7:00 pm - Rochester First Assembly

Rev. Curt Faunce
Monroe Outreach Assembly of God
214 Washington Street
Monroe, MI 48161
This week pray for Pastor Curt and the Monroe Assembly. Pray for direction as they
search for a new Youth Pastor. Pray for the
young people in their church to be encouraged, be faithful and love God.
Missionary—The Gideon's International
Senior Pastor
Rev. Richard Crisco
Council of Elders
Donald Dilliplane
Associate Pastor
Jon Kipper
Rev. Kelvin Lott
Viji Kuruvilla
Student Ministries Pastor
Bob Lang
Rev. Brant Russell
Worship Pastor / Psalmist
Rev. Nate Marialke
Children’s Pastor
Pete Mendler
Levi Morley
Ryan Peasley
George Spehar
Council of Deacons
Anna Raymond - Missions
Paul & Janis Herberger - Care Ministry
Terry Morris - Peace Keepers Ministry
Jeff & Noeleta Nyland - Hospital/Shut-In Ministry
Bob Lang - Ushers
Lois Francis - Prayer Chain
stamps can be picked up in the Café, all you
have to do is write a
note and mail.
Don Culvey - Building Maintenance
Carrie Vernier - Women’s Ministries
Intercessory Prayer Pastor
Mary LeBeault - Single Adult Ministry
Young Adult Ministry
Email: Larry Quince [email protected]
Please consider sending Pastor Faunce and
Gideon International an encouraging note,
letting them know we are praying for them
and their ministry this week. Note cards with
Ministry Coordinators
Rev. Dyanna Landgrebe
Rev. Patti Morris
Pray for our Bible distributions
Pray that people will be drawn to read the
Pray for our Camp and people to be
changed by the power of the Word
Pray for more workers
Julie Peoples - Sunday School
7:00 pm
Intercessory Prayer
7:00 pm
“Jesus the Healer”
7:00 pm
Family Night /
Pamela Adams - Van Ministry
Rev. Sarah & Ben Morris
Healing Ministries
Rev. Tim McCarthy
Abel Aureli, Operation Italy
Kim Babcock - Argentina
Rick Caswell - Mali
Paul Clark - Germany
Chilly Chilton - Hamtramck
Phil Dimusto - Singapore
Ken Doutt - Nicaragua
Troy Dyke, High of Holiness
Gary Gallina - Eastern Europe
Greg Glutting - Chi-Alpha
Bob Hoskins-Book of Hope
Joel Jelski - Israel
Sarah Jackson - Chi-Alpha
Kenneth Krucker - Zimbabwe
Henry Linderman - France
Carrie Love - Dominican Rep.
Bob MacIsaac - Lithuania
Paul Mauer - Globe International
Richard McLane - Poland
Netanel Nichaels - Israel
Ray Miller - Philippines
Rick Pasquale, Italy
Steven PuffPaff - Jamaica
Tony Rybarczyk - Russia/Eurasia
Marc Smith - Thailand
Robert Thomas - Ethopia
David Thompson - Kenya
Damien Zinicola - Latin America
Rescue Life-Stop Human Trafficking
Compassion International
Compassionate Touch - Daniel Budzinski
Richard Hyde - Heart of G-d Ministries
Leon Mazin, Spring of Hope Foundation
Tents of Mercy - Israel
The Dream Project
Ron Cantor - Tikkun International
John Gunn - Kids Power Company
Trey Hancock - Dearborn A/G
Crossroads Pregnancy Center
Ebenezer Gospel Ministry
Gideons International
Grace Centers of Hope
Kurt Holthus - Hope International - DOM
Life (Teen) Challenge –Detroit, Flint
Teen Challenge - Detroit
Jeff Rayfield, Mountain Gateway Ministries
RFA - Pontiac Outreach
7:00 pm
10 am
Worship & Message
Join us @ 10 am
On April 12th
We at Rochester First love the gifts, and operations of the Holy Spirit. If
prompted by the Holy Spirit to move in your giftings, we ask that you respect the following protocol. Please go to the front and share the essence
of the Word that God has given you with one of the pastoral staff, then we
ask that you wait to be acknowledged to give the word. This will ensure
that all things are done decently and in order. I Cor. 14:40
Worship Services
Vertical Fridays - 7 pm
Sunday Mornings - 10 am
Meet Pastor Richard - Connect Café
Jeff Nyland - Prophetic Life—Jacob’s Gen
Pastor Patti—Blue Prints—Prayer Room
Church Office—Sam & Kelly “Cheaper
than Therapy”
7 pm CCM Meeting every Wednesday night in the RMTI Room
U.P. Trip—July 4th Weekend $100 Single $405 Couple/Sign Up NOW
See Pastor Sarah on Wednesday Night for any questions
Lt General Boykin was
one of the original members of the US Army's
Delta Force. He was
privileged to ultimately
command these elite warriors in combat opera-
Our Mission:
To make disciples of all nations
Our Motto:
Love God, Love People
tions. Later, Jerry Boykin commanded all the
Our Mandate:
· Host & Honor the Presence of the Lord
· Relevant & Revelatory Word
· A Community of Believers
· Impact our Community
In all, Lt. Gen. Boykin spent 36 years in the ar-
Army's Green Berets as well as the Special
Warfare Center and School.
Pontiac Outreach
(3rd Saturday Monthly)
my, serving his last four years as the Deputy
Car Kits $6
See Art Ball,
Nathan Bowyer
or George
Spehar for kits
or questions
Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence. He
is an ordained minister with a passion for
spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encour-
“Jesus the Healer”
aging Christians to become warriors in God's
Tuesday Nights in RMTI at 7pm
Children’s Ministry - Elementary Age - go directly
to Jacob’s Gen in the Children’s Wing
Nursery Provided 0 - 3 years - at the end of the foyer hallway
Toddlers 3 & 4 Children’s Wing
Jacob’s Gen - Meets in the Children’s Wing
Wednesday Night Classes for all ages at 7 pm
Find Life Group Sheets at the Info Table
Vertical Friday After Hours
9:00 to midnight
April 3rd & 17th
Saturday, April 18th
Meet at Baldwin Park
in Pontiac
Noon to 1 pm
PreService Prayer Times Friday 6:00 pm & Sunday 9:00 am
Iron Dome Prayer Teams Sunday 9:30 am
Prayer & Bible Study Monday at 7:00 pm
Thursday Bible Study 10 am Chronicles of the Messiah—Pastor Patti’s RFA office
Capital Prayer—Wednesday, April 15th—Leave the church at 8:30 am
Dearborn Prayer—Thursday, April 23rd—Leave church at 9 am
Check your listing in the foyer
Sign up in the foyer, Call the office 248-652-3353 or [email protected]
Spring Awakening Retreat
May 15th & 16th
Thursday, April 2 & 16 at 6:45pm
Are you seeking FREEDOM in your life
and desire a deeper relationship with
Jesus, please join us! Each meeting we
have Holy Spirit-led, live worship, prayer
and teaching with practical application of
God’s Word. Come expecting to have a
personal encounter with God by His
Amazing Love!
Contact us at 248 719-0078 or
[email protected]