose a Make
If your printer is not found, check to make
sure that the printer is on and connected
and either allow ChromaDriver to search
again by clicking search, or enter Manual
A Model
And an Interface
Intelligent Color Delivered
ChromaDriver is easy
Whether ChromaDriver found your printer, or you had to enter your printer information manually, the next screens
are the same.
The Driver
will load for
your printer.
And you will be given the
opportunity to load the settings
for your Chromaticity
Validation® media.
*Choose all the profiles for the
media you are currently using.
Most media are available in
RGB, CMYK, and CMYK with
Intelligent Color Engine (ICE)
ink Savings.
And then ChromaDriver
downloads your media
Intelligent Color Delivered
ChromaDriver is easy
Finally, you will activate your license. If available, please have your CLC available for the next steps.
Just click
Activate License
Enter your CLC on the
License ID line along with
your contact information
and click Activate
Once activated, you
will see that you have
successfully completed the installation
of ChromaDriver.
All that is left for your to do is to click the Exit button and ChromaDriver will be ready for your first print job.