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Legal Services for the
European Shale Sector
Reed Smith’s unique shale offering…
Early engagement with landowners is essential to
any shale development. We can help you put in
place the necessary agreements and advise you
on any trespass issues.
Funding and
Many of the shale plays have been and may
continue to be developed by small independents.
Reed Smith are adept at advising on joint
venturing, raising finance (debt/equity) as well as
the sale and purchase of shale assets.
Planning (zoning)
We can advise on all aspects of regional and
national planning law and planning consents
required for shale projects.
Joint Operating,
Drilling and Other
Whether required by drillers, operators or service
providers, these are critical to any shale gas
project and our Energy & Natural Resources
Group has extensive experience.
Public Opposition
Companies seeking to explore for shale in the UK
are likely to be faced with aggressive protests and
campaigns. Reed Smith can support operators
in seeking appropriate relief against trespass and
harassment, and help to ensure that projects are
not interrupted or abandoned. We have extensive
experience of advising multinationals seeking
suitable redress against protestors.
Environmental issues
The environmental impacts of fracking are
among the most controversial. We have one of
the country’s leading specialist environmental
law teams, who can advise on the full range
of environmental issues such as permitting,
water contamination, water and emissions and
environmental disputes.
The UK government has pledged to create a
generous tax regime for shale gas, and there are
frequent announcements about what tax breaks
may apply to developers and local councils. Reed
Smith can help guide you through the relevant tax
rules and regimes.
Reed Smith are leading advisors on engineering
& construction procurement, the subsequent
negotiation and placing of contracts, on
contractual/legal issues during implementation
of projects and the resolution of claims and/or
disputes (by negotiation, arbitration, litigation).
Reed Smith’s Unique Insight:
Offtake and Marketing
Reed Smith is one of the world’s pre-eminent law
firms in relation to all aspects of the trading of gas,
power and other physical commodities and their
Reed Smith has a decade of experience in shale exploration and production in the Marcellus and Utica Shale
in the US and more recently in jurisdictions outside the US. We offer a ‘start-to-finish’ service to support
clients, throughout all stages of project development and expansion, leasing, contract review, land acquisition,
and disputes. Our lawyers have represented exploration and production companies as well as transportation
and storage companies and contractors, and have extensive experience of advising on lease and access
disputes, regulatory compliance, exploration and production agreements and JV and operating agreements.
Our London lawyers regularly work as part of a transatlantic team and have done so on shale transactions.
Reed Smith are thus uniquely well-positioned to guide companies with an interest in shale in the UK, who
are entering unchartered legal waters.