Hyposwiss Bank Gigabit DataCenter Link

Hyposwiss Private Bank
Flexible Scalable Encryption for DataCenter Links
Point-to-Point Gigabit Encryption
“IDQ was the only
company able to
provide the product
performance, and
speed and flexibility
of service required to
meet our encryption
needs during the
transition to a new
data center and
Patrik Kuster,
Business and IT
Services of Hyposwiss
Private Bank
“upc cablecom
business offers
clients innovative
solutions coupled
with flexible and
reliable services. Our
partner IDQ was able
to provide high
quality encryption
which did not
diminish the
performance of our
services ”
Marco Quinter, Sen VP
& MD Business
Services, upc
cablecom business
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The Challenge
Hyposwiss Private Bank is a Swiss financial institute specialising in individual
wealth management with CHF 11.4 billion in assets under management. As the
competence center for private banking of the St.Galler Kantonalbank Group, one
of Switzerland's most highly capitalised bank groups, Hyposwiss Private Bank is
dedicated to the security and confidentiality of its client information.
2011 was a year of infrastructure change for the bank, with the opening of a new
data center in Glattbrugg in February and the move in September to a sleek new
headquarters in the Apollo building in central Zurich. During the transition period
Hyposwiss Private Bank needed to secure multiple temporary links to the data
center until the final consolidation of the different offices into one headquarters.
The bank needed technology partners who were able to provide high-performance
services in a flexible way, and who were able to work efficiently in a transitional
phase as well as scaling to provide a long-term quality solution.
The Solution
Hyposwiss Private Bank chose the ID Quantique (IDQ) Centauris Gigabit Ethernet
encryptors to secure their network. IDQ provided the encryptors for the temporary
links on a flexible rental basis until the completion of the move. Thereafter the bank
will encrypt the main link between the headquarters & the data center for data
back-up using a Centauris 1 Gigabit Ethernet encryptor.
The network links were provided by upc cablecom and Swisscom. Aspectra
provided the managed services at Interxion data center in Glattbrugg. With
multiple partners involved in the project, it was essential that the encryption of the
links did not add complexity to the installation, or reduce the performance of the
critical links for data back-up. The encryptors needed to be installed and moved
from one location to another during short maintenance windows. In addition, high
availability and throughput of the encryptors was vital for the data back-up.
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Working at the Data Link layer of the OSI model (Layer 2) , IDQ's network encryptors are transparent to the network and
provide 100% bandwidth with latency measured in microseconds. They are fully compatible with the active network
equipment provided by the operators, such as upc cablecom business. upc cablecom provided a 1 Gigaclass link
service operating between Hyposwiss Zürich and Interxion Glattbrugg.
IDQ's encryptors are based on the leading 256-bit AES cipher (Advanced Encryption Standard), and are certified to the
highest commercial standards - Common Criteria EAL4+ & FIPS PUB 140-2 level 3 accreditation. The CypherManager
software tool provides an efficient and simple method of managing the encryptors, either locally or remotely through a
secured SNMPv3 interface, ensuring minimal training requirements for the network team.
The Results
Hyposwiss Private Bank managed their infrastructure transition flexibly and safely, without impacting the core
operations of the bank. Through a careful choice of partners with high quality products and services they were able to
live up to their motto: “Hyposwiss – Expect the Expected”.
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