Four Hub Collaboration Leads to First NHS Total Orthopaedic

Hub News Report
February / March 2015
Record Bookings for
NHS Temporary
Agency Staff
Conference 2015
Bookings for the Hub's NHS
Temporary Agency Staffing
Conference are in full swing and
we look forward to welcoming
record numbers of NHS staff
from all over England.
The event takes place at The
Cresset in Peterborough on
March 16th and is free to NHS
employees. It aims to highlight
ways NHS organisations can
manage their agency demand
more effectively and share best
practice through proven case
For more information and to
register to attend, please click
this link: REGISTER HERE
Please circulate this booking
link to your colleagues in HR/
staff bank or other departments
which book temporary agency
staff at all levels – clinical and
Four Hub Collaboration
Leads to First NHS Total
Orthopaedic Solutions
Collaboration between the four NHS procurement hubs has resulted in the successful
delivery of the first NHS Total Orthopaedic Solutions framework agreement, which will
enable Trusts to better leverage spend in this key market.
The four Hubs – the East of England Hub, the NHS North of England Commercial
Procurement Collaborative; NHS London Procurement Partnership and NHS Commercial
Solutions - have worked together as the NHS Collaborative Procurement Partnership to
deliver this important initiative, which went live at the beginning of January and is the
second joint project to come to fruition.
David John, Hub Chief Executive said: “By working together, and combining national
buying power with our strong regional and local engagement, we can deliver highly
competitive agreements that really meet the needs of the NHS, of suppliers and above
all of patients. Our next activity is the development of a Total Cardiology Solutions
framework agreement, due to go live on 1st April 2015.”
The framework agreement encompasses a huge range of orthopaedic solutions to meet
the varying needs of all four hubs’ members.
Benefits include: A strategic pricing schedule per lot to attract best pricing opportunities,
annual volume band price breaks and spend value breaks, additional percentage
discounts for volume band commitments per Trust, the option to work across one or
more lots; the ability to work under a Managed Service (where applicable); support from
the Hub to conduct strategic rationalisation and benefit from cost reduction;
opportunities for value added services and improved efficiency.
Total Orthopaedics Solutions Framework
Lots on the framework include:
Orthopaedic Hip Arthroplasty
Orthopaedic Knee Arthroplasty
Orthopaedic Extremities Arthroplasty
Orthopaedic Trauma, Implants and
Arthroscopy / Sports Medicine
Bone Preparation
Orthopaedic Power Tools and Consumables
Regenerative Technology
Orthopaedic Generic Instrumentation
NHS Collaborative Procurement
Partnership Projects
Genitourinary and Gynaecological Equipment and
Intraocular Lenses, Phaco Packs and Related
Equipment and Consumables
Soft Facilities Management Services
Payroll, HR Admin and Transactional Recruitment,
Clinical Consumables
To find out more about each of the framework
agreements, click the link below and contact the relevant
Hub Procurement Project Manager for more details.
Updated List of Available Frameworks.
Four Hub Partnership Shortlisted for National GO
Award for Nursing Framework
Procurement Partnership – of
which the Hub is a member was shortlisted for a Government Opportunities (GO)
Award 2015/16 for its Nursing and Nursing-related Staff
Framework Agreement.
The project was a finalist in the GO Procurement
Innovation or Initiative of the Year category (Health and
Social Care Organisations) which the East of England Hub
won in 2014/15.
NHS Collaborate Procurement Partnership - Hub
Framework Sharing Agreements
As a result of the agreement by the four NHS Hubs collectively known as the NHS Collaborative
Procurement Partnership - to share framework
agreements with members, further new frameworks
are now available for use by Hub customers.
Shared frameworks include the following:
Medical and Surgical Equipment Maintenance and
IT Infrastructure Hardware and Services
Managed Document Services Framework
Transport Services
Clinical Waste (Bulk & Non Bulk)
Estates and Facilities Advisory Framework
The Partnership developed the nursing framework to
meet the needs of its members for quality temporary
and permanent staff from the UK and overseas.
customers and other
public sector bodies
with access to a wide
range of suppliers
who are able to
provide nurses and
nursing-related staff covering a number of specialisms.
Although not a winner this year, it was a credit to the
project team to be shortlisted for this prestigious
national award.
Hub Project Updates
Work Plan for 2015-16
The Hub is in the process of developing its work plan for
2015-16 and would be interested to hear from Trusts
who have requirements in any clinical or non-clinical
area they would like the Hub to consider taking
Framework Extensions or Renewals Planned for 2015-16:
Orthotics Services and Consumables
Surgical Stapling and Laparoscopic
Water Management Services
Laundry & Linen Services
Cleanroom Consumables
Analysis & Reconciliation Consultancy Services
Bariatric Furniture & Equipment
Wholesaler Pharmacy Supplies
Parenteral Nutrition
Topical Negative Pressure
Contrast Media
Mobiles Voice & Data
Childcare Voucher Scheme
Drug Testing Kits
External Breast Prosthesis
Car Leasing
Digital Dictation
Potential Areas for New Frameworks:
Woundcare Formulary Management
IV Antibotics
Community Infusion Services
Wheelchair Repair and Maintenance
Clinical Information Systems
Staff Benefits Scheme
IT Hardware
Spinal Cord Stimulators (and Baclofen Pumps)
Medical Devices
If you have any questions on the topics above or to
discuss any ideas for new frameworks, please contact
[email protected]
Commissioning Partner Agreement Taster Sessions
Following the award of the Commissioning Services
Partner Agreement, the three partner organisations
have agreed to run a series of free ‘taster’ sessions for
Hub members on a variety of different topics.
The three partners – Attain, GE Finnamore Healthcare
and The Consultation Institute - are renowned and
innovative providers in health and social care
The new agreement will help support CCGs, Acute Trusts
and other NHS providers in the emerging Health and
Social Care co-commissioning arena and community
services provision landscape.
The list of subjects can be seen below and are open to all
members. (Click the headings to register to attend each
Commissioning Partner Agreement Session - Staying
Within the Law of Public Consultation (14 Apr)
Commissioning Partner Agreement Session - Patient
Flow and Capacity Optimisation (22 Apr)
Commissioning Partner Agreement Session - The
Modern Approach to Options Development (12 May)
Commissioning Partner Agreement Session - Making
Integrated Care Work (8 Jun)
Commissioning Partner Agreement Session Public
Engagement Skills - Hospitals & Healthcare Providers
(11 June)
Commissioning Partner Agreement Session - Post
Election, Five Years Forward... What Now? (24 Jun)
Commissioning Partner Agreement Session - Achieving
Horizontal Integration - Beyond Better Care Fund (15
Commissioning Partner Agreement Session - Achieving
Integration - New Models of Care (22 Sep)
Commissioning Partner Agreement Session - Quality
Governance and the Role of the Board (7 Oct)
Commissioning Partner Agreement Session - Strategy
Development (10 Nov)
For more information on the commissioning partner
agreement or the taster sessions, please contact
[email protected]
Audit and Consultancy Audit Services
The new framework agreement for Audit and
Consultancy Audit Services went live on 1st February
2015. It runs until January 2017 with two 12 month
extension periods available. For further information
and a full list of suppliers appointed to the framework,
please contact [email protected]
Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy and
Tender responses were due back on 23rd February and
the framework award is on track to be completed by 1st
April 2015. Following award of the framework
agreement, the Hub will be working closely with Trusts
to conduct benefits analysis and implementation of the
framework. For more information, please contact:
[email protected]
New Legal Services Framework
The new NHS Commercial Alliance
Legal Framework was awarded at the
end of January and is now available
for members to use.
The framework is comprehensively designed to cover
most areas where legal support is required within the
NHS. A workshop will be organised in the near future to
provide an overview of the framework and how to best
utilise it.
If you currently have a contract for any of the services
covered by this framework it would be advisable to
ascertain whether better value for money could be
obtained by using the framework.
The framework has been structured to incorporate nine
lots, which include the following:
Lot 1 Primary Care;
Lot 2 Mental Health Law;
Lot 3 Corporate and Commercial Law;
Lot 4 Employment Law;
Lot 5 Property Law;
Lot 6 PFI/PPP projects;
Lot 7 NHS Governance and Public Law; and
Lot 8 Health Law.
Lot 9 A multi-disciplinary lot covering any or all of the
services in the preceding eight lots.
Multiple suppliers were successful in each lot and have
been appointed to the framework, which has been set
for four years.
The terms of the framework agreement allow a
Participating Authority to order directly or via a further
competition, provided that the relevant ordering
procedure set out in Schedule 7 of the agreement is
A full list appointed legal firms and further information
about the framework can be obtained by contacting
[email protected]
CPAP, BIPAP, NIV Equipment, Consumables and
Related Items (Breathing equipment and ventilators)
Three Trusts have confirmed they wish to participate in
a further competition under the framework agreement
the Hub is developing. Scoping and data gathering is
currently underway. The framework covers equipment
and consumables, as listed below.
CPAP, BiPAP equipment
CPAP, BiBAP infant equipment and
Face masks
Nasal masks
All other related consumables
Books and Publications
As a special offer to Hub members, via a nationally
recognised compliant framework agreement, Blackwells
Bookshop (also known as Heffers Bookshop) has given
our members access to their new Medical Title list.
Blackwells are approved suppliers of books to the NHS
and in addition they are currently offering a 25%
discount on any books and or journals from the above
list before 31st March. To download a spreadsheet
showing available titles, click here: For more
information, contact [email protected]
Pharmacy Update
If other Trusts are interested in participating in the
[email protected]
Endoscopy and Radiology Consumables
Homecare Medicines Services
The Hub’s current frameworks covering the supply of
Endoscopy and Radiology Consumables are both due
for re-tender this year. It is our intention to issue OJEU
notices shortly, which will formally commence the
procurement process.
The Hub recently hosted a successful event to promote
open discussion around NHS Contracting of Pharma
Funded Homecare Services. The session, which took
place in late January, was attended by over 60 delegates
from the three major stakeholder groups - NHS,
Homecare providers and Pharma companies.
It is envisaged that both
frameworks will allow potential
bidders to submit pricing for
requirements based upon: 1) Trust
Committed Volumes 2) Traditional
framework offering to enable
further competitions, rebate
schemes and or other innovative
commercial price incentives and
finally 3) Price submissions for Managed stock service
For more information, please contact:
[email protected]
The level of engagement from each of the stakeholder
groups on the day was very high and provided a great
forum for open, transparent collaboration toward a
mutually beneficial goal. Four alternative contracting
models were considered - two of which were agreed by
attendees as realistically viable solutions with one
standing out as the preferred option.
The attendees agreed that subsequent events would be
beneficial to support the development of this work
stream. As an action from this event, the Hub will draft a
procurement strategy based on the chosen model ahead
of further consultation with the group.
The Hub continues to work very closely with the
national Homecare Team to review the handling and
reporting of homecare complaints and incidents.
Additionally, the Hub has forged links with regional
homecare leads from four other regions (Thames Valley
and Wessex, East Midlands, West Midlands and South
of England) to form a cross-regional homecare group.
The group is currently developing a shared work plan to
minimise duplication of workload and support a ‘one
voice’ approach from the NHS on key strategic issues.
The next meeting of the Homecare Sourcing Group will
be held on 23rd March 2015 and will be followed by a
service review meeting with Bupa Home Healthcare.
Confirmed Bupa Home Healthcare representatives
included Stephen Cook, Director of Pharmacy and
Quality, and Adam Cooper, Regional Sales Manager.
Please note: Due to restricted room availability at the
Hub offices, this meeting will take place at
Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge.
For more information about the above or any aspect of
Homecare Medicines Services, please contact
[email protected]
E-Enablement Update
GS1 Lead Workshops
A further set of “How to”
guidance will be released to
GS1 Leads at a series of workshops over the coming
weeks. These events are aimed at all nominated GS1
leads and senior managers, so please encourage them to
register and come along.
The purpose is to:
Provide a clear context to GS1 and PEPPOL
standards in Healthcare
Provide some insight into the individual
opportunities for a trust
Deliver tools and guidance that the DH team
has developed to support development of an
adoption plan
Act as a networking opportunity for
representatives across trusts
The sessions are booked for the following
Sheffield - 4th March
Gatwick - 5th March
Manchester - 11th March
Milton Keynes - 12th March
London - 17th March
Taunton - 18th March
Click on the link below to register for one of the events:
On-line registration for events
GS1/PEPPOL Adoption Planning
e-Procurement Strategy
Letters were sent out to Acute Trusts in November 2014
asking Chief Executives to nominate a senior manager
as lead and contact for the adoption of GS1 standards
across their Trust.
In December, GS1 Leads were sent the first set of
guidance documentation entitled “Getting Ready”
which explains how to prepare for adoption of the GS1
and PEPPOL standards.
A requirement of the eProcurement Strategy is that
Acute Trusts must develop a plan for GS1 / PEPPOL
compliance by 30th June 2015.
We are currently working with several Acute members
to facilitate the development of their adoption plans and
produce a corresponding board report.
If you, or your GS1 Lead, would like further information
on adoption planning or the eProcurement Strategy,
please contact [email protected]
Clinical Product Update
New CPS Team Member
The Hub is pleased to welcome Steve Upton as Clinical
Product Specialist to replace Jamie Robinson. Steve will
work alongside Pauline Totten on a range of clinical
support projects.
Clinical Product Savings Opportunities
The Clinical Product Team has identified a savings
opportunity by switching ET tubes from a range of
suppliers to Unmedical (Convatec). The savings
opportunity across the region is in excess of £100K and
a savings notification has gone out to relevant Trusts.
Work is continuing on the drapes and gowns potential
savings opportunity and on another opportunity around
single use instruments.
The clinical team continue to work with Trusts on
bespoke projects and a lot of work is continuing on safer
Cambridge University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust is
the most recent Trust to take up the CPS offer of
support. If you would like further support in the area
of clinical product support, please contact either
[email protected] or
[email protected]/uk
Tissue Viability Network
The East of England Tissue Viability Network, which has
over 70 members, met at the Hub offices in Fulbourn on
18th February. The network was first established in 2006
to support the region with the national contract for
Pressure Area Care.
The initial meetings enabled Tissue Viability specialists
from across the East of England to network and discuss
key projects affecting their organisations. The Hub has
continued to the network meetings at Victoria House.
Liam Horkan, who was formerly the lead nurse at the
Hub, chaired the early meetings and continues to
facilitate and support the network in his new role at
Colchester Hospital. Current Hub staff including Clinical
Nurse Specialist Pauline Totten and Stephanie Sprakes,
Head of Pharmacy Procurement are both actively
Liam said: “The network has gone from strength to
strength and members have influenced both national
and regional procurement projects, but more
importantly, were instrumental in taking forward the
NHS England pressure ulcer ambitions.
“We are grateful that the Hub continues to support the
network. “ The next meeting is planned for the 30th April
2015. For more information please contact Liam:
[email protected]
Procurement Events
Eastern Academic Health Sciences SME Conference
Health Minister Dr Dan Poulter
MP and the Hub’s Assistant
Director of Procurement Liam
Robinson were among the
speakers at an SME event hosted
by the Eastern Academic Health Sciences Network.
The session took place in Ipswich on 12th February and
was aimed at SME suppliers. Dr Poulter explained the
Government’s policy with regard to procurement and
Liam explained how NHS procurement works at local and
regional level.
For more information about training, or any Hub communications
including newsletters, e-alerts, or the EOECPH website, please
contact [email protected] or for general news
updates, follow us on Twitter.