TN 26-3- - St Joseph`s College

1875-2015 Celebrating 140 Years
VOL 43 No. 8 | 26 March
Back-to-back GPS Volleyball
Premiers after clinching the
title with a three-set win over
Churchie last weekend.
Terracians Thrice To The Fore
Dear Members of the Terrace Family,
As we draw close to the end of Term 1 and
approach the time of Easter, I wanted to
share three very different but outstanding
examples of the Terrace Family in action.
The first of these was the Trivia ‘n Tunes
last Friday evening. The event was a fund
raiser for the Gallipoli Choir, however it
was much more than this. More than 200
people from the Terrace and All Hallows’
communities gathered in the Primary Quad
and were witness to the outstanding talent
of the singers and musicians. The young
men and women were great ambassadors
for their schools and their families. The
Primary Quad was transformed into an
outdoor performance space that captured
St Joseph’s
St Joseph’s
the Gallipoli atmosphere. The performance
was partnered with the huge show of support
from both schools and the large band of
helpers who ensured the success of the
evening. It was a wonderful example of the
many facets of the Terrace Family working
together. My congratulations to all involved.
The second example of the Terrace Family
in action was in the Campbell Centre last
Saturday when large numbers of students
across all year levels, along with many
staff and parents, gathered to support the
1st Volleyball team in their quest for the
GPS Volleyball premiership. The Year 12s
inspired the crowd and the students were
vocal, spirited and, importantly, sporting
in their support of the Volleyball team. The
‘Terradome’ was electric.
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End Of Term
Term 1 finishes next Thursday
(2 April) at 3.10pm for all students.
Term 2 begins on Monday (20 April).
The final edition of Terrace News for Term
1 will be published next Thursday as will
the second (and final) edition for Term 1 of
The Locker Room.
Please take note of these publications,
which will include details of/or pointers to,
the many holiday activities.
Also ensure that you maintain a regular
watch on the Parent Lounge and relevant
Facebook and Twitter accounts.
Terracians Thrice To The Fore (cont'd)
Congratulations to the 1st Volleyball team
which won the game and was crowned 2015
GPS Volleyball Premiers. At the completion
of the game players congratulated
themselves and their opponents and then
came over to their supporters and together
the Campbell Centre echoed Terrace to the
Fore. Congratulations to the volleyballers
and the spirited supporters.
My third example of the Terrace Family
was a sad but extraordinarily impressive
demonstration of support. Last week the
Terrace Family lost one of its members,
Mrs Jenny Graham, mother of Conan,
Patrick, Damon and Cassie and wife to
Bill. The Terrace Family offers its sympathy
and support to the Graham family in their
time of loss. As a sign of this support a
large number of Terrace students and staff
attended Jenny’s funeral. Their attendance
was to support their fellow classmates. At
the conclusion of the Mass, the Terrace
students embraced Conan, Patrick and
Damon. They shook hands, hugged and
chatted with the boys to reassure them of
their support. For young men this is not
an easy task, yet the Terrace Gentlemen
offered their support without hesitation
and with sincerity and compassion. I was
extraordinarily proud to be part of the
Terrace Family last Friday. Please continue
to keep Bill, Cassie, Conan, Patrick and
Damon in your thoughts and prayers.
Recently the College was advised that
Year 11 student, Xavier Rui, has been
awarded the 2015 Simpson Prize for his
essay titled: To what extent did Australians
enlist in 1914 to defend the Mother Country.
The Simpson Prize is a national competition
for students that encourages participants
to focus on the significance of Anzac Day
and what it means to them and to Australia.
Xavier was the Queensland winner. This is
an outstanding result and on behalf of all
within the Terrace Family I congratulate
As we approach the end of the Lenten
period and the commencement of Easter,
I remind families about the Lenten Appeal
that is currently collecting funds within the
House groups. I have witnessed a range of
activities as part of this fundraising process
and I thank all involved in the campaign thus
far and encourage all to continue to support
the Lenten Appeal in these final days.
Finally this week, I remind students to
remain focussed on their studies during
the exam block. This is always a stressful
time and so, as parents, part of our role
is to continue to encourage and support
our children as they journey through the
stresses of exams and assessment. This
support can at times be difficult but is so
important. Good luck to all families during
this exam period. A reminder that normal
classes will operate on Wednesday and
Thursday next week, and students will be
dismissed at 3.10pm on Thursday. Term
1 Reports will be posted home over the
Easter holiday period.
Have a great week.
God Bless,
Dr Michael Carroll
1st XI team member Ed Burns. The team is currently second going into the final round of
GPS Cricket fixtures this weekend against Brisbane State High School.
College Dean, Mr Chris Ryan
College ‘App’ - With the wonderful financial
support of The Cardinals, the College has
engaged a company called DigiStorm to
develop a smartphone application that
will integrate many of our communication,
social media and database communication
and information points into one userfriendly service for students, staff, parents
and the wider community.
is facilitated by The Cardinals each year.
Other aspects will include a customised
calendar, sport and culture information,
notices and links to the Parent Lounge,
Student Café, flexischools for the bistro, GT
Facebook, Twitter and more! Development
is underway for a ‘soft launch’ in Semester
2 and an official launch with instructions
and support for the 2016 academic year.
If you are interested in understanding
what this might look like please download
DigiStorm examples from The Southport
School and Brisbane Grammar from the
Apple App store and the Google Play Store
for Windows for free.
Staff News - Congratulations to Reidy
House Dean, Mr Rob Johnson and his wife
Bec on the arrival of baby girl Maggie Claire.
Terrace will be customising its own version
that will include the Business Directory that
As we approach the holidays, we wish Mr
Peter Whitehouse all the best for a month
of long service leave after the break and
Mrs Melinda Egan, our Head of Library
the same for a little longer until the end of
May. Mr Michael Conley will be enjoying a
longer break as he will be on leave for all of
Term 2. Mr Conley’s replacement is being
organised currently.
During this time, we will welcome Mr
Colin Thompson to the staff replacing Mr
Whitehouse in Digital Technology and
Information Processing Technology and
Mrs Mary Ryan will cover for Mrs Egan’s
classes and join the Library team led by Mrs
Jane Fox during this time. Mrs Ryan has
had several stints with us including looking
after Mr Darren Brown’s Year 6 class
recently while he was on leave looking after
his new baby, William.
Dean of Studies, Mrs Julie Quinn
With the start of exams upon us this week,
my hope is that the many students who
have worked so hard this term can receive
their deserved reward.
For some students this reward will be
receiving results in the A range and for
others it will be receiving results in the C
range. Irrespective of the outcome, our
hope and aim is that each boy can be proud
of his results and can honestly say that
these results reflect a best effort.
These assessment times reflect the
culmination of Friday roll call, class
concentration, logging and tracking of
hours. I am continually impressed with the
commitment from so many of our boys.
Below is a copy of a page of the school
diary of a Year 9 student who has worked
consistently all term. Such dedication and
commitment are to be applauded from
students who are striving to achieve their
best. This is the diary of a student who is
also involved in many co-curricular activities
and his manners and demeanour reflect
those of the true “Terrace Gentleman”.
Below are some strategies for maximising
outcomes in exams:
1. The night before the exam make sure
you have checked and packed the
required equipment.
2. The night before the exam go over
rules, dates or any other rote learning
that is required.
3. The night before the exam, mentally
list every topic and key points in the
topics that you have covered in the
exam subject during the term.
4. Make sure you get adequate sleep the
night before the exam.
5. On the morning of the exam, make
sure you have a good breakfast.
6. On arrival at school do not get caught
up in ‘panic conversation’ that could
undermine your confidence.
8. Be positive and confident! If you have
worked hard during the term this is the
time when you deserve to be rewarded.
Go into the exam feeling strong and
confident – do not doubt yourself.
9. During perusal read the paper carefully.
Use a highlighter to remind or make
yourself aware of key points.
10. During the exam be aware of the time.
There is nothing more frustrating than
not being able to answer a question
when you know how to do it!
11. Work hard for the whole duration of
the exam. Check, check and re-check
your work until it is time to hand in your
exam paper.
Remember the 3 ‘Ps’ – Prepare,
My best wishes to all students for their
exams over these next two weeks.
7. Plan your strategy for time allocation
prior to the exam.
Dean of Students, Mr Damien Fall
This week is all about exams for the Terrace
Community. At the culmination of a busy
term, it is important that students focus
squarely on exams as their main priority
over the coming days. For all students
except Year 5, exams commenced on
Wednesday 25 March. Over the exam
period, students’ social life needs to be
put on hold as they focus their energies on
being as well prepared as possible. I wish
all of our young men the very best with their
exams over the coming days.
At last Tuesday’s College Assembly, we
were privileged to listen to the Gallipoli
Choir, which will soon represent our nation
at the Dawn Service in Gallipoli. This week,
I have written to parents about Camp
Gallipoli, a Federal Government endorsed
initiative in recognition of the centenary
of Anzac Day. The aim of the event is to
simulate some of the spirit and emotion of
Anzac Cove by holding a campout in the
RNA showgrounds, followed by a dawn
service. We have been able to reserve a
limited number of tickets and would like to
offer this opportunity as a unique parent/
student event within our community. I ask
that you read my correspondence about
Camp Gallipoli and consider whether you
would like to attend. I understand that
tickets for the general public are very limited
and we will sell tickets this week on a firstin basis on College Events on the website.
I was privileged to watch the First VI
Volleyball team claim the Premiership on
Saturday with a great performance. Equally
impressive were the students who came
along to support, cheering themselves
hoarse in the process. It was an excellent
display of school spirit on the part of these
young men and I congratulate the ‘GT
Generals’ Spirit Squad who have led the
way during Term 1. Best of luck to the
cricketers in the final round this weekend,
particularly the 1st and 2nd XI, which have
both enjoyed a great recent run of form.
Summer seems to be finally coming to an
end after plenty of heat and storms to start
the year. The time when we commence with
the winter uniform is approaching and I ask
that parents check to ensure the uniform
is ready to go. From the start of Week 2
next term, all students will be expected to
wear their blazer to and from school every
day. For students in Years 11 and 12,
long trousers will be compulsory. Younger
students have the option of wearing either
long or short trousers with their black blazer.
Please note that the term finishes for all
students at 3.10pm on Thursday 2 April,
following our Easter Liturgy. Even if a
student has finished all assessment before
this day, he is expected to be at school. I
respectfully ask that all parents support
the school and ensure their sons are in
attendance until the term is finished.
Dean of Waterford, Mr Damien Cuddihy
It’s been an excellent week leading into the
exam block with the before school tutoring
sessions attracting a great deal of interest
from the boys. This cohort has certainly
embraced the opportunity to access extra
assistance with their studies. In Term 2,
we are offering two new service learning
opportunities for the Year 10 cohort.
The first is the “Head to Heart” program
which is a modified 24-hour Edmund
Rice Camps program starting on a Friday
afternoon and finishing on the Saturday at
around 4pm. This program will be offered
at the end of Week 2 next term. In short,
our students are paired up with a primary
school aged participant from the community
who generally has struggled to undertake
mainstream schooling. Later in the year
our students will have the opportunity to
participate in longer programs with Edmund
Rice Camps Australia.
The second opportunity is to join our
homework support club being run at
St Mary’s of the Cross on Wednesday
afternoons throughout the term. We are
looking for a small group of volunteers
who are prepared to travel to St Mary’s in
Windsor by College bus to assist students
with homework after school.
We have permission slips for both
opportunities at the Waterford Student
Services if your son is interested in
volunteering for these programs.
Middle & Lower School, Mr Brendan Ganley, Mr Russell Cooper
I was initially amused by a photo I saw
last week that accompanied the following
headline: “Parents risk lives climbing
exam buildings to help hundreds of Indian
students cheat”.
The content and context of the story was
less amusing and the inference was frankly
disconcerting. However, we parents all
want the best for our children and although
we would (hopefully) never go to those
lengths, we can assist during exam time by
maintaining regular routines, encouraging
and praising success and by retaining a
genuine and reassuring interest in our
children’s academic endeavours. Above
all, we must avoid getting caught up in
our child’s anxiety around this time but
instead seek to discover the root cause of
their anxiety and discuss and demonstrate
possible solutions. Remember, learning is a
journey, not the destination.
Thus, with exams upon us, the academic
focus is revision, revision, revision! It is
now, that all the extra preparation both at
school and at home will pay dividends for
those boys who invested the time. Boys
should use all the study tips provided to
them by the school but also make sure that
they eat a healthy, balanced diet and obtain
adequate rest and sleep. Recreational
activities and hobbies should not be
abandoned altogether, although study
should, as ever, be the priority.
Week 10 also sees students in Years 7
and 9 participate in a number of NAPLAN
preparation tasks in the Campbell Centre,
as well as Year 7 boys partaking in the Peer
Power program within their House cohort.
It should be clear that the term does not
wind down during exams but is instead,
all part of the Terrace academic routine. I
wish all boys success during the exams and
encourage them to seek assistance should
they need it.
Dean of Identity, Mr Peter Finnigan
We are now at the business end of the term.
Weekend sports have almost concluded
and the boys now have their heads down
and are engaged in the important task of
completing their examinations. This is what
they have been preparing for during the last
eight weeks, their journey throughout Term
1 has reached its destination.
There has also been another journey over
the last five weeks, for the boys, the Terrace
Family and for the Universal Church. Our
Lenten journey, which began on Ash
Wednesday, challenges us to examine
our relationship with God and answer the
never-ending call to grow closer to God and
be the eyes, ears, hands and feet of Jesus
to those around us.
Here at school the boys have answered this
call by putting faith into action through the
generous support of their House Friendship
Groups. Next week our Lenten Appeal will
also reach its destination with much needed
funds going to support those in need in our
local community.
This week the College hosted the Board of
Edmund Rice Education Australia. It is a
timely reminder to us that Terrace is part of
a much bigger picture that goes far beyond
state and national borders.
St Joseph’s College is one of approximately
50 Edmund Rice Schools in Australia. Like
Terrace, every one of these schools has its
own specific identity, a history of which to
be to be proud, a present to be celebrated
and a future to be revealed.
However, every one of these schools has
one thing very precious in common. The
bond, the connection that holds each school
together as a united family is the charism of
Blessed Edmund Rice and the heritage of
the Christian Brothers.
At Terrace we remain grateful for the
legacy of the Christian Brothers and their
continuing work in our Church today.
From Pope Francis:
“Christians…, are called to care for the
vulnerable of the earth…the homeless, the
addicted, refugees, indigenous peoples,
the elderly who are increasingly isolated
and abandoned, and…unborn children, the
most defenceless among us”.
Culture, Mr Matt Cocking
Congratulations to all the students who
are achieving great results throughout the
complete spectrum of cultural activities.
Whether it be a Year 5 student standing
on stage for the first time in the Middle
School Production of Seussical Jr or a
Year 12 student with continued passion
and leadership of others for their musical
endeavours. It is these students and what
they give that empowers our staff to give
more every day.
Weekend Sunrise - From a Turkish
newspaper to Weekend Sunrise the
Gallipoli Choir are making their mark on the
world media. Year 9 Terrace student Alex
O'Meally was interviewed on Channel 7
Weekend Sunrise last Sunday as he is the
youngest member to sing at the 2015 Dawn
Service. Well done to Alex and the entire
choir. The interview can be seen http://
Public Speaking - Good luck to Paddy
Cross who will represent Terrace at the
Lions Public Speaking Competition in
Toowoomba this Saturday. Paddy has
made it through three local and metropolitan
rounds to date and now competes in the
South East Queensland rounds.
Debating - Our Senior A Debaters who are
currently undefeated in the GPS competition
have started the QDU competition strongly
with a seven-point win over Grace
Lutheran College. With this team leading
and mentoring our younger students, the
activity is in good hands. The next round
of GPS debates is away against Brisbane
State High School.
the AHS stage Producer Leisa Quade
[email protected]
Thanks - Without our parent body, events
such as the recent Trivia & Tunes night
would not be possible. A sincere thank-you
to Mrs Natalie Scalia who organised and
sourced all the prizes and auction items; as
well as the team of parent volunteers who
gave so freely of their time to help on this
Middle School Production - The Middle
School Production of Seussical Jr is
well underway. If your son is part of this
musical please ensure that he is learning
his lines, songs and choreography and
able to perform this in front of you and your
friends. We are looking for parents to help
with makeup and wardrobe. Contact us at
[email protected] if you are able
to assist. Tickets will be on sale soon via
College Events.
Social Media - With so many activities
held at Terrace on any given day, it is
easy to miss a notification about a room
change or cancellation of practice. All last
minute changes will be sent via Twitter
so following @GTCulture is a must. The
Terrace Facebook page regularly highlights
the achievements of our students.
“Liking” this page also will give you extra
Senior Production Animal Farm (All
Hallows' School) - Animal Farm requires
mature stage crew. These students will
be in charge of backstage areas, lighting,
sound, microphone allocations and set
preparation. If you are interested in this
area of the entertainment industry contact
Date Claimers
Friday 27 March – GPS Debating
Round 4 vs BSHS (A)
Wednesday 1 April - QDU Round 2
Years 10 and 12
Music, Mr Brad Esbensen
Last Friday night, the Primary Quad was
transformed into an amazing outdoor
concert venue for the Trivia & Tunes
fundraiser for the GT/AHS Gallipoli Choir.
The choir, under the direction of Mrs
Bernadette Debattista and Mr Tim Sherlock,
was accompanied by the Symphonic Wind
Ensemble, directed by yours truly, and Red
Lopez, past student and choir member, on
piano. The concert went exceptionally well
and was followed by a fun-filled evening of
trivia and competitions.
Special thanks to all the musicians,
directors, support staff, parents and TPA for
making the evening so very successful.
On Saturday evening, the Terrace Jazz
Combo, made up of five students from the
TJO, performed as part of the entertainment
at the Volleyball Dinner. These young men
did an outstanding job, performing more
than an hour of jazz with minimal music and
much improvisation; no small feat for our
musicians who rose to the challenge!
Congratulations to the Waterford Strings
which, under the direction of Mrs Domenica
Kelly, performed Donegal Fiddles, a
traditional Irish tune, at Assembly this week.
There will be no Assembly performance
next week due to exams.
There are several major concerts taking
place next term and it would be great to see
the Terrace Community come out to support
our musicians. Dates and venues are set
out in the Coming Events section at the end
of this article. More information will be sent
to the performers involved via the Terrace
Music Event Memos once all details are
confirmed. There are limited numbers of
tickets available, free of charge, for the
GPS Showcase concert and these can be
obtained by contacting the Music Office.
Practice tip of the week - Remember
to breathe, even if you don’t play a wind
instrument! Maintaining good breath
control helps us to avoid excess tension in
performance as well as providing decisive
entries and shape to phrases. Practice
taking a few good, deep breaths and notice
how your mindset can change.
Please continue to pray for Mr Barry Bobart
and his family.
Coming Events:
Term 2
Anzac Day, 25 April Tennyson, Pep
Band TBC.
GPS Music Showcase, Thursday 30
April, QPAC.
Brisbane Big Band Festival, Sunday
17 May, Brisbane Jazz Club TJO –
Performance time TBC but it will be in
the morning/lunchtime.
GT140 Gala Ball, Saturday 23 May,
Fanfare Trumpet Team, TBC.
Norman Clarke Concert, Sunday 31
May, Villanova College.
Winter Concert, Thursday 4 June,
including Years 5 and 6 Band and
Strings classes and other groups TBA.
The Gallipoli Choir entertains last Friday night in the Primary Quad in front of College Hall.
Sports, Mr Damian Wright
Volleyball - Congratulations to the 1st VI
which had a magnificent victory on Saturday
afternoon to win the GPS Volleyball
Championship for the second year in a row.
The standout feature of this playing group
is an outstanding level of skill performed
under pressure. Well done to the boys
for their dedication and to the wonderful
leadership of the student body from Mr
David Mandall and Mr Sam Mackinnon.
The Coach of the team Mr Brendan Garlick
deserves special mention for his very levelheaded approach and easy-going delivery
of the coaching instruction.
The Volleyball program had another
outstanding year winning numerous days
against the opposition, giving testament
to an enjoyable experience for all the boys
Cricket - Only half the games were played
of the traditional round against Nudgee
College due to heavy rain. In the time
available Terrace Cricket flexed its united
strength and performed strongly across
the board – perhaps the standout result
of the morning was the Year 8A team
that continued on its winning way with a
resounding victory over their arch rival.
Whilst over at Ross Oval the Open 2nds
recorded a fantastic victory at the home of
NC Cricket – belting out a stirring rendition
of the school song to send all at Boondall
Training will continue at 7am Mon/Tues/
Wed/Thurs for Years 7-12.
First XI - The traditional round v Nudgee
turned out to be a bit of an anticlimax with
the afternoon fixtures being washed out.
The 1st XI had to settle for shared points
with a washout being recorded. The result
ensures that going into the final round, the
flagship team of the program is sitting in
second position on the points table. There
is a chance of top position on the podium if
results fall the team's way however all boys
should be very proud of their achievements
so far this year.
Camp - An invitation to the Cross Country
camp will be sent early next week to all boys
who have signed on for this year. If you
wish to go and do not receive an invitation,
please see Mr Hinch. The invitation will
contain the details on how to sign up and
pay via the Parent Lounge.
Cross Country - Training for our final week
of term will be held after exam block on
Wednesday and Thursday. Holiday training
will be held on Tuesday and Thursday both
weeks for Years 7-12, meeting at 9am at
the tunnel, finishing at 10.15am. Holidays
are a great time to fit in more training and
take advantage of different runs if you are
away. 'If you don’t use it you lose it.’ After
such great work it’s really important that
boys return ready to race.
Term 2 - We will train from the first day
of Term 2 with Years 5 and 6 joining in
on Monday/Wednesday mornings 7-8am
meeting at the tunnel with the coaches. If
there are clashes with training, boys can still
be involved and race on Friday afternoons
to try and make the team for GPS.
The camp will be held from Friday 8 May to
Sunday 10 May at Lennox Head. This is a
major part of our preparation for the GPS
Championships, and has been very popular
with more than 100 boys attending in recent
years. Only boys from Years 7 to 12 will be
automatically invited to attend the camp.
Rugby - Congratulations to Will Harrison,
Angus Morris, Jack Lutvey, Will Spurgin
and Ethan Moore on their invitation to
participate in the combined EREA team
against St Laurence’s College this Friday
night at Suncorp Stadium. These boys
have been invited along with students
from Nudgee, St James, St Patrick’s and
St Edmunds to take the field to join the
students from St Laurence’s in a celebration
of their proud and enduring Rugby heritage.
The EREA team is coached by our own
Director of Rugby Mr Tyron Mandrusiak.
Congratulations to GPS Cricket representatives
James Mullins
Connor Ballenden and
Zachary Campbell
Captains Corner, Vice Captain Reuben Wall
Term 1 is sharpening to an exam-filled point
with everyone finishing their respective
seasons and hours being spent on the
books revising. This is the time though
when stress and anxiety shouldn’t get the
better of us, it is a time to reap the rewards
of the hours of class work, Friday roll call
and homework.
It is now when you need to back yourself
and know the work you have done will pay
off. Recent achievements of some Red and
Black-bleeding Terracians are examples of
hard work paying dividends.
Both our 1st and 2nd Cricket teams, are
on three straight wins, with 1st XI Captain
Lachlan Kirk scoring 100 against Ipswich.
The hardest part of the term is behind us
- the 240-plus lessons, 9920 minutes of
Our enthusiastic and promising Senior A
Debating team is undefeated and most
recently our 1st VI Volleyball team has
claimed a second consecutive premiership.
These successes are the result of devotion
to the process and proof that all the effort is
worth it in the end.
So, when your Study Planner shows that
little bit extra, push through the urge to give
in. Stick to your processes and enjoy the
I hope everyone has a safe and rejuvenating
break, ready to continue bleeding the Red
and Black in Term 2.
Terrace Ladies Group
A big thank-you to all those who have helped us get ready for the Terrace Cookbook Launch
tomorrow. It will be wonderful to be able to finally share the lovely stories and delicious
recipes that are in the book.
If you are unable to attend tomorrow’s launch, the Cookbook is now available online through
College Events or at the Terrace Shop for $55 each.
Also, if you are able to donate a prize for the upcoming GT140 Ball on 23 May, please contact
Mel Josephson ([email protected]). Your contribution will be very much appreciated.
Ball tickets will be available online from 1 April.
A reminder that the next TLG meeting will be on Monday 4 May. Our guest speakers will be a
couple of young gentleman from Orange Sky Laundry. Orange Sky Laundry is the brain child
of two Terrace Old Boys. Their vision and enthusiasm for this project is inspirational.
Date Claimers
Friday 27 March - The Terrace Cookbook Launch, Tennyson 9am
TLG Meeting – Monday 4 May, 9am
Saturday 23 May - GT140 Gala Ball, RNA Convention Centre
Andrea Splatt TLG President
[email protected]
Departing Innamincka Tuesday 23 June 2015 and concluding at Ceduna Saturday 4 July 2015
4WD Simpson Desert
Victorian Desert
12 Day Tour
Members of the Terrace Family are invited to paticipate in this special event
held every two years. This year we are exploring the hidden corners of the
Simpson Desert National Park, Painted Desert then onto Coober Pedy and
Maralinga before travelling down Googs track to Cactus Beach finishing in
Ceduna. You will drive the famous 4WD tracks, like the WAA line and Rig
Road crossing 100s of sand dunes. Cactus Beach has three perfect surfing
breaks in an unspoilt environment. This trip is a once in a lifetime experience.
To secure your place a deposit of $500 is required (total cost per vehicle $4500).
For further information please contact Mr Andrew Morse on 0407 880 372 [email protected]
The Terrace Family
The Terrace Family is asked to pray for the repose of
the soul of:
Mrs Perri Purnell, grandmother of James O’Sullivan (GT2014),
Finbarr Farrell (9) and Fergus Farrell (6)
The Terrace Family is asked to continue to pray for the
welfare of:
Mr Simon Davidson (GT1987); Mr Robert Maitland (GT2000); Mr Barry Bobart, Director of Music and father of Ryan (GT2011)
and Linford Hulin-Bobart (12U)
The Simpson Prize
The Simpson Prize is a national
history essay competition for
Years 9 and 10 students that
encourages participants to focus
on the significance of Anzac
Day and what it means to them
and Australia. The title of the
competition is named in honour
of Jack Simpson Kirkpatrick, a
soldier immortalised in paintings
and sculptures carrying wounded
soldiers on a donkey. In 1999,
the Federal Government wanted
military history in an essay
competition. Each year, the
winner from each state is invited
to travel to Gallipoli to trace the
footsteps of the first Anzacs.
Xavier Rui, currently in Year
11, is the Queensland winner
of the 2015 Simpson Prize
competition. In April he will travel
to Gallipoli for the Centenary
Anzac Day services to retrace
the footsteps of our first Anzacs.
Also, the following teachers,
Ms Ruth Raymond, Mrs Susan
Hinton and Mrs Tracey McIvor,
have been influential in guiding
Xavier to develop his inquiry
skills in History. Xavier’s essay
is available publicly on the
Simpson Prize website.
Mrs Suzanne Cook
(Head of Humanities & the Arts).
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P e r f o r m i n g A rt s
What a fantastic evening of Trivia & Tunes we
had on Friday night.
Thank-you to all who attended, helped, served,
spent, cleaned up and donated. It was, not only
a fabulous night of getting together, but a great
night for fundraising for our Gallipoli Choir.
Congratulations to our prize and Silent Auction
winners and a huge thank-you to our sponsors.
(please see the list to the right)
I wish to sincerely thank the Terrace staff who
helped us with this big event: The maintenance
crew who worked tirelessly in the oppressive heat
on Friday, the cultural staff, the administrative
staff and, of course, to the TPA committee and
the Gallipoli Choir parents who went the extra
mile to ensure the 200 guests in attendance had
an even better time than they could have hoped.
Coming Events
Term 2
TPA meeting Monday 20 April
Middle School Production 8/9 May
TPA Mothers Mass Tuesday 19 May
Please email me ([email protected]) if
you are interested in helping with costumes for
the Middle School Concert.
Terrace Social Events
The Terrace Cookbook Launch - Friday 27 March, 9am Rodgers Pavilion, Tennyson
Year 5 Parents Night - Saturday 28 March, Cellar Bar, QA Hotel, James St, New Farm
Year 8 Coffee Morning - Tuesday 31 March, 9am Bar & Bistro, Victoria Park Golf Complex
Year 5 Coffee Morning - Friday 1 May, 8.30am Bar & Bistro, Victoria Park Golf Complex
Year 7 Parents Function - Friday 1 May, The Story Bridge Hotel, Kangaroo Point
GT140 Gala Ball - Saturday 23 May, Black Tie, Brisbane RNA Showgrounds
* Date Claimer *
Year 5 Parents’ Night - Saturday 28 March, Cellar Bar, QA Hotel New Farm
$30 pp 7-10pm email Suzie Gallagher [email protected]
The Terrace Cookbook Launch
Friday 27 March, 9am Rodgers Pavilion, Vivian Street Tennyson
Visit the College website under Events for further information on all social functions.