Here - King`s School

March 2015
Tom Siddle
The rugby team had their first
game nearby school against
PACA away. It was a long 40 minute game; it was
very close but we ended up winning with tries
from Sonny Drury, Jonathan
Knight, Sam Lidgard and Thomas
Siddle. The whole team did really
well because we had to.
girls’ Football
Skye Collacott Willamson
Girls’ football is a great idea as football isn’t just for
boys. At King’s school we like to be fair and girls are
always allowed to join in. Although when we have
torments it is girls only and boys only. Sadly, girls’
football club is only for girls.
The club is on Tuesday and then Wednesday the next
As we have girls football, us girls would also like girls
cricket as we would like to help our students have the
best options. The next article covers the reasons why
we want to see this club happen.
Girls’ football gives girls a fighting chance to be as
good as the boys. This can happen as we are all equal.
We can only get better if we try and try again. In girls’
football you play matches and train hard.
This is how the kids at King’s do everything!
Eloise Renouf
Are you tired of being put down because you are
a girl? Do you think that sports should be for
everyone? Well I think we should have a Girls’
Cricket club! Cricket is interesting; you can
achieve lots in cricket competitions and it
improves your hand eye coordination. Even
though cricket is considered a boys sport (by
some), it doesn’t mean that girls cannot play
cricket. A rough survey in Year 7 proved this club
idea popular.
In addition, cricket is considered a summer sport
however, if you train in the winter, like I did at my
old school, you can be ready to compete by
summer; it is a great experience! Competitions
mean that you get an opportunity to represent
the school; Girls Cricket has a lot of opportunities
to excel. For example, the England Women’s
Cricket team have won the Ashes, a competition
between England and Australia, 31 times.
Furthermore, at my old school, our Girls Cricket
team got to the National Girls cricket finals and
lost out in the quarter-finals. As proven, cricket
can be huge for girls.
To sum up, Girls’ Cricket in
society today is big.
Everyone, whether good at
sport or not, can try-it
does not matter if it is not for you.
Purple Opinions:
SilverFin by Charlie
Emily Witherington
(Inspired by the 80s)
Fred Dickinson
SilverFin – Welcome to the start of a
thrilling adventure with the one and only…
James Bond!
Be prepared for some late nights as some
horrible events unravel before your very
eyes; a young boy’s disappearance, and
some mishaps at Eton, where James has
already met his enemy. But after winning
the Hellebore Cup, he’s in as much trouble
as he’ll ever be.
Finally, the school term is over and James
goes to visit his Aunt in Scotland. There he
meets a new mate, but not before
discovering that his nemesis, his enemy
from the first day, appears right in the
same town…
(Deep House)
(Romantic ballad)
(Pop Rock)
Read more at SilverFin, available in many
The Young Bond series also include:
Blood Fever, Double or Die, By Royal
Command and Hurricane Gold.
(Synthpop and
minimal song)
Xbox vs. PlayStation
without having to press any extra buttons.
These aren’t the only new features, these are
just a handful… there a plenty more to
comfort your needs. To make life even easier
Microsoft have added the big and popular
games to the online store to save you going
all the way to the shops.
Ted Johnstone
Over the years people have debating whether
the Xbox or PlayStation is better. Obviously if
you have fan Xbox you will think Xbox is better
and same with PlayStation. The thing is you
don’t know how good the console you don’t
have is… So I am going to provide you with
some information about both the consoles so
you can really decide!
The first Xbox came out back in November
2001. Back in 2001 they just called it ‘The
Xbox’, today we call it ‘The Original Xbox’.
However, Microsoft with Xbox weren’t as
popular or noticed back then. They were
dominated by the mighty PlayStation 2 and
Nintendo were launching the GameCube. But
soon they got noticed and became a big
success. Microsoft carried on producing
brilliant consoles up until now (2015) where
the new fabulous Xbox 1 sits in millions of
people’s homes.
The new console costs around £300, even
though this is extremely expensive it does
provide you with amazing features. The
games on the console look and feel incredibly
real, with the new cinematic gameplay… the
voice control allows you to sit back and relax
As said in the first paragraph PlayStation
came out before Xbox; but, that doesn’t
mean Sony’s console is better than
Microsoft’s. Sony have recently released their
4th console, PlayStation 4 (PS4). I am
comparing this with the Xbox 1. The PS4 is the
next age of PlayStation with the fasted
graphics processer and system memory of all
After selling an incredible one million
consoles in just its first 24 hours on sale in the
US, the PS4 has now been snapped up by 13
million gamers worldwide. This is double the
number of Xbox One consoles that have sold
in the same time period! With more graphical
power than the Xbox, Sony have made the PS4
the next gen console. But you could argue that
the Xbox 1 is the next gen console too. The
PS4 is slightly more expensive than the Xbox 1
at around £324.
Here’s all the information I’ve gathered on the
two consoles, I’ll let you decide which your
favourite is.
Five nights at Freddie’s 3
Josh Hoptroff
Tom Siddle
Fifa 15 is a two player
game or one (if you want it to
be). You can play with your
friends even if they are on the
other side of the world; if they play on
the same
Xbox, you can
play with them
or try and beat
them. It also has
amazing graphics; you can notice what player it is
without even seeing anything else except the face.
Here are some examples see if you can tell who they
Thirty years after Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place
closed its doors, the events that took place there
had become nothing more than a rumour and a
childhood memory. The owners of Fazbears
fright: the horror attraction, are determined to
revive the legend and make the experience as
authentic as possible
At first there were only empty shells, a hand, a
hook, an old paper plate doll, but then a
remarkable discovery was made….
The attraction now has one animatronic.
Five nights at Freddie’s 3 is based on the rumours
of the original five nights at Freddie’s 1 and 2.
Fazbear’s Fright (the horror attraction) tried to
find anything that had survived; they put all the
parts together and there is now 1 animatronic in
the game.
15 Funniest weird and
wonderful animal facts!
Angelica Blake-Lawson
Sea otters hold
hands when they
sleep to keep from
drifting apart.
Squirrels plant
thousands of new trees each year simply by
forgetting where they put their acorns.
Gentoo penguins propose to their life-mates
with a pebble.
Macaques in Japan use coins to buy vending
machine snacks.
Lenny Zsilavecz
These are the top 3 most awesome/helpful
inventions I’ve discovered…
In 3rd place we have
the see-through
toaster. Now you can
see when your toast
is ready.
In China, killing a Panda is punishable by
Rats laugh when tickled.
Pigs are very clean, keeping their toilet area
far away from where they lie down and eat
Dolphins have names for each other.
Oysters can change
gender depending on
which is best for mating.
Japanese Macaques
make snowballs for fun.
Seahorses mate for life,
and when they travel
they hold each other’s
The closest relatives to the elephant shrew
are actually elephants, not shrews.
Butterflies taste with their feet
Crows are so intelligent they can play pranks
on each other.
Spiders don’t fly.
In 2nd place we have the phone/tablet
projector, so if you want to watch a movie on
your phone, you can
now make it really
big! (Or you can play a
game and make the
screen bigger so
everyone can watch)
In 1st place we have the toast-making-knife.
This thing is awesome because toast takes
about three minutes to make…think what you
could do in three minutes: watch a Youtube
video, do your homework, learn how to drive.
Now toast will only take a couple of seconds
to make and you
can use that time
And who doesn’t
like toast?
World Awareness.
This topic is
about Syria.
The current
war in Syria
started when 15 school children were arrested
and tortured for writing anti-government graffiti
on a wall; this terrible act led the local people to
protest for the children involved.
It started off as a quiet protest for the kids to be
released and for further freedom for people.
Unrest rippled across the country when the
government responded angrily and killed four
When the government forces started an outbreak
of violence, people demanded that Bashar alAssad, resign. President Bashar al-Assad refused
to resign.
The violence worsened so he offered to change
some things in the law, but the protesters didn't
believe him.
All these people want is for President Bashar alAssad to resign.
There are quite a few military groups all fighting
against the government. It's far smaller than the
government's army; it's poorly equipped and
most of its fighters have only had basic training.
In September 2013, chemical weapons had been
used in Syria, but the report did not say who was
However Syria denied using these awful
weapons. Instead they blamed it on rebel forces.
After the effects of these weapons were seen,
there were long discussions over what the rest of
the world should do.
It doesn't look like the fighting is going to end any
time soon. This country is still in a state of
disaster; no problems have been resolved.
The message I am trying to send is to be grateful
for what we have. When you have a bad day
think of the Syrian children who have been
dragged away from their homes and sent to
camps in the middle of the war.
Always appreciate how much you have!
James Page
Hi and welcome to the second edition of the church
column. This time I’m writing about a Christian charity
called Friends First: a charity that helps long term
unemployed homeless people.
Friends First was set up by Church of Christ the King
(CCK) and was started when they handed out free
meals to homeless people. Friends First helps
disadvantaged people to find a profession and a place
to call home. They also want to break people off from
the cycle of having to rely on other people and
begging. They also have a farm and a coffee shop
where homeless people can work and gain experience
to help them get a job in the future.
Friends First have a sheltered house to help bridge the
gap between living on the streets and paying rent to
live in permanent accommodation. They equip people
to pursue a career and find independence.
Friends First’s vison is that other towns and cities will
copy them and to help homeless people train for jobs.
The money we raise from selling The Purple Paper is
donated to Friends First to help make homelessness a
thing of the past.
Cookery Advice:
Part Two
Rose and lychee fairy/cupcakes:
Esme Sewell
Hey guys welcome back to the cookery
section I hope the recipe you tried last time
was tasty. This time I will do a couple of my
personal favourites and let you see whether
you find them as tasty as I do. Have you ever
found the need to share a new recipe with
others? Well here I am and like I said, I will let
you lot do the judging.
Cake Recipe:
180ml tinned lychee
60ml milk
1/2tsp vanilla extract
110g butter
200g caster sugar
1 egg 2 egg whites
200g plain flour
1tsp baking powder
1/4tsp salt
Homemade pizza (enough for 2) :
For the recipe you will need:
500g plain/strong bread flour
2 sachet of dried yeast
300ml of hand warm/tepid water
140g unsalted butter
110g icing sugar (sifted)
2tsp milk
1/2tsp rose water
2-3 drops food colouring
Mix together, put in cupcake tins, heat
oven to 180c for 20-25mins.
6 dessert spoons=olive oil
Mix by hand, 5mins needing, 30mins rising,
roll out and add some; tomato puree,
chopped onions, garlic, oregano, pineapple,
tuna, pepper, sweetcorn, capers, olives and
mozzarella, at highest temp for 10mins till
dough light brown and toppings golden.
I hope you enjoy these recipes and get
confident in the kitchen!
Rebecca Hain
One day a college professor after getting
irritated in his college class stands up in front
of the class and asks if anyone in the class is
an idiot, and if there is one then he/she
should stand up. After a minute a young man
stands up. The professor then asks that guy if
he actually thinks he is an idiot. The boy
replied, "No, I just didn't want to see you
standing there all by yourself."
A minister told his congregation, "Next week I
plan to preach about the sin of lying. To help
you understand my sermon, I want you all to
read Mark 17." The following Sunday, as he
prepared to deliver his sermon, the minister
asked for a show of hands. He wanted to
know how many had read Mark 17. Every
hand went up. The minister smiled and said,
"Mark has only sixteen chapters. I will now
proceed with my sermon on the sin of lying."
Helicopters are smarter than planes. Not only
can they fly through the air, they can also
Teacher: Whoever answers my next question,
can go home.
One boy throws his bag out the window.
Teacher: who just threw that?!
Boy: Me! I’m going home now.
John has been absent because he had two
teeth taken out of his face.
My son is under a doctor's care and should
not take P.E. today. Please execute him.
Teacher: Maria please point to America on
the map.
Maria: This is it.
Teacher: Well done. Now class, who found
Class: Maria did.
This guy went to school and he asked "May I
use the bathroom?" The teacher replied, "No,
not unless you say your abc's."
The guy said "a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o q r s t
u v w x y z."
The teacher asked "Where's the p?”
He replied, " Running down my leg!"
Two boys were arguing when the teacher
entered the room. The teacher says, "Why
are you arguing?"
One boy answers,
"We found a ten
dollar bill and
decided to give it
to whoever tells
the biggest lie."
"You should be ashamed of yourselves," said
the teacher, "When I was your age I didn't
even know what a lie was."
The boys gave the ten dollars to the teacher.
Every Little Kid’s Dream…
Eloise Renouf
Disney is a
film company
that has been
around for
ages; they originated on the 16th of
October, 1923. Its founders were called,
Roy O Disney and Walt Disney, found the
American company in Burbank, California.
In 1937, Disney released its first fully
animated film, Snow White and the Seven
Dwarfs which turned out to be a great
success. One of Disney’s latest films, Big
Hero 6, is proving to be very popular. Here
are some of the most liked Disney films:
1. The Lion King, 1994
2. Big Hero 6, 2014
3. Beauty and the Beast, 1991
4. Aladdin, 1992
5. Finding Nemo, 2003
6. Frozen, 2013
7. The Little Mermaid, 1989
8. Tangled, 2010
9. Toy Story, 1995
10.Spirited Away, 2001
My favourite Disney film is The Lion King
because of its story line. It is about a
young lion cub, Simba, who is the next
Lion King. Simba’s dad is killed by Simba’s
uncle. The film is about Simba’s journey to
become a powerful king. My favourite part
of the film is when Simba runs away and
finds Timon and Pumbaa in the desert
because Simba ran away. He ran away
because his Dad was murdered by his
Anna Clay
You are a cyclist in a cross-country race. Just before
the crossing finish line you overtake the person in
second place! What place did you finish in?
You are on the bank of a river. You have to get a fox, a
hen, and corn to the other side of the river. If left
alone, the fox will eat the hen, and the hen will eat
the corn if left alone. The boat is only big enough to
take you and one other three to the other side. How
do you get all 3 across intact?
Crime Scene: A large wooden box was built with one
door. The door was locked from the inside, and then
nailed shut from the inside. The police break into the
room. In the middle of the room there is a dead man
hanging from the ceiling, his feet are 3 feet off the
ground. The only other thing in the room is a hammer
lying in a puddle of water. Can you explain what
You are in a cookie factory, and need to make a huge
batch of chocolate chip cookies. The recipe calls for
exactly 4 cups of sugar. Problem is that you have two
buckets. One is 5 cups, the other is 3 cups. Using these
buckets, can you measure exactly 4 cups of sugar?
A man is looking at a photograph of someone. His
friend asks who it is. The man replies, "Brothers and
sisters, I have none. But that man's father is my
father's son." Who was
in the photograph?
The answers will be
published in the next
edition of ‘The Purple
Anyone for
rouettes, throws, balances and dance moves are
performed to music whilst using balls, hoops, ribbons,
clubs and ropes. In some competitions you can
perform a free (no apparatus) routine. The sport tests
extreme flexibility, elegance and balance.
What are you doing?
Rebecca Hain
My mum (Andreia) makes Amazing
celebration cakes.
From a simple
brownie to a
cupcake bouquet,
you can ask for anything!
I am taking part in the British club individuals,
performing with ball. It is taking place in Canterbury
on the 26th April 2015 and I have been training hard
for this big event.
What are you doing in preparation?
In preparation I
train for 6
hours on a
Saturday and 3
hours on a
Furthermore I
stretch for
around 30 minutes- an hour a day and an additional
20- 30 minutes apparatus practise. Training includes:
even more stretching; routine choreography and
practise; conditioning (strengthening your muscles);
apparatus handling; and lines (practising balances,
pirouettes, leaps etc.)
My friends love
coming round to
experience her
delicious cakes.
The smell of
baking is one I’m
totally used to but
luckily it no longer
makes me hungry
all the time.
Why do you enjoy doing this sport?
She makes the cakes at home and has a 5
star rating.
To see other
cakes, go to
I enjoy doing Rhythmic Gymnastics because not only is
it incredibly rewarding, but also lets you express your
emotions in a different style of dance as well as
having lots of fun. It’s very satisfying to come home
and be able to relax by doing this.
What competitions are you doing in the future?
Rhythm in Britain
Anastasia Gray
What is Rhythmic Gymnastics?
gymnastics is
an individual or
team (5
sport. A series
of leaps,
After the Canterbury competition I’ll be doing many
club competitions. Furthermore, I’ll be doing a few
small comps representing Brighton and Sussex. Next
year I’ll be doing a competition out of the UK and
hopefully I’ll make it to nationals, which is o
Canteen: Recommendations
Millie Dickinson
YouTuber’s you
should check out
Hot Chocolate: these are amazing and only 60p so are
therefore the perfect things for a cold winter
Bacon Baps: Delicious white bap buns with a filling of
warm bacon- what’s not to like? Priced at 1.20 are
good for when you’re running late, just have breakfast
at school!
Crumpet and Jam: These are perfect for those on a
small budget at 40p (both included). These are quite
filling and definitely a good purchase.
Iced Buns: These are an all-round favourite, a sweet
white bun topped with glace icing. At 60p they aren’t
the cheapest but very yummy!
Fruit Buns: Despite the name not that similar to iced
buns! They’re a swirl of sweet bread stuck together
with a fruit jam and raisins. They’re 80p which might
seem a lot, but are large and are very good!
Half a Panini and a Juice Shot: These are a bargain at
£1, and are definitely a good buy for the more hungry!
Breadsticks: these are brilliant in so many forms,
deliciously warm at break, filling and very cheap
priced at 25p. My tip: buy some butter for 10p and dip
them in like dough balls!
Cooked Dinners: These are definitely the best value at
£2, (£2.25 with a pudding) they range from roast
dinners to curries, with a side of vegetables, and these
are the best options.
Panini: These are £1.70 and are a good size so are a
very popular choice! They come in different flavours
such as cheese, chicken and even pizza Panini!
Pizza: Priced at 1.10 are a cheaper alternative! They
come in different styles such as the original slice and
Pasta Pots and Pasta: these are another cheaper
option, both priced at £1 they are good if you’re on a
lower budget. Optionally, you could top the warm
pasta with cheese or bolognaise sauce for £1.50.
I hope this has helped you chose what to buy!
Pewdiepie is the most subscribed
Pewdiepie’s logo
youtuber in the world with
34,970,075 subscribers and
counting; he also lives in
brighton and he has
raised $1,000,000 for
Charity. He origonally
comes from Sweden;
he makes comedy
gaming videos.
(Warning: he has mature content rated 12)
SMOSH is the second
most subscribed
Youtuber in the world
with 19,929,598
and they live in LA
Calafornia USA. They
make comedy videos.
3.Ryan Higa
Ryan Higa lives in Las
Vegas, Calafornia
USA and has
13,908,253 subscribers
He also makes comedy
4.Matthew Santoro
Matthew Santoro
makes funny factual
He lives in Cannada and
has 3,738,740
5. Joerg Sprave
Joerg sprave makes
slingshot videos
He makes awesome
slingshots and tests
He lives in Germany
and has 588,924
Student Poem
Escape from the shower
Top 5 books for
James Page
I had a fairly good and happy life.
The first part was without strife.
I went to school and feared the cane.
Not knowing that the pain.
James Page
Watership Down is about a small group
of rabbits who live in the southern centre
of England and they’re happy until their
warren is destroyed and they are forced
to find a new home.
Was nothing compared to the abuse
That would come to my misuse.
The second part was the part most hated
Because prison camp is overrated
I went and was forced to
Noughts and Crosses is about two
lovers who are black and white. Black
is more superior than white in this
novel. It is also when Pangaea was in
It was impossible not to
When I got there, I first saw
A pile of shoes on the floor
Then they told me to do the same
Forever is also about two lovers who
meet at a New Year’s Eve party and
their ups and downs of their love life.
Otherwise on me would come public shame
I still would not take of my shoes
I very simply just refused
They took a stick and cracked it down
On my body till it fell on ground
They chucked me in a shower
This book is about a small boy called
Bruno who is the son of a German
commandant and move near to
Auschwitz. Bruno meets a boy called
Shmuel and they try and find
Shmuel’s father.
I tried to break out with all my power
Though I tried it was too hard
I tried to climb but the walls were lard
I saw something wooden and it was a door
That’s the last thing that I remember I remember no
The novel Junk is about two
teenagers who are called Tar, a
gentle teen and Gemma a rebellious
14 year old. Tar runs away from
home and goes to Bristol who is join
Meet ‘The Purple
Paper’ Team!
Name: James Page.
Age: Thirteen.
Hobbies: Reading and
creative writing.
Likes: Cycling and
swimming and running.
Dislikes: Football and hockey (true!!)
Favourite food: Spaghetti.
Name: Eloise Grace
Birthday: 25th March
Shoe size: 4 and a half
Favourite book: Wonder
Favourite film: Lion King
Hi, I’m Ted. I am in 7RC at kings, I have a twin
sister in 7GL … Sophie.
I have done two triathlons at Heaver Castle (over
the last two years) The second time I did it, Fred
and Milly, twins, in 7HS took part in the same race
as me. Doing triathlons shows that I enjoy cycling,
swimming and running.
I have a pet cat called harry, he is an adorable
black and white tabby cat =) he likes to sit on my
lap when I watch YouTube videos.
I am also an echo rep in the school council!
Name: Nisha davenport
Age: 11
DOB: 06/06/03
Hobbies: Horse riding, paddle boarding, surfing,
My personality: Animal lover, friend hugger, beach
Likes: Music
Dislike: Negativity
Favourite book series: The white giraffe series
Name: Josh
Hobbies: Blowing up stuff!!!!
Tea or coffee: Coffee!
Age: 12
Favourite country: United States
Name: Skye Leonie Collacott
DOB : 15/10/02
Fave food: Oat cookies
Fave colour: Baby blue
Fave game: Minecraft and Fifa 15
Fave shop: Claire’s
Fave café: Nero café
Hobbies: Tennis , Swimming , Running and writing
stories or songs.
Hi, I’m Fred.
I’m in 7HS and I have a twin sister called Milly, also
in 7HS. I like: Sport (Particularly athletics and
table-tennis) but I also enjoy cycling, swimming
and tennis. I also adore any type of food,
whatsoever; my favourite being spicy curries. I
am born on the 18th June, 2003 and my favourite
book series would be the Gone series by Michael
At home I live with my Mum and Dad, Milly and a
younger brother called Jack, as well as to lovely
cats Marmite and Margo. Marmite is jet black
whereas Margo is black and white.
My name is Milly Dickinson and I’m
11 years old in the form 7HS. My
hobbies include: running, cycling,
swimming, netball, cricket, reading
and daydreaming. I am always
chatting and I love to spend time
with my friends.
I also love animals especially snakes and cats. I
have two cats at home! I have two brothers (Fred
and Jack) and we all share the love for outdoor
activities and the sun. My date of birth is 18th of
June 2003 which probably has something to do
with my love of summer. I love tasting different
foods and my favourite food is Sri-Lankan curries
and Chinese. One of my new-found hobbies is
triathlons which I do for fun with my twin brother
Fred and Ted Johnstone 7RC.
Name: Emily Witherington
Age: 12
Birthday: 29/12/2002
Hobbies: Reading
Fave food: Oreos
Fave film: The Fault in Our Stars
Name: Anna Clay
Age: 11
Date of birth: 06/07/2003
Hobbies: Climbing, sewing and
Favourite colour: TEAL!
Favourite food: Curry!
Favourite book series: Ruby Redfort
Name: Anastasia Gray
Age: 12
Date of birth: 11/12/02
Hobbies: Rhythmic gymnastics, horse riding
(dressage and jumping),
being with animals, walking
my dog.
Favourite colour: light blue
Favourite food: spinach
Favourite book series:
Warrior Cats
Name: Ben Lindberg
Age: 02.04.2003
Hobbies: climbing, swimming, scuba diving and
looking at sea life.
Favourite quote: Forwards, climb every mountain.
Weirdest food eaten: not sure
Tea or coffee: none.
Or any other interesting facts: love all sea life
especially octopuses.
Name: Lenny Zsilavecz
Age: 12
Hobbies: Paintball
Weirdest food eaten: Grass
Tea or coffee: COFFEE FOR THE WIN
Rebecca Hain
Age: 12
Hobbies: Roller skating, reading, Minecraft,
Favourite food: CHOCOLATE!!!
Favourite colour: Navy blue
Favourite quote: You only live once- so don’t sleep
Esme Sewell
Age: 11
Hobbies: Hugging my sister, tennis, singing (badly)
Favourite colour: aqua
Favourite food: popcorn
Favourite animal: octopus
Favourite smell (no judging plz): my old dog in
When I’m older I want to be a marine-biologist.
I love watching films with my family.
I grew up in France until the age of 5.
Milly Dickinson looked after my cousin at St.
Andrews and knows all my family and what they
look like so I live in a small world.
I break into a song every 5mins mainly about a
specific word someone near me says/what I say.
Name: Thomas Siddle
Age: 11
Hobbies: Rugby
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite drink: Fanta
Penny Matthews
Hobbies: Art, painting nails, drama and singing
Likes: Animals, laughing
Dislikes: Enemies, bullies, spiders
Age: 13
Favourite music: Pop, Jazz
Favourite colours: Green, Blue, Purple
Favourite quote: Every minute you’re sad, you
lose 60 seconds of happiness
Name: Angelica Blake-Lawson
Age: 11
Likes: Hamsters, ice-cream ,cookies ,jelly
Weird Facts: I am a cannibal (I eat jelly)