Term 2 newsletter

Term 2
Volume 13, 2014
Yr 10 Society and
students visited
Tamala Park Waste
Education Centre
to observe how our
household waste is
handled and how
we can help Refuse,
Reduce, and Re-use.
(See more inside).
Inspiration • Ambition • Passion • Integrity
Kinross College, Falkland Way, Kinross, WA 6028
Telephone: (08) 9306 6000
Fax: (08) 9306 6011
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Dates for your Diary 2014
Last day Term 2 (Friday)
Mindarie SC Yr 10 Interviews
Staff development day
(Student free)
First day Term 3 (Tuesday)
Coastal Cluster (K-Yr 5)
Transition information evening 6.30 - 8.00pm
Yr 8 Lightning Carnival
Yr 10 - 2015 Subject selections
Coastal Cluster (K-Yr 5)
Transition information evening 10:00 - 11.30am
Mindarie SC Yr 10 Interviews
Yr 9 - 2015 Subject selections
Mindarie SC Yr 10 Interviews
P & C Meeting, 7 pm
Conference Room
P & C Meeting 7pm,
Conference Room
Rangers Camp
Yr 7-8 French selection
Yr 10 AE excursion ECU
Please note: Dates may be subject to change
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Student start time
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Jo Kolb
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Student Achievements
Beth and Emily’s success
Yr 6 students, Beth Morley and Emily Holloway,
belong to the West Coast Splash synchronised
swimming team, after becoming State
champions over the Christmas holidays, they
competed in the ‘Nationals’ in Brisbane over
the Easter holiday.
Beth and Emily won Gold medals in the under
12 team category, with Emily also winning a
Gold in her duet, making them both Australian
The girls train 3 hours a day, 4 times a week,
with such dedication. Who knows, Kinross may
have some future Olympians!
Yr 6 student, Emma
McMurdo has been
offered a place to
represent WA in
the State Football
(Soccer) 12s Team.
The National Schools Championships are held
in Bendigo, Victoria from September 13 to
19, 2014.Congratulations Emma, we wish you
every success.
Letter from the
Principal ..
If parents know their child/
ren (other than Year 10s) will
be leaving the College at the
end of this year, please advise
our Enrolment Registrar on
9306 6001 or email Sandra.
[email protected]
at your earliest convenience.
This information is required
as early as possible to enable
accurate assessment of
student numbers for next year.
Enrolments for 2015 must be
received by the College before
25 July 2014.
Thank you for your assistance.
Dear Parents and Caregivers
Welcome to the midyear edition of
our school newsletter. It has been
an interesting term for a number of
reasons. Firstly, the College is going
through a transition stage where our
explicit teaching strategies are becoming
further embedded in our everyday
practice. In some areas the progress of
staff and students has been excellent.
Across the board a number of teachers
have attended professional learning
activities learning, interpreting and
implementing the explicit teaching
strategy. Secondly, Kinross College is
of an age where some staff members
have or are contemplating retirement,
changing teaching locations or opting
out of the profession. With the State
Government’s staffing freeze this term
it has been difficult to staff the College
with long-term teachers. Hopefully this
will be addressed in Term 3! Thirdly, a
big thanks to the students who have
worked to the best of their ability
through this transition phase with a
minimum of fuss. The endeavor and
Dress code reminder
We understand the weather is now
colder but students still need to
adhere to the Kinross College dress
Students should wear College uniform items or plain
navy blue items (no logos or branding allowed on non
uniform items).
Hoodies are not acceptable items for school wear.
For further information please refer to our dress code
The Uniform shop is open on Mondays and Thursdays
between the following hours:
Mon - 12:30 - 3:30 pm (including reporting day 3 July 2014)
Thu - 8:30 - 11:30 am
enthusiasm of a significant number of
students has been recognised by the
staff and as such you the parents should
also share in the accolades for their
On Thursday July 3 between 1:00pm and
7:00pm parents are invited to attend
the College to discuss student progress
across all learning areas. Booking
interview times are essential on this
afternoon and evening and we hope
this parent/teacher/student reflection
continues to be the successful event is
has always been.
Finally, we hope you enjoy the snapshot
of school life for this term contained
within the articles and photos.
Term 3 will resume on Tuesday 22 July.
Lloyd Page
How can your Child earn Vivos?
Students can earn Vivo Miles under the following categories:
Academic 1.0
Very well presented assignment,
assessment, set task
Community 2.0
Uniform and presentation- wearing
correct uniform and adhering to
expected standards of personal
Academic 1.1
Improved performance over a
period of time
Academic 1.2
Coming to class prepared and
ready to learn - correct equipment,
positive attitude
Academic 1.3
Participating in Physical Education
Academic 1.4
Very high standard of book work
meeting school standards and
This term we have embarked on
an exciting new initiative at Kinross
College, with the introduction
of Vivo Miles. Vivo is an award
winning recognition and rewards
platform that allows us to instil the
core values identified at Kinross
College, with the student body.
How Does Vivo Work?
Academic 1.5
Positive and productive contribution
to class - individual student
participates fully in lessons,
contributes to class discussions
Academic 1.6
Handing in completed homework or
assessment on or before due date
Academic 1.7
Consistent effort - over a period
of time, work is of a consistently
appropriate standard
Academic 1.8
Positive collaborative skills excellent team work, cooperative
skills, accepts the opinions of
others, contributes to the group
The Leadership Team and Staff have identified
core behaviours we would like to promote. Each
community or academically-based behaviour
has been allocated a reward value or ‘Vivo’.
When a student demonstrates one of these
behaviours to a staff member, they are rewarded
with ‘Vivos’.
Academic 1.9
Class work - appropriate time spent
working on task, work completion
during lesson
Students can log in to their personal account
and monitor their own progress, as well as view
positive feedback that they have received from
their teachers. The Vivos they earn can then be
redeemed at the Vivo Miles Shop.
Parents can use it too!
Why are we doing this?
Schools around Australia using the Vivo Miles
program are reporting increased attendance,
engagement, performance, motivation and
positive behaviour. Staff and students have been
very receptive, and we look forward to reporting
our Vivo progress very soon.
Academic 2.0
Year Coordinator Special Award
Vivo keeps parents in the loop about
their child’s progress at school. With
a personal login, parents can track
their child’s achievements and teacher
feedback as it happens, and set-up
alerts and notifications directly to their
phone using our handy phone apps.
Vivo allows parents to celebrate their
child’s achievements with our easy-touse Pledge feature. They simply set their
child a target related to the number
Community 2.1
Advocacy - standing up for what
is right, not tolerating bullying,
reporting inappropriate behaviour
or concerns about the well-being of
another, helping others
Community 2.2
Consistently using excellent
manners with staff and students
Community 2.3
Following requests, instructions and
directions - hand up, complies with
expectations promptly
Community 2.4
Caring for your community choosing to pick up litter without
being asked, contributing to the
wider school community
Community 2.5
Being on time to lessons and
organised - ready to learn without
being asked
Community 2.6
Showing empathy for others helping others without being
asked, showing kindness and
consideration, handing in lost
property, reporting damage,
respecting school equipment,
respecting the environment
Community 2.7
Honesty - telling the truth
Community 2.8
Acting as a positive role model
Community 2.9
Demonstrating tolerance and
respect for others - showing a
willingness to listen to different
opinions and thoughts, accepting
differences and helping others to
do so
of Vivos they earn, with a promise of
a treat when completed. Praise from
home is enormously beneficial to a
child’s academic development.
If you have any questions regarding Vivo
Miles, please contact your child’s Year
Mrs Nicki Hill
Deputy Principal Junior School
Head of Mathematics Terry Beeston retires. Staff dressed up in scarves, cardigans and glasses in his honour.
Terry, who ran Mathematics for the
last six years, was an iconic figure and
respected and adored by all members
of the Kinross College Community.
We thank Terry for his wonderful
contribution and wish him well for a well
earned retirement.
Amanda Gardiner, another respected
iconic figure in Mathematics has also
moved on. Amanda was a ‘pillar of
strength’, in particular her work with the
more able students and the extension
program. Thank you to Amanda and the
lasting contribution she has made at
Kinross College.
With these departures, two new
teachers have arrived, Blake Dingle
and Sharon Tan who have made an
enthusiastic, energetic start. They are
promising young teachers with a keen
eye for student well-being and we look
forward to helping them settle into the
Kinross College community.
Whilst this has been going on, Mr
Michael Williams has done an excellent
job taking over as acting Head of
Mathematics. The maths classrooms
have taken on a new feel with lots of
dynamic mathematical posters to further
enhance our learning culture.
The prospective ATAR mathematicians
in year 10 sat their mid-year exams at
Mindarie College on June 13 and by
all reports they were well-prepared
and gained a lot of wisdom from the
experience. We look forward to guiding
them for their future pathways as the
year goes on.
Peter Turkich
Maths Department
Mr Beeston retires...
In January 2004 I accepted the job of Team Leader for the Forrest Community without
fully exploring the floor plan of the building and it was only the enthusiasm and
incredible positivity of my team that led me to believe teaching and learning were
possible in that football park like arena.
However, not only was the next 4 years challenging and frustrating, it was the most
rewarding and the best teaching environment I had ever experienced. It was noisy,
sometimes chaotic but always fun; and the kids loved it. Some staff couldn’t deal with
the proximity of 130 students and 4 staff, some thrived; Mr MacBride had a huge
audience, Mrs Thompson reigned like Boadicea, Mrs Bradley brought her calming
positive demeanour (and still does). Hylton Hayes, the founding Principal, was the
most inspirational leader it has been my privilege to work for.
With the change to a lower secondary faculty model, came a greater emphasis on
learning and less on the learner and whilst I feel we produce better mathematicians I
fear we are not producing better people.
The characters of my last 10 years of teaching will remain with me, and I will think of
you fondly as I meander along the fairways of life. I thank the Department of Education,
Hylton, my colleagues and all the students I have taught, for providing me with the
opportunity to earn a living and have so much fun.
Kind regards
Terry Beeston.
KEA - Kinross Extension & Acceleration
Society & Environment
Our Year 10 Academic Extension group visited Tamala
Park. This may seem like an unusual excursion but we are
working towards presenting at Mindarie Senior College’s
‘Sustainability’ Expo!
The excursion gave students a basic understanding of how
our waste is recycled and disposed of. Students were able
to see ‘upcycling’ and hopefully gained a little inspiration.
They say that a picture paints a thousand words, the following photos capture the day.
Janette Thompson
HOD Society and Environment
Student Services
Term 2 Recap
3 on 3 Lunch time
On May 14 Kinross College hosted
a 3 on 3 basketball tournament at
lunch time. The tournament featured
eight teams, all of which contained a
teacher and two students. It was a
fiercely contested event which saw a
number of teachers winding back the
clock to their glory days, or at least
attempting to. After frenetic quarterfinal and semi-final rounds that left
six disgruntled teams eliminated and
licking their wounds (metaphorically,
in most cases at least), it boiled down
to a battle between teams led by
S&E’s Mr MacBride and PE’s Miss
Posener. In a see-sawing affair Miss
Posener, Jordan and Joe emerged
victorious. Thank you to all the
students and staff who participated
and made it an enjoyable and
entertaining lunch time event.
Joel Bond
Kinross College Chaplain
This term the Student Services Team at Kinross College has
run the Holyoake Drumbeat program with two groups of Yr 9
students. The Holyoake Drumbeat program uses drumming
to promote social understanding and connection through a
team drumming experience. The program is being facilitated
by Mr Kim Alexander, Mr Graham Gorman and myself. The
highlight of the program is the performance in the final week,
which this term was held at Kinross Primary School. Both the
performers and the audience thoroughly enjoyed themselves
and we hope it is something that can occur again in the future.
I would like to acknowledge the City of Joondalup for its
financial contribution to the program, as without this suuport
we would be unable to run Drumbeat at the College.
GLC Excursion
On Monday 5 May, 9 members of the Student Council joined
me at the World Vision Global Leaders Convention at the
Perth Convention Centre. The purpose of the day is to
educate students on issues confronting the developing world,
with this Convention having a particular focus on Rwanda.
The Convention features a variety of speakers as well as a
simulation game. The students thoroughly enjoyed the day
and were deeply challenged by what they heard. The Student
Council is looking forward to running the 40-hour famine at
the College in August.
Joel Bond
Kinross College Chaplain
Students visit
Amana Living
Kinross Care Centre
Over the last term a group
of thirteen Yr 10 students
have been making weekly
visits to the Amana Living
Kinross Care Centre to
meet and engage with the
The girls have engaged in a number
of different activities with the
residents such as art and craft,
card games and bingo. Apart from
some organisation and supervision
provided by Mr Ross and myself, the
project has been entirely driven by
student initiative and leadership.
The residents at the Care Centre
thoroughly enjoy the students’
visits and the staff at the Care
Centre are very appreciative. It has
been a pleasure to accompany the
students and see the compassionate
and caring way they engage with
the residents. Congratulations
to Lauren, Jazmyn, Eloise, Kiera,
Chloe, Toia, Lily, Xanthe, Hannah,
Eva, Willow, Kemi and Taylia. Your
work with the residents at the Care
Centre has been exceptional and
you should take great pride in the
character and initiative that you have
Joel Bond
Kinross College Chaplain
“How much is that doggy in the window?”
As part of a special S&E project, I had the opportunity to
collect used blankets, towels and dog food and donate them
to the Dogs Refuge Home on behalf of Kinross College. The
generous donations by students and staff will help make
rescued dogs more comfortable during the cold winter
On Thursday June 5, I visited the Dogs Refuge Home in
Shenton Park. I went there to donate the blankets and towels
I collected. I went there with Mrs Scanlon, and we dropped all
of the blankets and towels in the bin they put there, then we
had a tour around the refuge. It was very noisy because there
were so many dogs there at one time. The dogs are all rescued
from the pound or from homes where they were not looked
after. The refuge takes care of them until they are adopted to a
loving family.
I got to see the volunteers walk with the dogs and clean out
the dog pens. The donations and the work of the volunteers
mean that the refuge can keep saving dogs.
If you are thinking of a getting a dog for your family visit: www.
Yr 10 student
Food Technology News
Hello Kinross!
Experiencing Australian life as a
Canadian exchange teacher has been
most exciting!
There have been many learning experiences such as:
1. new recipes (e.g.) Australian Damper (campfire bread)
2. new cooking terminology (e.g.) wombok = Chinese
3. new expressions (e.g.) tea = dinner/supper
I have delighted in WA’s warm weather, white sandy
beaches and gorgeous sunsets. With the weather cooling,
my husband and I are now taking in “indoor orientated”
activities such as the Perth Mint.
I have enjoyed working with Kinross students and sharing
some Canadian recipes with them. To date, we have
prepared Perogies (potato dumplings), Nanaimo Bars
(a dessert bar) and Butter Tarts (a raisin tart).
Please remember that the Kinross Arts Department is
having a showcase on the evening of July 1st. I encourage
you to drop by for a visit and to see more photos of student
Carmen Babin
Food Technology Teacher
Pictured above: Year 8 & 9 students hard at work in the kitchen,
producing a variety of delectable products!
Bunnings supporting
our Yr 9 boys
Some of the Year 9 Junior VET boys have been attending
workshops on Wednesday mornings at Bunnings. Their
instructor has been very accommodating and we really
appreciate this partnership with Bunnings.
Mauveen Titlestad
OfficeMax book list promotion winners 2014
Through the generosity of OfficeMax we were able to award 6 of our students with $125 gift vouchers. All families
who utilised the online services of OfficeMax to purchase their 2014 Stationery & Booklist items and/or pay Voluntary
Contributions and Other Costs included on the booklist, were eligible for the draw. Thank you to OfficeMax for its ongoing
support of Kinross College. Five of the six lucky winners are pictured with Charlene, our OfficeMax Sales Rep.
From left to right: Lachlan, Teina, Connie, Charlene, Ethan and Kaitlyn.
Science News
The ConocoPhillips 4 days
of science activities for
students in Yrs 9 and 10 will
take place this year at Edith Cowan University
- Joodalup, Curtin University - Perth and
UWA - Perth. The application process is now
Students can gain great experience in the hands on science and
engineering lab sessions. The experience costs $115 for a three day
program and $150 for a four day program.
Each program is designed to provide students who have an interest
in science with an opportunity to engage in a wide range of handson science activities under the guidance of scientists who love their
Further details and application process is online at
With Semester One almost at a close,
Science Department teachers are busy
putting together teaching and learning
programs for Semester Two.
As was the case this semester, all Science programs at Kinross College
address the standards of the Australian Curriculum and maximise
opportunities for students to access content and skills to equip them
to be lifelong learners and be able to operate with confidence in a
complex, information-rich, globalised world. All programs will cover
three interrelated strands: Science inquiry skills; Science as a human
endeavour; and Science understanding. Each strand is of equal
Topic outlines for all year groups will be posted early next term.
Please take note of assessment tasks and due dates as we will be
adhering to the conditions of the Kinross College Assessment Policy. A
small percentage of the overall assessment grade will be allocated to
bookwork, attitude and behaviour. All students are required to have
an exercise book for note taking, which also serves as a valuable tool
for frequent revision.
The schools theme for National Science
Week 2014 (16-24 August) will be “Food
for our future: Science feeding the world”.
Inspired by the International Year for Family
Farming. Stay tuned for information on Science Week Activities
through the e bulletin.
Mrs Bradley
Head of Science
Food for thought
More than 7000 plant species have
historically been used in human
diets; however, less than 150
species are grown commercially
today. Only 12 plant species
the major vegetables on
today’s menus.
Physical Education
Yr 10 transition day
at Mindarie Senior
On Wednesday June 25, 224 Year
10 students attended the Mindarie
Senior College campus as part of
their transition into Year 11 - 2015.
Students received information on career pathways
and year 10 entrance requirements for year 11
courses of study. They were also introduced to
the philosophy of the College and behavioural
After enjoying a delicious lunch, students participated
in mini tutorials in each subject area, it is hoped
information in these settings will assist in defining
career pathways for the future. Multi-media
presentations on ATAR and VET pathways for 2015
were well received by our students.
Positive feedback was given to students on their
demeanour and mature behaviour whilst they toured
the College.
Students are encouraged to utilise and navigate the
Mindarie College website to assist them prior to
interviews and subject selection meetings.
Graham Gorman
Yr 10 Coordinator
Sports Fun
Over the last semester our Yr 10 Sports Fun student
group has been working with the Yr 3’s from Kinross
Primary. We have been teaching them a variety of
teamwork and communication skills, along with the
fundamentals of sport. Through the program we have
experienced the role of a sports teacher and some of us
have taken on major leadership roles.
On June 20 we ran a tabloid event day constructing
and creating a round-robin. In total there was 8 stations
where all the kids had a ball! We thoroughly enjoyed
the program and appreciated the effort put in by Ms.
Posener to run the Sports Fun program.
Konnor, Karla, Chelsea and Kennedy
Yr 10 students
Lightning carnivals
So far this term we have had the Yr 7, 9 and 10 Lightning
Carnivals. Our students have represented the College
across a variety of sports including netball, AFL, soccer,
basketball, hockey, volleyball and league tag. Despite
participation levels dropping amongst our Yr 9 and
10 students, those who did go out for the day really
enjoyed the social competition, and represented
the College with excellent sportsmanship and great
Primary girls AFL –
Dockers Cup
The Yr 7 Dockers Cup was held at
Arena Joondalup on
Wednesday 11 June. Our girls were
outstanding and we won 3 games, all
by huge margins. There were many
outstanding performances from all
of our students who competed with
amazing commitment and integrity. I
was very proud to manage the Kinross
girls team which maintained its
reputation as tough competitors and
good sports. A special mention needs
to go to Jessica Combe who won the
most valuable player for the Kinross
side. A big thank you to all of the
parents and siblings who came down
to support our girls.
Miss Posener
Phys Ed Teacher
Year 8/9 SSWA Junior
Boys Soccer
This term a team of Yr 8/9 Boys have
been participating in the School Sport
WA Junior Boys Soccer Competition.
The competition involves a roundrobin group competition with the
winner proceeding to a knock out
stage in Term 3. The team has played
some great football and improved
dramatically as the competition has
progressed. An early loss to Duncraig
SHS (4-2) in wet conditions did not
hamper their enthusiasm and the boys
came out determined against Ocean
Reef SHS only to lose 6-4 in a very
competitive match. Our first win in
the competition came against Mater
Dei College with a comprehensive 9-0
victory. The team currently has one
fixture remaining against Carine SHS to
complete their group phase. The Yr 8/9
boys who have played throughout the
competition are to be congratulated on
their efforts and the manner in which
they have represented the College.
Primary girls soccer – Glory Girls Cup
The Year 7 Glory Girls Cup was held at the Kingsway Soccer Club on Thursday 10
April. Our girls were up against some very tough competition but played every
game with excellent skills and determination. The girls finished 8TH overall and
should be very pleased with their efforts. It is an absolute pleasure taking the
Year 7 students out every year and we wish the boys the very best of luck for
their soccer comp next term!
Miss Posener
Phys Ed Teacher
Rangers – Term 2
activities and Mornington
We have had a sensational term for the
Kinross Police Rangers with a variety
of activities and skills development
undertaken by all ranks during our
Wednesday afternoon Parades.
Probationary Rangers have been learning
the ropes (literally with knotting), as
well as policing investigation, drill and
navigation. Rangers have enjoyed
camp cooking with their own version
of Masterchef, and had some fun at
beach volleyball, bowling, rock climbing
and Darklight. Our Senior Rangers have
all completed a basic rock climbing
certificate and have been working hard
in either a leadership or self-defence
Camps are a bit of a focus at the end of
term and we have just returned from
Mornington Adventure Camp which
went extremely well. Even with steady
rain that occurred on the weekend,
Rangers showed their resiliency as
they contended with the cold and wet
conditions and faced the challenges on
offer. Activities included orienteering,
crate climb, low / mid / high ropes
courses, abseiling and rock climbing.
Lots of laughs were had during our night
activities and the most well-drilled team
of the night, became the victors of the
team challenges. Thank you to all the
rangers and instructors who made it a
memorable camp.
David Moss
Kinross Police Rangers had the amazing privilege again this year
to join other Ranger units from across the state to march in the
ANZAC Day parade in Perth CBD. Our Rangers had the exciting
opportunity of marching directly behind the WA Police in 16th
position. It was truly a humbling experience to march in honour
of all Australians who served and died in all wars, conflicts and
peacekeeping operations. To be part of a community gathering
dedicated to remembering the significance of the sacrifice so
many people have made for our country was an honour. I’d like
to thank all the wonderful Kinross Police Rangers who marched
really well, and again made me proud to be associated with
such an outstanding group of students. Thanks also to the
amazing Mr Moss, Miss Malone and Mr Ross for giving up their
time over the holidays to help make this opportunity possible
for our Rangers.
Tina Nottle
Staff at the College enjoyed a special
treat on Canada Day
As our Home Economics teacher, Mrs Babin, is on teacher
exchange from Canada, her Yr 10 Food Production students,
as part of their course work, layed on a spectacular spread
of Canadian delights for morning tea. This included Perogies
served with bacon, onion and sour cream, Nanaimo bars,
Butter tarts and Chai tea. Staff participated in a Canadian trivia
quiz where Mr Ferarri grabbed a prize for a top score of 14/20.
Training expedition
The World Challenge crew rose bright
and early to head down to Manjedale
Scout Camp for their 2 day training
expedition earlier this term. The
training camp was designed to give
the kids an opportunity to get an
idea of what’s in store for them on
our overseas expedition in relation to
gear requirements, buying food and
cooking for themselves, day hiking,
teamwork, shared leadership, camp
craft, safety and health & hygiene etc.
The group powered through their hike
and demonstrated advanced skills and
initiative throughout a variety of training
scenarios and activities. Students
also had the opportunity to do some
goal setting for their up and coming
expedition (James and Richard just want
to ride a donkey!!). All in all, I was really
impressed with how the group worked
together. Their interactions were really
positive and we are fortunate enough
to have some strong leaders amongst
them, which will make getting around
Mexico and Belize a lot easier! We had
a heap of laughs and if this is how the
group is going to perform over their
month long expedition, I can’t wait to hit
Tina Nottle
Head of Phys Ed &,
World Challenge Coordinator
Year 6/7 Disco
All of our Yr 6 and 7 students were invited to a Disco here
at the College to help raise funds for the World Challenge
team. It was a great night with fantastic music and a heap
of fun games thanks to Pyro Youth who volunteered their
incredible DJ and entertainment skills. All of the students
who attended had a great time, either having a dance
battle, playing some games or just eating and drinking a
heap of junk! The World Challenge crew ended up raising
$1300.00, which will go towards our donation during our
community service project. With our expedition departure
now within 6 months, our team has a lot of fundraising
to do! We would like to sincerely thank all of the amazing
students who came along to support this fundraiser and we
are glad you all had an awesome time! Thanks also to all
of the staff who gave up their time to come and supervise,
and of course Pyro Youth – we wouldn’t have had such a
great time without you guys!
Tina Nottle
Designs on recycling
Yr 10 Fashion and Textiles students
displayed their fantastic, Semester
One, creations at the Showcase on the
evening of Tuesday 1 July. All these
creations were made using recycled
materials collected from our community.
We were all keen to see the ‘Tea Bag Tag
dress’ after saving our tags for months!
Amongst the materials used were bottle
tops, Coke cans and packaging, playing
cards, plastic carrier bags, records,
CD’s, silk flowers, fabric made from
glue, cling wrap, alluminium foil, latex
gloves, computer keys from a disguarded
keyboard, and feathers. What amazing
Just a few of the
excellent arts
showcase exhibits ...
Congratulations Miss
Posener, we are all very
proud of you!
On the 3rd of May, Miss Posener completed
the 70.3 Busselton Half Iron Man.
Unable to register as an individual; she teamed up with a friend and
completed it as a team - ‘Team MD’. Her friend Donna started the race
with the 1.9km swim along the Busselton Jetty, with Miss Posener
completing the rest of the course consisting of a 91km bike leg,
finishing with the a 21km run.
Together they completed the entire triathlon in an amazing time
Miss Posener’s incredible efforts of waking up to go to the gym and
train at 4:30am every morning, in the long lead up to this international
event, and only eating extremely healthy food that some of us wouldn’t
even consider edible, has definately payed off. Her dedication and
commitment to getting fit enough to complete the enormous distances
of the Half Iron Man, is extremely admirable.
Having watched and supported Miss Posener from the sideline of the
triathlon course on the day, I feel she deserves massive congratulations
for her achievement.
Yr 11 Mindarie SC student & previous
Kinross College student
Student Achievements continued ...
Jessica continues to power forward towards Championship status, Jessica is an
inspiration to all. The following article was published in The West Australian 3 June 2014.
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