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Psalter Week 2 & Proper of Season
Page No 176.
29th March 2015
‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of The Lord’ (Mark 11: 1-10)
St Gregory the Great 10 St James Square, GL50 3PR 01242 523737
“the only true riches
are those that make us St Thomas More Princess Elizabeth Way, GL51 7RA 01242 573128
Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 9-1.00pm
rich in virtue”
Parish Priest:
Canon Bosco MacDonald VF
Assistant Priests: Fr Frank Wainwright, Fr David McDonald
Rev. Robin Littlewood
Parish Websites:,
St Gregory’s RC Primary School, St James Square GL50 3QG
St Thomas More RC Primary School, Lewis Road, Hesters Way GL51 OHZ
All Saints’ Academy, Blaisdon Way, Cheltenham GL51 OWH
Sacred Hearts Moorend Road, Charlton Kings, GL53 9AU 01242 524932
Pope st Gregory the great
of Jesus and Mary
Parish Priest:
Fr Paul Brandon Parish Website:
Holy Week Liturgy at St Gregory’s & St Thomas More
29th March Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
5.00pm(Sat) Mass
St Thomas More People of the Parish
St Gregory
Terry Ruck RIP
Sung Mass St Gregory
People of the Parish
Stations of the Cross at St Gregory’s
St Gregory
Private Intention
30th March Monday of Holy Week
St Gregory
Frederick Tovey RIP
(followed by Sacrament of Reconciliation )
31st March Tuesday of Holy Week
St Gregory
Patrick Joseph Walsh RIP
St Gregory
Sue Ball RIP
(followed by Sacrament of Reconciliation)
1st April
Wednesday of Holy Week
Chrism Mass at Clifton Cathedral
St Gregory
John & Ellen Durkin RIP
(followed by Sacrament of Reconciliation )
The Sacred Paschal Triduum
2nd April Holy (Maundy) Thursday
Office of Readings
St Gregory
Mass of The Lord’s Supper
St Gregory
(followed by vigil of prayer with Night Prayer at 11.45pm)
No Exposition & Benediction
3rd April
Friday of The Passion of the Lord (Good Friday)
(Day of Fasting and Abstinence)
Office of Readings
St Gregory
Family Stations of the Cross
St Gregory
CAFOD Good Friday Hunger Lunch in the Old Priory
Liturgy of the Passion of the Lord - St Gregory
(followed by Sacrament of Reconciliation)
4th April
Holy Saturday
Office of Readings
St Gregory
Polish Blessing of Food
St Thomas More
The Easter Vigil
St Gregory
5th April
Easter Sunday - The Resurrection of The Lord
St Thomas More People of the Parish
St Gregory
Private Intention
St Gregory
Private Intention
St Gregory
People of the Parish
For Mass Times at Sacred Hearts, Charlton Kings,
please see:
They say that everyone gets fifteen minutes of
fame at sometime in their life. It may be as a
witness to some dramatic event, as a lottery
winner or just some passing fad that turns you
into flavour of the week. Even people thought
of as "stars" don't last forever. It's a neverending task for those at Madame Tussauds to
keep up with who's in and who's out. There's no
point in giving space to people who've lost their
appeal. You just change the model! So it
seemed with Jesus. As he entered Jerusalem
on the donkey he was the centre of attention.
Some thought he would be a nationalist leader
who would lead the people in an uprising
against the occupying Romans. Others were
just there for the entertainment. Few had
grasped the real significance of his entry into
Jerusalem. And the same crowd that cheered
for him would a few days later bay for his blood.
His popularity was short-lived. When we take
part in the liturgy of Passion (Palm) Sunday we
do more than simply remember the past events.
We relive them to such an extent that they become really present to us. And if we join in processions or wave palm branches, then it's not
because we are part of a pageant. It's because
we're part of a passion. We agree to walk with
Christ through all the sufferings and insults that
come our way, all the failures and misunderstandings we become part of, all the times
when part of us dies inside. We honour Christ
not with branches but with the quality of our
lives. On Palm Sunday we accept our share in
the Passion of Jesus Christ. Anyone can wave
a branch. Anyone can walk in a procession.
Anyone can join in the hymns and songs. But
only those who will be with Jesus after the fifteen minutes of fame can enter into the mystery
of Holy Week. Only if we are ready to join him in
a daily death can we claim to have a longstanding passion for him.
Last week’s offertory collection came to: £973.94 (SG);
£289.94 (STM); Bingo £93.00 (STM). Last week’s retiring
collection for Church flowers raised £330.79 (STG) and
£98.62 (STM). Thank you for your generosity and
Holy Places
On Good Friday there will be a retiring collection for the
Holy Places after the Liturgy of the Passion. This
collection contributes towards the maintenance and
upkeep of the Shrines of the Holy Land and offers
financial support to the Christian communities. On this
day we unite with the whole Church throughout the world
in prayer and fasting.
Jericho 300 Club
The winners of the March draw were: 1st Mr Anthony
McNulty (£100); 2nd Mr Francis Smith (£50); 3rd Mr
Owen Holbrook (£25). Congratulations, and cheques will
be in the post.
Easter Triduum
‘Triduum’ comes from two Latin words ‘tres’ and ‘dies’
meaning ‘three days’. This three day commemoration
comprises three twenty-four hour periods which takes in
four feast days; Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy
Saturday and Easter Sunday. We look at the Easter
Triduum as one single celebration over three days, so if
you can, try to make it to all the liturgies.
Good Friday: Day of Fast and Abstinence
On this day we unite with the whole Church throughout
the World in prayer and fasting.
Congratulations and welcome to Paddy Francis O’Rahilly
who was baptised at St Gregory’s last weekend. We
welcome him into the Church, and offer our love and
prayers to Paddy and his family.
Many thanks to all who supported Fairtrade fortnight by
buying cakes and cards or purchasing items from the
Traidcraft stall. Your generosity ensures traders receive
a fair price; while profits and the proceeds from the cake
sale and game will be donated to CAFOD. The winner of
the honey bee treasure hunt was Mary Johnston. The
next sale will be on Sunday 26th April after 9.30 am and
11.15 am Masses.
CAFOD Soup Lunch
There will be a soup lunch on Good Friday in the Old
Priory from 12.00-2pm. All proceeds will go to CAFOD.
All are welcome.
Churches Together in Cheltenham
There will be a “Walk of Witness” on Good Friday from
Imperial Gardens at 12noon, for readings and prayers at
key points in the town. All welcome.
The Easter Vigil: 8.00pm
Please pray for those to be received into full communion
with the Catholic Church. During the Easter Vigil we will
bless the new Easter water and renew our baptismal
promises along with the candidates. Then follows the
rites for reception into the Catholic Church and the
sacrament of Confirmation. With Holy Communion this
completes their initiation into full membership of the
Church and we extend to each of them a very warm
Polish Easter Blessing of Food
We invite you all to St Thomas More on Holy Saturday,
at 12noon when the Easter Blessing of food will take
Prayer Breakfast
April Breakfast meeting at St Thomas More parish hall
will be on Saturday, 4th April, 9.30-11.00am. Duncan
Akehurst, Youth Minister, will be talking about his
experiences in Africa and Cheltenham.
Newman Talk
There will be a talk on Tuesday, 7th April at 7.45pm in
the lounge of Sacred Hearts Hall, Moorend Road,
Charlton Kings. Gill Knappett, a former editor of the
Pitkin Guides, will speak on “Writing About Cathedrals &
Churches”. All are welcome. Admission is £3 (members
and students free). Enquiries to Stephanie Jamison on
55+ Club
We will be presenting an interesting illustrated talk given
by Mr Frank Austin on the “History of the R.N.L.I.” on the
9th April, at 10am. You will find also many other
interesting topics by invited speakers on our programme
for the year, all of which will prove enjoyable. New
members are always welcome.
Music and Dance Night
An evening of music and dance is being held at STM
Church Hall on Saturday, 11th April from 8pm. It will
include live music from our resident music maestro,
Michael (Nobby) Clarke. Bring your own drink and
nibbles. Tickets £5 or pay on the door.
Show You Care
The Parish Pastoral Council are launching this initiative
at the Masses at St Gregory’s and St Thomas More on
the weekend of 18th and 1f9th April. There will also be a
Social Event in the Old Priory, St Gregory’s on
Wednesday, 22nd April at 7pm to which all are invited.
This invitation is to encourage parishioners to become
more involved in the work of the parishes.
APF Red Boxes
Totals for recent count: St Gregory’s £571.71 and St
Thomas More £109.59. Many thanks to all who
Parish Office Easter Break
Please note the Parish office will be closed for Easter,
from Friday, 3rd April-Tuesday, 7th April. We will reopen again on Wednesday, 8th April at 9.00am.
Our Prayers are asked for:
Sick: Liz Sawaf, Claire Young, Sean Murphy, Helen
Stanbury, Grace Stevens, Bruce Francis, Jenny
Dabrowska, Teresa Patterson, Bernie Warner, Deirdre
Kelleher, Helen Dorothy Gorry, Denise Ellis, Kevin Dunn,
Christopher & Clifford Brown, Margaret Ellis, Julia &
Danny Barr, Teresa & Paddy O’Kelly, Bridie Ruck,
Angela Savidge, Pauline Crosbie, Rey Lluisma, Bridget
Garvey, Dan Perry, Pete Thacker, Mary Costello, Lisa
Partridge, Dillon Bright, Sheila Deneher, Margaret Byrne,
Liam Sheen, Diana Vivian, Bernie Horne.
Deceased: Emily (Lee) Cousins, Gertrude Deeks, Gill
Ann Hanger, Maria Smotryckyj, Daphne Keeling and Mrs
Marta Wegrzyn RIP.
Anniversaries: Teresa Thompson, Mary Millar, Richard
Johnson, Stephanie Wood, John Gleeson, Josefina
Vitalicio, Pope John Paul II, John Mitchell (Jack).