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March, 2015
Mary Magdalene went and announced to the disciples, “I have seen the Lord.” John 20:18
A Peek At Our (March)
I cannot believe we are in the final stretch! It’s
been a wonderful school year, and I hate to see
it come to an end. I have listed the remaining
activities for the year on our class calendars
below. That way you can plan ahead – don’t
forget to invite grandma and grandpa to our
graduation and end of the year celebrations!
That silly leprechaun visited our classroom and
really made a mess of things! In spite of his
upheaval, we enjoyed lots of “green” activities
such as mixing up and sampling some green
lemonade, mixing colors to create green
applesauce, (a few brave souls even ate it!) and
painting shamrocks. We learned that the three
leaf clover can represent the Triune God, three
parts, but one shamrock. God the Father creates
and protects us, God the Son saves and sustains
us, and God the Holy Spirit plants faith in our
hearts and causes it to grow.
Our movie and popcorn day was a hit. Easter Is
told the story of Benji and his dog Waldo, while
sharing the good news of Easter in a unique way.
We munched on Cherry Blossom popcorn to usher
in springtime!
Resurrection eggs tell the beautiful story of
Easter in a way the children love and can relate
to. This activity and many more point us to the
REAL reason we celebrate this special day. Of
course we also enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt and
some special games.
You’ll notice an “On The Move” play day on our
class calendars. This is a special day at school
when we fill the playground (out front) with
vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We’ll bring our
water and sand table out too! Also on our
calendar is a special time with Moms. Mom’s can
join us at 10:30 on this day for a special art
project with your child and a sweet treat! If
moms can’t make it, a substitute mom will work.
Grandmas, special friends, or caregivers are
invited to attend in place of mom.
M/W/F Class News
Drew M. rode a camel and fed a giraffe! Who
knew? We learn these interesting tidbits from
our Someone Special poster boards. We saw
Drew surfing, although he told us he was just
practicing. He could have fooled us! And we
loved the picture of Drew driving a tractor.
We learned that Clayton Z. loves KidzBop music
and potatoes! We loved the first look photo of
his new brother/sister to be and meeting his big
sister Addison. But what most impressed us all
was the pic of Clayton running in a real race!
Aubrey looked so pretty dancing in her beautiful
wedding dress. And then…this girl was on the go!
We saw pictures of Aubrey on a motorcycle and
three pics of her swimming. We most loved
Auburey as Spider Girl!!
Zoey LOVES Olaf we learned (and so does Miss
Tracy)!! We loved the picture of Zoey playing
Glo Golf – looks awesome! We spied her singing
her heart out using a microphone and our
favorite…her go-cart!!
T/TH Class News
We got to meet Carter’s dogs Lily, Tilly and
Frankie. How adorable! We cardinal fans LOVED
his family’s team shirts. We learned that Carter
LOVES to eat and swim. Of course we all loved
Carter’s BIG smile in each of his pictures!
Greyson D.’s poster board said he is sweet and
kind, and we agree! We saw him with an alligator.
Yikes! He loves to play pretend Zombie and loves
the color green. We LOVED all of his many
family pictures, especially meeting his big
brother Ayden.
Augie loves play-doh and the color yellow. We
loved meeting his little sister Josie (who is
adorable) and seeing pictures of “baby” Augie.
We learned that Augie has a very BIG dog named
Izzy!! Ready for take off?? Yes…that was really
Augie in a plane!! We were impressed.
Drew has the biggest dog we’ve ever seen! We
decided we’d like to meet this adorable dog!!
Drew loves to eat cheeseburgers and pizza. His
poster board (with pictures) made us hungry!!
We learned he loves to dress up and we really
enjoyed all his family pictures.
Painting the Color Wheel with Art
Teacher Mrs. Boesdorfer
Creating a train with Art Teacher
Mrs. Boesdorfer
Vision & hearing screening has
Wednesday, April 29.
class, watch book bag for note
regarding the screening.
End of year assessment sheets will
be sent home in book bags in the
upcoming weeks. Please let me
know if you have any questions.
Class Calendar
April 1-6
April 9
No School – Happy
Birthday Blessings
Show & Tell – Letter U
April 13
Birthday Blessings Eli!!
April 14
Bowling & Pizza Field
Show & Tell – Letter L
April 6
Wednesday Monday//Friday
Class Calendar
April 1-6
April 8
April 8
April 10
April 15
April 22
April 22
April 29
April 29
May 4
May 6
May 6
May 8
May 11
May 13
May 13
May 15
May 20
No School – Happy Easter
Show & Tell – Letter J
Music Class with Mrs. B.
Bowling & Pizza Field Trip!
Show & Tell – Letter Z
Music Class with Mrs. B.
Show & Tell – Letter W
Music Class with Mrs. B.
Vision & Hearing Screening
Final Chapel Chat with
Pastor K
Music Class with Mrs. B.
Show & Tell – Letter V
Make It & Take It with
Playground Fun at St.
John’s in Chatham
Final Music Class with Mrs.
“On The Move” Play Day
Farmersville Fun Day
Preschool Graduation 6:00
April 16
April 21
April 23
May 5
May 7
May 7
Birthday Blessings
Show & Tell – Letter F
Playground Fun at St.
John’s in Chatham
Show & Tell – Letter B
May 12
Make It & Take It with
On The Move Play Day!!
May 14
Show & Tell – Letter J
May 14
Final Chapel Chat with
Pastor K
Birthday Blessings
Geneva!! (August 12)
End of Year Program
6::00 p.m.
Birthday Blessings Drew
May 14
May 21
May 25