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Critical Power is a conference and exhibition on the latest advancements in UPS/standby power
supply and power quality solutions for data centers, industrial, facilities, telecommunications, infrastructure and emergency applications. The conference will be held at the Milwaukee Convention
Center and serve the needs of managers and technical professionals involved in manufacturing,
industrial and facility operations where reliable and continuous power is a critical factor.
In today’s electronic and on-demand world, the risk of power interruption has become a critical factor to be reckoned with in new ways and with higher priority at manufacturing, industrial and facility
operations. Recent studies estimate that in the US alone losses due to power interruptions and
power quality disturbances amount to more than $150 billion annually from lost productivity, idled
manpower, delivery penalties, damage to work in progress and equipment malfunction or damage.
Learn best practices and technical advancements you can apply to your operations.
Network with peers and market-leading technical experts.
Discover a comprehensive array of products and services in the interactive exhibit hall.
Meet potential business and strategic alliance partners.
Subjects covered in the program will include choosing the right system and technologies for your
requirements, best practices in testing and maintenance, system economics, assessing new and
emerging technologies, monitoring for reliability, operations for emergency and disaster scenarios,
and case studies of managing power interruptions.
Critical Power will be co-located with two other events and share the same exhibit hall. The colocated events are The Wire Processing Technology Expo and Electrical Manufacturing Show.
In this brochure you’ll find the advance program, a list of current sponsors and exhibitors, hotel
and registration information. We hope to see you in Milwaukee!
Shannon Given, Program Manager
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After May 7th: $795
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Team Discount: Register two or more people and get $150 off each registration. Enter coupon
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OEM Discount: Discounted rate for OEM’s, End Users, Federal, State, County and local entities,
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MillerCoors Tour
Join other conference attendees for a private, VIP tour of the
MillerCoors brewery on May 12th, 2:00-3:00 pm. The Miller Visitor
Center offers you an indoor/outdoor guided walking tour of Miller
Valley, home to over 155 years of brewing history. Experience
everything from Fredrick Miller’s arrival in Milwaukee to the highspeed production lines used today.
Tours begin with a video depicting Frederick Miller’s historic arrival in Milwaukee to the company’s
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finest brews for those 21 and older. Soft drinks are available for guests under 21 or upon request.
Registration is free, though advanced registration is required due to limited space.
Email Shannon Given ([email protected]) to reserve your spot.
Critical Power will be hosted at the Wisconsin Center, in the heart of downtown Milwaukee.
There are several area hotels for you to choose from.
Hyatt Regency Milwaukee www.milwaukee.hyatt.com
Fairfield Inn & Suites Milwaukee Downtown: www.marriott.com
Hilton Milwaukee City Center: www.hiltonmilwaukee.com
Hampton Inn and Suites Milwaukee Downtown: www.hamptonmilwaukee.com
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Conference Program
Wednesday, May 13th
7:00 am
Registration Opens
8:00 am
Welcome/Opening Address
8:05 am
Keynote Presentation
Market Trends for Power Quality in Critical Power Applications
In a world where efficiency is key to profitability, demand for power quality has never been
higher. Consequently, an increasing number of corporate and governmental organizations
are realizing the need to implement some type of power quality system to ensure complete
functionality of their systems. Currently, there are several solutions available for assured
power quality, namely uninterruptible power supply, DC power systems, surge protection
devices, isolation transformers, voltage regulators and others that filter and condition power
supply. Customer expectations and the interaction between supplied electricity and sensitive end-use equipment have redefined the power quality arena. As a result, emphasis is
not only on the purity or integrity of the power sine wave but also on overall power reliability.
High-quality, reliable power without outages, sags, surges, harmonics or transients is expected and any disruption that causes a customer problem is now a concern. This presentation will focus on the total market for
power quality equipment, market trends, verticals and competitors.
Vishal Supra • Frost & Sullivan
9:00 am Navigating the Shift Toward Centralized Facilities Management
For large or multi-site geographically distributed critical and complex facilities such as
hospital systems, universities and military institutions – bad things happen when the lights
go out. Unfortunately, facility and corporate managers today are challenged with evertightening budgets, rising energy prices and aging core electrical and mechanical infrastructure. In this session, Tom Willie will discuss the emerging trend of Centralized Facility
Management (CFM), which is changing how the industry approaches the energy resiliency
challenge. Tom will discuss the components to CFM (financial, technical, operational and
virtual) and the strategies needed to economically and reliably orchestrate today’s core
facility-based operations.
Tom Willie, CEO • Blue Pillar, Inc.
9:30 am
Every Second Counts – Rapid Synchronization of Emergency Power Generation Sources
Time is of the essence whenever the power goes out at data centers, hospitals or other lifedependent facilities. Customer expectations and NFPA requirements pose real challenges
for implementing emergency power systems where multiple generation sources must be
started, synchronized and online in as little as 10 seconds. This presentation will inform
engineers, consultants and facility operators on synchronization fundamentals and methods, such as voltage/phase matching and slip-frequency synchronization. The session will
include a discussion on the benefits and potential pitfalls of “Run-Up” synchronization (a.k.a.
close-before-excitation), which is gaining popularity for critical applications.
David Cutro, Application Engineer, Power Generation and Distribution • Woodward, Inc.
10:00 am
Networking Break
Conference Program
10:15 am
How Battery Monitoring Technology can Increase Reliability and Become an Essential
Asset Management Tool
The vast majority of critical power facilities are supported by lead acid batteries and they
continue to be a large part of a facilities costs in terms of initial capital asset expenditure,
ongoing maintenance and in daily environmental conditioning. Figures vary but it is thought
that, as a minimum, batteries are found to be the contributing factor in unplanned critical
power downtime in over half of these cases and yet permanent battery monitoring is still
seen as an expensive luxury. This presentation shows real data from real batteries and
demonstrates how battery monitoring technology, particularly when supported by a service,
can serve the user and increase reliability as well as become an essential asset management tool.
Brian Hanking, CTO • Canara, Inc.
10:45 am
Intelligent Site Management: Leveraging Site Knowledge and Predictive Analytics for
Maximum Up-Time and Site Resiliency
As the world has become more dependent on mobile communications, the need for continuous network availability has become a priority. Cell sites cannot afford to be vulnerable to
power failures, and power must be restored quickly when a disaster or outage occurs. As
such, the need for intelligent site management using predictive analytics to capture and analyze site data to improve site resiliency, maximize up-time and decrease maintenance costs
has never been more vital. In this presentation BatteryCorp will cite real-world examples and
address the new era of using predictive analytics for improved site management.
Jonathan Quint, CEO • Ontegrity
UPS Panel Discussion
Join experts discussing the latest technologies and applications
in uninterrupitable power supplies and the role they play in critical power systems. Each panelist will give a short presentation
and then take part in an interactive Q&A.
Mike Chmura, Three Phase UPS Sales Manager • AMETEK-POWERVAR
Peter Panfil, VP Global Power • Emerson
Jeremy James, Manufacturer’s Representative • Toshiba UPS
12:15 pm
1:15 pm
Using Innovation in Design to Meet Customers’ Infrastructure Needs
Customers demand a lot from their data center colocation provider and rightfully so. The fact of the matter
is the provider’s physical infrastructure has to be just as reliable and flexible as the IT it supports. This case
study uncovers how COMLINK turned away from many of the assumptions and limitations that come with
conventional critical power infrastructure design and how it blazed its own path with sustainability, efficiency
and reliability at its core. The speakers will cover specific challenges COMLINK faced in the design and build
out of its Grand Rapids facility, how these were addressed, and ultimate outcome with a focus on total cost of
Brett Kirby, Director, Network Management Center and Datacenter Operations • COMLINK
Kit Killingsworth, Systems Engineer • Active Power
Conference Program
1:45 pm
Fuel Cells: Critical and Clean Power
Fuel cells are the cleanest and most reliable way to generate electricity onsite for critical,
continuous power applications at facilities such as industrial operations, data centers and
hospitals. Fuel cells are exceptionally reliable, and numerous customers have used fuel
cells as a replacement for back-up generators and UPS systems. This presentation will review the types of fuel cells commercially available today, and how they have been deployed
in critical power applications at a variety of facilities.
Kent McCord, Director of Marketing Strategy • Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc.
2:15 pm
Networking Break
2:30 pm
Emergency Backup Power Systems for Nuclear Power Plants
As a result of the Fukushima (Japan) nuclear disaster in March 2011, The French Nuclear Safety Administration (ASN) directed a safety evaluation for each of the reactors in France to ensure that they had the appropriate safeguards in place to protect their facilities from an environmental event leading to a similar disaster. As
a result of this study, several plant upgrades were mandated by the French government, inclusive of additional
back-up power to increase the safety factors of the facilities. In early 2014, Fairbanks Morse Engine was selected to supply opposed-piston, diesel engine-generator sets to Electricité de France (EDF) for emergency
back-up power at the utility’s nuclear power plants in France. This presentation will focus on how opposedpiston engine technology was adapted to meet the stringent requirements for quality, safety, and performance
as set forth in the customer requirements for the “ultimate safety” generators to provide backup power at the
largest fleet of nuclear reactors in the world. Additionally the extensive analysis and test protocols for qualification will be discussed.
Keith Haasl, Business Segment Leader, Power Generation • Fairbanks Morse Engine
3:00 pm
Genset Panel Discussion
Hear from industry leaders on gensets, including the latest trends and technologies effecting standby and backup power supplies and the role they play
in critical power systems. Each panelist will give a short presentation and then
take part in an interactive Q&A.
Michael Kirchner, Technical Support Manager • Generac Power Systems
Mike Pincus, Manager – System Sales • Kohler Power Systems
Additional Speakers TBA
4:00 pm
Reception in the Exhibit Hall
Conference Program
Thursday, May 14th
7:30 am
Registration Opens
8:00 am
Advancements in Electrical System Testing
As a society, we have become extremely dependent on electrical power to maintain our safety, communications and lifestyle. This dependency has increased our awareness for the need of reliable backup power
systems. A load bank still provides the best practical means to test the power system without interruption to
the critical loads and assure performance at full load capability. Modern load banks are designed to provide
a stable and controllable load for determining performance characteristics of a power system. The load bank
must be designed for the intended voltage, frequency and power capacity. The power handling capacity of
the load bank can be as small as 5 to 10 kilowatt (kW) or up to many megawatts (MW) of power. In addition,
modern load banks include instrumentation for displaying amperes (A), volts (V), and kW parameters of the
system under test.
Bill Conrad, Midwest Regional Manager • ASCO Power Technologies
8:30 am
Stationary Battery Safety – An Overview of the Process of Verifying the Safety of
Battery Systems
Stationary battery systems are being implemented to solve a number of new applications,
and the batteries being installed in these stationary applications have progressed beyond
the traditional technologies. From local AHJs, first responders and even the US DOE, the
safety of stationary batteries has been identified as a key concern of theirs. How can a
manufacturer or other responsible party installing stationary battery systems establish the
safety of their battery systems? Evaluating stationary battery systems to an appropriate
safety standard and ensuring the system is installed in accordance with the local regulations
is a path forward to verifying safety. Hear some practical insights into evaluating a stationary battery system to ANSI UL 1973 for stationary battery systems. She will also provide an overview of other
standard developments and code proposals impacting the safety of stationary battery systems.
Laurie Florence, Principal Engineer, Large Batteries, Fuel Cells & Capacitors • UL LLC
9:00 am
Data Center UPSs: Why 1 Percent Efficiency Matters
Total cost of ownership (TCO) is a critical and well understood metric when developing new
data centers, yet often the TCO criteria used during the design phase aren’t used during
equipment procurement or equipment upgrades. Abandoning TCO metrics at this phase
can cost companies hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of dollars every year. This
session will present the metrics for why all stakeholders involved in UPS data center projects should deploy a TCO model throughout the process, and ways for bringing together the
seemingly divergent goals of purchasing and operational teams.
Christina Campbell, Regional Commercial Manager • GE Critical Power
9:30 am
Resilient Power Architectures for Critical Power
A strong site hardening plan can be the difference between life and death during grid outages. Highly reliable, clean, cost-effective fuel cells are an important tool within a growing
number of industries. Learn why using fuel cells to provide backup and disaster recovery
power offers benefits to customers in a variety of critical industries. Learn how to choose and
implement the best fueling solution to enable continued operations during disasters or long
term outages. Learn why three very different customers have chosen to implement fuel cell
power solutions into their networks.
Joe Blanchard, General Manager, Stationary Power • Plug Power
Conference Program
10:00 am
Networking Break
10:15 am
Emergency Power System Design Considerations
The high demands of system reliability coupled with expenditure restrictions and speed-to-market have
made choosing the right emergency power solution more important than ever for critical facilities. Determining the required levels of customization, redundancy, control and power monitoring are the key to meeting
these demands. Careful consideration needs to be given when making these decisions so that the solution
meets the demands of the facility. This session will evaluate the pros and cons of an engineered solution,
evaluate the required level of redundancy and its effect on reliability, discuss the required control networks
and compare analog vs IP control and compare and contrast power monitoring options.
Doug Head, National Sales Manager – Data Centers • ASCO Power Technologies
10:45 am
Commercially Viable Fuel Cell Telecom Backup Power Solutions
For telecom service providers occasional, prolonged power outages can be devastating.
Telecom backup power systems are being driven by two distinct needs: backup power for
regular, even daily, power outages in markets with unreliable electricity grids; backup power
for markets with reliable grids yet vulnerable to extended power outages in crisis situations.
Learn how fuel cell power generation systems provide complete backup power solutions
for wireless telecom providers, and other critical networks. We will discuss how fuel cell
systems for backup power deliver solid reliability at an attractive lifecycle cost with important
business benefits not available from traditional power sources.
Kevin White, Director of Sales – Americas • Ballard Power Systems
11:15 am
Integrating Standby and Continuous On-Site Generation
The growth of “island mode” capable continuous on-site generation technologies requires
rethinking the uptime paradigm for many facilities. Island mode capable continuous on-site
systems can present attractive economic and environmental benefits for facilities during
normal operating conditions, but they should not be considered a substitute for traditional
standby power generation systems. Rather, facilities should evaluate integrating continuous
on-site and traditional standby assets to optimize economic return, operational resiliency
and environmental impact.
Ryan Goodman, President of Cogeneration • ENER-G Rudox
11:45 am
12:45 pm
Improving Medium Voltage Equipment Longevity by Measuring and Abating Commonly
Occurring Transient Overvoltages
Medium voltages (>1,000 V) are common in mission critical substations. Vacuum interrupting technology long ago supplanted air break circuit breakers, providing safe, contained arc
interruption. However, in the continued efforts to reduce size and cost of electrical distribution equipment, the distance between those MV breakers and transformers has reduced.
For this reason and others, an increase in the number of dry-type distribution transformers
failures have been observed. A second related and equally damaging condition called resonance occurs in transformers, but is caused by different conditions. Frequently confused as
being caused and mitigated similarly to steep front voltages, resonance causes and solutions are different. This presentation will explain both phenomena, why they occur and the steps that can be
taken to prevent the problem.
Dave Loucks, Manager, Power Solutions & Advanced Systems • Eaton
Conference Program
1:15 pm
A Tutorial on Using Energy Storage for the Electric Grid
Utilities are deploying energy storage systems to provide renewable energy integration,
decrease grid congestion, increase grid reliability, and provide backup power. Energy storage systems provide opportunities for grid hardening and enabling more distributed energy systems. This presentation provides a tutorial and case studies about how energy
storage provides capabilities for managing, enhancing, and strengthening the electric grid.
The case studies offer real-life, practical perspectives about system design, installation
and commissioning.
Kevin Fok, Senior Project Manager • LG Chem Power, Inc.
1:45 pm
Power Quality Panel Discussion
Power quality tools are essential in keeping critical power systems running. Hear from our expert panel on an
array an issues and solutions impact power delivery.
Vic Muscia, Midwest Region Manager • Piller USA
Malcolm J Jones, Director – Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery Division • Power-Sonic Corp.
Additional Speakers TBA
2:45 pm
Conference Conclusion
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Critical Power 2015 will share an exhibit hall with two other events: The Wire Processing Technology Expo and Electrical Manufacturing Show. The combined show floor will feature more then
200 exhibits. Critical Power attendees will have access to complete show floor.
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