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MARCH 2015
Commercial Glazier and Glass Processor
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News – 4
The Green Deal hasn’t gone as planned; Stevenswood investment;
Network Veka ahead of the market; Quickslide partners Huddersfield Town
Machinery – 12
Crittall installs Addison; Schüco saw centre; More capacity at Hurst;
Stuga looking ahead;
The CAB Column – 18-20
CAB CEO Justin Ratcliffe – positive end to 2014;
technical director Justin Furness plans for the next conference
Glass & Structural Glazing – 21
Bespoke glass for doors; Regalead in top 1,000; commercial lock shines;
Schüco makes Passiv House; how to BIM video
Hardware – 26
Total Kenrick deal; two new catalogues; dealing with condensation
Product Extra – 31
Liniar switch for Garrard Windows
Products 32
New products and services
The Fabricator 2015
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I put off writing this until George had finished telling us our fortune for the
next financial year and we had heard, from the other side, why it is a load of
rubbish/won't work/we would do better. Then, remarkably, Ed Balls says he
wouldn't change a thing!
So what is in it for us? Well one interesting statistic I came across in the
treasury budget document says that, because fuel duty will not go up and has
not been increased for five years, a 'typical' motorist will save £9 every time
he fills up his tank. It seems someone is missing a point here: it isn't the
government's money to start with and it is not giving it back, it is just not taking it.
Other things, if not spectacular, look useful. A cut in corporation tax can't
be bad, there is a promise to make R&D tax credits more accessible and there
is also a somewhat vague promise to 'review' business rates.
I find the opposition's statement that it would not reverse anything a bit
puzzling given the rhetoric that followed the chancellor's statement. On the
other hand it could be just another 'foot-in-mouth' moment for Ed Balls and
an example of the not-so-joined-up planning we often see from Labour.
That the few things we are g
iven won't be taken back may be some
comfort, given that the election is, in any case, a bit of a scary prospect. We
could be handing the economy back to the party that screwed it up in the first place.
It amuses me to hear plans to reduce the deficit from the people who created it.
Then there is the Scottish question: the SNP's planned take-over of the UK.
Here's a scenario: the SNP wipes out Labour in Scotland, labour has no
chance of forming any kind of government alone but with the SNP could have
a majority. I know they are all saying “over my dead body” but that kind of
result would just bring a new meaning to the walking dead: it's about power – stupid.
The main reason I find the prospect scary is because, right now, things are
going in the right direction for the industry. The CAB report for the last
quarter of 2014 is all positive and, a big indicator, machinery is in great
demand.Anecdotally, everyone we talk to says that they are busy. Demand for
windows and doors seems to be well up and plans to build more new houses
can only increase that demand.
A change back to a 'tax-and-spend' economy would be a disaster for us all,
certainly in business but personally as well. Plus the inevitable increase there
would be in employment in the unproductive public sector.
A strong economy is about making stuff. More, it is about letting business –
people get on with making stuff without interference from parasitic public
servants. There are already enough regulations to comply with and service
companies out there checking up on us, making sure we comply with this or
that regulation and creaming a bit off of our bottom line when they do.
John Roper
In association
The Fabricator 2015
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Green fund not enough Investing
peaking at Ecobuild the energy
secretary Ed Davey referred to the
100,000 jobs created by the multimillion pound energy efficiency market.
In mentioning the Green Deal Davey
admitted that it “hasn’t gone as planned
or hoped for”. He went on to say:
“While we’ve had just shy of half a
million Green Deal assessments, with
the majority resulting in people investing
in home energy efficiency, the Green
Deal finance package itself hasn’t proved
attractive.” Mr Davey said the
government’s chief construction advisor
had been commissioned to look at
better ways of triggering “innovation and
deployment” to encourage a greater
uptake in energy efficiency measures,
specifically solid wall insulation.
Nigel Rees (pictured), Glass and
Glazing Federation (GGF) group chief
executive says: “It has taken a while but
the government now appears to finally
accept that its flagship initiative Green
Deal has failed to deliver the results that
DECC set over two years ago when the
scheme was launched. We welcome Mr
Davey’s comments about reviewing the
entire scheme – something the GGF has
called for over the last 18 months when
the statistics were showing a poor
uptake by homeowners.The GGF will be
contacting the Green Deal Construction
Board to offer to contribute to the
Green Deal review.”
On the third release of the Green
Deal home improvement fund the GGF
maintains that the £70m does not have
enough incentives for consumers
wanting to install energy efficient
Nigel Rees says: “Of course it is
positive to see funding for homeowners
wanting to make their properties more
energy efficient but we still feel the
incentives are not nearly enough for
homeowners wanting to install glazing.”
DECC’s latest Green Deal statistics
published in February show that out of
15,000 measures installed under Green
Deal Home Improvement Fund only 47
windows have been installed and Nigel
Rees says:, “The scheme and funding
appears to favour some types of energy
efficiency work and not others such as
glazing. The latest round of funding is a
slight improvement but is not nearly
enough to make a difference to
homeowners and the replacement
window industry.” ❐
Synseal has secured a
nomination for the 2015
Business Excellence Awards in
recognition of the company’s
operating performance and
dynamic business growth
achieved over the last two
financial years.
Success of businesses is largely
down to the collective effort of
all staff employed however the role played by leaders, especially in
the current challenging corporate environment, is a critical factor.
The Business Excellence Awards seek to prove that in times of
economic turmoil, good leadership can deliver the difference
between surviving and thriving.
“We are delighted to have received this Business Excellence
Awards nomination,” says Synseal’s chief executive David Leng,
“and it is encouraging to see that the ongoing corporate
development of our Synseal Group through organic sales growth
and strategic acquisitions is gaining recognition across the broader
business and investment community.” ❐
tevenswood, one of The Veka UK
Group's Scottish fabricators is
expanding its production capacity and
network of trade counters across the
country thanks to a £3.5m investment
of growth capital from the Business
Growth Fund (BGF).
The £11m turnover business, which
manufactures more than 1,000
windows and doors per week,
currently sells its products through its
trade counters in Edinburgh, Glasgow,
Aberdeen, Kilmarnock, Dundee and at
its headquarters in Livingston.
Stevenswood MD Ron Hepburn
(l) with Patrick Graham of
The £3.5m investment from BGF, the
independent company established to
help the UK’s growing businesses, will
see Stevenswood open additional trade
counters across Scotland, as well as
expanding its kitchen operations to
meet the growing demand for its quality
BGF has taken a minority stake in
Stevenswood with Patrick Graham
joining the board as investor director.
The board has been bolstered with the
appointment of David Pearson as
chairman and Murray McGarvie as
finance director.
BGF has backed 23 British
manufacturing businesses in the past
three years, from laser specialists in
Glasgow to carpet makers in
Kidderminster. ❐
The Fabricator 2015
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Get serious support
he Veka UK Group says that its
approved installer scheme is
continuing to grow in popularity as an
introduction to the range of support
available from The Veka UK group.
The approved fabricator and installer
scheme was launched at the FIT Show in
2014 and has already seen around 400
companies sign up to its package of
professional marketing support and lead
Sales and marketing director Colin
Torley says: “Boasting both Network
Veka and the Veka and Halo approved
installer schemes, we offer support to
suit businesses of all types and sizes.”
As part of the scheme, approved
installers make a commitment to only
sourcing Veka systems from approved
fabricators, reassuring customers that
their products and installations are of
the industry's highest standards.
There i
s also an online marketing
'hub'. National sales manager for the
approved installer scheme, Amy Grundy,
says:“The advantages of approved status
include access to a dedicated online
Being an aproved installer
helped Stockton-on-Tees based
installer Ultimate Window
Systems win a contract
materials that can be customised with
the company's own logo, contact details
and more.
Scottish doors
EZE UK has expanded its
technical sales team in a move that
will significantly enhance levels of
service for customers across Scotland.
Kenny Finlay, who has more than 20
years’ industry experience, has joined
the automatic doors sales team as
technical sales consultant.
In his new role, he will be responsible
for the sale of GEZE’s automatic door
products across the Scottish regions.
He will support the company’s
specification sales managers, working
closely with fabricators and main
contractors to build and develop client
relationships. Finlay has extensive
Colin Torley
“In the last four months alone, more
than 5000 items have been personalised
and ordered through this facility.”
Colin Torlet says: “The Veka and Halo
approved installer schemes enhance our
support offering, launching at last year's
FIT Show to i
nstant and continuing
success, with approved companies now
numbering over 400 and counting.
“The approved installer scheme
complements Network Veka, acting as
an introduction to support from The
Veka UK Group. It's a two-tiered
offering that recognises one size doesn't
necessarily fit all and we're pleased with
how it works.
“Network Veka was the first UKbased organisation of its kind –
committed to guaranteeing quality and
service for homeowners from day one.
supporting members for almost 20
years, it remains the industry's leading
installer organisation.
“Veka and Halo's approved installer
schemes offer a straightforward way for
installers to begin boosting their
business with The Veka UK group's
support while demonstrating an
ongoing commitment to fitting PVC-U
products of the highest quality. It's free
to join and there's dedicated sales
support from our talented team of staff.
“For Ultimate Window Systems, being
an approved installer made the crucial
difference in winning a particular retail
job. Apparently, membership of an
approved installer scheme had been one
of the homeowner's main criteria in
choosing a company to work with.” ❐
experience in the domestic door and
gate automation market from running
one of the largest franchise offices in the
UK. Elsewhere he had been the top
performing sales person. He has worked
on a variety of different projects
including key 2014 Commonwealth
Games venues and major refurbishment
of a shopping mall in Newcastle.
Finlay says:“GEZE is a major company
in the commercial door industry
delivering top quality products while
always keeping a focus on customer
satisfaction. I am therefore delighted I
have this fantastic opportunity to work
with a like-minded team.“
Andy Howland, sales director of
GEZE UK, says: “I am certain that
Kenny’s industry expertise and genuine
commitment to customers will ensure
that he will be a valuable member of our
team.” ❐
The Fabricator 2015
Page 1
Specialist Manufacturers of
Standard & Bespoke Glass
& Profile Handling Equipment
Refurbishment Service Available
Glass Handling Equipment
For more information and to see the latest special offers visit the website
A.W.T. Limited, Unit 3, Lodge Road, Radcliffe, Bury, Lancs M26 1AL
Telephone: (0161) 723 1551
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Yorkshire heroes
inster Windows, the retail
division of Rehau trade
fabricator Yorkshire Trade Windows,
was the headline sponsor at the
recent Minster FM Local Hero
The company, which is a
prominent advertiser on the Minster
FM radio station broadcasting across
York and the surrounding areas, used
the awards to demonstrate its
commitment to the local community.
As well as featuring prominently in
all of the pre-event publicity, Minster
Windows also benefited from
significant exposure on the night,
with managing director Stuart
Drewell (pictured) presenting the
Ultimate Local Hero award to the
overall winner 14 year old Lizzie
Cooper, who last October came
across a distressed woman at risk of
going into the River Ouse and bravely
managed to keep her engaged and
talking until emergency help arrived.
Yorkshire Trade’s Neil Williamson
says: “Radio advertising really works
for us in terms of generating retail
enquiries so it made perfect sense for
us to get involved with the awards
event as well and show our support
for the real heroes of Yorkshire.
etwork Veka has posted figures
showing how its members'
businesses far surpassed the average
market rate for growth in 2014. The
company says its successes are
membership renewal rates.
Experiencing business growth at
more than double the rate of the rest
of the market in 2014, Network
Veka's member companies have
understandably been keen to re-sign
with the organisation, helping to
fortify its position as the industry
“The feelgood factor for the whole
company which comes from being
involved in an event like this is hard
to measure. However, in commercial
terms, we will be able to track and
quantify every enquiry which is
generated as a result of our
sponsorship and I am confident it
will be prove to have been
fabricates Rehau windows and doors
at its 30,000sq ft HQ in Castleford.
It also manufactures conservatory
roofs at an additional 12,000sq ft
manufacturing facility in Braintree,
Essex. ❐
Kenrick has bolstered its design
team with the appointment of
product designer Tracy Fletcher.
Fletcher joins Kenrick as design
engineer and is working on a
raft of new hardware innovations
for the company.
Fletcher has more than 30 years
design experience within the
window industry and joins
Kenrick from the same position
in Grouphomesafe.
Steve Williams, sales and
marketing director at Kenrick,
says:“Last year Kenrick
celebrated its strongest year in
the last decade so it’s a natural
progression for us to build on that success and invest in new
product development to strengthen our brand.Tracy has an
abundance of technical knowledge and industry experience and we
are delighted to welcome him as we embark on this exciting new
chapter in the business.”
Fletcher says:“Kenrick is recognised for the quality of its extensive
product range and the team’s background in manufacturing,
design, engineering and manufacturing. I’m really looking forward
to building the company’s offering with some exciting new
products.” ❐
Network beats
the market
Network Veka MD John Ogilvy
leader for the promotion and
provision of the highest standards of
PVC-U installation.
The Veka UK group's sales and
marketing director Colin Torley says:
“We're delighted to start the year
spurred on by such an encouraging
set of figures; stats like these affirm
that the package we've honed over the
past 19 years really delivers.
“Being a member of our
organisation can clearly be seen to
have a positive effect on business
growth. Companies see that benefit,
gain a deeper understanding and
commitment to the standards we
promote and, therefore, have no
hesitation in continuing their
“The end of 2014 saw our
members' cumulative weekly sales
top £1m and registrations reach an
eight-year high. We aim to continue
this growth throughout 2015,
bolstering our standing with both
homeowners and installers.” ❐
The Fabricator 2015
HAS Resolution 210x297mm Advert.qxp_Layout 1 10/03/2015 22:14 Page 1
A dispute can be your
worst nightmare and
cost you thousands
of pounds!
Hands up those of you that
have had a nasty experience
suing someone or being sued?
Maybe you have had a customer that didn't want to pay. A supplier
that provided you with faulty goods and would not replace these.
A sub-contractor who has built a conservatory base wrong, or Trading
Standards have told you that your Contract and its Terms and Conditions
are illegal.
Any of the foregoing problems and indeed many other forms of dispute
can not only demoralise you, but also cost you a fortune.
Disputes come in all shapes and sizes and unless a dispute is controlled and
the correct tactics employed, then you could be £10,000.00 out of pocket
in no time at all. If you have had any form of dispute in the past, then you
will be fully aware of the cost - it is usually very high.
A leading Expert in Construction Disputes,
Litigation and Dispute Resolution.
Mr D Waterworth
Chartered Building Engineer
Building Surveyor
Expert Witness
Providing expert advice
to Dom Littlewood from
the TV programme
Cowboy Builders.
We provide advice
and guidance on:
• Dispute Resolution
• Consumer Law
• Contract terms and conditions
• Litigation
• Technical problems
• Building Regulations Advice
• Expert Witness Reports
All the services
listed and more
for a small
Even what appears to be a simple dispute at the outset can soon run out of
control when Solicitors become involved. Consider this:- a typical Solicitor
will be charging £250 - £350.00 per hour. An Expert Witness will be
charging £100 - £150.00 per hour and a Barristers advice (which most
Solicitors will suggest that you need, either before issuing a Summons or
indeed defending one) will cost you £1,500 - £2,000.00.
The costs just increase steadily as any hearing approaches.
It is not unusual to spend £20 - £30,000.00 on a dispute with no guarantee
of any reasonable result.
It is therefore vitally important that any dispute you may have is dealt with
on a professional, pro-active basis with one goal in mind, that is to resolve
the dispute as quickly and as cheaply as possible.
You may have heard it said in the past that the only winners in a dispute
are the Solicitors. This is not a throw-away comment but an actual fact.
For in any dispute, your Solicitor, your Expert and your Barrister will receive
their fees whether you are successful or not. So be very careful.
We have been assisting Companies in the Window Industry for over
25 years in all matters of dispute. We are successful because we resolve
disputes. And, we can help you resolve your dispute whatever form it
Take a look at our website and download the HAS Resolution Brochure.
You and your business will be better for it. And, you will sleep at night.
We promise.
Call for full details
of your business success
0800 783 8568
You can join the HAS Resolution Partner Scheme online at:
Join Now
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Yorkshire partners
indow and door fabricator Quickslide has
announced a new partnership deal with
Huddersfield To wn AFC.
The company, which was recently accepted as a
member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, is happy to be
working with the football club in a partnership that
benefits both parties in the quest to help local businesses.
With Huddersfield To wn known as ‘the Yo rkshire club’
and Quickslide proud to be ‘made in yorkshire’ it only
made sense and was something the club’s commercial
director Sean Jarvis had been trying to make happen for
quite some time.
“It’s great to have Quickslide on board as partners,” says
Jarvis. “It is a large and well respected local employer who
we’ve been trying to forge a relationship for years.
“We have already taken the opportunity to involve
Quickslide’s chairman Adrian Barraclough in a local
initiative where we ask local business leaders to speak to
invited guests about their business and have a deep Q & A
session, and it was very well received.”
The partnership between the two isn’t all business.
Following Quickslide’s G14 win for the best training and
development initiative, Huddersfield To wn sent its
ambassador, former player Andy Booth, over to
Quickslide with a congratulatory bottle of champagne.
“They’re a great club to be associated with,” says
Barraclough. “They’re the hub of the local community
and have many networking events and initiatives to
support local businesses. We’ve already held some
meetings at the state of the art stadium and sound some
connections invaluable.
“In addition to the business side of things we are
Huddersfield To wn commercial director Sean
Jarvis (l) with Quickslide chairman Adrian
delighted to be able to watch matches, it gives us an
opportunity away from the workplace to socialise with
staff, suppliers and clients.” ❐
Specialist prospect data supplier
Windowbase has unveiled a new
website at www.windowbase.info.“It
has a clean, fresh look and is easy to
navigate,” says database manager
Neil Parsonson,“and it also
includes essential tips for
marketers in the window industry
on using direct mail and email for
maximum impact.”
Parsonson says:“2014 brought
Windowbase a move to new
premises, new staff and growth in
both subscriptions to our prospect
data and one-off purchases for
individual campaigns.This year
we’re celebrating our 25th
anniversary with a series of new
initiatives, starting with our
“Windowbase is the only prospect data supplier 100% dedicated to the window industry. It has
pioneered the accurate researching and presentation of prospect data for window fabricators and
installers in the UK and has been supplying the industry for 25 years,” says Parsonson. ❐
The Fabricator 2015
PA N E L S & D O O R S
Introducing the ARCHITECT collection of
thermally efficient Aluminium Panels
and Doors, ideally suited to the
residential, light commercial and
social housing markets.
With over 40 exciting new designs to select from, the Hallmark Collection of Aluminium Doors
are manufactured to provide high performance solutions for today’s specification demands.
01482 703222
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Page 1
Steely flexibility
Crittall Windows, manufacturer of steel windows and the second largest supplier of steel
windows in the USA, has purchased a new MECAL CNC machining centre from West
Midlands-based cutting and sawing technology specialists,Addison Saws
alued at £140,000, the machining centre – a MECAL
MC 305 Gianos 5-axis twin table model – will boost
Crittall’s production capabilities and efficiency. Installed
in January 2015, it will also bring new levels of flexibility
to machining operations across the entire range of
windows produced at Crittall’s manufacturing centre in
Witham, Essex.
Capable of machining steel components
“We had been looking into the benefits of investing in a
CNC machining centre for quite some time,” comments
Crittall’s head of manufacturing, Steve Gaylor. “However,
as many CNC machines are designed specifically for the
production of lightweight aluminium profiles, our
challenge was to find a model capable of working with
steel components of up to 5mm in thickness.”
Multi-axis capability
To remove any need for machined components to be
turned manually during the manufacturing process,
Crittall required a multi-axis machining solution. While
due to the specialised nature of its products – and to both
accelerate and simplify new product development – the
machining centre also had to be highly versatile, with
multi-tooling capability.
“Although we spoke to a number of potential suppliers,
it was Addison who seemed genuinely interested in
meeting our requirements,” adds Steve Gaylor. “They
provided detailed machine information, arranged
manufacturing trials and assisted with cutting tool
Dual machining zones
Crittall selected the MECAL MC 305 Gianos for its
capability to machine a full range of hot rolled steel
sections. Its 5-axis operation will allow the windows
specialist to machine multiple section faces without the
need to manually turn components during the
manufacturing cycle. Additionally, as the MECAL
machine is equipped with two separate machining zones,
it can be loaded and unloaded without halting the process
– a great advantage in terms of maximising productivity.
Highly robust and user-friendly
“We’re delighted with our choice,” continues Steve
Gaylor. “The MECAL machine is highly robust and
benefits from an exceptionally user-friendly control
system that inspires operator confidence. We now have a
solution that will bring greater flexibility to our
production capabilities, reduce manufacturing lead times
and assist with new product development. Perhaps most
importantly, the MECAL delivers the accuracy and
repeatability that are synonymous with the Crittall name.” ❐
The MECAL MC 305 Gianos machining centre chosen by
Crittall Windows is equipped to automatically machine,
drill, mill, slot and prep both aluminium and steel extrusion bars.
Providing immense flexibility, it is also well suited to new
product development, while its high levels of accuracy and
repeatability ensure minimal waste.
● DPM version with automatic clamps positioned by head
● MMI version with automatic motorised vices
● 2 x independent rotating tables
● 180° table rotation for machining on 3 sides
● Pendular loading for seamless production
● Full CAM-3D software
● Integration with external software
● Optional angle drive units for extended axis operations
● 7438mm working length
● Open ends to allow machining of longer profiles
● Automatic tool magazine with 11 positions
● Zero stops at each end and centre to work multiple profiles
● Automatic centralised lubrication system
● Option for 7.5kw head and rigid tapping function
The Fabricator 2015
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Page 1
Choosing the
“Ultimate” Bi-fold?
It’s as easy as 1-2-3
The Ultimate Aluminium
m Bi-folding
g Door
The ((Original)
g ) Ultimate
te Bi-folding
g Door
Give your customers
omers the choice off
ree high quality
lity bi-folding doors
with The Ultimate
ate range fr
rom Sliders
UK. UPVC, aluminium,
minium, colours, finishes
ishes and security
res – we
e have options to suit
it everyone.
The Ultimate Aluminium
m Bi-folding Door can be powder
wder coated in any RAL colour
Our two UPVC bi-foldss ar
e also available in a variety of colours, fr
om standar
d White
and Cr
eam to woodgrain
ain effects
efffects in Mahogany,
Mahogany, Golden
en Oak and Rosewood, as well
as Gr
ey, Chartwell Green,
en, Antique Oak and much more.
All ar
e accredited
accredited by Secur
ecured by Design. In fact, ourr original UPVC and aluminium
bi-folds wer
e the first to
o achieve this coveted mark of the official Police security
So our bi-folding doorss don’
don’tt just look good, they ar
e the most secur
re on the market
too. That’ss why we calll them The Ultimate
T : 01772 698222
222 W : www.sliders-uk.com
Sliders (UK) Limited Unit 232
2, Oldfield Road, Walton
Walton Summit, Bamberr Bridge, Lancashire
Lancashire PR5 8BG
The Ultimate Aspect
ct Bi-folding Door
page 14:page 08.qxd
Page 1
CNC boosts doors
urst Plastics says it
is well on course
for its best year ever in
composite doors after
making a significant
investment into new
additional production
space to satisfy growing
The Kingston-uponHull
almost doubled its
dedicated floor space
for composite door
processing and has just
taken delivery of an additional CNC
machine to increase production
capacity to 600 doors a week.
Hurst is one of the first companies in
the industry to commission the Biesse
Rover A 5-axis machining centre – an
upgraded 2015 model. The Rover A is
able to machine from a vertical or
horizontal axis to ensure precise
routing to within a millimetre, whilst
minimising manual handling for Hurst’s
production team. More energy efficient
and quieter in operation, the new
machine will speed up the processing of
Hurst’s range of standard composites
and composite fire doors to between
seven and 10 minutes per slab. The
router is linked to a sophisticated
software programme to accurately
manage and plan throughput either onsite or remotely.
chüco UK, has launched a new 3-axis
CNC machine with a pneumatic
rotating support table.
The Schüco AF 250 is an advanced
machine, able to increase throughput of
windows and doors by reducing
fabrication time and enhance the quality
of individual components, thanks to the
precision and repeatability inherent in
computer-controlled machining.
For doors the Schüco AF 250 can
perform the functions of four different
fabricating machines – a copy router, an
end-milling machine, a door-hinge
The installation of the machine is part
of a major investment strategy at Hurst,
which is designed to enable the firm to
keep pace with its future growth plans.
Under the programme, Hurst has
commissioned a new triple head welder
to double its welding capacity, a corner
cleaner, a copy router and an additional
extraction unit. The company has also
invested in new high bay racking to reorganise its second production facility
and create extra floor space. New
fabricators, warehouse operatives and
apprentices have been brought in to
help Hurst to stay ahead of demand,
maintain lead times and assure
consistently high standards in product
quality. ❐
Glass lifting and mini
crane specialist Hird
is offering glass
installers the UK's
largest vacuum lifter
– reflecting a
growing demand for
super heavy glass
lifting in the
construction and
maintenance sectors.
Hird is the first hire company in the country to offer the
Hydraulica 3500, which has a 3,500 kg lifting capacity and is known
simply as ‘Brutus'.
The Hydraulica 3500 is designed to allow even the largest sheets of
glass or window sections to be lifted, manipulated and installed
safely, with complete precision. Using glass vacuum lifter
technology to install glazing is safer, faster, more productive and
more sustainable than other methods.The Hydraulica 3500 glass
lifter can also be used to lift other non-porous materials, such as
plastic, plasterboard, stone and metal. ❐
drilling machine and a punch – leading to
savings in both capital requirements and
factory space and optimising overall
The Schüco AF 250 is simple to
operate using modern control software
and connects to Schüco’s advanced
SchuCal programming software. Its
versatility in use, laser-measured x-axis
and automatic 3-sided machining
without an angled head, enable it to set
new standards in its price class.
Measuring 5280mm (L), 1640mm (W)
and 1990mm (H) and weighing approx
2200kg, the Schüco AF 250 is air-cooled
with 3.8 kW spindle running at a
maximum speed of 18,00 rpm. Its
inherently strong, electro-welded steel
machine bed can support heavy loads,
while its absolute axis positionmeasuring system saves machining time
by obviating the need for a reference run.
Two collapsible fixed stops accurately
define the zero point enabling profile
lengths up to 6m to be processed.
Accessories available include a profile
length measuring system, a second tool
changer magazine with three spaces (in
addition to the 5-space automatic tool
changer provided as standard) and a
ceiling kit consisting of a polycarbonate
roof panel with fluorescent lighting.
The AF 250 CNC machine is part of
Schüco’s philosophy to provide its
fabricator partners with a wide range of
advanced machinery. ❐
The Fabricator 2015
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Auto on the up
After an exciting 2014 I guess we were all wondering what 2015 will be like.There
appeared to be some hesitancy in January which is to be expected but onwards through
February and March excitement has been building in most sectors.The Greek financial
worry seems to be looking less of a threat to the status quo so, hopefully, we now only have
the election to be concerned about. None of us really know what effect the election will
have but whatever happens we have very low inflation, very low interest rates, falling
unemployment and a buoyant housing market. On top of that is the knowledge that
thousands of houses are needed and most politicians seem to want to do something about
that whatever their political persuasion, writes Steve Haines
n the PVC-U window and door
frame machinery business we
are seeing good investments being
made in automated machinery.
This has created long lead times,
however some equipment that was
supplied ten to 15 years ago, is
worn out and obsolete. Some
fabricators are trying to extend its
life well beyond what it was
designed for. This is often a false
compromised. It isn’t unusual for
Stuga service to get complaints
about accuracy issues on an
automated sawing and machining
center that is 14 or 15 years old
and has been making 500 to 600
windows per week for that time. A
machine like this will probably
have produced around 400,000
windows and be feeling the pain of
this amount of work. When we get
one of these old machines in as a
trade-in we fully factory refurbish
it and offer it for sale to fabricators
that have another old machine
which needs replacing. These
machines can be swapped over a
weekend and create another
machine for rebuild with the
minimum of downtime for the
fabricator. All refurbished Stuga
sawing and machining centers are
brought up to the latest hardware
something fabricators very much
The key to buying the right
sawing and machining center is
the back-up and this is where many fabricators get it
wrong. Most of these machines do much the same job of
saw cuts and prepping with perhaps a variation in output
depending on which model is
chosen but it is what happens
when things go wrong that really
matters and this is rarely looked
into carefully. A salesman isn’t
customers to o ne where he will get
told how bad the service is. The
thing to do is ask for a large list of
customers in various parts of the
country and call as many as
possible at random.
At Stuga there is a serious team
doing everything possible to
ensure that customers are kept
working one way or another. The
first point of contact is an in-house
technician who will attempt to
help by phone utilising the internet
with diagnostics that include onboard cameras. If this fails to
resolve the problem a technician is
quickly scheduled to visit and
parts are dispatched if required. All
parts are normally in stock in this
country and arrive overnight.
Stuga has eight service technicians
geographically based to cover the
United Kingdom and Ireland plus
the use of specialists from The Saw
Centre in Glasgow.
The pound becoming very
strong against other currencies is
creating strong price competition
from Europe and China. Stuga
sells direct to the market which
helps to keep us competitive
because there is no dealer margin
being added to prices. ❐
Steve Haines is sales and commercial director at
Stuga Machinery Ltd
The Fabricator 2015
Page 1
Is your Window supplier causing you
Then it is time to move to
At Keyframe UK we ensure that you will
not end up with your head in your hands
worrying about the quality of your next
delivery, whether it going to arrive on
time, or if anybody will be able to help
you if there is a problem and you need
One call will solve it all
ISO 9001 registered company
Rehau Total 70 system
Spectus Elite 70 system
BFRC Energy rated frames
Nationwide delivery service
Dedicated pricing department
On line pricing package
Dedicated technical support
Brochures, Samples, Showroom support packages
Sales Hotline 01204 705718 Fax Hotline 01204 604050
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Ending on a high
AB State of the Market figures for Q4, 2014
continued to highlight a positive long term outlook
for the aluminium in building sector despite rising cost
factors with 89% net balance of companies expecting a rise
in sales for the year ahead.
● 95% of CAB members, on balance reported a rise in
sales over the past year
● Members reported that they anticipate sales rising
over the next quarter (72%) and the next 12 months
● Costs continued to rise with 74% net balance
reporting a rise in costs in the last 12 months and 78%
expecting a rise over the next year
● Wages & salaries (74% net balance) were reported for
the 3rd successive quarter as the major cost factor closely
followed by raw materials (68%), with fuel costs negative
on balance (-26%)
● 40% net balance of companies expected to operate at
over 90% of capacity over the next 12 months, the same as
in Q3
● Headcount increase for the year ahead slowed (53%
net balance) compared to 87% in Q3 but was similar to the
wider construction sector figure of 61% net balance
● Demand (39%) and capacity (28%) were once again
factors ‘likely constraints on activity over the next 12
months’. Encouragingly 17% of respondents stated ‘no
The survey represents another strong quarter for the
sector with confidence in forward demand which was
supported by a strong continuing commitment to capital
investment. The latter should not be underestimated in
terms of looking to signs of our sector’s long term recovery
and stability. In each of the quarters in 2014, there has
been a greater commitment (or at least equal) to
investment across all the metrics for the 12 months ahead.
The metrics being: property, plant/equipment, customer
research, R & D, product improvement and e-business. In
Q4, 2014, the three leading areas for increasing capital
investment in the year ahead were, plant & equipment
(63% net balance), product improvement (63% net
balance) and customer research (53% net balance).
With increased sales activity, inevitably almost, costs are
rising with wages the biggest factor for the third successive
quarter. The other key drivers were raw materials and
energy costs. Fuel costs were negative on balance for the
second successive quarter.
While there is no doubt increased activity across the
aluminium in building sector (fabricators are increasingly
reporting healthy order books into the second half of 2015)
there appears to have been a degree of evening out in the
final quarter of the year. Interestingly, the net balance of
CAB members operating at over 90% capacity remained at
40% for the second successive quarter falling from the Q2,
2014 high of 57%. Likely constraints on activity in Q4
reflect a similar outlook to those back in Q1.
In the wider construction sector, the Construction
Products Association latest industry forecasts are for
Justin Ratcliffe addressing delegates at the
recent CAB regional conference in Hull
construction output to have grown by 4.8% in 2014 with
projected growth in 2015 of 5.3%. This is primarily due to
recovery in private housing and commercial sectors in
addition to a return to growth in public sector
construction. Some of this growth can be attributed to the
national infrastructure plan. A number of commentators
are however forecasting a period of ‘uncertainty’ around
the time of the May general election.
There have now been six consecutive quarters of
increasing tender prices but the benefits of these have to a
great extent been undermined by higher costs eroding the
benefits. ❐
Justin Ratcliffe
CAB’s quarterly State of the Market surveys provide an insight
into current and expected trends in the aluminium in building
sector. Each quarter CAB members complete a personalised
version of the questionnaire which is then integrated into the
wider Construction Products Association (CPA) survey. This
utilises a balance of respondents to assess results and identify
trends. A positive balance of respondents means that the
percentage of firms reporting a rise is more than the proportion
of firms that report a decline.
For further information contact Justin on 01453 828851
or email [email protected]
The Fabricator 2015
Packers for
For more information or to find your local trade counter or stockist
visit: glazpart.com/products/glazing-accessories/
or call 01295 264533 to speak with one of the team.
Wildmere Industrial Estate,Banbury,Oxon OX16 3JU
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Planning forward
uch of my time over the last few months has been
spent finalising the programme for our 10th Building
Envelope Technical Conference and Exhibition. This is an
important annual event in the calendar of the aluminium
in building sector and for CAB, and we continue to add
new features and initiatives to ensure the event makes
excellent use of your time and money.
Representing the supply chain as we do at CAB can
make it a challenge to create a programme with wide
appeal across the membership. However, by streaming the
sessions with presentations running in parallel we are able
to cover a broader range of topics. This year, we are
focused on issues faced by fabricators and installers in
particular, with sessions looking at the impact of recent
health and safety legislation and readiness for building
information modelling (BIM). The construction (Design
and Management) regulations 2015 come into effect on
6th April 2015 and, while they will have implications for
the entire supply chain, in a situation where a product is
required to be purpose built (i.e. bespoke), then the
person who prepares the specification or drawings is a
designer and so is the manufacturer who develops the
specification into a detailed design. The designer must
take account of health and safety issues arising from the
installation and use of those products. For the first time,
all the above will now apply to domestic client projects.
We are delighted that Richard Wilks, president of the
Association for Project Safety, will address us on this
important issue.
While there has been much hype surrounding BIM, the
7th April 2016 deadline for the procurement of all central
government construction projects to use 3D BIM is fast
approaching, and we want to do more to help fabricators
in our sector get ready for this deadline in particular. As
well as discussions relating to software relevant to
fabricators, a steelwork fabricator will be sharing their
experiences with BIM, which I am sure will reveal some
useful lessons learned that can apply to our members.
For our OEM members, we are looking further ahead,
CAB technical director Justin Furness addresses
delgates at the CAB regional conference in Hull
to the facade of 2050 and to the role of innovation in new
product development. Dr Mauro Overend, leader of the
Glass and Facade Technology Research Group at the
University of Cambridge, will be exploring the latest
trends in structural and thermal facade designs. We will
also be welcoming Dr David Bott, formerly the director of
innovation programmes at the Technology Strategy
Board, to impart his innovation philosophy with an
intriguing talk comparing innovation to disease…as well as
how to best integrate design and technology.
The event also provides ample opportunities for
networking. This year we have expanded the exhibition
and are offering members a table top space, with two hours
during the refreshment breaks dedicated to the exhibition.
We will also be manning a stand, so why not bring your
technical and regulatory questions to the CAB Clinic?
@C_A_B_Technical#CABTechConf15 ❐
Justin Furness
Kristian Steele of Arup, speaking at the 2014 CAB
Technical Conference
For further information on CAB and its activities – contact
Julie Harley on 01453 828851 or email
[email protected]
The Fabricator 2015
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Bespoke glass for doors
omposite door manufacturer Apeer has its own inhouse glass studio and employs a team of 13
decorative glass technicians. It says the improving
economy along with growing awareness of the service have
resulted in a surge of orders.
Apeer is one of the few UK-based door manufacturers
that hand crafts its standard glazing designs to order and
offers a completely bespoke glass design service.
Already ahead of the field in terms of an almost
unlimited colour offer and leading edge construction,
Apeer’s reputation for decorative glass panels provides
retailers with yet another point of difference for their
Lisa McClean, head of the in-house studio, says: “Our
bespoke work is becoming increasingly popular with
people who really want to give their homes an individual
look. They do that in all sorts of ways – from pictures of
their pets or a favourite landmark to one we did recently
with the couple’s names on it.
“We’re even fairly flexible about small changes to our
standard designs – something we are able to do because
each one is made to order.
“It means homeowners can create their own distinctive
entrance system – something we are not aware that anyone
else offers.
“Obviously every piece of work we do is very time
consuming and bespoke designs can add extra time onto
the process, so we cost these according to the complexity
of the design.”
Reinforcing its position as a luxury end producer,
Apeer’s glass studio is part of the company’s start-to-finish
manufacturing facility at Ballymena in Northern Ireland.
Bespoke designs for glass panels, sidelights and
Lisa McClean
windows are individually drawn up in consultation with
the homeowner but its standard glass designs are all
featured on the company’s ‘Doorbuilder’ software system
which is available to all Apeer stockists. ❐
RegaLead has been named by the London Stock
Exchange as one of 1000 Companies to Inspire
Britain in the second edition of its report for 2015.
Launched in 2013, the report was designed to
celebrate those companies which serve as a driving
force behind the UK economy and, as such, this
second edition identifies the UK’s fastest-growing
and most dynamic small and medium sized
Guy Hubble, joint managing director at RegaLead
says:“We’re delighted to be identified as one of the
1000 Companies to Inspire Britain for 2015.We’ve
always made it our business to provide the very best
solutions for adding value to glass, windows and
doors through decoration. From our UK
manufacturing and distribution sites in Manchester,
Kent and Hawick we now supply to more than 80 countries worldwide and we have been able to grow
in what has been a tough market thanks to constant investment in range expansion and diversification,
as well as our fantastic team and the business itself. It was particularly heartening that of the 1000
companies recognised this year, a quarter operate in the more traditional manufacturing, construction
and engineering industries.We’d like to congratulate everyone who made it into the report.”
Xavier Rolet, chief executive, London Stock Exchange Group says:“This report is a significant part of
London Stock Exchange’s broader campaign to support UK high growth companies in their journeys
from start-up to stardom and to create an entrepreneurial revolution.” ❐
The Fabricator 2015
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Digital key shine
Ringing the
ssa Abloy UK has launched Shine, a
digital lock specifically designed for
commercial glass doors.
Developed in line with customer
demand for keyfree solutions, Shine
provides an access control solution for
internal glass doors, without the issue
of having to drill to allow the locking
mechanism to pass through. Shine
provides a convenient locking solution
for the commercial sector, suitable for
use in office blocks and retail premises
The new digital lock is ideal for
contracts, saving installation time and
programmes. Similarly, OEMs can
benefit from reduced production time
and the ability to attach the lock to a
variety of glass types.
Shine’s attractive touch pad allows
users to gain access with a personalised
4 to 12 digit PIN code or RF card key
for convenience.
Fully reprogrammable, its users can
also set up to 20 different codes for
separate visitors; this is ideal for
providing ease of access to multiple
staff. Codes can be quickly and easily
changed with the use of an
administrative code PIN, preventing
lassolutions has apponted Lorraine
Bell to the newly created role of
national customer service manager for
external glazing. She has has been with
the company for eight years and
previously held roles in the company’s
commercial sales team in Scotland.
Bell says: “I’m excited to take on the
new role and being involved in helping
to make Glassolutions a force to be
reckoned with in terms of outstanding
customer service.”
Ian Davy, group commercial director
at Glassolutions says: “Lorraine’s
promotion reflects the importance we
access to a PIN holder group at any
time, without having to inform other
users or redistribute keys.
With Shine’s magic mirror function
the keypad numbers illuminate as soon
as a user touches the digital door lock.
The mirror is also practical, allowing
users to check behind them when
entering the code, which can be useful in
high traffic areas. Shine also allows users
to enter fake numbers before or after
entering the PIN code, in order to
prevent it from being exposed. ❐
The Schüco AWS
90.SI+ window is
one of a growing
number of Schüco
window, door and
façade systems to
have received full
Passive House
The window’s high
performance – it
delivers a U value of
0.8 W/m2K with 0.7
W/m2K triple
glazing – is the
result of advanced
technology and
enables it to make a
positive contribution to the overall energy efficiency of a building.
Schüco AvanTec concealed fittings deliver a degree of security that
helps the system to deliver either RC 2 or RC 3 levels of burglar
resistance to EN 1627.
Two other windows in the AWS 90 window range, the Schüco AWS
90.SI+ Green and the Schüco AWS 90 BS.SI+, also have thermal
insulation to Passive House levels. ❐
Lorraine Bell
place on customer service. Her role is
to proactively lead our customer
services team and to continually
improve our systems and processes to
communication and service across the
“Gaining high levels of customer
satisfaction is important to our business
because satisfied customers are most
likely to be loyal, to make repeat orders
and to use a wide range of our products
and services. But also, if we can improve
the way we do business with our
customers then they will reap the
rewards too; they will be better placed
to improve the service to their own
customers. It makes sense that we
shape our business around what
matters most to our customers.” ❐
The Fabricator 2015
Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the
leading independent glass processors in the
UK, manufacturing toughened glass, laminated
glass and specialist sealed units.
Based in Harold Wood Essex within 5 minutes
of junction 28 of the M25 and half an hour from
Central London we are ideally situated to
service our ever growing and diverse customer
Manufacturing all forms of processed
toughened glass, with comprehensive stocks of
clear float, low iron, satin, body tinted, mirrors,
laminated glass, acoustic laminated and fire
rated glass.
With some of the most advanced capabilities in
place Firman Glass is able to manufacture high
quality products for all markets sectors including
architectural, retail, leisure and domestic.
Toughened glass
CNC shaping
Laminated glass
Toughened and laminated
• EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays
• Fabric and decorative interlays
• Saflex DG41 structural interlay
Specialist insulating glass units
Anti–slip glass
Fire rated glass
UV bonding
FIRMALITE electric switchable glass
Heated glass
Decorative glass
ColorfirmTM back painted glass
Treads and stringers
Shower screens
Glass doors
Acoustic reduction
Fire rated
Structural glazing
Glass floors
Roof lights
Full height barriers
Wall cladding
Technical Support
Nationwide Coverage
Further information is available from our sales and technical offices or visit www.firmanglass.com
Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH
Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email: [email protected]
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Now how to BIM
ot on the heels of the launch of
its BIM capability, leading
architectural aluminium systems
supplier Kawneer has released an
online video showing how to
incorporate one of its BIM models,
hosted on the bimstore website, into
a building design.
The 10-minute step-by-step guide
provides specifiers with a complete
walkthrough of how to incorporate
window* into a typical project,
including into curtain walling.
Viewers are shown how to
download the BIM component in
Revit (IFC files are available on
request) from www.kawneer.co.uk,
and how to select desired types, copy
to clipboard and paste into the
ironmongery and colour options are
As well as the AA541 casement
window, Kawneer’s BIM portfolio
also includes the AA100 and AA110
curtain walling, with 50mm and
65mm sightlines respectively, AA542
pivot and AA543 tilturn windows*,
and series 190 heavy-duty and 350
severe-duty commercial entrance
Kawneer’s BIM models provide
users with 3D images of the products
as well as the critical COBie data to
provide guidance through the whole
design and construction process. ❐
*Corresponds to the BRE Global
Green Guide online generic specification
for windows and achieves a summary
rating of A+
(www.thegreenguide.org.uk Element
Number 1231500011).
mployees from the Cornwall
Glass Group have received
training from Ritec International in
applying the new ClearShield EcoSystem. Glaziers and production
staff undertook the training to apply
the glass surface treatment to both
installed and new glass.The sales and
estimating teams have also received
training to extend their knowledge
and application of the product.
The new ClearShield Eco-System
transforms new or old glass into a
higher value product with lowmaintenance ‘non-stick’, easy clean
performance. It can be applied to
new glass protecting it from the first
day of installation as well as
renovating installed glass which has
sustained damage due to moisture,
alkalinity and dirt.
As a result of its work with Ritec,
Cornwall Glass now has a team of
trained applicators across its branch
network from Penzance to Bristol
who can apply the treatment, in both
their factories and on site through
their glazing teams. ❐ www.ritex.co.uk
Inagas, has always prided itself on its ability to
bring efficient gas filling solutions to
businesses of any size, using any spacer bar
and sealant combination.And now, companies
which are looking to gas fill for the first time
can benefit from an enhanced version of the
Firstfill machine.
Originally launched as the perfect
introductory machine, the enhanced Firstfill
benefits from a compact size, with an
improved rate of gas flow into the unit of 10
litres per minute.The new version has been
brought into line with the Inagas suite of
machines with the addition of the latest touch
screen technology to allow full operator
control over the gas filling process. It
additionally benefits from adjustable gas fill
percentages – the only entry level machine on
the market to offer this – alongside a low gas
supply alert, time to fill cycle, a unit counter to record the number of units filled per shift and semiautomated calibration.
Chris Kemp, director at Inagas says:“With ever rising efficiency standards in our industry, we at Inagas
maintain that it is more important than ever for gas filling to be completely inclusive, regardless of the
size and scale of those companies wishing to do so.
“We constantly invest in our solutions to ensure we can offer the very latest next generation
technology and gas filling options to satisfy every level of production.We also appreciate that an
investment in gas filling for the first time can be something of a daunting prospect, and with the
enhanced Firstfill machine and our specialist support and advice, we can make the transition as simple
as possible for our customers.” ❐
The Fabricator 2015
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Family values
When Neil Ginger installed swimming pools a big frustration was sourcing the high quality
bi-fold doors his clients often specified.Another frustration was getting them delivered in a
reasonable time. Ginger's solution, in 2002, was to start manufacturing himself and, along
with his cousin Victoria, set-up Origin trade frames. Sales director Ben Brockelsby
(pictured below) spoke to The Fabricator about the steady growth of the family business
rockelsby attributes Origin's
success to the fact that, in the
beginning, they had no idea how
to make a window or door. “We
started with a clean sheet,” he
says. “The factory was established
as a manufacturing unit based on
best practices. It didn't matter
that we were making bi-fold
doors, Neil
principles of manufacturing were
the same regardless of the
“A lot of the success of Origin
stems from it being a family
himself a family member. “Not
just that it is owned and run by
the family but the fact that it is the
whole ethos that runs through the
business. It influences our
relationship with our staff and our
customers alike.
“We like to share our
experience; if we get something
right, find a better way to do
something, we will pass it on to
our customers. We run fitter
training days for them and it has
dramatically reduced the number
of call backs they have to deal
Origin is a complete systems
company. It designed and owns
the system it uses and has it
extruded by a contract extrusion
company, Cortizo, in Spain. “We
went with Cortizo because they have the same can-do
attitude we do,” says Brockelsby. “It helped us develop
from bi-folds to windows which made sense given that our
customers were installing windows along with bi-folds
anyway so why make them go elsewhere for half of the
The first door was manufactured a year after the
company was set-up. It was designed from scratch without
a prototype; the company bought the tools and machines
and just got on with the job. Brockelsby says that the
development time scale remains true today. “We have the
ability to take a new product from concept to market very
The Fabricator 2015
quickly,” he says. “It is the way we
do everything and is why we have
been able to introduce the
concept 'your lead time, not ours'.
It is revolutionary in an industry
where customers are used to
waiting for products based on the
manufacturer's time scale.”
manufactured on an assembly
line.The system that Origin has in
place means that a customer
could call today and take delivery
of a door tomorrow. On the other
hand every window is different so
they are assembled individually
on the bench.
“It also means that we can
supply our middle eastern clients
faster than if we manufactured
over there,” he says. “Most of our
competitors assume we hold a
huge stock but this isn’t the case.
Our system is very simple but
difficult to copy; in essence you
have to optimise your staff as well
as your materials.”
According to Brockelsby The
system has taken Origin into
export markets: Dubai and the
“The Middle East was perfect
for us,” he says. “We want to keep
heat in and they want to keep it
out, it works both ways. We have
now set up an office in Dubai and
we are getting involved in some
quite big contracts over there.
“Last year we started in the US and we have opened a
manufacturing plant in Florida. The compliance we had
to go through was pretty stringent but, as always, things
we learned there have been incorporated into the whole
product range.”
The family aspect of the Origin ethos means that social
media is an important part of the marketing effort. The
company uses this to find out what its end consumers
want from its products. “We try to stay in touch so that we
can help our consumers fulfil their lifestyle aspirations.” ❐
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Total Euro supply
enrick has marked 10 years of
working with national hardware
distributor Total Hardware with an
exclusive deal to supply more than
200,000 standard Euro profile cylinders
a year to the Leeds-based firm.
In the past decade, Kenrick has
supplied an extensive range of branded
products to Total Hardware, including
its Excalibur, Centurion and Centurion
espagnolettes, Easi-Fit high security
espagnolettes and Excalibur door locks.
And now the two companies have
strengthened their alliance with this
deal.The Kenrick cylinders will be held
in stock at Total Hardware’s 15,000sq ft
Andy Cunningham, director at Total
Hardware, says:“We have been working
with Kenrick since Total Hardware was
established in 2004 and that long
standing relationship is testimony to the
reliability of Kenrick as supplier and the
quality of the company’s products. I am
delighted to celebrate a decade of
working together with Kenrick and to
complement our growing hardware
suite with their durable and secure
Steve Williams, Kenrick’s sales and
marketing director, says: “In such a
competitive market, we are delighted to
celebrate a significant milestone with
Total Hardware. Each one of our
products has delivered greater security
features to their network of fabricators
ynseal has published a 2nd edition of
its hardware catalogue, which now
features the exclusive Performance
range of window and door handles.
Optimised to match the company’s
PVC-U window and door systems
including Legend, Shield and SynerJy
70mm profiles, the hardware range has
been put together to strengthen
Synseal’s supply chain and provide
support for professional fabrication and
installation of window casements,
French doors, patio doors and
Steve Williams (left) with Andy
and, in supplying our cylinder system, we
will further strengthen our offering.”
Kenrick’s range of standard six pin
cylinders is available in all popular sizes.
Options include half cylinders, key-key
and key-thumb cylinders. The cylinder
has been successfully tested in
accordance with BS EN 1303:2005 by
Exova in Warrington. It comfortably
achieved 100,000 operations during
cycle testing and attained a premium
result for corrosion resistance with a 96
hour salt spray test rating. The cylinder
also achieved an overall grade three for
key-related security. ❐
Following a year in which it firmly
re-established its presence in the
market,Avocet Hardware started
2015 by launching a new 116-page
product catalogue.
The catalogue features a mix of
tried, tested and trusted ranges
plus a selection of new products,
which Avocet feels will further
strengthen its position during the
next 12 months.
“2014 was a big year for Avocet,”
says director, Rythm Jain Saigal.
“We started off being named
hardware company of the year at
the National Fenestration Awards
and continued on in that vein –
signing a series of major
distribution deals, strengthening
our team, and investing heavily in stock levels and product
development.” ❐
composite doors.
The new easy-to-use catalogue details
a comprehensive range of branded
components in four clearly-presented
sections: window hardware, door
hardware, patio door hardware and
hardware accessories.
“Since the launch of our last catalogue
and the reinvigorated hardware product
range, we have listened to customers
and taken a consultative approach to
define priorities,” says Synseal’s
hardware category manager Mark Frain.
“Whilst there are many good quality
window and door handles available, they
are available to everyone and not just
Synseal fabricators. That’s why we have
introduced our Performance range of
handles that are only available to Synseal
fabricators and are of our own design.
What’s more, they have been
meticulously tested to meet and exceed
industry standards and this is reflected
in the guarantees we offer.” ❐
The Fabricator 2015
Roto Frank SA
Rue du Bosquet 1, 1400 Nijvel
+32 67 89 41 40
[email protected]
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Page 1
Venting the vapour
Water vapour in a building can be dangerous. By arranging proper ventilation, particularly
by using correct hardware on the windows, we can effectively control it even when we are
not at home
ater vapour is a natural constituent of the air in a
house. Not only does come from outside of the
building, the occupants create it through their everyday
activities: breathing, washing, laundering, cleaning or
cooking. Optimum levels range from 45-55%. Often it can
be at much higher levels which can be detrimental to the
fabric of the building. Moisture will condense onto cold
surfaces and in time will cuse mould to form.
Because it is not possible to limit water vapour at home
(we would have to stop breathing), we have to take steps
to control it. The simplest solution is ventilation.
In these days of energy saving, ventilation can be a tricky
issue. Roto NT fittings allow micro-ventilation. Setting
the handle in the correct position causes the window to
lose air tightness, creating a small gap between the frame
and the sash. This is often enough to ensure an effective
air exchange. For a quicker result, a 10-step tilt
mechanism will allow you to control the size of the gap up
to a maximum of 14cm.
Access to kitchen windows is often hampered by a sink
or a work surface located under the window.This makes it
difficult to reach a handle which might be located quite
high. One solution is Roto NT Komfort. With a handle
longer than normal and an integrated auxiliary
mechanism it makes operating even the biggest window
Roto Patio S m
ounted to a tilting-sliding frame is
another solution which can give a quick airing of the
kitchen. Its advantage is that it is easy to slide it to the side
with one hand, adjusting the opening gap as needed from
just a small crack to a full opening. It is not necessary to
remove objects from the window sill. As in traditional
windows the sliding pane can be cracked open even
during rain, assuring an inflow of fresh air.
The bathroom
Bathrooms can be a particular problem. Not enough
ventilation and they can turn into a sauna; too much and
they can be chilled to the point of discomfort. A good
solution here is a window equipped with an electrical
drive such as the Roto E-Tec drive which is fitted with an
air humidity sensor and will open the sash up to 12 cm.
It can also be fitted with a with a timer. So the user has the
option of setting the sensor to open the window at predetermined levels of humidity or setting it to open at
predetermined times, such as when the family has finished
in the morning. ❐
The Fabricator 2015
Top agency
design but not
the cost
website design
from £400
We supply cost effective
solutions, for both large
organisations and smaller
enterprises, whether
consumer based or
business to business.
In partnership with
our clients we deliver
successful solutions,
working on an individual
project basis or as a
regular support service.
Whether you are
looking to launch a new
website, revamp an
existing site, manage
your website content,
start selling on the
internet or are looking
at email marketing.
We are here to help.
With over 30 years
experience supplying
design and advertising
solutions for the web
and print, we are ideally
suited to provide you
with the competitive
edge. To be a winner in
your marketplace.
For more
information telephone
07784 268685
or cotact us by email at
[email protected]
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Page 1
Tackling daunting changes
he New Year saw a fresh
start for one of the UK’s
largest fabricators, Garrard
Windows, as it switched to
using Liniar profiles for its
PVCu products.
approaching £20m and 170
staff operating out of an
Buckinghamshire, Garrard’s
window and conservatory
trade customer base spans
the whole of the South of
England. The firm has grown
substantially since it was
formed in 1997 and its
changeover to Liniar looks set
to help take the business
forward in 2015.
Managing director Steve
Leek says: “To change profile
supplier is one of the biggest decisions a window manufacturer
will ever make. The thought of having to change so many
settings on so many machines, re-train factory staff to different
working practices, update computer software, re-train the
office and sales staff on the new products and so much more,
is very daunting. So daunting, in fact, that many companies who
consider making the change will end up staying with ‘the devil
they know.’
“If you manufacture and supply direct to retail, where you
deal with new customers all the time, that is where the scary
part ends. But if, like us, you supply only to regular trade
customers, the reaction of your customers can act as more of
a deterrent than the effects on your factory and staff. In my
experience, the phrase ‘people don’t like change’, is particularly
true of window installers!
“However, the world is constantly changing. New products
are designed and old ones are developed, and the window
industry should be no different.With the general push to save
energy, there have been massive developments in glass
technology in recent years – yet many profile companies seem
content to sell products virtually unchanged from the product
they were selling 20 years ago.
“At Liniar, things are different. I’ve known Roger Hartshorne
and many of his team for over 20 years. He has what he calls
a flat management structure, which means there is an absolute
minimum of management layers.This means that whoever you
are dealing with at Liniar you will never be far away from
Roger. He is very much a hands on MD and is always looking
for new ways to improve and innovate.
“Many windows manufacturers see things that profile
companies don’t see, or hadn’t thought of – because, let’s face
it, they don’t make windows. In my experience, profile
companies in general will at worst totally ignore you, or more
commonly will fob you off. How many times have you heard
the phrase ‘Really? No-one else has ever complained about
that.’ when you know the whole customer base must be
experiencing the same issues? At Liniar they actively seek out
feedback – a real breath of fresh air.
“Since first entering discussions with Liniar, we’ve found they
simply couldn’t do enough for
us.We saw the benefits of the
Liniar system, but at the same
time wanted to give our
customers an ‘edge’ with
some alternative products
that would be bespoke to
Garrard. Roger literally lent
us his technical design
department to help us design
our own suite of bay poles,
posts and couplers, which we
had in stock in time for the
change. More recently, they
have helped us design some
new aluminium thresholds,
which we will be rolling out
over the coming months as
they come into stock.
“At Garrard we recognise
that we are in a highly
competitive side of the
industry, where there will always be someone who can make a
similar window just a little lower in cost. So whilst keeping our
prices as low as we can, it is the product range and, above all,
an excellent service, that we strive to offer. We have, for
example, spent tens of thousands of pounds on machinery to
bend profile – money that we may never fully recoup – so that
our customers don’t have to wait weeks for arched products
and then have to put up with something that is not really up to
“Garrard’s values are similar to Liniar’s in that it really does
try and treat the customer as King – to the extent that I
frequently give out my mobile number, and as many can testify,
even answer it whilst on holiday. So, as much as I didn’t want
to force such a major change onto what is an incredibly loyal
customer base, I felt it was a case of move on or get left behind
for Garrard.
“We are always conscious that we have to provide an
exceptional service as many of our customers used to
fabricate – which means that if our service isn’t up to scratch,
they could easily switch back to making the windows
themselves.This keeps us on our toes and helps us to find new
ways to make it easier for these customers to buy from us.
“Despite my fears, changing to Liniar has actually been a lot
smoother than we anticipated. We brought in engineers to
manage the process and switched over the Christmas period,
so we were ready to hit the ground running in January.
“And thankfully, since switching, the feedback from our
customers has been overwhelmingly positive. The windows
and doors have been very well received and we have had no
end of praise about the ModLok bi-fold and ModLok patio
doors. We tend to make a fair amount of overspill work for
other fabricators, so we have obviously lost some of that, but
existing customers who used to go elsewhere for bi-folds and
patios have now started to turn to Garrard f
or these
products.This has offset any loss of business and we are also
confident we will pick up work from other Liniar fabricators
as time goes on.” ❐
The Fabricator 2015
A Garden The Weather Can’t Spoil
As Shown, Glazed
As Shown, Glazed
Plus VAT & Delivery
Plus VAT & Delivery
Prices are for glazed kits as shown and include supports, guttering and all fixings. Std
Colours include white, black and grey, we also offer Artisan finishes in Oak, Irish Oak,
Cream & Chartwell Green. All Kits are cut to size free of charge and delivered Next Day.
Call for a brochure
and price list
page 32:page 08.qxd
Page 1
etwork Veka has capitalised on the
launch of its new-look website by
revamping the process involved in
activating its hallmark insurance-backed
The ten-year cover, which is claimed
to represent one of the industry's most
fail-safe packages of customer support,
is instated as soon as homeowners have
submitted a completed feedback form
evaluating the standard of work and
service they received.
Previously administered solely in hard
copy by post, homeowners now have
the option to submit their feedback
online, saving time and postage costs
and providing instant reassurance that
the process is complete.
Network Veka MD, John Ogilvie says:
“The process of gathering customer
feedback serves a dual purpose, both
instating the ten-year cover that
protects homeowners' installations
against virtually any eventuality and
providing us with a true and, crucially,
up-to-date picture of h
ow well our
member companies are performing.
“Network Veka wouldn't be held in
such renown if we hadn't constantly
Network Veka MD John Ogilvy
monitored the standard of our
installers' work from day one. We only
retain the best companies, helping us –
over our 19-year history – to achieve
average customer satisfaction ratings of
97% compared to an industry average of
just 83%. When you consider that we
achieved that average over 230,000
installations with a combined worth of
over £860m, you can see it's no fluke.” ❐
Yale Door and
Window Solutions is
encouraging its
fabricator and
installer partners to
‘Yale it’ in 2015.
This is the theme of
a newYale consumer
marketing campaign,
which will run across
both print and online, along with videos and social media,
generating greater consumer awareness of home security.
With the recovery of the consumer economy in UK, the prospects
for the replacement door and windows market are looking
brighter and soYale Door and Window Solutions is using this
opportunity to link in with the consumer campaign more closely,
to help increase sales for its partners in the retail door and window
installation market.
Managing director Kevin Hill says:“During recent yearsYale Door
and Windows Solutions has seen the integration of the Securistyle
business in Cheltenham and a strong focus on product innovation,
with new product launches such asYale Blade.
“Yale has always been known as the most trusted name in home
security, but we recognise that now is the time to really harness
the power of the brand by putting together a true retail focused
campaign that will benefit our customers.
“We are creating 1.7 billion opportunities to see theYale brand
through our marketing activities in 2015.” ❐
ynseal’s ongoing investment in new
profile extrusion tooling means that
the company’s SynerJy 70mm PVC-U
system can now provide a tilt and turn
window solution with reduced
sightlines and greatly improved thermal
In addition to the multi-chambered
outer frame which has a slimline height
of just 60mm, the 4T1 transom and
4T11 tilt and turn sash can now be used
with PTI1 and a new PTI11 plastic
thermal reinforcement profiles to give a
combined intermediate sash-to-fixed
light sightline of just 122mm, which is
20mm reduction on traditional frame
constructions using the 4T2 transom
and steel reinforcements.
Manufactured from 100% recycled
PVC-U, Synseal’s plastic thermal
reinforcements offer a number of
practical advantages over steel, such as
reduced thermal conductivity, less
weight, excellent screw fixing retention
and lower material cost.
The new PTI11 plastic thermal
reinforcement is key to unlocking a new
improved level of thermal performance
for SynerJy tilt and turn windows.
Assuming a 28mm DG specification
using Total+/Argon/float glass with
warm edge spacer bar, the new 3rd
generation multi-chambered tilt and
turn solution will deliver an A-rated
WER with a U-value of 1.3 W/m2K,
which compares favourably with the
equivalent U-value of 1.5 W/m2K
delivered by the traditional triplechambered and steel reinforced
approach. ❐
The Fabricator 2015
page 33:page 08.qxd
Page 1
SGG technical web goes live
aint-Gobain Glass UK has launched SGG Live, a new online
tool to empower users of its products with technical,
marketing and specification support.
SGG Live is a business support hub designed for SaintGobain Glass’ direct purchasing customers, their customers
and architects and specifiers. Membership of SGG Live is
available via an online application form and special invitations
have already been sent to many with access logins to preview.
Craig Dodsworth, head of marketing for Saint-Gobain Glass
says: “It is vital in an industry as fast-paced as ours that our
customers all have access to the information they need to
make decisions and run their business more effectively.
“SGG Live brings together a range of tools that are available,
whenever the customer wants them, wherever the customer
is, all entirely free of charge.”
Among the resources available to SGG Live members are
technical assets like BIM objects, acoustic calculations,
mechanical calculation forms, performance tables and glass
processing support as well as a range of apps. It will also enable
customers to order samples and literature and access digital
marketing support among many other features.
Members will also be able to request training sessions and
CPD seminars, all of which can be 100% tailored to their
individual needs.
Craig Dodsworth says: “This resource is another way of
ensuring that our customers and partners remain at the
forefront of the industry through providing their customers
and other supply chain members with unrivalled support.” ❐
Synseal exhibited at this year’s Ecobuild at the
ExCeL exhibition centre in London’s Docklands.
Its key objectives were to demonstrate the
diversity of Synseal group window and door
products with a focus on innovation. It also
introduced two new sub-brands following the
recent acquisition of Sheerframe and
Featured on the stand was Synseal’s new
WarmCore aluminium folding sliding door. Also
on display was a Sheerframe 8000 fully
reversible window specifically designed for safe
use in high-rise situations, a high specification
Masterdor composite door and a touchy-feely
solar gain heat lamp exhibit to demonstrate
the effectiveness of Synseal’s exclusive
thermally-efficient Celsius performance glass.
“Our WarmCore warm aluminium bi-fold door with low U-values using either 28mm DG or 44mm TG
was certainly the star of the show as far as we were concerned,” says Mark Schlotel, Synseal’s head of
marketing. “We experienced strong levels of visitor interest across all three days at Ecobuild 2015,
with some high quality specification client and consultant contacts made, so we’ve already booked to
attend next year’s show. I think the secret of our success lay in our compact stand design, which was
inviting for guests to approach and also rewarding in terms of product content. Our floor position gave
us good branded visibility from distance down a long aisle across the north hall and our creative freestanding stand design meant we achieved some impactful stand-out beside the adjacent shell-scheme
stands.” The Synseal team secured more than 350 enquiries of which at least 45% related to specifier,
housebuilder or fabricator visitor requests for more information or project prices. ❐
The Fabricator 2015
class prod finder 01:21st Century Inst Aug pp 16.qxd
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Tel: 07814 209789
Access Systems
Email: [email protected]
Adhesive Tapes
Bi-Folding doors
We have the largest range of
self adhesive tapes
for the glass
& glazing
and door hardware
Electric Strikes
Deadlocking Bolts
● Waterproof Keypads
● Compact Shearlocks
● Deadlocks & Deadlatches
● Lock Accessories
● Transom Door Closers
● Vortex Magnets
01202 676262
[email protected]
w w w. a l p ro . c o . u k
● Security glazing tape
● Glass transport pads
● Emergency repair film
● Mirror safety backing
● Glass protection tape
● Foam glazing tapes
Tel: 01206 871999
Fax: 01206 871998
[email protected]
Web: www.adhere.co.uk
Aluminium Extrusions
Thermalbreak specialists to the aluminium
extrusion industry for doors, windows, and
CONTACT US ON 01335 344450
for more information
Aluminium Fabricators
Shaped Aluminium Windows & Louvres
*Circular *Radial Cornered *Arched *Elliptical
*Gothic *Rectangular *Trapezoidal *Curved-on-Plan
also Aluminium & Stainless Fabrications ‘Trade Suppliers’
by Midland Alloy Ltd., Stafford Park 17,Telford,TF3 3DG
Tel: 01952 290961 www.radialwindows.com Fax: 01952 290441
Baypole Jacks
You can buy jacking kits from as
littlee as £5.50
£5.00 each
eac (subject to
order). Kits manufactured to fit
most systems with various loadings.
Top and bottom adjustments meet
Fensa requirements.
Systems Duraflex, Swish24/7, Eurocell,
Status, Synseal, Kommerling, Veka
53 Pound Lane Central,
Basildon, Essex, SS15 4EX
Phone: 0844 4772505
Fax: 0871 2214305
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: www.capdesigns.co.uk
l 10 Day Turnaround
l Same Day Quote
l All RAL/BS Colours
l Windows, Doors
& Conservatories
l Fascias, Soffits,
Trims & Rainwater
call Mehreen Haroon
07814 209789
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Tel: 07814 209789
Email: [email protected]
For beautiful colours guaranteed
to last insist on using
on your
PVCu Profile
Tel: 0121 3268020
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email: [email protected]
PVC - U Colour Coating Specialists
AVKO approved applicator
• Tel: 01226 781561
• Fax: 01226 780491
Units 2, 3, & 4 Acorn Centre Phase 2, Springvale
p g
Grimethorpe, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S72 7BB
SAVE TIME & MONEY – We are Scotland’s number one contact for
new or secondhand machinery required to manufacture aluminium or
uPVC windows or doors. With over 25 years experience, we can supply
anything from starter packs to full turnkey packages.
For buying or selling Contact:
John Thomson on Tel: 0141 949 0440
Mobile: 07774 144156 or Email: [email protected]
UNIT 7, Great Western Business Park, Allerdyce Court, Glasgow G15 6SA
• Flat Packers
• Bridge Packers
Manufacturer of Gaskets for all Aluminium and
PVCu Windows, Doors, Shopfronts, Curtain Wall
and Roofing Applications.
Pilkington Activ Compatable, no shrinkage,
supplied in Buckets.
Carry large stocks of Woolpile, Pressure
Platesand Security Tapes.
Nationwide delivery within 48 hours.
01384 413222 - 01384 413004
[email protected]
Unit 7 Charlton Drive, Cradley Heath, West Midlands, B64 7BJ
• 60 & 70mm
universal fit
corner protector
• 24 & 28mm panel/u
corner protectors
• Handle Protection
For samples & prices
01457 858535
Manufacturing Limited
[email protected]
Baghill Lane, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, WF8 2HA
Tel: 0113 393 8939
Fax: 0113
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[email protected]
All makes of New Machinery at competitive prices
Large selection of Refurbished Machinery
Part Exchange welcome
All machines supplied with warranties
Highly skilled service engineers for all your repairs,
breakdowns and servicing
Fast response spares department
Glass Cutting & Processing
Bottero UK Ltd,
Units 2, 3 & 4, Chichester Business Centre,
Chichester, Rochdale, OL16 2AU.
Tel: 01706 655440 • Fax: 01706 718899
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.bottero.com
Contact: Mr Darren Broxton
Suppliers of flat glass cutting, breakout and processing machinery
Profile Bending
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Tel: 07814 209789
Email: [email protected]
Profile Bending
PVC-U Glass Handling & Equipment
Manufacturers of lifting and storage products
for the flat glass and glass processing industry
Tel 01744 889955
email [email protected]
Racking Systems
Secondary Glazing
“Our in-depth knowledge, attention
to detail and friendly service make
Curved Frame Specialists the ideal
choice to build your custom frames.”
■ PVCU profile bending arch
and angle specialists
■ 7-10 working day turn
■ Over 20 years experience
■ Competitive prices
Secondary Windows, Patio Doors,
Residential Doors, Double Glazing
Unit 5, Woodford Trading Est.
Southend road, Woodford Green
Essex IG8 8HF
Telephone: 0208 531 7525
Fax: 0208 551 0883
[email protected]
Window Bags & Display Cases
PVC-U Glass Handling & Equipment
A.W.T. Limited, Unit 3, Lodge Road, Radcliffe, Bury, Lancs M26 1AL
Telephone: (0161) 723 1551 • Fax: (0161) 723 5115
www.glass-handling.co.uk • www.glass-handling.co.uk
Specialist Manufacturers of
Standard & Bespoke Glass
& Profile Handling Equipment
Window openers
0116 276 7562
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Page 1
Read The Fabricator on-line at:
With over 30 years’ experience in
publishing magazines for
manufacturing and business,
Profinder offers up-to-date specialist
publications on paper and on-line.
The Fabricator and The Installer are
emailed to our specialist reader lists
and can can be emailed to you in
easy-to-read PDF format
Email: [email protected] to register for
The Fabricator and The Installer by email
Publications for industry from
The UK’s Best uPVC Vertical
Slider Just Got Better!
1U V.5
Any Size*
One Price
FREE As Standard
FREE As Standard
Any Size
One Price
ECOSlide Specification
U Value 1.5
Toughened Glass in Both Panes
Sash Horns
Travel Restrictors
Fast UK Delivery Service
Any Size*
Call Our Sales Team:
0845 1700 810
Putting the style back into British homes
Victorian Sliders, Victorian House, Hendy Industrial Estate, Swansea. SA4 0XP
Email: [email protected] www.victoriansliders.co.uk
*Up to 1300mm Width & 2400mm Height. All prices exclude VAT. E&OE
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