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Community Empowerment Tour
March 19-26, 2015
“If they kill me, I will be resurrected in the struggle of the people”
-Monseñor Romero, as interpreted by the people of Ciudad Romero
March 24, 2015 marks the 35 anniversary of Monseñor Oscar Romero’s assassination. Join EcoViva and
Chicago Religious Leadership Network (CRLN) as we explore how Monseñor Oscar Romero lives on today in
the struggles of the Salvadoran people. Take part in the national celebrations of his life, hear from community
leaders, and learn about grassroots action promoting ecological sustainability in the face of climate change.
Itinerary as of December 2014
(Subject to change)
Thursday, March 19: Arrival
Arrive in San Salvador and travel to Ciudad Romero. Brief
orientation at the community dormitories. Stay in Ciudad
Friday March 20: History
Spend the day with community leaders of Ciudad Romero,
touring the community and learning its history. Stay in Ciudad
Mining Justice Trip Extension: March 26-30*
Thursday, March 26: San Sebastian Mine
Visit the San Sebastian mine in Cabañas, which abandoned by the
U.S. based Commerce Group to learn about the toxic legacy of
mining in El Salvador.
Friday, March 27: El Dorado Mine
Discuss the Pacific Rim-Oceana Gold lawsuit against El Salvador
under CAFTA. Visit communities impacted by El Dorado mining in
Cabañas and engage with local anti-mining activists from ADES,
Radio Victoria, and La Maraña.
Saturday, March 21: Infrastructure & Leadership
Meet with the local water committee in Tierra Blanca. Then visit
the youth-led community radio station. Stay in Ciudad Romero.
Sunday, March 22: Protecting Local Biodiversity
Hike into the mangrove restoration site at El Lloron. After lunch,
take a boat ride through the mangroves with local wetlands
rangers. Stay in Ciudad Romero.
Monday, March 23: San Salvador
Commemorative events in San Salvador. Stay in San Salvador.
Tuesday, March 24: San Salvador
Commemorative events in San Salvador. Travel to the coast for
dinner. Stay at the beach.
Saturday, March 28: Update and Training in Chalatenango
Discuss the legacy of the civil war in the Chalatenango region, tour an
impacted community, and train to serve as an international observer.
Sunday, March 29: Mining Referendum
Participate all day as international observers in municipal referendum
on mining in Nueva Trinidad, Chalatenango.
Monday, March 30: Departure
9:00 am press conference. Depart from San Salvador
*Mining justice tour is an additional $400
Wednesday, March 25: Rest and Reflection
Relax and enjoy the beach! In the evening, gather with the
group to reflect on the trip. Stay at the beach.
Thursday, March 26: Departure
Depart from San Salvador, or stay on for the optional 3 day
mining justice tour with CRLN.
¡Romero Vive! Tour Price: $1,095
Reserve your spot today by contacting Tricia at
[email protected] or calling 510-835-1334