���We take great pride in our role as an employer, sharing our

“We take great pride in our role as an employer, sharing our
prosperity with our employees and contributing to the
Northwest economy.”
Mark Cheirrett, President
Eco Chemical, Seattle
Taking championship paint into
the end zone.
Mark Cheirrett recalls the early days of his career manufacturing
bridge paints, arriving home with welts on his hands from harsh
solvents. That experience — and Mark’s love for clean lakes and
streams — led him to start an environmentally friendly, family-owned
paint company called Eco Chemical.
You’ve likely seen Eco Chemical’s products in action every time a
certain hometown championship pro-football team makes a
touchdown. That’s because Eco Chemical’s water-based turf paint
is used to embellish the end zones at stadiums around the country,
including ours right here at home.
Eco Chemical is one of thousands of Washington companies that
provide millions of great paying jobs, benefits and broader economic
prosperity across our state.
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