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Men like watching, talking and joking about sport. Simple! After significant demand from charities, is now offering them a unique opportunity to tap into elusive male donors directly from
your website via your very own fully-branded sports prediction fundraising area that you can link to from
anywhere. A simple “Click here to start an online sports fundraiser” option is all you need.
Complimenting traditional methods of fundraising (PayPal, MyCharity, JustGiving, etc.) your supporters can
easily create a last man standing competition webpage in aid of your charity and share it with friends and
supporters, all from your website. The prize and the fun of playing and bantering with friends is the
incentive to donate. Here are the sports events were games are currently run off:
1. English Premier League soccer
2. Major golf tournaments
3. League of Ireland soccer
4. GAA National Football League
5. Rugby World Cup 2015
6. Aviva Rugby Premiership
7. GAA Football and Hurling Championships will provide the required betting license to run the sports prediction game (if necessary)
as well as the online platform where all the games are hosted. RunLastMan will also look after the full
management of the competition as outlined in more detail below, including the payments.
All competition webpages run and promoted through your website will be white-labelled to match the colour
scheme of your brand with all other pages also having your branding. Enthusiastic donors create their
fundraising page all through a fully-branded process.
Product Offering digitizes and automates the running, management and promotion of popular sports
predictions games, with the last man standing competition (explained below) being the most popular.
Our core game, the last man standing competition, is a knock-out competition where a group of people pay
a fee (generally €10/£10, can be lower) to enter, and compete with each other to win a cash prize, which is
either a percentage of the total raised or a fixed prize as set by the organizer. A popular alternative is to
make the competition free to enter, with a sponsor covering a fixed pot (e.g., €/£500) or a fixed prize (e.g.,
a free trip to a Premiership game).
The parameters for the competition are set by your supporter who starts the game:
Competition start date
Entry fee
Sporting event to run it with
A fixed prize or minimum prize pot
The percentage of the pot to be donated
Your very own last man standing website
RunLastMan will create a separate subdomain where all of the competitions run in aid of your charity are
located. Example of subdomain (not a live link):
White-Labelled Competition Pages
In order to maximise the personalized look and
feel of the competitions for your website, all major branding can be removed from
the page with the colour scheme of your brand
added to enhance the power of your brand and
make it look and feel as if it’s a home-grown game.
Multi-Device Play
Players create their own private games where users pay, make their picks and communicate with other
players on a fully mobile-optimized website, on desktop or on a tablet.
Fully-Licensed Gambling Company
As there’s a small gaming element to it, has all the relevant licenses with the UK
Gambling Commission covering all players in the UK and Ireland.
Take all donations and pay out winnings manages all donations taken in. Regardless of whether there’s a payment involved,
RunLastMan pays out all the winners for all competitions run off your website. Players can donate with all
major credit cards, and can even pay in cash.
Manage all communication
Our product emails all players in your competitions after each round, updating them on the results of the
previous round and reminding your players to make their picks for the upcoming round. Before it starts,
several emails are also sent encouraging players to share it with their friends and providing tips to play the
Golf Last Man Standing
This game is also fully developed and was previously run between July and August 2014 with the Open
Championship and 4 live championships.
How does it work?
Players pay their entry fee and simply pick a
team of 3 golfers in the tournament with
combined odds of over 100/1. The participant
whose team has the lowest combined scores at
the end of day 4 wins the pot. All 3 of your golfers
must make the cut or you’re out, and the
competition runs for a single tournament over 4
Calendar of events
US Masters, April 9–12
U.S. Open, June 18–21
Open Championship, July 16–19
PGA Championship, Aug 13–16
Example of how it would work
John wants to raise money for your charity and checks out your website. He sees the option to run a sports
prediction game and knows his mates would love this. He clicks the link on your website, creates a US
Masters golf competition and connects his Facebook and Twitter account. He also uses the website to send
an email invite to his friends to join in.
Donators now simply go to the page, donate £/€10 to join, select 3 golfers they fancy and optionally share it
further with their friends. The page has a live feed updated every 5 mins and the leaderboard is updated
automatically. At the end of day 4 there’s one winner who cashes out himself online and the funds are
transferred to your charity.
Summary of the Rules
1. The last man standing is for the duration of one tournament only, which is 4 days long generally.
2. Choose a team of 3 golfers with combined odds of over 100/1.
3. All 3 golfers must make the cut after day 2. If they don’t, you’re out.
4. The player whose team of golfers has the lowest combined scores at the end of day 4 wins the pot.
A tablet view of a golf competition in a white labelled version
Last Man Standing (ending soon for 2014/15)
We have had over 16,000 paid entrants and over 470 competitions in Ireland and the UK with our flagship
football game. A new set of Premiership competitions will be available to run starting in August, and in
March for the League of Ireland.
Calendar of events
Premiership games run: August–April
NFL games run: August–Dec
League of Ireland games run: March–October
Aviva Rugby Premiership games run: August–April
Example of how a Premiership last man standing works for your charity
Let’s run through an example. John sees his friend’s post on Facebook about the last man standing he’s
running in aid of your charity. He follows the link, registers, donates €10 and picks Chelsea to beat Spurs.
Another 99 people join bringing the pot up to €1,000. Your charity has raised a cool €450 from this one
If Chelsea win in week 1 John goes through, but he won’t be able to pick Chelsea again. Peter picks Villa to
beat Arsenal, but it’s a draw so Peter is out. John picks winners for the next few weeks until he’s the only
man left picking winners and he’s crowned the “Last Man Standing”.
Summary of the rules:
1. Pick ONE team to win in week 1. If they win, you pick again next week. Lose or draw and you’re
2. You can only pick a team to win once in a competition.
3. All selections must be in 15 mins before kick-off of the first match.
4. Rounds of fixtures may take place on weekends or mid-week.
5. The competition continues until only ONE person remains and wins the pot.
6. There can be 2 winners if it’s down to the last 2 and they both fail to pick a winner. The pot is split
equally in this case. If more than 2 are left and nobody picks a winner everyone rolls into the next
Weekend Last Man Standing
The weekend version of last man standing is being launched in April 2015. This game is perfect for April
and May when there are not an adequate number of weeks to run a last man standing competition where a
minimum 8 week period is required. However, it will be offered year-round from August 2015 onwards for
all last man standing sports.
How does it work?
Your supporters decide which sporting event to run it with: Premier League, SPL or the League of Ireland.
Players donate €10 and try and predict the correct score of ALL games in a single round of weekend
fixtures. The organizer running it for your charity has 2 options:
a. Just 1 fixture round: The competition lasts for just ONE fixture round, or
b. Several fixture rounds: You pick the number of fixture rounds (e.g., 4 weeks) to run it for and the
player with the most points at the end wins
The scoring works as follows:
Each correct score prediction: 3 points
Don’t get the correct score, but pick the winner: 1 point
If the game is a draw or the other team wins: 0 points
Example of how a weekly LMS works for your charity
Jimmy is browsing your charity site and sees your gaming page. He creates a weekly last man standing
game with the Premier League, shares it on his Facebook and email and Whatsapps all his friends with the
link. 50 of his mates join from your website, each paying €10. Your charity raises a nice €225 from this
Summary of the Rules
1. The organizer decides the number of fixture rounds to include in the competition. Can be 1 or up to
2. The last man standing scoring is for the duration of a weekend fixture list. If the competition runs for
more than 1 week, players repeat the process each weekend for the duration of the competition.
3. Predict the correct score of ALL 10 GAMES in a fixture round.
4. Each successful winning prediction gets you 1 point. Each correct result gets you 3 points.
5. The winner is decided by the person with the most points at the end of the fixture rounds decided by
the organizer.
Based in Sandyford in Dublin
Team: 3 full time, 1 part time
Launched: November 2013
Licensed: Remote pool betting license with the UK Gambling Commission since June 2014
Operates: Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland and United Kingdom
Introduction: is a new fully-regulated online fundraising provider based in Ireland. Our core game is an
automated last man standing competition (see how it works here). RunLastMan's primary aim is to provide
its service for people to raise money for grassroots sports clubs and charities in the UK and Ireland by
providing fun sports prediction games. We have passed the stage of proof of concept for our primary
market with over 16,000 entrants as of March 2015 from 400 clubs, both grassroots and professional, 30+
charities and 40+ groups of friends.
In 2015 we are going to take the concept mainstream in the UK and Ireland. Concurrently we will be adding
more games, partnering with large media organizations and charities and entering new markets.
Fully-Licensed to Provide Sports Prediction Games
The area we operate in is deemed to be gaming-related despite the fundraising focus of the business. As
such, the company has all required licenses to operate in the UK and Ireland and is licensed to operate
competitions on behalf of other companies and charities.
Over 16,000 Paid Users So Far
Since our full launch in Ireland in November 2013 (see picture below) we have had over 16,000 paid
players generating over €170,000 in bets/donations made from 470 competitions. As of March 2015, total
site visits since launch are 300,000 with close to 140,000 unique visitors. February saw 23,000 unique
visitors viewing our competitions.
Our most successful competition to date in terms of players is 214 from a small GAA club in Ireland, raising
close to €2,000 for the club in just 10 days.
High User Satisfaction
Our expertise is in harnessing web technology to its full potential to deliver
effective, attractive and easy-to-use sports betting games. Our development
team has a deep understanding of software development methods, mobile
web development approaches and development tools that deliver engaging
user experiences.
All of our games are optimised to the strengths of tablets, mobile phones, and
configurations, Android devices and emulators which we test against to
ensure the broadest practical reach for all our games.
For information on pricing and how to get started please contact [email protected] or call 012938827
in Ireland or 020711935001 in the UK to arrange a demo.