2013 Editorial Calendar January [Recharge and refresh]

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2013 Editorial Calendar
January [Recharge and refresh]
ad close: 11/1/12
on sale: 12/21/12
Happiness secrets of Hawaiians revealed ›› De-chip: families balancing the always-on world with
homelife ›› A day in the life of Portland’s Natural Selection restaurant, built on the legacy of Chez
Panisse and Greens ›› Challenging stuff you’re never too old to learn ›› Recipes to start the year off
right ›› Quick breakfast ideas ›› A small space gets transformed with bold paint, including tips from
the designer
February [Easy weekend adventures]
ad close: 12/3/12
on sale: 1/18/13
Recipes with the most elusive ingredient, the flavor of smoke ›› Las Vegas Takes Off: Transforming
the city into an urban center. How biking, dining, hiking, shopping, and general people watching is
done today ›› LA Style: A look inside the design team known as Commune, whose vintage-inspired
home design captures how we want to live today ›› The West’s top weekend adventures ›› House
plants get cool ›› New ideas on comfort food ›› Cocktail trends
March [Taste of the West—the giant food issue]
ad close: 1/2/13
on sale: 2/22/13
What is Western? Editor Margo True sets out to on the road to find out what defines great Western
cooking today ›› A Western Original: Santa Maria BBQ ›› Chardonnay goes back to the future ›› The
50 restaurant dishes you’ll want to go out of your way for this year, from old school restaurants to
trend-setting chefs ›› Great food destinations ›› Composting ›› Small spaces for edibles: curb strip
and watering troughs ›› The Great Kitchen Makeover, plus new small appliances, accessories,
and materials
April [The garden and outdoor living issue]
ad close: 2/1/13
on sale: 3/22/13
Growing Innovation: Gardening’s most influential people ›› Going Native: the case for native plants
›› Special report: The West’s best hotels ›› Mexico ›› The starter garden ›› New plants to consider ››
Small-space patios that work ›› Raised vegetable beds ›› A restaurateur grows his own herbs and
uses them as the central inspiration for fresh recipes
May [Camping in style]
ad close: 3/1/13
on sale: 4/19/13
25+ best campgrounds in the West ›› The beginner’s guide to camping ›› Great camping gear that
ups the comfort ›› The New Girls Weekend: The camp out ›› Destination Hawaii ›› Coloring up your
garden with paint-paired plants ›› Citrus update ›› Indoor-outdoor living
June [Celebrating the best of the West! The Sunset 100]
ad close: 4/1/13
on sale: 5/24/13
The Sunset 100 ›› The Picnic Club: Portland creatives form a “picnic club,” each month choosing a
new park to visit—and spread out an array of delicious summer foods ›› Stone Fruit: In the heart of
Silicon Valley remains one of the original orchards, still growing fragrant peaches, apricots, plums,
and all the variations in-between ›› Delicious summer recipes ›› Secret Sierra: the Sierra mountains
are far more than Tahoe and Yosemite ›› San Diego ›› Backyard makeovers, with accessories for
outdoor entertaining ›› Outdoor Cooking Adventure: Building an adobe oven ›› Home: A stunning
Montana “big sky” prefab, where the family feels like it’s summer camp every day, plus how to get
the look
Note: Story topics subject to change
July [The new Pacific beach life]
ad close: 5/1/13
on sale: 6/21/13
The Monterey Bay ›› The return of Albacore ›› Best beaches, ocean-view hotels, island day-trips, and
seaside towns ›› Special seafood guide ›› Beach Style: 3 fabulous homes, plus how to get the look
August [The wanderlust issue]
ad close: 6/3/13
on sale: 7/26/13
Themed road trips ›› Farming 5.0: How one couple is redefining the American farm in eastern
Washington ›› The West’s Best Mex: In search of the West’s great cuisine—Mexican—from city
centers to rural roadstops. Updates to Sunset classic recipes, plus new recipes inspired by Mexican
food today ›› The West’s Best Chow Town: The winner of our March contest is revealed, with the
definitive guide to where to eat there ›› Wanderlust: Death Valley, the hottest place on earth ››
Artist’s garden and studio in Seattle ›› 3 gardens that take advantage of shady garden corners ›› 30
Years Ago: The Tasting of Summer Produce anniversary ›› Homemade ice cream ›› A summer home
on Whidbey Island, and how to get the look
September [The “Sunset home” issue ]
ad close: 7/1/13
on sale: 8/23/13
The New Sunset Home: 3 houses that epitomize our life today ›› How the tech generation in Silicon
Valley lives with design every minute of the day, from the white goliath Google buses to the
revamped ranch house. How the California dream is being reinvented ›› Clambake, Oregon-style ››
San Francisco’s renewed waterfront (with America’s Cup in town) ›› San Luis Obispo/California’s
Central Coast ›› Cool-season edible garden ›› 5 Under 35: Inspired by classic Sunset home designs
from the 1940s through 1980s, five young designers create new rooms for today ›› The Lookbook:
The best new ideas in architecture and interiors ›› Home Design Resources: Where to get the great
stuff at a great price
October [The West is wine country]
ad close: 8/1/13
on sale: 9/20/13
Sunset’s International Wine Competition ›› Enjoy the beauty of the West’s various wine regions ››
Southern Oregon: Wine and rafting ›› Recalculating Napa: How to get off the beaten path in the most
traveled wine destination ›› La Comida del Vinedo: The winemaking Ceja family serves up their traditional Mexican foods with modern wines ›› Day of the Dead ›› Las Vegas destination (outdoors) ››
The you’d-never-know-it gray-water garden ›› Garden: Spooky plants for Halloween ›› Holiday
baking ›› In the kitchen with dairyman Kurt T—cooks a cheese-focused meal ›› Idea Town: This
year’s Sunset Idea House, a micro-neighborhood of small homes around a community garden
located outside of Seattle ›› Get the Look: Great home and garden ideas for readers
November [Fall travel]
ad close: 9/3/13
on sale: 10/25/13
Southwest travel ›› The West’s small-scale mountain ranges
December [Holiday gift guide]
ad close: 10/1/13
on sale: 11/22/13
Holiday gift guide ›› Ski resort report
Note: Story topics subject to change
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