2015 Beko Best of the Best Surf Boat Challenge Event Guide

2015 Beko Best of the Best Surf Boat Challenge
FINAL Event Information as at 23/3/15
Saturday 28 March 2015
North Narrabeen SLSC
The Beko Best of the Best Surf Boat Challenge is coming to the Northern Beaches of Sydney.
This document contains important final event information for all crews taking part in this premier surf boat event.
Competition Area and Competition Start Time
The competition area will be made up of 1 area and will commence at 10am. Due to the SurfTag event we will be
cooperating with the event organiser and the Best of the Best competition area will be setup from Tourmaline Street
and run south. No boats or tents are allowed to be positioned North of this point. Thank you for your cooperation.
Beach Access, Parking & Boat Trailers – see Traffic Plan in appendix
Access to North Narrabeen SLSC is via the roundabout on Malcom Street. Due to soft sand, crews will need to drop
their boats at the ‘Drop Off Zone’ by the Lifeguard tower. Following the advice of the club traffic marshals, trailers
will be directed right and around the car park at the Southern end of the carpark to reduce congestion into the main
Boats will need to be manually unloaded from trailers and dragged down the sand dune to the water’s edge. It is
important that boats need to keep clear of the patrolled area and it is requested that boats are launched at least
20m South of the patrolled area.
Boat trailers will be unhitched and towed by work party ATV to the grassed area behind the surf club. Warringah
Council have requested that no vehicles are to be parked on this area.
No boat warm ups are allowed between the lifeguard tower south to Tourmaline street.
There is no tractor available.
Any over flow parking will have to be made legally in the surrounding streets.
Please follow the advice from the local club members on the day.
The retrieval process for boats will be in the same fashion. Please follow the advice of the car parking marshals. Your
cooperation is appreciated.
Council Rangers will be patrolling the area on the day of competition and will administer fines to any vehicles or
trailers parked in non-designated areas and/or Illegal parking.
Sweeps Meeting
There will be a compulsory Sweeps meeting at the administration tent (Blue SLSNSW Engine Tent) at 9.30am.
Any team substitutions/changes must be submitted at this meeting to the Referee or Chief Stewart.
Order of Events and Format
As with all event timetables, the schedule and start times are subject to change at the Referee’s discretion.
The orders of events are as follows:
- Reserves
- 23 Men
- 23 Women
- Under 19
- Open Women
- Open Men
The format will be 3 rounds of round robin followed by finals.
Photography & Media
SLSNSW will not be issuing any media/photography accreditation to team members or team management.
No competitor, team manager, official or spokesperson for a club shall make media statements which could bring
the 2015 Beko Best of the Best Surf Boat Challenge, its sponsors, or officials into controversy or disrepute. Such
statements shall be deemed to be a breach of SLSA discipline and will be dealt with accordingly. Statements to the
media about the Championships will be made only by approved SLSNSW personnel.
Presentation and Prizes
Approximately 30mins after the conclusion of the event, the Presentation will be held at the North Narrabeen SLSC.
There is a significant prize draw as follows;
Each Overall Division winner (total 6 winners) will enter a prize pool. From here the prizes will be randomly drawn.
The randomly drawn prizes are as follows:
A full set of L2 Surf Oars (round or squareback) from Croker Oars
2nd: A standard Carbon Sweep Oar from Croker Oars
Four squareback or round rowlocks
The remaining 3 teams in the Overall Division will receive Engine prize packs (Backpack, towel, cap, water bottle).
A further 15 Engine prize pack will be randomly distributed throughout the day.
Travel Subsidy
For crews travelling from Country branches, a travel subsidy is available and will be allocated after the event.
SLSNSW will advise each crew of the dollar amount eligible to claim via invoice from their Club.
Crew’s club must supply a tax invoice, including GST and be received by email to [email protected] by
11pm on Sunday 19 April 2015. Late invoices will not be processed.
SLSNSW will not disburse any subsidies prior to the competition.
Each crew will be given 5x Beko Best of the Best singlets. Singlets provided are casual wear and are not high visibility
lyrca, hence are not required to be worn in competition.
These can be collected from North Narrabeen SLSC from 10am on Saturday.
Beko Best of the Best Surf Boat Decals
Beko Best of the Best decals must be displayed on the Port and Starboard sides of the boat, ideally near the bow. All
boats must display these sponsor decals in order to race. Decals are available to be collected from 10am on
This event is not approved to be run under the Surf Hazard Rating (SHR) system as such the 1m rule will apply.
Referee will advise.
Each club supplied with a rubbish bag. Please ensure the beach is left in a clean and tidy condition.
North Narrabeen will setup a barbeque on the beach. Please bring cash to support this.
The nearest public toilets are located at the North Narrabeen surf club.
Café located at North Narrabeen SLSC
Will be operating as per normal.
Contingency Location
The contingency location has been identified as Fisherman’s Beach. SLSNSW social media accounts will
communicate should the event need to be relocated due to conditions.
Invited crews are reminded that entries need to be submitted via Carnival Manager. This must be completed as soon
as possible. There is no entry fee for the Beko Best of the Best Surf Boat Challenge.