Willington Street Maidstone Leaflet Phase 2 Residents

Willington Street, Maidstone
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Willington Street, Maidstone
During 2014 and 2015 the County Council is reconstrucng and resurfacing much
of Willington Street in Maidstone. Due to the condition of the road and the high
volumes of traffic we are carrying out major repairs on a 2km (2000m or 1.25
miles) section of the road between A274 Sutton Road and Deringwood Drive.
To minimise disruption these major works are being undertaken in three phases.
Phase 1 was completed during the school summer holidays 2014 and was carried
out between A274 Sutton Road and Northumberland Road.
We plan to complete Phase 2 over the Easter school holidays. The works on this
phase will start on the 2nd April 2015 and be completed by 19th April 2015.
The remaining sections of Willington Street will be delivered under Phase 3 during
the summer school holidays of 2015.
Phase 2 is approximately 200m in length and will be between Beauworth Park and
Chapman Avenue. The works have been phased like this to minimise disruption to
residents in the adjacent cul-de-sacs, this phasing allows access in and out of the
side roads at all times.
We are undertaking these works during the school holidays, because there tends
to be less traffic on the roads. The entire road will be closed to through traffic
during the works so that we can ensure the safety of both the workforce and road
users. Traffic will be diverted via the A20 Ashford Road, A249, A229 and A274
Sutton Road.
Phase 1 Previously completed
Phase 2 Easter school holidays 2015
Phase 3 Summer school holidays 2015
If you need more informaon, please call us on
03000 41 81 81. You can also visit our website
www.kent.gov.uk/highways to find out how we look
a&er the roads throughout Kent or report faults you find
on our roads
We will start by using a large machine to grind off the top layer of the road to
enable us to repair the lower layers of the road. The whole area will then be
swept with a mechanical sweeper to ensure that it is clean and free from dust and
We will then lay a special membrane layer to strengthen the new road, adjust all
of the manhole covers and drains and then the new road surface will be laid.
Finally, all of the road markings will be repainted.
We will also be carrying out some additional overnight resurfacing works between
Madginford Road and the A20 at the same time as these works, to avoid the need
for more road closures and to reduce disruption.
Phase 2
Willington Street - Phase 2
Phase 2 will be divided into two 100m secons:
The first secon (2A) will be from Beauworth Park to Greenfields
The second secon (2B) will be from Greenfields to Chapman Avenue
Phase 2A
Alternave arrangements for parking will be along the remaining closed secon of
Willington Street and site security will be in place when we are not working on the
site (7pm—7am). Access for emergency vehicle will be maintained at all mes and a
local diversion routes for residents will be in place via School Lane, Oxford Road and
Northumberland Road.
Phase 2
For each week, the front facing properes on Willington Street within the secon that
we are working in will have NO vehicular access. This is because of the depth of the
excavaons - in places we will need to dig down half a metre.
Phase 2B
Each secon will take a week to complete and we will be working seven days a week
between 7am and 7pm, where necessary and daylight allows.
If you have specific access requirements please tell our project team as soon as
possible by calling 03000 41 81 81. We will do all that we can to accommodate your
needs however at mes we may need to ask that you make alternave arrangements.
During the works we will have large and specialist vehicles on site and audible
warning reversing sirens will be used on all vehicles. This is a health and safety
requirement and cannot be turned off so you will hear these sirens during the works.
With a project of this magnitude and complexity, disrupon is inevitable but we will
be doing our utmost to make sure that this is kept to an absolute minimum. We
apologise in advance for the inconvenience caused and will try to keep this to a
minimum. There are significant long term benefits to the works as we have designed
the repairs to last many years ahead.
We will be exhibing details of the scheme on Friday 20th March at St Marn’s
Church Hall, on Northumberland Road between 4.00pm and 8.00pm. Our project
team will be in aCendance to hear your views, answer your quesons and discuss any
issues you might have.
Clive Lambourne is our project officer, responsible for overseeing the works and
liaising with the local community. Clive will be happy to answer your quesons and
discuss your possible issues of concern. He can be contacted on 03000 41 81 81 or via
email at [email protected]
Phase 2A will commence on 2nd April and take 1 week
Phase 2B will commence on 11th April and take 1 week
These are approximate dates and may be subject to change. This type of work can be
affected by bad weather so, if it is not possible to carry out the works on these dates,
we will review our programme and update you via a leCer drop to your home.