POSITIVE POWER - Barbara Williams

Dix Hills Ice Rink
(for boys & girls)
NHL Skating Coach
directed by
Barbara Williams
Former Pro Hockey Player
Assistant Director
David Pensa
Positive Power
(for boys & girls)
Barbara Williams was inducted in to the
Suffolk Sports Hall of Fame in 2011
Join us for a positive experience!
located at
Dix Hills Ice Rink
575 Vanderbilt Parkway, Huntington, NY 11746
To register, contact Barbara Williams at 631-360-1638
or e-mail [email protected]
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A medical certificate is required if the applicant suffers from any allergies or if he requires medical attention of any kind. I agree that I shall provide health insurance to cover personal injury and property
damage sustained while participating in the activities of or while on the premises of the Barbara Williams Hockey School. I acknowledge that ice hockey is a high risk activity and I give approval for my child
to participate in all activities of the Barbara Williams Hockey School both on and off ice. I assume all risks and forever absolve, indemnify and hold harmless, the Positive Power Hockey School, Barbara
Williams, David Pensa, Dix Hills Ice Rink, Inc. and any of its employees in the event of accident or loss however caused. I certify by my signature that the registrant is in good health, and acknowledge
that I have read and understand all the conditions contained in this application and agree to abide by them.
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Check Week: Week 1 - July 20 - 24
Week 2 - August 24 - 28
Jersey Size: Youth XL
Adult S
Adult M
Adult L
Adult XL
Check here if goalie
Date __________________ Amount Enclosed ________________________
Complete and return with full payment (check or money order) made payable to: Barbara Williams - 26 Primrose Lane, Kings Park, NY 11754
2015 POSITIVE POWER Summer Hockey School Registration Form
Join us for a positive experience!
26 Primrose Lane
Kings Park, NY 11754
Barbara Williams
Barbara Williams
Barbara was the first recognized
female skating coach in the
National Hockey League. She
was the official skating coach
to two NHL teams, the New
York Islanders and the New Jersey Devils. She
also trained four NHL farm teams and over
200 NHL pros privately. She is the only female
to have her own hockey school. Barbara is a
nationally recognized power skating coach, she
has many of her students in the NHL, as well as
Division I colleges. She is a lecturer in drug and
alcohol prevention programs and a motivational
speaker on positive thinking and the building of
one’s self esteem.
Work Up a Sweat...
On and Off the Ice!
These specially prepared training sessions were
well designed and well thought out by Barbara
Williams and David Pensa.
Cost - $495
Food - You can purchase a lunch package for the
week for $35.00. Please make checks payable to
D&J Refreshments, c/o Dix Hills Ice Rink and mail
to 575 Vanderbilt Parkway, Huntington, NY 11746.
Stick Handling - Shooting - Passing - Checking:
David Pensa will be teaching fundamentals and
advanced techniques along with his coaches in
these areas.
You may also bring your own lunch.
Team Play Tactics: Strategy that will give the
player a better understanding of his role as
offense, defense and goaltender.
David Pensa
Goaltending: The most difficult position to play
on a team and the most instructionally neglected
position. Learn skating, timing and balance,
goaltenders must be good skaters.
As a native Long Islander, David played for the
Oyster Bay Gulls and went on to play for the
New Jersey Rockets, where he won 2 National
August 26 - 30 - Peewee/Bantam/High School
9:15 am - 3:30 pm - (No 1/2 days / No Beginners)
Skating Dynamics: Barbara Williams will be
teaching her latest methods in power skating,
edge control, speed, balance and agility. Both
fundamentals and advanced techniques will be
Barbara published her first book, “More Power to
Your Skating” (65,000 copies sold). Her new book,
“Positive Power,” is now available at Amazon and
for the Kindle. Barbara also owns a clothing line,
“Positive Power”
Dave began his hockey career at
the University of MassachusettsLowell (Division 1). His work
ethic and smart physical play
earned him and invitation to
the NHL’s San Jose Sharks pro
camp. He went on to play professional hockey
in the ECHL for the Columbus Chill, Jacksonville
Lizard Kings and the South Carolina Stingrays.
July 20 - 24 - Peewee/Bantam/High School
9:15 am - 3:30 pm - (No 1/2 days / No Beginners)
Controlled Scrimmage: The opportunity to apply
all of the player’s learned skills in a game situation.
“Barbara is a great powerskating coach.
The key drills she taught me were very
helpful. Powerskating for goalies is
crucial for development.”
- Keith Kincade, NHL, New Jersey Devils
Jump Rope • Light Weight Sessions
Conditioning, Agility, Stretching Sessions
Counselors - Junior A & College Players
(Refreshment stand is not open during camp hours)
Equipment - Full hockey equipment needed,
including 2 sticks. Please put your name on all
items. You will also receive a Positive Power jersey.
Sonny Milano - 1st Round 2014 NHL draft pick
Boston College
Rob Ogara - Boston Bruins Draft pick
Yale University
Nick Hutchinson - Northeastern University
Michael Marnell - St. Lawrence University
Frank DiChiara - Yale University
Keith Kinkade - New Jersey Devils (NHL)
Michael Monfredo - ECHL
Dana Trivigno - Boston College, Division I
Director’s Statement:
Interested in obtaining a college scholarship
or just learning to be a better hockey player?
Through Barbara and David’s training, your
overall performance as a hockey player will be
enhanced as well as your mental outlook about
yourself and your game. We will guarantee
your child will become a better skilled and
knowledgeable hockey player, while instilling
leadership, confidence, sportsmanship and
building self esteem.
Drug and Alcohol Prevention
Self Esteem Issues • Bullying Issues
Positive Thinking
For private lessons with Barbara or clinic information on College,
Juniors and Midgets, please call 631-360-1638
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