Letter Regarding Burnbook App - San Jacinto Unified School District

District Superintendent
Diane Perez
District Administrative Office
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San Jacinto, California 92583
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Board of Trustees
John I. Norman, President
Willie Hamilton, Clerk
Deborah Rex, Board Member
Jasmin Rubio, Board Member
Rose Salgado, Board Member
Assistant Superintendent
Business Services
Assistant Superintendent
Personnel Services
Matthew Hixson
Assistant Superintendent
Educational Services
Sherry Smith
Head Start/State Preschool
Dear SJUSD Parents and Community Members,
Most recently, students nationwide have been using a new social media app
called Burnbook to post threatening messages they believe are anonymous. It
has come to our attention that some SJUSD students are posting inappropriate
content about our students or staff using this app, including messages of threats
and harassment.
I am asking for your assistance as we work together to ensure that all students
are safe from unwanted harassment and observe appropriate use of technology
both in our schools and community. To promote this message I ask that you:
1. Have a conversation with your child about the appropriate use of any
media especially in the area of postings, photographs, videos, and any other
2. Remind your son/daughter that posting a threat or obscene material is
the law and will be subject to discipline from the school district and law
Megan Cope Elementary
De Anza Elementary
Jose Antonio Estudillo
Edward Hyatt Elementary
Park Hill Elementary
Clayton A. Record Jr.
3. Monitor your student's phone to ensure that there is nothing inappropriate
on it
that might be transmitted to another individual. For additional safeguards and
monitoring tools please contact your local cell phone provider for details.
SJUSD takes all threats against students, staff, and school district property
seriously. The district encourages parents to be proactive as we work together to
make our schools and our community as safe and responsible as possible.
San Jacinto Elementary
North Mountain Middle
Monte Vista Middle School
San Jacinto Leadership
Mountain View High
School/Mountain Heights
San Jacinto High School
Spencer Holtom, Ed. D.
Spencer Holtom, Ed.D.
Director, Student, Community & Personnel Support Department
San Jacinto Unified School District