���This was a challenging environment involving significant

The State University of New York College
at Old Westbury is a university college that
is part of the State University of New York
system. With nearly 4,000 students, SUNY
College at Old Westbury serves as the only
public liberal arts college on Long Island.
“This was a challenging
environment involving
significant logistical
hurdles. Fusion
successfully navigated
these obstacles to deliver
a state of the art phone
service to our students.
We congratulate them on
a job well done.”
SUNY College at Old Westbury needed to provide modern telecommunications
services to over 1,000 student housing units spread across five dormitory
buildings on their campus. In addition to the basic voice service they were
already providing to their students, they also wanted to provide advanced
features such as voice mail without having to bear the costs of maintaining a
premise-based PBX. They desired to reduce costs and administrative overhead
while maintaining the high quality of service they had come to expect from
their traditional telephony solution.
Fusion’s position as a facilities-based voice and data service provider allowed
the company to provide a complete in-house solution for SUNY College at
Old Westbury’s voice service. The solution combined managed TDM-to-VoIP
gateways to integrate the existing copper telephony infrastructure of the
dormitories, dedicated circuits for IP connectivity between the campus and
the Fusion network, and cloud based voice services provided by Fusion’s Cloud
Voice platform.
Within each dormitory, the Fusion field service team installed environmentally
hardened systems to bridge the TDM to IP gap allowing the existing dorm
phones and wiring to be provisioned as a hosted “in the cloud” service over
our industry leading Cloud Voice platform. The integration equipment consists
of TDM-to-VoIP Media Gateways that are wired into the existing house pairs,
Ethernet switches to link the gateways to the campus IP backbone, and
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units to provide survivability during power
Fusion was able to leverage its position as a facilities-based network service
provider to provide dedicated IP access circuits to the campus to connect
the new phone system directly to the redundant Cloud Voice platform.
Fusion Services
• Data and broadband connectivity
(Cable, DSL, T1, DS3, Ethernet, etc.)
• Hosted and IP voice solutions
• Managed network solutions (Private
Line, MPLS)
• Integrated voice and data systems
and related network devices
Services Utilized
• Fusion Cloud Voice
• Fusion Connectivity/Access
Equipment Deployed
• Switches
• Routers
• Media Gateways
The new, state of the art cloud-based phone system was provisioned
on Fusion’s Cloud Voice platform, which provides all the features and
functionality that SUNY students had been receiving with the ability to
add additional services such as voice mail and advanced calling and
billing features.
Working with Campus Televideo, a leading provider of custom cable TV,
data and voice services to over 220 colleges and universities nationwide,
Fusion designed and implemented a solution with the technology needed to
deliver advanced cloud based voice services to the dorm rooms of students
throughout the university. “Our partnership with Fusion allows us to offer a
cost-effective, triple-play bundle of services to 1,000 on-campus students at
SUNY College at Old Westbury,” said Brian Benz, CEO of Campus TeleVideo.
“Fusion is a trusted service partner that provided flexibility to make
installation seamless to the students and delivered the latest functionality,
at an attractive value to the school.”
The Fusion Cloud Voice platform meshes
development independence and advanced
functionality with Fusion’s ability to
understand the language of PBX and call
center customers. This combination of skill
sets and platform functionality affects an
array of benefits that other hosted providers
simply cannot deliver.
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