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2015 St. Louis River Summit
Poster Presentations
UW-Superior, Yellowjacket Union
March 31, 2015
Clean up and
Restoration and
Poster Title
Name and Organization
Solving a Biocorrosion Issue Important to Minnesota’s Maritime Transportation
Siqian Huang, UMD Biology
St Louis River 40th Avenue Complex Remediation to Restoration
Edward Lilla, Jewell Associates Engineers
Antibiotic and Heavy Metal Resistance Genes from Bacteria in Commercial Ship
Ballast Water Discharged into the Duluth-Superior Harbor
Caitlin Sloan, University of Minnesota
Comparison of Aquatic Macroinvertebrates at “Reference” and Remediation
Sites within the St. Louis River Estuary
Valerie Brady, University of MinnesotaDuluth
Spatial and Temporal Variations of Suspended-Sediment Concentrations,
Turbidity, and Water Velocities during Dredged Material Placement Duluth/Superior Harbor, June - October, 2014
Joel Groten, U.S. Geological Survey
Wisconsin Habitat Protection and Restoration Projects in the St. Louis River Area
of Concern
Molly Wick, WDNR
Using side-scan sonar to characterize and map physical habitat and
anthropogenic underwater features in the St. Louis River.
Mark Pearson, USEPA/ORD/MidContinent
Ecology Division
Restoring Lost Fish and Wildlife Habitat through increased Riparian Connectivity
John Jereczek, MN-DNR
Messages by Storm Drains
Wendy Grethen, City of SuperiorEnvironmental Services
Lake Superior Research Institute (overview poster)
Lake Superior Research Institute
Faxon Creek Hydraulic Enhancement at Central Park Enclosure
J. Asher Fink and Ada Tse, City of SuperiorEnvironmental Services
Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers! Habitattitude
Doug Jensen, MN Sea Grant
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2015 St. Louis River Summit
Poster Presentations
The River to the
Culture and
The faucet snail (Bithynia tentaculata) invades the St. Louis River Estuary
Anett Trebitz, U.S. EPA Mid-Continent
Ecology Division
Winter Hypoxia in the St. Louis Freshwater Estuary
Gage Sachs, University of Minnesota Duluth
Where Have All the Crayfish Gone? Change in Occurrence of Invasive Native
Crayfish in the St. Louis River Estuary Over 14 Years.
Kara Tudor, UW - Superior
Investigating the Causes of Low DO in the St. Louis River Estuary
Joseph Ripley, UW - Superior
A review of Ruffe (Gymnocephalus cernuus) Life History in its Native vs. Nonnative Range
Michelle Gutsch, University of Minnesota
Development of a Numerical Model of the St. Louis Estuary
Kasandra O'Malia, Large Lakes Observatory,
Evaluating Impacts of Pulp and Paper Mill Process Changes on Bioactive
Contaminant Loading to the St. Louis River
Eric Randolph, U.S. EPA
New Records And Range Extensions for Several Macroinvertebrates in Lake
Gerald Shepard, EMR Inc.
Integrating Prior Vegetation Surveys from the St. Louis River Estuary
Nathan Dahlberg, Lake Superior Research
Water Depth Optima and Tolerances for St. Louis River Estuary Wetland Plants
Daniel Gil de Lamadrid, UW - Superior
Semi-aquatic Mammal Populations in the St. Louis EPA Designated AOC
Bryn Evans, UW-Madison
Rivers2Lake (Hold for K-12 student poster)
Deanna Erickson, Lake Superior NERR
Live! Stories and Science of the St. Louis River Estuary
George Host, Natural Resources Research
Fine-Scale Bacterial Community and Chemical Changes within Steel Corrosion
Tubercles in the Duluth-Superior Harbor
Weather, Water, and People: Combining broadcast meteorology and water
quality data animations to protect Lake Superior Basin waters
W.J. McCabe Chapter of the Izaak Walton League, table display
Evaluating a Great Lakes scale landscape stressor index to assess water quality
in the St. Louis River Area of Concern
Jo Jo Thomas, University of MN Duluth
Richard Axler, University of Minnesota Duluth
Richard Staffon, Izaak Walton League
Will Bartsch, U.S. EPA
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