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Party Dip Trio
A sampler of our most popular
southwestern party dips. Includes
one packet each:
•Smokin’ Chipotle Mix – Blend
of 14 spices create the right
amount of flavor that’s not too
hot. Add sour cream & mayo.
•South of the Border Roasted
Tomato Mix – A perfect blend of
roasted tomatoes, sweet onions
and peppers. Add sour cream &
•Maria’s Salsa Mix – Flavorful
spice blend with a hint of garlic.
Add diced tomatoes.
Each packet serves 8-16.
Cookie Dough Variety Packs
Feature 4 Flavors in One Box
Double pack box!
Gumbo Mix
Double-pack box! Just
add chicken, sausage or
shrimp with your choice
of vegetables to make this
Creole delight your own
special recipe. Also makes
a unique marinade! Each
packet serves 12.
Smokin' Chipotle
0209 • $16
South of the Border
Roasted Tomato
Spinach Artichoke Dip Mix
Make It a Meal
Tender chunks of artichoke and parmesan cheese make this a real gourmet tasting
dip better than homemade! Makes 20 - 2 tbsp servings! 1.37 oz. bottle.
4003• $17
1367 • $12
Jalapeño Garlic
Cheese Ball Mix
Maria's Salsa
Double pack box!
Chicken Enchilada
Soup Mix
Double-pack box! Put down
your fork, it’s authentic
chicken enchilada flavor in
a bowl. Creamy, cheesy,
chicken-y YUM! Just add
chicken with your choice
of vegetables. Each packet
serves 8.
Double pack box!
Double-pack box! Jalapeño
pepper flavor rounded
with garlic, onion and
other spices produce a
flavor sensation that is
guaranteed to spice up any
party! Bacon Bits included.
Serves 8.
0203 • $14
0510 • $12
Double pack box!
Party–Ready Flavor
Three Cheese Garlic Biscuit Mix
Asiago, Parmesan, and cheddar cheeses combine for this delightfully
delicious drop-style biscuit. Yields 15 biscuits.
0102 • $15
Fiesta Soup Trio
Homemade Gourmet’s flavorful
fiesta soups in our signature box!
A great gift. Includes one single
recipe size packet of each:
• Tortilla Soup Mix - A
tantalizing restaurant favorite. Perfect as
an appetizer.
• Taco Soup Mix - Hearty,
not-too-spicy, soup makes
a fantastic meal.
• Chicken Enchilada Soup Mix Authentic creamy, cheesy, chicken enchilada flavor in
a bowl.
Each packets serves 6-8.
Food Choices
4002 • $17
Double-pack box! A savory
mix of the best Italianinspired herbs. Robust
flavor, with hints of garlic
and onion. Serves 8.
Chicken Enchilada
0509 • $12
2323• $12
by purchasing some of
these great tasting products
mouth-watering photos inside
Double pack box!
Robust with all the flavors of the southwest! Add to sour cream for
a quick and savory dip. Add to cream cheese for an amazing spread.
Makes 83 servings! 3.5 oz. bottle
Raise Money FAMILY
Over 20 Tasty
Taste of Tuscany
Cheese Ball Mix
Southwest Bean Dip Mix
TOP SELLING Chocolate Lover's Variety Pack and
MORE Cookie Dough Variety Packs INSIDE!
Taco Soup Mix
Double-pack box! This hearty soup is a fantastic meal in itself! A flavorful, nottoo-spicy, one-pot dinner that is ready in a jiffy. Each packet serves 6.
0203 • $14
Options inside that support
this fundraising effort
Tools to Help
Simplify Baking
Classics Variety Pack
Gourmet Pumpkin
Cake Roll
One box with 4 Classic flavors
Chocolate Lover's Variety Pack
One box with 4 Chocolate flavors
Gourmet pumpkin dessert
roll is a delightful treat
anytime! You’ll find
delectable cream cheese
filling rolled inside a moist
cake. 20oz, Pre-baked.
2574 • $16
Cool and creamy strawberry
swirl cheesecake made from
luscious fruit and finished
with sweet cream topping
swirled with strawberry.
The perfect ending to a
meal! 32 oz.
9102 • $20
Key Lime Cheesecake
Turtle Cheesecake
Rich and creamy Key Lime
cheesecake made with real
Key Lime juice. Topped with
a sweetened cream topping
and finished with toasted
coconut. All in a real graham
cracker crust. A tropical
favorite. 32 oz.
Decadent! This cheesecake
sensation is smothered in
caramel and topped with
crushed nuts and chocolate
chips. 32 oz.
Cookies & Creme
A creamy blend of vanilla
cheesecake swirled with
pieces of chocolate sandwich
cookies and topped with
chocolate cookie crumbs. All
in a delicious chocolate cookie
crust. 32 oz..
9104 • $20
9105 • $20
• • • B E S T se l l e r • • •
Everyone's favorite flavor in one decadent cheesecake
Sampler Cheesecake
Cinnamon Rolls (Individual Servings)
Includes 2 slices of each:
Turtle; Chocolate Silk; Original
New York and Strawberry
Cheesecake. 32 oz.
"World’s Best" with real cream cheese icing goes from freezer to table
in 20 seconds. Handmade rolls in individual cups are easy to make one
at a time. 12 rolls, 36 oz. including icing packets. Pre-baked.
9109 • $22
• • • B E S T se l l e r • • •
Cream Cheese
Braided Bread
9108 • $20
Variety Sampler Cheesecake
2580 • $20
A French Inspired Brioche
Braided Bread with
Cream Cheese Filling. Just
warm, slice and serve.
A delicious Sweet Bread
for Breakfast, Dessert or
Anytime Treat! 22.4 oz.,
Includes: 10 Chocolate Chip, 10 Oatmeal Raisin, 10 Sugar and
10 Peanut Butter. 40 - 1 oz. Cookies, 2.5 lbs.
8610 • $20
Gourmet Sweets in Fabulous Flavors
Keep frozen for a special occasion or enjoy the minute they arrive
• • • B E S T se l l e r • • •
Classics Variety Pack
2582 • $16
Chocolate Lover's Variety Pack
Includes: 10 M&M CANDY, 10 Heath, 10 Chocolate Chip and
10 Chocolate Brownie. 40 - 1 oz. Cookies, 2.5 lbs.
8612 • $20
Cookie Shovel
Move more cookies!
Chocolate Chip
40 - 1 oz. Cookies, 2.5 lbs.
8001 • $16
White Chocolate Macadamia Nut
40 - 1 oz. Cookies, 2.5 lbs.
8501 • $18
Stainless Steel Jumbo Baking Shovel
Peanut Butter Cup Pie
Candy Bar Pie with Butterfinger®
French Silk Pie
A peanut butter lover’s dream! Chocolate and
peanut butter in one delectable pie. Just thaw
and serve. 34.5 oz.
Nobody's gonna lay a finger on my Butterfinger
pie. This pie is AWESOME!!! Made with
authentic Butterfingers. 34.5 oz.
Chocolate lovers will delight in this cream pie
that is guaranteed to satisfy that chocolate
craving. 36 oz.
9201 • $20
9209 • $20
9203 • $20
Espátula grande de acero inoxidable
A giant-sized cookie shovel to gather several cookies at once. Great for
cookies, pizza, burgers, rolls or streudels too. Stainless steel. Measures
approx. 12-1/4"L x 5-5/8"W.
4978 • $18