4 - Limestone Community High School

Thank you for your interest in Limestone Community High School Cheerleading. Cheerleading
at LCHS is a serious commitment and is not to be taken lightly. Please make sure that you
review all the rules, expectations and schedules. If you have any questions, please feel free to
e-mail me. I wish you the best and thank you for choosing to be part of a wonderful program.
You can contact me at [email protected]
Dear Parent/Guardian:
Your daughter/son is interested in trying out for the 2014-2015 Football or Basketball
Cheerleading squad. If your daughter/son is chosen to represent Limestone Community High
School as a member of the squad, it will not only be an honor, but also a major commitment.
The responsibilities are numerous and MUST be fully understood in advance. There will be an
informational meeting for all parents and athletes on Tuesday, April 7 at 7:00 p.m. in the
Cafeteria. All perspective cheerleaders and parents are encouraged to attend.
Attendance at ALL games and practices is mandatory. Practice and game schedules are preset
and announced in advance and therefore MANDATORY. Schedule changes not in control of the
cheerleading staff will be made known to squad members as soon as possible. When
transportation is provided by the school your daughter/son must ride on the bus to and from
the athletic events.
Members of both Cheerleading Squads will be responsible for (not limited too) the purchase of
all cheerleading camp equipment, shoes, and camps. This is outlined in the cheer packet.
Additionally, all squad members will be required to participate in fundraising activities, i.e.-car
washes, chicken dinner, princess party, camps and clinics, etc., and any other events deemed
necessary for the program.
As a member of the squad, your daughter/son will be responsible for maintaining a good
academic record. This is monitored on a weekly basis in accordance with LCHS & IHSA
All members are required to follow the rules set forth in the Cheerleading Contract and the
Students Handbook/Athletic Code. LCHS Cheerleading squads follow IHSA rules and those set
forth in the NFHS Spirit rules book.
After you have discussed these requirements with your daughter/son and agree to make the
commitment, if chosen for the squad, please sign the attached permission form.
Please contact Coach Brittany Christensen at [email protected] with any
Dear Student Athlete:
You will find a great deal of information in this packet that needs to be read by you and your
parent/guardian. The purpose of this packet is to give you a clear understanding of what is
expected of you as a LCHS cheerleader.
Items which require signatures must be turned in, in order for you to be able to tryout (LCHS
Expectations and Regulations form, signed tryout permission form and up-to-date physical).
Tuesday, April 7, 2015
Saturday, April 11, 2015
LCHS Cafeteria
Time: 7:00PM
Parent/Athlete Informational Meeting
LCHS Main Gym
Time: 11:00AM-5:00PM
Cheerleading Tryouts
Must have all signed paper work turned in. Candidates will learn all requirements for the
LCHS Cheerleading program.
Attire: Form fitting t-shirt or racer back & hair up and off of your face with a bow,
shorts, and cheer or gym shoes. There is no jewelry or gum allowed.
Sunday, April 12, 2015
LCHS Main Gym
Time: 1:00PM-Open
Cheerleading Tryouts
Must have all signed paper work turned in. Candidates will perform all requirements for
the LCHS Cheerleading program.
Attire: Form fitting t-shirt or racer back & hair up and off of your face with a bow,
shorts, and cheer or gym shoes. There is no jewelry or gum allowed.
Try Outs
There will be no score sheets for this year’s tryout. Coach Christensen will be choosing teams.
All candidates will be asked to perform jumps, tumbling, stunts, chant, dance and school song.
Rules and Expectations
Limestone Community High School Cheerleading
The LCHS Cheerleading program expects academics to be each participant’s first priority. LCHS cheerleaders are
expected to follow the LCHS rules for eligibility set forth by the IHSA.
Attendance at all practice, games, competitions, fundraisers, and community events are mandatory. The rule is
simple – 1, 2, 3 = O U T. A participant who misses three (3) times during the school year may be dismissed from the
squad for the remainder of the season. (Work is not excused; please try not to schedule doctor appointment
during practices and games.) If you have an unexexcused absece for a practice you will sit out, in uniform, at the
next game.
Excessive absences, tardies, sitting out for any reason, or missing more than two games in a season could result in
removal from the program.
Practices and/or events with organizations outside of Limestone Community High School are not excused abseces.
If a participant is absent from school on a practice or game day, she/he must contact the coach. In the case of an
extended illness, a parent/guardian must contact the coach. It is the responsibility of each girl/boy to report
directly to her/his coach any illness or injury that would result in a missed game or practice. You must email the
coach to let them know you are sick.
Schedules will be given out at the beginning of the season. However, cheerleaders will need to be flexible due to
the need to add or change practices due to facilities, games, weather, competitions, pep assemblies and
homecoming events.
Varsity Basketball Cheerleaders are expected to cheer games at the Thanksgiving Basketball tournament and The
Pekin Holiday Tournament over Winter Break.
All Basketball Cheerleaders will have practice over Thanksgiving and Winter Break. This is to prepare for upcoming
competition season.
No jewelry including watches, necklaces, rings, earrings, and other pierced items.
No glitter including lotions, make-up etc.
No nail polish. Nails should be trimmed to an athletic length (no acrylics), not beyond the fingertips to
prevent injury.
No gum.
No cell phones; calling or texting during practices and/or games.
Hair must be all up and off of face.
Practices are closed.
Proper attire for practice is camp top and bottom with briefs, bow and cheer shoes. A practice uniform schedule
will be given out to all atheletes.
Cheerleaders should provide their own water bottle.
Cell phones are not to be used during practices.
All participants are expected to be in practice attire and ready to begin at the designated practice time. If a
cheerleader is late to a practice for academic reasons, they must bring a pass/note from their teacher.
Proper uniform for all games is Cheerleading uniform, briefs/boyshorts, cheer shoes, white socks, hair bow. Warmups should be worn to and from games during cooler weather. No uniform skirt may be worn over warm-up pants.
Flip-flops, boots and non cheerleading shoes are never to be worn with the uniform or warm-ups. Jewelry of any
kind can never be worn. No gum is allowed. Cell phones are not to be used during games.
Each cheerleader is repsonsible for the proper care of his/her uniform. Each cheerleader will be fully responsible
for the replacement of any uniform in his/her care that becomes damaged or lost.
All cheerleaders should wear their LCHS Cheerleading uniform with pride on game days and at all regular season
games and tournament games (unless otherwise specified by the coach). If you are sitting out due to non cocurricular reason, you will sit out in full uniform. (This could be warm-ups, shirt and shorts, and/or uniform, it is up
to the coaches discretion.)
In order to achieve maximum success as a squad, each individual must demonstrate a good work ethic and be
willing to work for the good of the squad. Respect for other squad members and the coach staff is imperative.
Negative behavior may result in suspension from participation in one or more games or dismissal from the squad.
This includes bahavior on social media sites.
Parent participation is appreciated. Decisions about coaching and program management are solely the
responsibiluity of the coach.
Each participant will follow Limestone Community High School’s Co-curricular Code.
Each participant will sign and adhere to the LCHS Cheerleading Rule and Expectations.
Cheerleading is a demanding activity and as such requires the same physical training and dedication as any other
sport. LCHS cheerleaders are expected to maintain physical fitness through full participation in all warm-up and
conditioning activities.
Like other sports, the possibility of injury is present in cheerleading. Any injury occurring during practice or game is
to be reported to the coach or athletic trainer immediately. Parent/guardian will be contacted.
If a cheerleader is sick or absent for any reason, they must contact their coach by 2:00 p.m. Failure to inform the
coaching staff of any absences could result in sitting out a game or event. Practices, games and competitions are
not optional.
Any cheerleader involved in another school activity must inform the coach.
All parents’ concerns should be directed to the coach.
Cheerleaders must have a current physical on record with the Athletic Office before April 11, 2015.
During the game all squad members are required to sit together when not cheering.
The LCHS Co-curricular Code will be strictly enforced.
All bills must be paid on time and in full.
Cheerleaders must ride the athletic bus to and from events. They must be in full uniform or warm-up to travel. We
will not travel to any cheerleading function in street clothes. If they do not have on the proper attire, they will be
sent home.
As a part of the LCHS Cheerleading program, each member will actively participate in fundraisers and volunteer
work throughout the year.
-Chicken Dinner
-Cheer Clinic (2)
-Any other deemed as necessary
All Football Cheerleaders are expected to attend all Homecoming Activities
All Basketball Cheerleaders are expected to attened all Easter Seal Activities
All cheerleaders must participate in sideline cheerleading for football or basketball season. The only exception is
guys on the team, they will not perform sideline cheers.
We will not put people on a team just to fill numbers. They must have the skill that we are looking for.
If you were on a team the year before, it does not guarantee you a spot the following year. A veteran can be cut.
If you are chosen as a member of the cheerleading squad and you choose to quit, you will not receive credit for
participating on the cheerleading squad.
Cheerleaders are not allowed to be on an all-star team or compete on an all-star team during the off-season,
competitive season or after the season is over.
It is highly recommended that all cheerleaders sign up and take a tumbling class.
The Basketball squad will compete and will be made up of no more than 24 cheerleaders. 20 will compete and four
will make up the bench. This is an IHSA rule. This team will be co-ed.
The competition squad will practice over Thanksgiving and Winter Break.
Football & Basketball
Saturday, June 6 , 2015 9AM-5PM
Summer Practices:
Mon & Wed 3:30PM-5:30PM in June & 7:30AM-9:30AM in July
Chicken Dinner:
Tuesday, June 23, 2015 3PM-7:30PM
Cheer Clinic:
Saturday, June 27, 2015 10AM-3PM
Choreography Camp:
(Basketball Only)
Friday, July 10 & Saturday, July 12.
We will leave Thursday, July 10 and return Saturday, July 12.
Summer Camp:
July 17-19, 2015 Carthage College
2001 Alford Park Dr. | Kenosha, WI 53140
We will be taking a charter bus to camp. All athletes will be picked up by parents on the last day. No student is to
drive home. I must have a signed note before leaving for camp allowing a student to ride with someone else’s
If you have an outstanding balance from the season before, it must be paid in full prior to tryouts. All uniforms
from the year before must be returned before you can tryout.
All bills must be paid on time and in full before any clothing can be ordered.
Items that need to be purchased include (not limited to):
Camp Gear:
*3 Bows
*Royal Brief
New Poms
New Member Total: $283.00
Returning Member Total: $247.00
*Add Optional Back Pack : $34.00
Camp Gear:
New Member Total: $232.00
Returning Member Total: $200.00
*Add Optional Back Pack: $34.00
*Items that are same from previous years and do not need to be purchased by returning members.
Camp Gear includes four t-shirts and four pairs of shorts. These items will not only be used during our times at
camps but also during the school year for all practices. Both teams will be given a practice schedule telling them
what outfit to wear each day. These practice outfits should be complete with proper team shoes and bow. Poms
and megaphones will be used at all games and will be yours to keep since you will purchase those items.
The above amount is due on Sunday, April 12, 2015. If you are selected for a team you will be expected to pay this
total before gear can be orderd. Some athletes may already have some of the items listed and will not have to
purchase them. The only optional item is the back pack. Please contact me if you have any questions. If a
cheerleader quits, they will be responsible to pay for any pre-ordered items and/or outstanding balances. There
are no refunds for clothing or anything else ordered and/or received.
Choreography Camp Costs: $200.00 per athlete due May 25, 2015.The Competitive team will be traveling to
Orland Hills, IL in July for their 2015-2016 Choreography Camp. Limestone has paired with Providence Catholic
High School and ACE Cheer Company of Birmingham, Alabama. ACE is giving us top-notch coach and
choreographer, Chris Treherne.
Total Due at Cheer-a-thon: $360.00 (Includes camp fee and bus fee)The Cheer-a-thon fundraiser is your
opportunity to bring money in to help offset your camp fee. If you do not get enough donations to cover the
$360.00 bill then you will be required to make up the difference. If you receive donations over the amount to
cover the $360.00 bill the remanding profit will be left in the cheerleading account.
Rules and Expectations
Limestone Community High School Cheerleading
I have read the Limestone Community High School Cheerleading Rules and Expectations and understand the
responsibility and commitment it takes to be a LCHS Cheerleader. I will follow the procedures and rules as stated
and that may come up during the year.
Check one of the following:
Football, Basketball ____
Basketball, Football ____
Football, Cut _____
Basketball, Cut____
Checking Football, Basketball or Basketball, Football gives the coach a right to put you on either team.
Checking one or the other just gives me a better idea of your preference.
It is possible that Basketball Cheerleaders can move to Football and Football Cheerleaders can move to
Basketball if the coach finds it necessary.
If we need to replace a male athlete a separate try-out may be held.
This formed must be signed and return by
April 11, 2015 in order to tryout.
Limestone Community High School Cheerleading
2015 Tryout Permission Slip
I have read the LCHS Cheerleading information packet and I under the responsibilities associated with
being an LCHS Cheerleader. I understand the qualifing process in order to be selected as a member of
the Limestone High School Cheerleading Squad. I understand that cheerleading involves physical activity
and stunts that may cause injury.
I have read the Limestone Community High School Cheerleading informtion packet. I understand the
commitment it takes to be an LCHS Cheerleader. I understand the qualifying process in order to be
selected as a member of the squad. I will not contest, argue, or questions any decisions reguarding
tryouts of competition procedures. I will not questions procedures and placement on squads and
understand the decision is final. I understand that cheerleading involves physical activity and stunts that
may cause injury. I give my child, ____________________ premission to tryout for the LCHS
Cheerleading Program.
This formed must be signed and return by April 11, 2015 in order to tryout.