Golf Course and Equipment

Golf Course and Equipment
maintenance solutions
Top Products
• Grade 8 or Tuff Torq® ¼" to ¾"
• Tuff-Torq® Hex Cap Screw Grade 8
Assortment CT156A80 • Other LPs, including:
-- Tech Screws
-- Electrical Terminals
-- Hose Clamps
-- Cushion Clamps
-- Heat Shrink
-- Fuses
-- Circuit Breakers
-- Grease Fittings
-- Bulbs
-- Spring Pins
-- Snap Rings
-- Cotter Pins
-- Hitch Pins
-- Cable Ties
-- Wire Lomb
-- Cross Linked Wire
• High Solids Paint
-- Gloss Black
-- New Farm Green
-- Coca-Cola Red
-- Gloss White
• Marking Paint
• Acrysol Paint Preparation and
Auto Body Solvent
• Maintenance Paint (clear coat)
• Open and Shut
• Brake Cleaner
• Drummond™ Prizm PTFE
Penetrating Gel Lubricant
• Battery Cleaner
• Coil Cleaner
• Hand Cleaner
• Drill Bits
• Taps/Dies
• Weatherhead® ET1000
Crimper and Components
• Weatherhead® H280 Rubber/
Steel Braided – 2 steel braids
• Lawson Hose Protectors
Your Lawson Rep Recommends
• Drummond™ Persist High-Temperature Bentonite
Grease – Won’t wash out on bearings for reduced
downtime and maintenance costs
• Dry-Graph Dry Graphite Lubricant – Prevent
premature wear on clutches and buttons
• Drummond™ Prizm PTFE Penetrating Gel Lubricant
– Use on chassis to prevent corrosion on equipment
Other Products
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Safety Vests
Ear Muffs
Ear Plugs
Safety Glasses
FalconGrip® Nitrile Gloves
Work Gloves
• Certanium 701 Certanium® Mild and Carbon Steel Stick
Rod Electrode for General Repairs on Steel
• Cronatron 510 Aluminum
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Ordering Is Easy
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