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Principal : Ms Ana Rees
PO Box 378
Robinvale Vic 3549
Phone : 03) 50263704
email : [email protected]
“The Grapevine”
8.30am to 4.30pm
Monday to Friday
27TH MARCH, 2015
“Once you have a clear picture of your priorities
– that is your values, goals and high leverage
activities, organise around them.”
~ Stephen Covey
SEL Theme – Term 2, 2015 – “Organisation”
Calendar of Events……
27th..Last Day – Term 1 – 2.15pm
13th..Term 2 Commences
24th & 25th..Camp Gallipoli –
27th ..Pupil Free Day – Mallee
Cluster PD
28 & 29th..REACH Workshops
7th..Cross Country
12th, 13th & 14th..NAPLAN
15th..Mallee Division Secondary
Cross Country
27th..Immunizations – Years 9 &
10 / Catch-ups – Years 7 & 8
9th..Queen’s Birthday Holiday
17th..College Photo Day
22nd to 26th..Year 7 Camp – 15
Mile Creek
 Be on time.
 Have all the materials,
books, pens and other
equipment you need
ready for the lesson.
 Remain on task.
 Be prepared for class.
 Manage your time. Set
 Be neat and tidy.
 Using time well.
 Understand and set
your goals.
| Issue 5
Principal’s Report
We come to the end of a very short first term during
which our staff and students have had a busy
calendar of activities that have established the start
of our academic and extra-curricular programs.
We have established our College-wide social
emotional learning program with the theme of
Getting Along and move onto Organisation as next
term’s theme.
There have been many highlights this term. We
have established the Quick Smart program from
which we already have evidence of the benefits of
this targeted, personalised approach. In particular
the growth in learning confidence has been
enormous, allowing students to participate more
successfully in the classroom.
Another highlight for us was the acknowledgement
of our Citizens of the Year, Mr Siosiua Taumoefolau
and Rebecca Conner by the Mayor and CEO of the
Swan Hill Rural City Council during their visit to the
College on Wednesday, 11th March. Mr Adamson is
pictured with Mr Taumoefolau (below) after
listening to a very enjoyable performance by the P12 Community Brass Band on the deck located at the
Community Garden.
these this week is the Biggest Boot Camp Challenge
fundraiser for cancer. We had students out of
uniform in their pink and green providing a gold coin
donation. We were also lucky to get a taste of
what’s to come on Sunday with the personal trainers
conducting a mini boot camp for our students.
Thanks to Rebel Burkinshaw and her team for her
organisation of this important community initiative
in support of Olivia and Dani.
I would finally like to wish all our students, staff and
families a safe holiday and best wishes for Easter.
Ana Rees
Ms Ana Rees,
Social & Emotional Learning (SEL Program
This year has seen the launch of the Robinvale P-12
College Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) Program.
Social & Emotional Learning is the process through
which we learn to recognise and manage emotions,
care about others, make good decisions and behave
ethically and responsibly, develop positive
relationships and avoid negative behaviours.
Beginning with Getting Along, students and teachers
have been working hard at building relationships in
their new classes and learning more about what it
means to get along with and care about others.
Organisation will be the main focus for Term 2,
encouraging students to be on time, have all
materials ready for class and to set goals for their
own learning.
Term 1 was a huge success and we are looking
forward to a very energetic and organised Term 2.
Prep to Year 4 Learning Community News
Many thanks to our parents for the many ways in
which you have given your support this term: having
your children organised for school, reading at home
with your children, attending our Swimming Carnival
and Assemblies, encouraging and preparing your
children to participate in camps and excursions and
so forth. I encourage parents to contact the College
whenever you wish to get feedback on how your
child is progressing; our teachers are happy to help.
The College is proud to have staff and students
contributing to community activities and one of
Weekly Award Winners
13th March, 2015
00A – Tyson Mumford – Getting Along
00B – Jasmine Morris – Confidence / Lailani Lee –
Getting Along / Viua Taimani – Getting Along
12A – Ruby Hingano – Getting Along
12B – Rhianna Smith – Resilience
23C – Breanna McMonnies – Getting Along
34A – Emmanuel Fanua – Getting Along
34B – Djaran Kennedy – Getting Along
“To develop learners’ skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to determine a successful future.”
| Issue 5
20th March, 2015
00A – Jarrod Johnson – Getting Along
00B – Kim Le – Getting Along
12A – Mathew Peniongo – Getting Along
12B – Kalliyan Krak – Getting Along
Lake Cullulleraine Camp
Last Wednesday, 18th March we left school with 43
students from Mr. Walsh’s, Mrs. Hazel’s and Mrs.
Lal’s class.
Thanks to the supervisors, Brad and Damion, also the
teachers, Mrs. Hazel, Mrs. Lal and Mr O’Toole.
We definitely had…
FUN! ! !
 Kayaking
 Water Sports
 Photo Trail
 Swimming
 T-Shirt Painting
 Kitchen Duty
 Team Games
 Concert
 Quiz Night
Competition Results!
Race of Amazingness won by Faith!
Cup Stacking won by Baylea!
T-Shirt Painting and Cat Walk - Paris and Frankie!
3/4 Camp Team won by Rascals!
Second place - Scalywags!
Third place - Scoundrels!
Fourth place - Rapscallions!
Fifth place - Pranksters!
Thank you Frank for driving us to Lake Cullulleraine!
By : Charlotte & Milly.
Rotary Award Winner – Term 1, 2015
“Kaden McMonnies”
Kaden has a friendly nature and is a very wellmannered student. He is always welcoming and
helpful to staff and his classmates, inside the
classroom and also in the playground.
Kaden is also involved in many outside of school
activities. Including basketball Aussie Hoops
Well done Kaden and congratulations!
“To develop learners’ skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to determine a successful future.”
| Issue 5
If you are interested in joining the Robinvale P-12
College - Chess Club please see Mr Nguyen for
further details.
Hope Progam
Instrumental Music News
Students participating in our 2015 Instrumental
Music Program are reminded that the subsidized fee
of $120 is due for payment by Friday, 27th March
The Instrumental Music Permission Form (completed
at the start of the year) advises students of the
following:‘Students who sign up for music lessons are making
a number of commitments:
 Involvement in the lessons for the full year
 Participating in lessons
 Ensuring that all work missed from the
scheduled classes is caught up
 Eventual involvement in College ensembles – eg
Concert Band
Classroom teachers / Learning Coaches reserve the
right to refuse a student to attend Instrumental
Music classes if they are not up-to-date in their
School work.
If you require any further information regarding our
Instrumental Music Program please do not hesitate
to contact Mr Pay at the College.
Stephen Pay,
Instrumental Music Program Co-ordinator.
Select Harvest Visit
Last Wednesday 4th March, 47 of our Year 10
students set off for the very first time to have a look
through Select Harvests in full harvest mode. This
excursion was pre-planned in late 2014 as Select
Harvests wanted the students to see the whole
operation at its busiest.
After a couple of date re-schedules due to the
almonds not being ready to harvest we set off on
what was to be a really interesting day.
The students were split into 2 groups for the day.
One group went through the farm process including
irrigation, maintenance, harvesting etc, whilst the
other group rotated between HR, Warehouse,
Production and Stockpad/Weighbridge.
Harvests provided a bbq lunch and in the afternoon
the groups swapped over.
The Robinvale P-12 College would like to
Chess Club
acknowledge the extensive work to enable this
excursion conducted by Sandra Kitt and Trish Handy.
Many of the Select Harvest employees gave up their
valuable time to show our students every aspect of
Select Harvests and the vast career opportunities
Mr Nguyen, with enough interest from students,
available. The students along with the teachers
hopes to start a Chess Club, commencing at the
came back from the trip with a whole new view of
beginning of Term 2.
what actually goes on out at the Almond Farms.
“To develop learners’ skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to determine a successful future.”
| Issue 5
Some of the comments from students…..
“Really interesting, not what I thought.”
“I wasn’t aware about all the other areas, especially
the engineering and maintenance.”
“The setup is big and the almond drying process was
something I hadn’t seen before.”
“I liked how the almonds were cleaned, shelled and
sorted in the factory.”
“There were heaps of different jobs.”
From all reports the day was a huge success and the
partnership between Select Harvests and the
Robinvale P-12 College will continue with 8 students
selected to participate in a Work Inspiration program
to continue in Term 2.
Paddock to Plate Filming
Last Tuesday 17th April was a Pupil Free Day for our
students, however 3 students accompanied by Julie
Kelly, were fortunate enough to attend the filming of
Paddock to Plate (schools program) out at Select
Harvests’ Lake Powell Farm. The film crew, along
with their producer, arrived from Melbourne at
lunchtime and were straight into filming the harvest
that was taking place on farm. Special thanks must
go to those students Tahlia Cox, Sofaia Waqalevu
and Mary Fangatua who came to school on their
own time to watch the team film.
Thanks to Select Harvest for enabling the students to
become involved.
Pictured (from left to right) : Louise Fitzroy
(Producer), Tahlia Cox, Tim Joiner (Cameraman),
Mary Fangatua, Sofaia Waqalevu, Mike Joiner
(Assistant), Bruce Van Twest (General Manager of
Processing), Aaron Bailey (Farm Manager)
“To develop learners’ skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to determine a successful future.”
| Issue 5
Pictured Above : Guitar Chaiwan, Connor
Wescombe, Latu Tuiaki, Sione Akauola, Talia
Hingano, Dallas Togo-Singh
Whole School Assembly & Living In
Harmony Celebrations
Work Inspiration
A few weeks ago all our Year 10s were taken through
every aspect of Select Harvests and their operations
at Wemen and Lake Powell. From that, a select
group of students who have shown interest will now
take part in the 8 week Work Inspiration program.
Work Inspiration will commence the first week of
Term 2 on Thursday, 16th April and finish on
Thursday, 4th June.
This program is designed to show our students all
the Career opportunities available to them right here
on the doorstep of Robinvale. Select Harvests have
joined with the Robinvale P-12 College to show the
students in more depth over an 8 week period every
aspect of the Almond Industry and its processes.
Each student will have a designated supervisor and
they will experience working conditions as if they are
real employees. This is a wonderful opportunity for
students to experience being a part of big industry
and experiencing real work life.
We will have updates throughout the term about the
progress of the boys.
Pictured Left :
Guitar Chaiwan,
Connor Wescombe,
Latu Tuiaki, Sione
Akauola, Talia
Hingano, Dallas
“To develop learners’ skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to determine a successful future.”
| Issue 5
During this week staff and students have celebrated
Harmony Week with a wide-range of activities.
At Monday morning’s whole-School Assembly we
recognized the many different cultures we have in
Robinvale. We also acknowledged the wonderful
work by a number of our students who were
presented with ‘Getting Along’ and ‘Student of the
Month’ Awards.
Every recess this week we have had multicultural
music playing over the PA system – from French, Sri
Lankan, Italian, Indian (Bollywood) and Greek.
On Wednesday the students in our Year 9 Program
cooked a variety of sausages for students to try.
Those students who were dressed in ‘cultural dress’
received a free sausage.
Performers from the Stride Program entertained us
all during lunch on Wednesday with the Brass Band
playing a number of tunes to an enthusiastic
audience on Thursday.
Thanks to the Members of the Events Committee for
organizing our ‘Living in Harmony Week’
Getting Along and Student of the Month
Award Recipients…
Prep to Year 4 Learning Community…
00B - Getting Along – Vilivaka Filimone
Award of Excellence – Cherry Foreman
12A - Getting Along – Ruby Hingano
Award of Excellence – Jade Cramp
12B - Getting Along – Joseph Kirirua-Gill
34A - Getting Along – Jovi Duvuloco
Award of Excellence – Milly Mitchell
34B - Getting Along – Mary-anne Le
Award of Excellence – Kira Leslie
Living In Harmony Week Celebrations
Years 5-8 Learning Community…
56A - Getting Along – Sarah Parker
Award of Excellence – Thao Huynh
56B - Getting Along – Russell Absalom
Award of Excellence – Kacey Forbes
56C - Getting Along – Kate Murray
Award of Excellence – Raffaela Crispo
07A - Getting Along – Noah Handy
Award of Excellence – Bailey Aplin
08A - Getting Along – Sulaxshan Chandranathan
Award of Excellence – Melissa Tep
“To develop learners’ skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to determine a successful future.”
| Issue 5
Years 9-12 Learning Community…
Getting Along – Mone Fuavao, Kar Boon Chang,
Guitar Chaiwan, Geraldine Mezzatesta and Naomi
Awards of Excellence – Chloe Katis, Anthony Trinh,
Sandie Peniongo, Chloe Heeps, Connor Wescombe,
Tusi Funaki, Sonia Cardin-Haw and Indy Mannix.
Useful Internet Links For Parents
“To develop learners’ skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to determine a successful future.”
| Issue 5
March, 2015
Year 7 and 8 Mathematics 2015
Information for Parents: Resources and Homework
This year, we have adopted the Pearson textbook series for Mathematics in Years 7 and 8. On the
inside back cover of the student textbook is a digital access code that can be activated to provide
extra digital online content. This content includes a digital version of the text. It includes videos of
a teacher presenting each worked example, other content-related videos, interactive lessons,
games and quizzes. In addition, a pdf version of the text is available to download for off-line access
to the text.
In addition to this text, teachers use Mathletics, which is an online program available to students at
any time, on any device - http://www.3plearning.com/au/mathleticshome/
To assist Parents in helping their children with Maths and to provide a virtual tutor, each student
also has access to Maths Online. These are short video lessons presented by a teacher on most
topics in the Maths curriculum from Prep to Year 12. They are organised by Year Level, area of
study and topic. Each topic is divided into a number of lessons.
Visit http://www.mathsonline.com.au/info-for-parents
Your student should have written down their username and password for each of these resources in
their Maths work book.
Homework time in Maths varies with a student’s existing skills and current learning goals. In
general, the teacher designs one to two hours of homework a week with some work set for the
term breaks during the academic year.
Class time missed for any reason, is expected to be caught up as additional homework. (There are
School procedures to cater for extended illness.)
Students who do not complete sufficient work during class time will add to their homework load. In
some cases, the teacher and/or Co-ordinator will enforce a lunch-time or after school work
detention. Students may also be moved within the classroom to minimise the distractions that
affect their work pace.
Maths homework is best done in frequent sessions, less than 30 minutes duration, in a space with
few distractions. Some students prefer a target oriented approach where they, their teacher, or
you as a parent, set a goal and they work until the task is completed.
An excel spreadsheet outlining a full Maths Online tutorial program for each year of Maths from
Prep to Year 10 Advanced is available to download from http://bit.ly/1CskXYo
“To develop learners’ skills, knowledge and attitudes to enable them to determine a successful future.”