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April 2015
The Illuminate
A publication of Family of Christ Lutheran Church
Family of Christ Vision Statement
Family of Christ is a family of God where all are welcome as we worship and grow in spirit and in life by…
Connecting the scriptures with our Christian faith and life experiences
Serving and caring for our neighbors and communities
Building relationships between people of all ages and walks of life
Transforming our world by teaching love, grace, peace, and kindness
Moving purposefully into God’s future
and we ask God to help and guide us.
Pastor’s Reflection
Have you ever found an old letter, perhaps written
generations earlier by a family member long since
gone, and found your imagination sparked with
wonderings about the life that gave rise to the words
on the page? Have you imagined their loves,
struggles, laughter or tears? Perhaps they wrote to a
loved one fighting on the front line of the Civil War,
or maybe they were on a voyage to a new land and
life. They may be letters of the ordinary events of
life, but somehow the mere age of the writings lend
them a certain kind of romance. If you have read an
old letter like that, then you know what I mean. You
also know that what you are reading is only half the
picture. You are in a very real sense overhearing
only one side of the conversation. It’s very easy to
assume or imagine realities that are far from what
really happened, or the people that actually lived. So
it helps to know a bit about the person. Are they
from the old country, pioneers, or long since settled?
Is theirs a time of peace or conflict, want or plenty?
What was the family like, the community, the
country? There are so many questions to be asked.
Family of Christ Lutheran Church
Reading the letters of the New Testament is exactly
like reading those old letters. We are reading
someone else’s mail, so we are in a very real way
overhearing only half of the conversation. Like those
letters of old, without good background information,
the letters of the New Testament can be greatly
misinterpreted. That’s why bible study should
always include things like context, genre, language
and history. Our church library is full of great
resources. If you have not participated in bible study
in a while and would like to get started, there are
options! My bible study meets on Tuesdays, Linda
and Edie’s on Wednesday nights. There are two
home studies, one at the Crisps’ on Monday nights,
and a women’s group at Donna Lucky’s on
Wednesday. Perhaps you might like to begin a new
group. We’ll help you with that! Give me a call,
stop by, or email me and I’ll help you get started.
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Blessings, Pastor Kit
email: [email protected]
Holy Week & Easter
Labyrinth Meditation Walk
Good Friday
10:00 until 5:00pm
For over 400 years Christians have used the labyrinth as a tool for
meditation and deepening the spiritual journey. Prayer and meditation while
you walk the single path of the labyrinth can be a source of solace, bringing
quiet to a distracted or overactive mind. When the stress, challenges and
losses of life stir up difficult emotions, walking a labyrinth can help restore
your inner peace, and through the quiet meditation give you the spiritual and
emotional space to move toward the clarity you seek. As a spiritual tool, the
calming and quieting effect and the metaphorical symbolism of the labyrinth
combine with your spiritual journey, allowing you to ponder life's greater
No matter how you use the labyrinth, its power lies in its ability to provide a
disciplined approach to prayerful and reflective meditation and to focus the
mind on a short journey with God, even in the midst of the busyness of life.
March 29
Palm Sunday
8:30am & 11:00am
April 2
Seder Meal 5 pm
Worship 6:30 pm
April 3
10 am to 5 pm Prayer
Good Friday 6:30 pm
April 5
Easter Sunday
8:30am & 11:00am
Breakfast 9:30am
Easter is all about sharing blessings!
HE IS RISEN! We are Easter people and what
that means is we see life and the world as filled
with possibilities! We are not afraid to try new
things, make mistakes or stretch and grow
because the Jesus of Easter makes all things
new. As spring flowers bloom and our thoughts
begin to move toward summer, let’s be looking
for those opportunities around us to bring the
love and blessing of the risen Christ to those we
meet along the way. That’s what it means to be
the Church out there. HE IS RISEN! HE IS
April Birthdays
2 Lynne Dalleck
2 Pat Shaw
6 Karen Yankee
8 Thomas Koon
9 Kerry Goerl
12 Jim Staub
15 Debra Jones
20 Curtis Matthews
21 JoAnn Collier
22 Hazel Olson
23 Jeanne Downing
23 Zach Johnson
23 Keith Lowery
26 Ione
26 Jaden Jans
28 Cleo Norcia
28 Ken Groel
April Anniversaries
12 Brian & Jeri
17 Dan & Pastor Kit
Adult Christian Education Offerings and Small Groups
Sunday: A seminary professor once
said, “One person’s great new idea is
another person’s heresy.” It was his
way of saying change and progress
within religious traditions are often
viewed with suspicion and contempt
by traditionalists. On the other hand,
traditionalist have a way of calling us
back to our roots and asking
important questions before jumping
on the bandwagon of each new thing.
In fact, the heresy, heretics,
controversies and scandals of prior
generations provide good fodder for
The Illuminate
conversation as we consider the
Church within our rapidly evolving
context. Join Pastor Kit as we take a
look at some of the major “heresies
and heretics” in Christian history and
ask how they might inform the
contemporary conversation of the
Church. Meet Pastor Kit in the
Library @ 9:45.
Monday Night @ 7:00 – Bible Study
at the home of Jerre & Sharon Crisp.
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Tuesday 10:00 A.M. – Tuesday
morning Bible Study Join us as we
take on the text for the upcoming
Sunday Pastor Kit will meet in
classroom 4.
Wednesday 1:00 P.M. – Small
Group Bible Study @ Donna Lucky’s
Wednesday Family Night Bible and
Book Group led by Edie Dietzen and
Linda Marousek
Ministry Opportunities
Cookies for College
Can you believe that April 11th is the last date for this school year
for Cookies for College? For all of you who have assisted in some
fashion, by baking or packing, Gail in her exquisite card-making,
support from Susan Dollinger with Route 56 and Little Christians,
or generous donations for postage, we will be hosting a brunch
following the packing of cookies which starts at 9:00 AM. Brunch
should commence sometime around 9:30 to 9:45. If you are able to
join us, please let us (Susan Nance & Lynne Dalleck) know in
advance so we may plan accordingly. We look forward to seeing
How do we grow Family of Christ?.........Participation is the key!
Worship regularly and join in the activities that make sense for you
and invite a friend to come along is always a great way to bring
growth and new vitality to the life of a congregation. We are
blessed with an awesome congregation with many wonderful ways
to come together in worship, prayer, fellowship, learning and
service. Let’s work together to be all that God created us to be by
sharing what we have with our neighbors. In the meantime, Pray,
Invite, Welcome, Share, Serve, Tell.
Thank you to everyone whos stepping up to help make
Holy Week and Easter so special!
Opportunities Abound
We are moving purposefully into God’s future by making a
It’s time for spring cleaning as we get ready for our annual May
Day Sale! We’ll be accepting items beginning on April 27th.
Clean out all those useful items you no longer need and make a
difference in some one’s life at the same time! All the proceeds
from the sale go to support our Social Ministries.
Do you enjoy gardening? At FOC we are blessed with a beautiful
facility and grounds. It takes lots of hands sharing the work to keep
our grounds beautiful and inviting. If you have a few hours a week
or month to pull weeds, clean out a plant bed, or just pick up the
debris that “floats in on the wind,” your help will be greatly
Are you looking for a meaningful way to be a blessing? How
about volunteering at the Friends of the Carpenter Second
Chance Thrift Store! Second Chance is in desperate need of
Saturday volunteers! Due to illness and changing circumstances,
Second Chance has lost a few of their regular volunteers. Over the
past several months, they have had to reduce hours of operation,
especially on Saturday. This means fewer sales and reduced income
that goes to support Friends of the Carpenter’s Friendship Center
Family of Christ Lutheran Church
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WHERE: Family of Christ Lutheran Church,
3500 NW 129th St, Vancouver, WA
DATE & TIME: Sat. April 25 4pm—7pm
PRICE: Bracelets are $12 at the door
($10 if bought in advance)
This carnival serves as a very important
fundraiser for the preschool. Your help is
essential to a successful event. If you know a
child that would enjoy games, food, and fun
bring them to the carnival. It’s an enjoyable
time for all, this will be a fun-filled event for
young children.
The carnival takes many hands to run and they
need your help! Please consider volunteering to
help & sign up for a shift. Shift #1 runs from
3:45-5:30 and Shift #2 runs from 5:15-7:00.
Sign-ups will be in the family room. Please talk
Jackie Ochsner or Susan Dollinger for more
information. Thank you.
Information: Call Jackie at 360-546-0731
Email: [email protected]
ministries. Do you have a few hours to give?
Stop by Second Chance and fill out a volunteer
application. While you’re at it, go shopping.
They have lots of wonderful items available!
Vacation Bible School planning is underway.
Check out Susan Dollinger’s article on page 5
for details. BUT don’t stop there, spread the
word. Invite your friends. Ask how you can
support our ministry among the children of
our community. Come and join the fun!
email: [email protected]
Congregational Life
Susan Dollinger, Cong. Life Ministry Coordinator
Beginning again on April 15th, Good Old Fashioned
Home Cooking is on the menu at FOC on Wednesday
nights! Just $4 per person with no family paying more
than $13. Bring a friend—their dinner will be on us! After
dinner, join in on one of the scheduled activities.
Church phone: 360.573.5031, Office C
Email: [email protected]
NEXT OWLS (Older Wiser Lutherans)
Meeting will be Tuesday, April 7thrd at
noon. Bring a sack lunch. All are
Our final Wednesday Family Night will be May 20th
until September when our Fall programing kicks off once
again. But don’t worry, we will have a gathering or two
over the summer—after all the family that prays, plays,
serves and shares a meal together regularly is a happy
healthy family!
Save the Date!
The May Day Sale is coming May 2nd.
If you have a home-based business and would be
interested in a tent space for the outdoor portion of the
Furnace Maintenance
rummage sale contact Susan Dollinger,
Office C
(Tuesday 10-2, Thursday 9-2). Spaces are limited.
We have been blessed that our
40 year old furnace system has
served us well these past forty
Holy Yoga Begins April 17th!
years with minimal repairs
The Family of Christ OWLS along the way. That’s the
(older, wiser, Lutherans) is proud good news. Some more good
to announce that Holy Yoga will news is that they are still
be held here starting April 17., led serving us. However, we do
by a wonderful well-trained need to invest in some much
instructor Debbie Lenihan. Debbie needed maintenance, duct
works with folks of all ages and cleaning, and repairs. The
abilities. She is also trained in total cost for what needs to be done is just over
chair, prenatal and postpartum $10,000. Our Preschool will be sharing $5,000 toward the
costs. The total cost to the congregation that will need to
What to bring:
be raised is approximately $5,500. We will eventually be
 Bring a yoga mat (limited quantities available)
faced with replacing our aging furnaces. The work we are
 Bring a yoga brick and strap if you have one
doing now is necessary and will be important when
 Bring $5 (this is a suggested donation per class)
we replace the furnaces down the road. Included is a three
year no cost service plan with warranty plan included for
 Bring a water bottle
the work being done. Special envelopes and a pledge board
 Bring a willing attitude
will be made available in the coming weeks.
Please contact Susan Dollinger with questions.
Join Us for CRAFT DAY for all ages
OWLs are excited to invite you to
our first Craft Day, Saturday,
April 18th from 10am to 2 pm.
Bring a sack lunch, and if you are
able, a drink or dessert to share.
You can bring a craft of your own
and enjoy the space, time and
fellowship with other crafters OR learn a new craft.
Pillow top, wooden trivet, or a bird house magnet craft
kits will be available for a small charge.
The Illuminate
Save the date on Saturday May 23,
noon to 3pm, to celebrate with your
sisters at Family. Plans are
underway for another yummy
luncheon, fun program, and time to visit with other
women in our congregation. It's not too late to become
involved in a variety of ways. Our next planning
meeting is Wednesday, April 15th at 5:30 p.m. in the
Family Room. Questions? Marilyn Howe, 597-4219.
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April Preschool News
Submitted by Jackie Ochsner, Preschool Director
Preschool Sunday, March 8, was a fun day as we
welcomed in worship and fellowship about 15 of our
preschool children and their families. The kiddos
enjoyed singing a few of our preschool songs and
sharing a delicious lunch of Mac & Cheese afterwards
with many of the congregation members.
2015-2016 School Information
Registration is underway for next year. If you know of
any families looking for a great preschool please give
them our name and number to give us a call at Family
of Christ Christian Preschool 360-546-0731. We would
love to invite them in for a day of fun at our center
and show them what the Preschool Ministry here at
Family of Christ is all about.
Weird Animals
Where Jesus’ Love Is One-of-a-Kind
Set your calendars for the last week in July for VBS,
coming to Family of Christ on July 27th-July 31st with a
special Sunday Funday on Sunday August 2nd.
Lots of folks working together will make our VBS a
wonderful week for our children.
You are needed! We’re planning and organizing
on Sunday, April 19thth at 12:30 pm and
Thursday night April 23th at 7:00 pm
Basic Program Information
Ages, class days, times and tuition are:
2’s classes: Mon/Wed or Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:30 Tuition
$ 150.00 mo.
3’s classes: Tues/Thurs 8:30-11:30 Tuition $ 150.00 mo.
Tues/Wed/Thurs 12:15-3:15 Tuition $ 190.00 mo.
4’s classes: Mon/Wed/Fri 8:30-11:30 Tuition $ 190 mo.
Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs 12:15-3:15 Tuition $ 230.00 mo
Preschool Phone: 360-546-0731
It is just around the corner…
Our Annual Spring Carnival is
happening on Saturday April 25th
from 4-7. This is our most
exciting fundraiser of the year.
There are many ways in which you
can make this event a huge success. You can sign up to
work a shift at one of the games, help with a shift in
the kitchen, or help with set up/clean up. Please
contact Jackie Ochsner for more volunteering
information. Another way in which you and your family
can support the Preschool Carnival is to join us for this
great day of fun. We will have games, food,
entertainment and shopping at a great silent auction.
Hope to see you there!
Family of Christ Lutheran Church
(attend one of the meetings). Come be a part of this
amazing adventure. VBS is a great volunteer
experience for high school students and young adults.
If you have questions contact Susan Dollinger at
[email protected] or call 573-5031 or
stop by Office C (Tuesday 10-2,
Thursday 9-2) or call for an
Vacation Bible School Supply List
We are planning for the upcoming
Vacation Bible School. To get started,
we need some supplies for decorations, and craft
supplies, etc.
Here is what we need so far:
Pool Noodles---various colors
Poster boards—in various colors
Scrapping Papers—in various designs, colors
Roll of Brown Paper—can be found in the paint
sections at Home Depot, etc.
White Ping Pong Balls
Empty Toilet Paper & Paper Towel rolls
Plain White Paper Plates (not chinet)
Double Stick tape
All items can be dropped off in the church office or
given to Susan Dollinger or Cheri Herzog.
Page 5
email: [email protected]
Social Justice Concerns Ministry
Spiritual Practices for Busy Lives
May Day Sale
Our huge May day rummage sale will be held May
2, from 9-4 in the Family Room. Please begin
bringing items for the sale Monday, April 27 and
all week until Friday noon. We ask that items be
brought before Friday noon so they can be priced
and put out on the tables. No TV sets, computers,
cell phones, baby car seats, or large furniture will
be accepted as we have no means of getting rid of
them if they don't sell. If you have questions about
an item, please call the church.
There are a lot of opportunities to help!
Volunteers are needed all week and Saturday to
sort and price, work and clean up following the
sale, and especially to cashier during the sale. A
minimum of two volunteers are needed as cashiers
and baggers to assist our guests. If you can take a
load of leftover items to Goodwill or Second
Chance thrift stores after the sale, that would be a
tremendous help too.
The proceeds of the sale go to charities and
supplies emergency funding for those in need.
This is our only Social Concerns fundraiser for the
year and we know we can count on all of you to
Special Thank You
Thank you to all who donated food, socks, clothes
this past winter for homeless use on the street. The
need never ends. Please continue these efforts now
that the WHO shelters are closing until next
Thank you, Social Justice Concerns Ministry
Senior Lunch Bunch and OWLS present
Liliacs and Lunch
Thursday April 16th, Lunch at 11:30
at Los Pepes Mexican Restaurant
611 Goerig Street, Woodland, WA
After Lunch — Hulda Klager Lilac
115 South Pekin Road, Woodland, WA
(Bring $3 cash for garden admission)
The Illuminate
By Pastor Kit
Have you ever stopped to count the number of hours you
spend in the car running here there and everywhere? If you
are like the typical American you are in your car a couple
hours every day. We lead very busy lives. What if you used
that time to pray for the folks in the car ahead of you? You
don’t know them, may never meet them, but you can bless
them by offering a simple prayer for their safe journey. If
you are willing to take a bit of a risk, you might try the
spiritual practice of generosity known as the “Random Act of
Kindness.” Each day you do an intentional simple gesture of
kindness to some random and unsuspecting individual. It
does not have to be costly or huge, just thoughtful. For
example, not long ago I drove up to a Coffee Shop drive thru
and when I went to pay, I was told that my coffee had been
paid for by the car in front of me. Wow. Later that week, I
heard a radio report of a Starbucks where someone had
started a chain of Random Acts of Kindness like the one I
received that lasted from car to car for most of the day.
Spiritual practices come in many forms, what they hold in
common is that they bless.
Pastor’s Started a New Blog!
Pastor’s Ponderings
What’s a blog? Simply put, a blog is an informal online
conversational reflection that is intended to provoke thought
and conversation around an idea or topic of interest. There are
lots of different ways to invite a conversation, so why put a
blog on the FOC webpage? A blog is a simple nonthreatening
way to engage folks for whom the online world is an important
part of how they gather information or draw inspiration. With
all the new families moving into our area, outreach needs to
come in many forms. We know for example, that most folks
will look to the congregation’s webpage to get a sense of the
feel, character and mission of the congregation. They want to
know if there are activities for themselves or their families that
connect with their particular place in life. A blog is a gentle
way of inviting folks in. There are so many topics and ideas
that can engage our imaginations and share as a congregation.
The way it works is simple. Pastor Kit will start a new thread
each week presenting a short piece on a given topic. You can
participate by clicking the blog button on the dropdown menu
on the FOC webpage. Post your response by clicking on the
comment button at the bottom of the page, write your
comments and press the submit button. Have a topic of
interest? Just add it to a comment thread or better yet, put it in
an email to Pastor Kit and she will include it in an upcoming
blog post. Let’s have some fun!
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