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MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
in city
feel bunking
is a loss
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G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
Lead Story
Juthika BARUAH
ith growing comforts, a
rapid change in the lifestyle
of the average Guwahatian
and adoption of unhealthy habits,
death due to Cardio Respiratory Failure (CRF) has increased substentially
in the city, with more men succumbing to it than women.
According to an official of
Guwahati Medical College Hospital
(GMCH), the percentage of death
of men is more than women due to
reasons like more consumption of alcohol by men which causes diabetes,
jaundice with fatty liver, cancer etc.
ultimately resulting in death.
Of every 16 deaths registered
at GMCH, only two female names
are being registered on an average
in death cases. The primary cause of
death is diabetes mellitus which occur mostly in people above 50 years
of age. The other
causes are gastritis with anaemia,
leukaemia, acute
shock, C.O.A.D
Of every
LRTI, Hypuxic
16 deaths
at GMCH,
only two
The official
informed that
are being
there were only
on an
about seven paaverage in
tients in a dedeath cases
partment, today
a minimum of
200 patients are
being received by each department
every month which can well describe
the present state of the disease.
“It is due to the changing lifestyle
that people suffer from ill health and
men who consume alcohol, cigarettes
etc. suffer more. The young generation, on the other hand, who like to
live dangerously, do not wear helmets
and do not follow traffic rules, end up
losing their lives in road accidents,”
the official added.
Number of
Birth & Death
for the month
of October,
November and
December in
Kamrup (M) was
2038 303
The number of birth for the
month of January, 2015 in
Kamrup (M) was 1,994 and
474 dead while in February
2015, 1,730 birth took place
and 503 people died.
e need to maintain a routine of taking healthy food. “Now-a-days it so happens that the service holders and employed persons simply eats something in the morning and there is a huge
gap between the time of consumption of food. At the same time drinking and smoking is increasing which harms the people as a result of which they suffer from different diseases. Generally,
people take a heavy dinner which is bad for health. Carbohydrate is necessary during the day hours
which seems to be opposite as people don’t have the time to take a balanced diet during the day,” said
She also said that people drink less water which affects the body and the vegetables being sold in
the city are not organic. People should know about the ideal healthy food habit according to their age
and if they maintain a healthy routine then they can be able to get rid of some diseases.
Monisha Choudhury
Senior Research Fellow, Indian Institute of Crop Processing Technology (IICPT), Guwahati
Number of Birth and Death in the
year 2014
IN an average in GMCH was
Birth in % Death%
“It is due to the changing lifestyle that people suffer
from ill health and men who consume alcohol,
cigarettes etc. suffer more. The young generation, on
the other hand, who like to live dangerously, do not
wear helmets and do not follow traffic rules, end up
losing their lives in road accidents,”
In January, 2015, 1,543 births took
place in GMCH while in February it
was 1,228 while 586 died in January
and 459 in February.
Meanwhile, the infant mortality rate has also come as a concern
because although facilities have improved and there are many schemes
for institutional delivery but still the
infant mortality rate has not lowered
than the national average. In January,
the infant mortality rate in GMCH was
5.96 per cent while in February it was
6.08 per cent. “Babies die because of
many reasons like being under weight,
being born with heart problem, while
there are several congenital conditions
which cannot be saved by the doctors.
In a daily average, if 46 children are
born in a month, then 3-4 children
die, including some emergency death
along with other diseases,” said Ramen
Talukdar, Superintendent of GMCH.
“Death occur for many reasons
like amongst the youth, accidents are
more while the men in the age group
of 35-50 die of ill health as they consume more alcohol which causes to
cancer, diabetes, cardio respiratory
failure etc,” he said.
In Government Ayurvedic Medical College Hospital, 52 birth took
place while seven people died in January, 2015 and in Mahendra Mohan
Choudhury Hospital, 407 births and
three deaths occurred in January,
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G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
In The News
bunking goes down
in city colleges
here is, perhaps, none among
us who do not remember the
sweet joy of bunking classes,
the excitment and danger of doing
something forbidden, of inviting the
ire of our teachers and parents alike
if discovered, while we celebrated the
success of a well carried out bunk.
But as many would attest, bunking
may soon develop into a habit, a nasty
one, albeit, where the lure of forbidden
freedom outranks any consideration
for ethical behaviour or a concern for
the future.
An Assistant Professor of Gauhati
University said, “A cousin of mine
studies in a city based college under
Gauhati University and recently he approached me to help him to sit for his
final semester exams as his college authorities did not allow him because of
his low attendance score. I, anyways,
cannot help in such matters but my
cousin told me that he was not eligible
to sit for exams because he bunked a
lot of classes this semester.”
The teacher further said that he
was shocked as in his experience,
students generally do not bunk many
classes nowadays because they somehow enjoy attending classes. Thinking on the same line, G Plus talked to
some students and teachers of various
colleges to find out the bunking scenario in the city.
Do you bunk
After talking to 100 college students from different city based colleges, it was discovered that 80 out of
100 students do not bunk classes. Ten
students did not want to comment on
the subject, five students confidently
said they bunk classes regularly and
they have reasons for that while five
students occasionally bunked classes
for various reasons.
A student of Cotton College said,
“I bunk classes occasionally when I
feel that I need to study at home rather
than attend classes and this happens mostly before exams.” Similarly
students feel bunking is a loss
a Handique Girls’ College student said that she bunks
classes occasionally only because of some personal reasons which she cannot discuss.
A B Barooah College student said, “I bunk classes
when I feel that the class is boring and I won’t be able to
get anything extra from that class except notes. Actually,
some classes are very boring which makes us bunk the
class and do something interesting instead. Sometimes
we bunk in a group if we have some plans.”
A student from Arya Vidya Peeth College said that
he likes bunking classes because, according to him, a student is missing all the fun of being in a college if he does
not bunk classes. He said, “I feel studies can be managed
at home if you get the notes, but meanwhile, bunking is
directly related to college life. We will never get such a life
in future, so, while we are in college, we should have fun.
It is a life where we meet new friends and get opportunity
to explore the world. Studies are important and we sometimes do attend classes so that we remain updated with
the curriculum, but we also bunk classes and for me at
least, bunking one class a day is not that bad.”
Another student from B Barooah College said, “I
never bunk classes as all my classes are very interesting and I enjoy more in the class. You get to meet your
friends, communicate with the teachers and also learn
something new everyday. To have fun we don’t have to
bunk classes.”
While views differ among city students about bunking classes, maximum students find attending classes
more interesting than bunking one these days.
Handique College Vice Principal Nirmali Medhi
said, “If a student is absent for two to three days in our
college, the teacher makes sure that the reason of absence
is enquired into by calling up the parents or guardians
and with the criteria of 75 per cent compulsory attendance to sit for exams, the students here are regular. Yes,
there are some students who do bunk classes but they are
dealt with accordingly. There are also situations where
students bunk because of personal reasons but it is not
a regular phenomenon.” She further said that around
five percent students in her college do bunk regularly but
maximum students do not prefer to bunk.
B Borooah College Principal Dr. Satyendra Nath Barman said, “98 per cent students of my college regularly attend classes and we don’t face any bunking problems.” He
further stated that after the introduction of the semester
system in the year 2011, the bunking problem has drastically decreased as students do not get the time to bunk.
Previously they had a year to study for their final exams,
but, now they have to be prepared within six months and
in between they also have to think about internal assess-
ments. He also said that 95 per cent students of
his college do not bunk.
Similarly, Cotton College Principal Dr
Nirada Devi said there are various factors and
situations when the students bunk classes. She
said, “Previously there used to be 20 to 30 days
leave before examinations which students do
not get these days because of the semester system and they sometimes bunk classes if only to
study for a test or an examination. She also said
that students today do not only depend only on
bookish knowledge, they also expect something
extra by the teachers so they are more interested
in their classes. She finally said that bunking has
decreased in recent days.
It can well be deduced that with new education system and various modern ways of teacherstudent communication, city students bunk less
classes these days and it can further improve if
they are more frequently guided by the teachers
and the parents as friends.
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G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
In The News
coach duped
in Guwahati
Customary Law
fail to receive proper
Aditya Gogoi Aditya Gogoi T
hough heart-broken and
dejected, a South Korean,
Master Wan Yong Lee, Assam
taekwondo coach is determined to
fight back. Lee, who has been providing training to the Taekwondo players in Guwahati, was duped of more
than `10 lakh by a local assistant.
According to the FIR lodged by
the coach at Dispur Police station, one
Sonmoni Das had taken money from
Lee in lieu of giving his son admission
to Cambridge International School
here and to carry out business.
“I don’t know people here. It’s
hurtful to be treated like this. I know
Sonmoni Das through a friend based
in Banglore and since my arrival, he
promised to help me get my ward’s
admission in a school here as I’m not
comfortable with the local languages
and English,” Lee said.
Lee had conducted a training
camp in Karnataka before coming to
Assam. Das was known to him since
his Karnataka days. Das also used Lee’s name in
acquiring money from a Korean
company -- Sewon Wielding
Company. Altogether, Rs 10,33,800
has been taken by Das so far. “He
(Das) kept asking me for financial
help. Later he proposed to start a
business and took money for the
purpose,” he said.
Now, Lee plans to inform
about the incident at the embassy
of Republic of Korea in New Delhi.
“There is no other option for me,” he
Lee who arrived in the city in
2013, was being being assisted by
Sonmoni Das in his day to day affair.
In the pretext of helping Lee, Das has
been using his money for different
The FIR also mentioned that
Sonmoni Das bought wielding
According to the FIR
lodged by the coach at
Dispur Police station,
one Sonmoni Das had
taken money from
Lee in lieu of giving
his son admission
to Cambridge
International School
here and to carry out
machines from South Korea based
Sewon Wielding Company in Lee’s
“After few months, he tried to
avoid meeting me and thereafter
he even stopped taking my calls,”
he said.
secretary Raj Kakaty said though it
is a personal issue, the association
is trying its best to help Lee in
distress. “That person was known
to Lee. Lee has informed us now.
We are trying our best to help him,”
he said. Menwhile, Das, a resident of
Palashbari, has been arrested and
taken into police custody. AATA has appointed Lee to
provide special training to the
players under the association
though he is not the official coach
of the state team. “We decided
to utilize Lee when we met Lee
in Guwahati to enhance the skill
of the youngsters and players.
He renews his contract with the
association after every six month,”
Kakaty said.
he discourse of Tribal
Customary Law has ‘not
received the level of attention
it deserves, either from the academia
or policy makers’ rued Dr NK
Das, Former Deputy Director,
Anthropological Survey of India,
Kolkata, while attending the National
Seminar titled 'Gender Implication of
Tribal Customary Law' in Guwahati
recently. The seminar was organized
by North Eastern Social Research
Centre (NESRC) in collaboration
with Tata Institute of Social Sciences
(TISS), Guwahati and Cotton College
State University (CCSU) at National
Institute of Public Cooperation and
Child Development (NIPCCD),
Khanapara. The seminar marks
the end of a study of customary
law of 14 tribes of North-East India
undertaken by NESRC.
Dr NK Das highlighted the
important issues for the coming two
days seminar. He started by giving
a theoretical understanding of the
existence of plurality of law under
which customary law functions.
He presented the global scenario
pertaining to issues of rights of
indigenous women, and traced the
history of introduction of gender
discourse within the customary law
domain, both internationally and
The team of researchers
from NESRC presented
the major findings of
the study. The thrust of
the study was to find out
the impact of modern
inputs like education,
change in occupation, and
introduction of democratic
political institutions on
traditional customary
law vis-à-vis women’s
rights and status in tribal
societies. He explained how existing
customary law of various tribes of
North-East India is problematic
from a gender perspective. He based
his observations on the findings
of various anthropological studies
of women in North-East India. He
talked about the importance of
customary law for tribal identity
and culture including traditional
knowledge. He concluded with
the observation of rising women’s
political participation and activism,
citing the example of Naga and
Manipuri women. Dr Melvil Pereira, Director of
NESRC, Virginius Xaxa, Deputy
Dhruba Jyoti Saikia, Vice Chancellor,
CCSU-Guwahati were present among
The team of researchers from
NESRC presented the major findings
of the study. The thrust of the study
was to find out the impact of modern
inputs like education, change in
occupation, and introduction of
democratic political institutions on
traditional customary law vis-à-vis
women’s rights and status in tribal
societies. While education and modern
occupations have enabled women to
become breadwinners rather than
remain mere homemakers, denial of
participation in political processes
has kept the women subordinate
in the tribal patriarchal systems.
The general recommendation of the
study is that customary law should
be documented with the community
participation, but not codified. If
customary law is codified without
reform, women would be the biggest
losers. The day followed with three
Implications of Customary Law,
Family and Society, Matrimonial
and Inheritance Laws. Various
research scholars, academicians
and professionals participated and
presented their own studies on
different tribes of North East India.
Audi launches exclusive
showroom in Guwahati
ar lovers of Guwahati will
now get their AUDI luxury
car in the city itself with
the launch of AUDI Guwahati
showroom at NH37, Lalmati by
Bollywood Actress Ileana D’Cruze.
Bringing tough competition
to Mercedes and BMW, AUDI
has now entered the city market,
targeting 10 customers a month.
Jatin Bora, renowned actor of
Assamese film industry was the
first customer followed by Nishita
“It is a dream project for
Guwahati because a brand like
AUDI entered the market for the
city dwellers as well as for the
people of North East being the first
showroom in the region. There is a
great market of Audi in Guwahati
as people demand for super
luxury cars have increased,” said
Chairman, Audi Guwahati (Green
Valley Motor Pvt. Ltd.).
Launching the new Audi A3
Cabriolet, Illeana said that she loved
the Audi car and it is the perfect blend
of comfort and luxury. She further
stated that she was overwhelmed with
the beauty of the North East and will
visit the city and other parts of the
region for the second time.
Audi India Head, Joe King said
that North East India has tremendous
growth potential and the aspirations
of the people from the region are really
high. “We will be reaching out to the
discerning luxury car connoisseurs
across the seven sister states through
Audi Guwahati. It has the state of
the art 3S facility (showroom and
workshop),” said King.
Audi Guwahati is also the
first ever luxury car showroom
to be opened by any luxury car
manufacturer in the region and the
entire Audi India model range will be
showcased in this new showroom and
ten new product will be launched in
2015. Furthermore, Audi Guwahati
will also house an Audi Shop where
customers can purchase a variety of
Audi branded merchandise.
Pulak Goswami said that
doctors, engineers, businessman
preferred the car and it’s very easy
to purchase the car by anyone as
they can book the car by depositing
only Rs. 30000.
Located on NH 37, Lalmati,
Audi Guwahati is spread over a
total area of 15,000 square feet. “We
are proud to begin our association
with Audi Guwahati and being
the only luxury car manufacturer
showroom in the region puts ample
responsibility on our shoulders
to deliver the promised luxury
experience that Audi is known for
globally. The Audi model range
includes Audi A3 Sedan, Audi
A3 Cabriolet, Audi A4, Audi A6,
Audi A7 Sportback, new Audi A8
L, Audi Q3, Q3 S, Q5, Q7, Audi
S4, Audi S6, Audi RS 5 Coupe,
the most powerful Audi- Audi
RS7 Sportback, Audi TT Coupe,
the super sports car Audi R8, R8
Spyder, Audi R8 V10 Plus and Audi
R8 LMX,” said Goswami.
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
for school buses
to follow SC guidlines
Juthika BARUAH
In The News
Bharalu Guard Wall
collapses due to poor
truck fell down after a guard
wall, which was built on the
bank of the Bharalu River
to protect the flood affected Anil
Nagar and Nabin Nagar area of the
city collapses because of low quality construction work by Water resource department and GMDA in
Guwahati on Monday.
The local people blamed the
poor quality of construction of the
guard wall and said the guard wall
could not take the pressure of the
loaded truck, which damaged nearly a 20-metre portion of the wall
near the Anil Nagar Bylane No. 1.
The road near the guard wall is not
at all appropriate for big vehicles
for transportation of construction
material. The authorities must take
action to repair the wall soon.
Production Mela at
he deadline given to private
schools by the District
Administration to follow
the Supreme Court guidelines on
running the school buses is about to
end on 31st March but the question
still remains whether the guidelines
are being followed by the school
Talking to G Plus, Kamrup
(M) District Commissioner M.
Angamuthu said that the Supreme
Court guidelines have been sent
to the schools and the deadline
has been set for 31st March. From
1st April, the District Transport
Authority, Administration and City
Traffic department will start their
inspection and if any schools are
found to be violating the guidelines,
strict action will be taken.
“Parents have also been asked
to put their children in school buses
as this will reduce traffic congestion
because a large number of parents
dropping their children by their
own vehicles at the same time leads
to traffic jams at certain hours of the
day as a result of which the general
public have to face problems. If 50
per cent of the parents followed
the guidelines, at least the traffic
congestion will be reduced to some
extent,” said Angamuthu.
The district administration
and the police administration in a
meeting held with the principals of
133 CBSE affiliated private schools
of the city instructed that all private
schools of the city will have to
strictly adhere to the guidelines
issued by the Supreme Court, the
Regional Transport Authority and
the guidelines under the Right to
Education from April 1.
Additional Commissioner of
Police (Traffic) Pranab J Goswami
said, “The school buses will have to
follow traffic guidelines and every
school should have its own parking
area in its premises. No school bus
will be allowed to park on streets in
the city.”
Munin Das, District Transport
Officer (Enforcement), added that
the Transport Department will
take action on them from April 1
if the schools don’t do everything
to follow the instructions before
March 31.
DTO Kamal Das said that the
transport authority has permitted
850 school buses but presently 700780 buses are running in the city.
M. Goswami Baruah, Principal
of Maharshi Vidya Mandir,
Silpukhuri said that they will
follow the guidelines from the
new session i.e. after 6th April
whereas the deadline given by the
administration is 31st March.
J.N. Das, Director of National
Public School said that the school
buses of NPS are small in size and
new and it do not have any problem
and the required safety measures are
available in the buses. Workshops
were also conducted with the
parents and they have been asked
to put their children in school buses
and already 10 per cent of them have
followed the guidelines.
Supreme Court
• There must be appropriate
permit for the vehicle
issued by competent
authority as ‘passenger
transport vehicle’.
• ‘On School Duty’ must
be permanently written
on the back and front of
every vehicle carrying such
school children.
• No such vehicle shall carry
children in excess of its
permitted seating capacity.
No child should be allowed
to sit on the lap of others,
if any.
• There must be a First-aid
box and drinking water
strictly in the vehicle.
• The seat belts, wherever
applicable, must be
fastened properly.
• School name and
telephone no. must be
Every vehicle for carrying
school children must be driven by a
driver, who has minimum 5 years of
experience in driving such categories
of vehicles and must not have any
record of previous traffic offences.
Whenever a contract carriage is
used for carrying school children,
the owner of the vehicle must give
intimation to the O.C. of local police
station as well as to D.C. (Traffic),
Police / S.P. of the district indicating
the name of the driver and particulars
of the vehicle etc.
There must be an attendant in every
such vehicle to ensure safe travel of the
children and render adequate assistance
for safe embarking and dis-embarking
of the children.
It has come to know during an
inspection by the DTO that authorities
of some of the schools did not have any
knowledge about the buses running
using their school names. The school
buses also do not have seat belts, first aid
box, drinking water facility included in
the SC guidelines.
A parent, Geetanjali Das, said that
she don’t prefer to put her child in school
bus as the school buses are not secure
with no proper security to look after
the children. Also the senior students
may try to misguide the juniors but the
school buses don’t have any facility of a
guide who can look after the students,
both the seniors as well as the juniors.
Choudhury said that they want to put
their children in school bus which
would be helpful for the parents but due
to improper facility, they are reluctant to
do so.
“My daughter is in Class III and she
is too small to take care of herself in case
of any incident and the buses don’t have
any lady caretaker who can take care of
the girl student for which girls are not
safe even in school bus,” she said.
[email protected]
orth East Zone Cultural
Centre (NEZCC) Mela under the Union Ministry of
Culture got underway at at Shilpgram here in Guwahati on Sunday.
The mela will come to an end on
31st March. Some of the best wood
sculptors from the region are participating in the mela creating masterpieces depicting the cultural heritage
of the eight north eastern states. 113
rural artisans from across the region
will showcase their creativity as well
as establish market linkage with an
aim to promote the art of traditional
weaving and craftsmanship.
“The objective of such a mela is
not only to promote the art of traditional weaving and craftsmanship
but also engaging rural artisans directly with probable buyers and suppliers. We have organised workshops
in the past, but this initiative is a first
of its kind,” NEZCC director Lipokmar Tzudir told. The Production
Mela is giving an opportunity to rural artisans to directly communicate
with prospective buyers.
District Administration
files FIR against city
s per the order of Commissioner of Kamrup(M) District Administration Dr. M
Angamathu, Officer of Dispur Circle
Office, Chinmoy Nath has registered
an FIR at Noonmati Police Station
against the authorities Gurukul
Grammar Senior Secondary Memorial School situated at Mother Teresa
Road of Geetanagar, Guwahati for
running an earth cutting activity in a
nearby landslide prone area..
The FIR was registered as a result
of violating of Disaster Management
Act and constructing of concrete wall
by performing earth moving activities without the permission of concerned authorities in the area which
is already been declared as landslide
prone by the District Disaster Management Authority (DDMA).
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
In The News
Fame or
he recent visit by industrialist
Anil Ambani on March 21st to
the Kamakhya temple and his
pledge to soon start a programme under Prime Minister’s Swachh Bharat
Abhiyan at the famous shrine has set
tongues wagging with both supporters and dissidents busy dissecting the
announcement. Ambani was accompanied by his wife Tina and mother
Kokilaben Ambani and performed
‘parikrama’ at the temple and Chandi
Puja and also offered Kanya Puja.
During his visit, the Kamakhya
Debutter Board requested him to
help the temple in some way after
which Ambani offered to take care
of the cleanliness at the temple under the Swachh Bharat programme.
Kamakhya is known as the pride of
not only Guwahati but the entire state
and this move of the Debutter Board
has raised questions about the Board’s
and the city administration’s inability
to take care of the temple’s cleanliness.
G Plus talks to all stake holders
responsible for the temple maintenance to know why such a request
was made to an industrialist who is
capable of doing far better things for
the temple.
“It is a shame for the city and the
state that Anil Ambani had to offer
to pay for the cleaning of Kamakhya
Temple. It is not a shame for Ambani
but for us as it reflects a very poor
mentality and lack of commitment
toward our heritage and explains
that we cannot keep our pride clean”,
said Hotel and Restaurant Association of Assam Advisor Tridib Sarma.
Similarly, a city based entrepreneur,
Shyamkanu Mahanta said, “It is the
narrow mindedness of the members
of the Kamakhya Debuttar Board
that they have asked Ambani to pay
the wages of the workers who clean
Kamakhya Temple. If I were in their
place, I would have asked for a sum of
Rs 50 crore to develop the infrastructure of the temple so that it is at par
with other temples in the country like
Debutter Board
The Kamakhya Debutter Board
is the body responsible for carrying
out management of administrative
functions such as providing security
and cleanliness of the temple after a
Supreme Court’s ruling to the effect.
Apart from several controversies, the
temple also suffers from the problem
of water resource. Currently, the only
source of water is through a pump
that pulls water up to the height of
650 to 700ft and is a matter of severe
concern for the board, as any kind of
interruption would cut off the water
supply to the entire area.
It needs mention that in the past,
a fund was sanctioned during the tenure of chief minister Hiteshwar Saikia to initiate a water supply project
in the area but the same could not be
implemented because of various constraints.
During the visit of the chairman
of Reliance Group, Anil Ambani, the
temple management raised the necessity of having round the clock water
supply in context to which, the temple
board will present a detailed proposal
to him for the same.
“When we raised the necessity of
having a 24x7 water supply scheme
for the temple and asked for his help
in reviving the old water supply pro-
ject in the northern side of Nilachal
Hill, Ambani asked us to submit a
project report and assured all kind of
help,” said Bani Duari.
“The temple management has
also been running a cleanliness drive
since 2002 for which it has engaged
105 workers for the maintenance of
cleanliness whereas during festivals
etc., additional workers are engaged.
The workers are engaged in three
shifts everyday starting from 4:30 am
in the morning where the entire area
till Nursery Gate is cleaned including the temple premises. Considering
the huge rush of visitors and pilgrims
to the temple every day, it is a tough
job to continue a cleanliness drive
at a constant pace. Such an initiative
needs various forms of support, including financial help from different
money for
a Swach
Contrary to the Debutter Board’s
complaint that the board is not notified regarding the sanctioned funds,
officials in Directorate of Tourism
said that since the Debutter Board is
not a statutory body thus it does not
give them the authority to utilise the
government funds. Moreover, the
funds that are sanctioned by the government are allotted to the concerned
bodies such as GMC, PHE, etc. to initiate any kind of welfare and development project.
Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner, M Angamuthu declined to
comment due to the ongoing legal
proceedings between the Debutter
Board and Kamakhya Bordeuri Samaj.
It can be mentioned that the management of the Kamakhya Temple has
always been a bone of contention between the Kamakhya Bordeuri Samaj
and the Kamakhya Debutter Board.
It needs mention
that the Kamakhya Debutter Board has appointed 105 workers
to maintain cleanliness
It needs mention that in the
and 200 other staff that
past, a fund was sanctioned
include members to
during the tenure of chief
maintain health care of
the pilgrims, the Sanskrit
minister Hiteshwar Saikia to
school and the computer
initiate a water supply project
training school. Apart
in the area but the same could
from that four policenot be implemented because
men are allotted by the
of various constraints.
Guwahati High Court,
while there are 22 other
security personnel from
security agencies and 28
security staff appointed
quarters”, Duwari added.
by the board.
He also complained that although
Also the workers appointed for
the authorities earn huge revenue maintaining cleanliness in the temple
through the temple, they debar the has urged the Debutter Board for an
board from using any kind of the fund appraisal in the current salary of Rs
sanctioned by the state or central gov- 7,000.
“The salary that is being received
“The board does not receive any by the workers does not meet the
kind of fund sanctioned by the gov- needs according to the day’s work.
ernment and neither is the board no- The board was urged through the sutified of any developmental work be- pervisor of the workers to revise their
ing carried out which is unfortunate salaries and the board has assured to
and displays the ignorance of the gov- look after the matter”, said one of the
ernment. The only source of fund for workers of the temple.
the welfare of the temple is received
With Kamakhya getting Rs 70 to
through donations and ticket collec- Rs 80 lakhs per month through dotion that are Rs 501, Rs 101 and Rs 50 nations and ticket sale, controversy
for defense personnel,” Duwari said, regarding funds still revolves around
adding “Anil Ambani is a massive so- the temple authorities and the recent
cial figure and thus his contribution move of asking money for cleanliness
will help in the welfare of the shrine. from an industrialist has further atAmbani, during his visit also appreci- tracted observers’ eyes into the utiliated the cleanliness maintained in and zation of the funds by the temple adaround the temple.”
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
continue to be harassed
Juthika BARUAH
ransgenders, eunuchs or the
more popular term, hijra has
more been a connotation to
degrade and segregate a section of our
population, who, for no fault of their
own, has been relegated to the lowest
possible strata of the society, with almost no rights of their own, despised
by all and made the object of fun and
ridicule since times immemorial.
The transgender (Eunuchs) group,
which seems to be highest in Kamrup
(M) are discriminated by the society
and although the Supreme Court has
ordered free sex reassignment surgery
in all government hospitals, the government of Assam is yet to implement
the order.
Recently, members of the
transgender community were assaulted by personnel of Railway Protection Force at Guwahati Railway
Station while they were demanding
their rights. They said that the RPF
has failed to protect their basic human
rights and also stressed the need for
changing the general mindset towards
the transgender (hijra) people to ensure their fundamental rights are not
trampled underfoot and to uplift their
lives and living conditions. They also
appealed to the government for recognizing the transgender community,
providing them with all possible facilities so that they can enjoy their rights
like all other citizens.
Speaking to G Plus, Sanjiv
Chakravarty, who deals with the
Transgender community, said that
there are two sets of transgendertransman who can be referred to as
female to male and transwoman who
NGOs demand better treatment for the third gender
Transgender (Hijra) are also human beings and they have lives, they need
food, shelter, clothes, education and job to survive in the world like any
other average people but they are denied of their rights as social taboo
and discrimination make them untouchable, fearsome and someone to
be ridiculed at. As per law, all citizens of the country should enjoy equal
rights and other facilities provided by the state but they have always been
deprived by the society
are referred to as male to female. “The
transgender are not accepted in our
society and they are forced to live a
secluded life as the society doesn’t accept their sexuality. As they are not accepted by the society, their only source
of livelihood is restricted to begging
on the streets or blessing new born
babies. People think that they have a
supernatural power and don’t have a
sexual life, which is a misconception,”
said Chakravarty.
Transgender (Hijra) are also human beings and they have lives, they
need food, shelter, clothes, education
and job to survive in the world like
any other average people but they are
denied of their rights as social taboo
and discrimination make them untouchable, fearsome and someone to
be ridiculed at. As per law, all citizens
of the country should enjoy equal
rights and other facilities provided
by the state but they have always been
deprived by the society. Chakravarty
stressed the need for creating awareness among the people so that they
are well treated by the general public
and they can contribute to the society
with their activities and efforts.
Despite a rich history and tradition of gender diversity in India,
transgenders continue to face multiple forms of discrimination and oppression, especially in the fields of
health care, employment and education. They are often marginalised and
excluded from society. HIV is also increasingly seen as disproportionately
affecting the transgender population
and according to Chakravarty, male
to male sex has highest incidences of
Chakravarty said that beaten
and neglected even by their own parents and rejected by their families,
transgenders often choose to come
out of ‘normal’ society and start begging for their livelihood.
Xukia, a Guwahati based NGO
has appealed to the people and government machineries to take the issue of violation against transgender
community seriously and take necessary steps to ensure a better future for
“It is time that we realize and
wake up to the cause and issues faced
by the transgender people who belong
to marginalized sexualities. Trauma,
lack of a support system, ridicule and
shame are a few of the things they
are forced to confront everyday of
their lives and the violence and discrimination towards them is manifold. There is a need to create spaces
that are safe for the community from
marginalized sexualities, to have
workspaces that don’t discriminate
against the same, to have a health system that addresses the issue and provide healthcare when approached,”
said Bitopi Dutta, member, Xukia.
In the Northeast, Manipur is the
only state which is vibrant and has
accepted the transgender community
in the mainstream community and
Tamil Nadu is the only state in India who has created a welfare policy
for the transgender and offered Sex
Reassignment Surgery free of cost
for them. They provide them jobs,
education and other necessary facilities in the society. Chakravarty also
informed that transgenders are more
among the Hindu and Muslim community.
Supreme Court Order
for the Transgender
Hijras and Eunuchs should
be treated as third gender for the
purpose of safeguarding their
rights under the Constitution
and the laws made by Parliament
Transgender persons’ right to decide their self identified gender is
upheld and Centre and State Governments must grant legal recognition of their gender identity such as
male, female or as third gender The
Government must afford transgender persons affirmative action and
positive discrimination regarding
educational admissions and public
appointments and provide social
welfare schemes. The Government
must operate separate HIV clinics
for Hijra/transgender persons and
ensure medical care is provided to
transgender persons and ensure
separate toilet facilities. The Government must take serious action
to respond to problems faced by
Hijras/transgender persons such
as fear, shame, social pressure etc,
including public awareness campaigns. Any insistence on surgery
for declaring one’s gender is illegal.
Chakravarty further stated that
the social welfare department and
other authorized department and society should take initiative to provide
facilities to the transgender so that
they can’t be deprived of their rights.
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G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
How strong is
CITY'S artificial
cross the world, governments
and private organisations
alike spend huge amount
of money trying to strengthen the
intelligence network for enhanced
security of the country. Artificial
Intelligence or AI in machines and
other technical equipments is being
developed by scientists and it now
plays an increasingly important
role in all kinds of policing and
survillence activities. Guwahati is no
different and with more senior level
officers increasing the city police’s
muscle power, how strong is city
police’s artificial intelligence? What
are the major policing techniques
that are being used and what is
required by the police to make the
policing strategies more modern? G
Plus takes a look.
What city police has
The city police is in the news
every second day for either having
busted some racket or recovered
some explosives or ammunitions
and many more. No matter how
much the public slam the police, it
is because of their intelligence and
alertness that people are able to live
safe and secured. In the modern
age when countries like America
can enter Pakistan to assassinate
their terror mastermind Osama Bin
Laden by tracking him down using
artificial intelligence, the city police
is also developing its own technical
spectrum with modern techniques
and equipments. According to a
highly placed source in the CID, the
police has some modern technologies
with the help of which they can track
mobile phones and get the location
of anyone required at any particular
time. The CID these days can
monitor all social networking sites
and recently they apprehended some
people spreading messages which
could have led to communal riots. In
recent times, the CID has registered
many cyber related cases and there is
a special team in the department to
handle cyber crime cases.
The city police also, from time
to time, tracks phones and have
installed CCTV cameras across the
city, mainly in vulnerable areas to
detect and prevent crime. The city
police also have interceptors vehicles
now to technically detect vehicular
crimes on the roads and manage
the traffic scenario. The police has
also installed some PTZ and fixed
cameras in few strategic locations to
detect crimes. Besides, there is also
the GIS GPS based Dial 100 control
room to instantly track the location
of the calls received and react
During huge rallies and events,
the police also use door frame metal
City police has
219 CCTV
(in strategic
(in strategic
dial 100
Door frame
According to a source
in the city traffic
police, the traffic
department is entirely
running manually and
this is because new
modern equipments
require money and
the government is not
sanctioning any funds
individually for the
traffic police department.
The requirement
Smart policing have improved
nontheless, but for police at least some
minor technical requirement is the
need of the hour for better policing.
According to a CID official, they face
a lot of problems tracking phones
as they have to entirely depend on
the mobile phone service providers
for the required information. The
official said, “To track any phone, we
have to request the service provider,
sometimes it takes an hour to start
tracking a phone and sometimes it
even takes around 48 hours and we
are not able to track effectively. The
access should be provided to the
police so that the police don’t have to
depend on the service providers.”
Similarly, a highly placed source
in the Assam Police said that recently
there was an incident at the chief
minister’s residence when a mentally
disturbed man was loitering around
the CM’s residence and because
the person who was responsible
for monitoring the CCTV cameras
around the campus was absent for
few minutes, the unknown man Guwahati. The e-chalan system is
managed to enter the secured area. not yet implemented because of fund
Later he was prosecuted and sent crisis.
According to police sources, all
home. But this scenario could have
been avoided if the cameras installed the CCTV cameras in the city do not
also had motion detectors. CCTV work properly and the footage cannot
camera with motion detectors be recorded.
sounds an alarm if it detects anything
Similarly, a CID official said, “The
cyber crime cases are mostly seen
to be registered in local police
stations first and because all
police personnel are not
CCTV cameras
technically equipped, the
with motion detectors
cases then gets forwarded
to the CID department
traffic control room
which consumes a lot of
time.” The official further
Cyber crime police station
said that there is an urgent
requirement of a cyber
Geographic coordinate
crime police station in the
city, which will only deal with
Over the road scanners
cyber crimes and people can
directly approach the particular
E chalan machines
police station.
According to a source in the city
traffic police, the traffic department
is entirely running manually and this
is because new modern equipments
require money and the government requirements like road scanners,
is not sanctioning any funds geographic coordinate system, X
individually for the traffic police Ray scanners etc which can further
department. There are few interceptor improve the policing techniques of
vehicles but they are not fully utilised the city police. The police no doubt
because its main purpose, which is has sources and their own way of
checking the vehicle speed cannot various intelligence strategies to
be used as the speed gun installed tackle crime, but with the change
in the interceptor do not know the in the policing system in Guwahati,
speed limit of the vehicles plying in the modern technologies are also
the city as the city’s speed limit is not important to make the police smart
clearly defined. Similarly, there is enough to tackle every kind of
no automatic traffic control room in situation.
the city which is vital for a city like
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What city police
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
"Existing drainage
not enough to solve
city’s flood problem"
Juthika BARUAH
rtificial flood being a serious
problem in the city, has
become a major source of
harassment for the city dwellers and
the Public Health Engineering Retired
Engineers’ Forum, Guwahati has
alleged that the Government has not
taken up the issue seriously enough to
solve the problem permanently.
Secretary of the Forum, while talking
to G Plus said that if there is a 50mm
intensity rain for 30 minutes with
water flowing to the Bharalu at Jonali
from both ends (Noonmati Basin and
Bahini), it comes to almost four lakhs
litre per second. This water requires
around 2 hours 10 minutes to reach
the Bharalu sluice gate. Considering
the Bharalu channel is 18m wide,
3.0m depth and 70,000 litre/second
discharge capacity, with this 4 lakhs
litre of water per second still couldn’t
accommodate 2,700 lakh litres of
water which is the main reason of
He said that Additional Chief
Secretary M.G.K Bhanu has taken
a good initiative to solve the flood
problem but he has been misguided
by the government departments. The
Water Resource department do not
have any data on the size and shape of
Bharalu River and as per the reply of
an RTI, the department said that the
river is of uniform shape from Jonali
to Bharalu.
The Anil Nagar and Nabin Nagar
are the most affected areas and
Consultant Engineer J.N. Khataniar
suggested a special action plan for the
respective areas and other adjacent
low laying areas.
Efficient pumping arrangements
are the only solution to minimize the
heavy flood problem as the bed level
of adjacent Bharalu River is higher
than the other areas.
The bed level of Bharalu is at
higher level surrounded by thick
guard walls having limited carrying
capacity and pumping out the nearby
flood water to the already overloaded
flowing river is not advisable during
heavy flood.
As an alternative way to
discharge the high pressure
pumped water from the
low lying areas, it can have
another set of properly
designed elevated pipe
drain above the existing
guard walls of the
River Bharalu to carry
the pumped water for
discharging directly to
the River Brahmaputra at
Bharalumukh point.
With these arrangements
of elevated extra pumped water
drainage system, the load on the
existing rivers/drains shall be reduced
drastically during high flood time.
In both cases, the location of the
intake points for the pump sets has to
The Anil Nagar
and Nabin Nagar
area are the most
affected area and
Consultant Engineer
J.N. Khataniar
suggested a special
action plan for the
respective areas and
other adjacent low
laying areas.
Efficient pumping
arrangements are
the only solution to
minimize the heavy
flood problem as the
bed level of adjacent
Bharalu River is
higher than the
other areas.
be selected properly with an addition
of proper silt trap at all intake/pump
point for silt free flowing of flood
water through the elevated drains.
This arrangement shall reduce the
cost of construction of new drains,
land acquisition problem etc.
According to the Forum,
cleaning and digging the river
and basins is not the solution
and they raised a question as
to how the water resource
department is convinced
that 4 lakhs of water/second
at Jonali could be solved
with higher capacity pump
set installed at Bharalu.
The Forum asked Bhanu
to follow the suggested
points made by them to get a
assessment of loss of property
to the government, public and
private and loss of human resource
due to flood during the last several
years and also for the coming year.
Rain gauge should be placed
to measure exact rainfall quantity
at different places of the city to
calculate the quantity of rainwater
to be accommodated within the
city without overflowing/flooding
at any places. New drains as per the
latest design guidelines should be
constructed to carry the excess water
smoothly as per the feasibility and
topography of the city.
Satyabrata Sarma said that the
excess water that come down from
Meghalaya should be carried through
the drains to be constructed on NH37
so that it couldn’t enter the city. This
will help to divert the rushing water
flowing from the Meghalaya Hills
which is a major cause of flood in the
Meena Das, one of the residents
of Anil Nagar said, “Years after
years we have to face this problem
of flood but still the government has
not come up with any solution. They
are cleaning the basins which has no
result and they should come up with
a permanent solution.”
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Weather report for the week
28 March
29 March
30 March
31 March
01 April
02 April
03 April
Numerous showers
Scattered showers
A few showers
Isolated tstorms
Scattered showers
Broken clouds
Mostly cloudy
19 / 27 °C
19 / 31 °C
20 / 32 °C
20 / 29 °C
19 / 31 °C
20 / 27 °C
20 / 26 °C
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
Continuous process
initiated to make Guwahati
beggar free
ore than 500 homeless
spend their nights on the
footpaths, exposed to the
elements and all kind of eventualities. An estimated more than 15 pavement dwellers have lost their lives due
to malnutrition and deprivation in
one’s health in the last five years, as
per a report compiled by Guwahatibased NGOs Step.
In an initiative by the Kamrup
Metro District Administration, on
Wednesday, 29 beggars were rescued
from near the Sukreswar Mandir
area of the city and then handed over
to NGOs. The project is being initiated along with the support of five
NGOs- Indian Council for Child
Welfare (ICCW), Nabard, Golaghat
Nirman Gut, Snehalaya and IPPG.
The operation was carried out
by a joint operation in presence of
ACS Sarmistha Bora and Revenue
Circle Officer Lakhinandan Saharia
and several other officials. A part of
an initiative for the riverfront beautification, because the entire area of
Sukreshwar Mandir is obtruded by
beggars, the initiative is also to restore the pleasantness of the area.
So far, this year ten such drives
were carried out on a weekly or fortnight basis in the presence of Deputy
Commissioner, Circle Officer and
several other officials of the Kamrup
Metro District Administration and
the Social Welfare Department.
he first ever Rongali festival
will be organised from 3rd to
5th April, 2015 at Veterinary
Ground, Khanapara and the festival
is expected to showcase the rich culture of Assam by exhibiting lifestyles,
food habits of various tribes which
will be presented by various councils
from the days of Bhaskar Burman, Su
Ka Pha, Sankaradeva up to Bhupen
The festival will display various
cultural events like dance forms of
the state, Ram Vijay Bhona by Sangeet Natak Academy, tea exhibition,
magic from Mayong, mask making
from Sibsagar, traditional gohona of
Nagaon etc. Famous Assamese innovator Udhab Bharali would present
unique innovations by Assamese innovators. Indian Institute of Entrepreneurship would present successful
Assamese enterprises and unique eco
tourism projects will also be on display.
The festival is being organised
“This year, around forty to fifty
beggars have been rescued so far
and many more such drives will be
carried out in a continuous process.
During the process, the rescued beggars were provided health support
through a health camp held at the
Mahendra Mohan Choudhury Hospital”, said Sarmistha Bora, Assistant
Commissioner, Kamrup Metro District Administration.
During the process, several beg-
gars suffering from health problems
due to malnutrition and other diseases were rescued and were taken to
the health camp before being handed
over to the participating NGOs. During the drive, several pregnant and
injured women were also rescued,
including several who were suffering from mental disorders. They were
handed over to the NGOs, Destination and Ashadeep.
“The beggars that were rescued
during the drive refrained from any
kind of resistance and co-operated
throughout the process as they were
told that all kind of medical assistance along with free medicines will
be provided to them”, Bora added.
During the drive it was also
found that comparatively the number
of male beggars who are physically
and mentally sound are more and
also that they take to begging on the
streets in order to feed their families.
Such cases were handed over to the
concerned NGOs who provide shelter along with rehabilitation from
any kind of drug abuse and will work
forward towards providing employment and other vocational trainings.
“A bus provided by the Social
Welfare Department in order to retrieve the homeless from the streets is
used by the NGOs that run throughout the city five days a week. The
project was initially kicked off in the
year 2011 after the Supreme Court of
India directed the Centre to arrange
for adequate night shelters for the
homeless,” said Dushmanta Dutta,
member of Indian Council for Child
“The NGOs collaboratively carry
out the initiative which help in rescuing several homeless people. Also
several missing cases were retrieved
through the drive who were later
handed over to the police. Even the
police force such as the Virangana
help in the initiative if any such women found are brought to the night
shelter of the ICCW as a step toward
curbing growing instances of crime
against women. In the night shelter
the women are provided with proper
nutrition and shelter for the night
and can carry on with their day-today life during the day and come back
to the shelter again. The aged women
are provided special care in the shelter”, Dutta added.
As per the National Urban Livelihood Mission, there should be one
night shelter against every one lakh
population. Though the Social Welfare Department has succeeded in
shifting the homeless people who
used to make their living by begging in front of the Sukreswar temple
in Panbazar, tough challenges still
lie ahead to make Bhangagarh, Zoo
Road, Chandmari, Ulubari, Paltanbazar and Adabari free of beggars.
[email protected]
First ever
Rongali festival
from 3rd April
by Trust of Assam Trend MMS in association with Hotel and Restaurants
Association of Assam, Assam Tourism, Department of Cultural Affairs,
Government of Assam and Ministry
of Youth Affairs, Government of India.
The Rongali festival would be a
place to see entire facets of Assam in a
carnival atmosphere. Three evenings
of cultural performances would present Assam’s top singers like Zubeen
Garg, Angarag Papon Mahanta, Simanta Sekhar, Priyanka Bharali, Manas Robin, Tarulota Kutum, North
East Breeze, Joshua Queah, Moo and
the shooting stars, India’s top rock
band Indian Ocean and heavy metal
band Girish and the Chronicles. Two
fashion shows on 4th and 5th April
would present the best of Assamese
designers and fabric. A roundtable
discussion, ‘Development Agenda
of Assam’ will be organised on 4th
April 2015 where 25 top personalities
from various fields like economics,
politics, sports, culture, academics,
business and media will participate
in the discussion and talk on agendas
to develop the future of Assam
Chief Organiser of the festival,
Shyamkanu Mahanta said, “Festival
like Horn Bill of Nagaland is popular worldwide but Assam do not have
any of its festival which can iconize
the state, so, the Rongali festival in
coming days will be known popularly
across the world.” Mahanta had earlier organised the North East Festival
in Delhi which was popularly recog-
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
indra bania
the passionate actor
Chandan Sarmah
f there was anything unique in
the overall approach of Indra
Bania towards performing art,
it was his passion. He was undoubtedly one of the very few actors in the
arena of Assam’s stage, radio play
and cinema who could create his
own school by means of enviable skill
complemented by wholehearted passion. Assam’s unparalleled cultural
icon Dr Bhupen Hazarika once had
very rightly commented: “Pona (Late
Bania’s nickname and by which he
was known to his friends, admirers
and close ones) acts not with brain
but heart.”
Indra Bania was born in Dholpur
in Lakhimpur district and he was
involved with stage since his childhood. Indra Bania’s upbringing and
different stages of his life, from childhood to adolescence then to youth
were based in various small townships of Assam. He left his birthplace,
Dholpur when he was studying in the
second standard. Then he stayed in
places like Majuli, Nagaon, Mangaldoi, Baihata, Jorhat, Karimganj and
others. Having matriculated from
Karimganj, he finally landed up at
Guwahati and took admission in
Assam Engineering Institute from
where he completed the course successfully. Then he joined Assam State
Electricity Board in 1960 and worked
there for over 30 years till his retirement in the late 80s.
There is no denying the fact that
such a diversified lifestyle at the
formative age had certainly put an
impact on his perspective towards
performing art in general and stage
theatre in particular because he
could gather vast experience of meeting, interacting with different sections of people at different places and
belonging to different socio-cultural
Indra Bania was a frontliner
in taking a number of Assam plays
outside the state by staging those in
almost all the major cultural centres
of the country. The number of plays
he acted in and directed outside the
state is over 60 and on many occasions he won awards for acting and
Indra Bania’s another major
Indra Bania was born in
Dholpur in Lakhimpur
district and he was involved
with stage since his
childhood. Indra Bania’s
upbringing and different
stages of his life, from
childhood to adolescence
then to youth were based in
various small townships of
creative avenue was All India Radio,
Guwahati. There are a number of
widely-popular radio plays featuring Indra Bania as the lead actor. But
above all were two plays — Govardhan Charit and Moina Sambad —
which literally made him a household
name in Assam.
The first ever international award
winning Assamese film actor, Indra
Bania made his debut in Pulak Gogoi’s National Award winning venture Khoj in 1975. Since then he had
acted in more than 35 films and worth
mentioning among them are: Adalat,
Shrimoti Mohimamoyee, Aparupa,
Apekhsa (Hindi), Sendur, Puja, Suruj,
Agnisnan, Bohagor Duporiya, Jetuki,
Papori, Halodhiya Choraye Bao Dhan
Khaai, Dhrubatara, Uttarkal, Ronga
Modar, Haladhar, Meemanxa, Matsyagandha, Koina Mor Dhuniya, Jivan Nodir Duti Paar, Dhuniya Tirotabor, Aai Kot Naai, Jangfai Jonak and
Ekhon Nedekha Nodir Sipare. The
significant aspect of Indra Bania’s
skill as a film actor lies in his ability
to deliver properly to both the genre
of cinema — commercial and art
house cinema. All the films featuring
him either won National Award or
became commercially hit.
As a cinema actor, his magnum
opus was obviously Halodhiya Choraye Bao Dhan Khaai directed by
Jahnu Barua in 1987. Playing the role
of the protagonist, Indra Bania displayed one of the most brilliant performances by an actor in Assamese
cinema. The character, Rasheswar,
was a poor village farmer oppressed
and exploited by the village mahajan,
the money-lender. He used to observe
all and tolerated everything silently,
because he had never learnt how to
raise the voice of protest. But finally,
he gains the mental courage to revolt against the wrongdoings of the
Nissan expands presence with 2nd showroom in Ghy
Nissan announced the inauguration of
Binod Nissan’s second showroom at Adabari, Guwahati expanding the company’s
footprint to 175 outlets across India. Nissan will now have a network of 175 sales
touch-points, spanning across 126 cities
for both Nissan and Datsun vehicles.
Speaking at the launch, Arun Malhotra, MD – Nissan Motor India Private
Limited said, “It gives us immense pleasure to announce the opening of our new
showroom at Adabari. Together with our
business partner, we seek to provide our
customers with best-in-class products
and services, and look forward to a longstanding, successful association. Nissan
is focused towards providing the finest
products and services through its trusted
dealership network of 175 outlets across
(L- R) Arun Agarwal, Principal Dealer of Binod Nissan
and Arun Malhotra, MD Nissan Motors India Pvt. Ltd
The new showroom of
‘Binod Nissan’ is one of its kind
in Guwahati and will provide
all solutions to customers under one roof. This facility will
showcase four cars at a time
and will also include a special
Datsun Corner. A group of 10
dedicated and motivated professionals would be present at
the outlet to ensure seamless
customer satisfaction.
Nissan aims to double its
reach in India by 2016 with
a total presence of 300 touch
points across the country.
The company is rapidly growing the dealership network to
cover 95% of the population in
mahajan. Indra Bania will remain
immortal forever in the arena of not
only Assamese cinema but also in Indian cinema for spellbinding acting
performance in this role for which he
was rightly chosen for the Best Acting Award in Locarno International
Film Festival in Switzerland in 1988.
Interestingly, this versatile actor has come up with equal sound
acting performance in a totally contrasting role. The film was National
Award winning Haladhar by Sanjiv
Hazorika. In this film, he played the
role of a village mahajan— cruel and
an exploiter by nature. Here also the
actor Indra Bania has shown his superb skill of complete cinematic performance, presenting a rare, sensitive
yet subtle performance.
Indra Bania had two more
unique features in his total personality. He was always a source of tremendous inspiration for young generation of acting artists, film and theatre
directors. Whenever a young director planned a film with a shoe-string
budget or whenever a struggling theatre director decided to stage a play
with no such financial support from
anywhere, Indra Bania always stood
behind them. His involvement with
such projects was total and pure. The
second was his unlimited passion for
theatre. Indra Bania perhaps conducted the most number of amateur
theatre workshops in all the nooks
and corner of Assam. For him, it was
no matter how much would be his fee
or what would be the other logistic
support to conduct the workshop. He
offered himself to shoulder all and
that too with a smile.
Adieu, Pona da. You will be always in our heart as a rare, sensitive
actor and a perfect gentleman!
Vehicle owners to pay
their outstanding road tax
on or before March 31
autam Das, Kamrup(M) District Transport Officer, Registration and Licensing
has requested the vehicle owners of Kamrup district to pay their outstanding road tax on
or before March 31. He added there anyone who
does not pay the tax before the date will have to
face stern action.
The commission also said that for the interest
of Government Revenue and for the convenience
of general public for paying taxes, their office situated at Betkuchi will remain open on the coming
fourth Saturday on March 28, 2015 from l0 am
to 2 pm. Das later said that the Motor vehicle inspectors and enforcement inspectors under his
direction have already been conducted an all-out
road checking drive against the tax defaulting vehicle owners who have not paid their road tax.
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
Aditya Gogoi
NE artisans
in unique way
or Priya Chakma of Tripura,
it was an experience worth
importantly, they will go back to
their home with a richer purse.
Priya is one of the 113 artisans
from across the northeast who have
been undergoing special training
cum workshop at Shilpagram in
This is a part of the 10-day
Production Mela being organized by
the North East Zone Cultural Centre
(NEZCC) under the Union Ministry
of Culture. This was a unique and
pioneering effort with an aim to
foster the art of traditional weaving
and craftsmanship, and expand their
“Generally, we do not get
markets to sell our products as
these clothes are costly. We make
it at home the natural way from
colour to everything. Rarely, we get
opportunity to display and sell our
products. I think this production
mela will help us in getting a market
for our products,” Chakma said.
She also said that this event will
encourage them as they have met
several other artisans from different
states of the region. “We are getting
to know each other in the next
several days. We all have similar yet
strikingly different way of work and
designs,” Chakma added.
On the sidelines, some of the best
wood sculptors from the region are
also creating masterpieces depicting
the cultural heritage of the eight
north eastern states. It has started
from March 21 and will continue till
March 31.
The Production Mela aims to
engage rural artisans directly to
probable buyers and even suppliers
with a hope that it will provide a
much needed break for some of them.
The traditional art-forms which
are practiced predominantly by the
rural communities, have little or no
access to commercial market, thus,
leaving the very art that they practice
at grave risk of losing its worth or
even worse, said Lipokmar Tzudir,
Director NEZCC.
He also stated that the alarming
scenario is that rural artisans are
now opting for other occupation,
including hazardous and laborious
“The traditional art-forms which are practiced
predominantly by the rural communities, have
little or no access to commercial market, thus,
leaving the very art that they practice at grave
risk of losing its worth or even worse,”
Lipokmar Tzudir, Director NEZCC
professions to meet the economic
challenges, thus resulting in neglect
of family responsibilities, besides
Tzudir also mentioned that
although the Government of India
recognizes that artisans would be
Perception organizing scholarship tests
for students on Sunday
he third edition of the
scholarship test - ‘Inquisitive’
will be conducted on Sunday,
March 29th, 2015 by Perception,
one of the premier Engineering and
Medical coaching centres in North
East India.
This year’s test will present the
meritorious students up to 100 per
cent scholarship worth Rs. 30 lakh
and will be offered on a 2 years full
time classroom programme at the
institute. The registration for the
test is announced open. Students
can call on 88110 11112 or visit any
of the Perception centres. Students
who have appeared in Class X board
exams are eligible to participate on
the aptitude test which will be held
at the Perception centre located at
Bhangagarh in the city.
Inquisitive is a two hour
duration exam and comprises of
three sections- Math, Science and
Logical Reasoning. The questions
are based and designed catering to
students’ choice, skills and interest
and on what they have learnt in
their 9th and 10th standards like
simply using a math formula to
solve a problem.
Speaking on the Scholarship
test, Ankur Saikia Director
-Perception, said, “Inquisitve is
a platform for the students to
improve their test-taking skills
with no negative consequences.
We further believe that our
small initiative will help all the
meritorious students in a big way
towards being better Engineers and
Doctors of tomorrow”.
provided opportunities to engage
themselves in line of their expertise
through various schemes but the
extent of streamlining these resources
to the rural areas by the implementing
agencies is highly questionable.
He asserted that the NEZCC
under the Union Ministry of Culture
is more than willing to continue with
this initiative in the region, but he also
mentioned that it will require other
ministries such as Tribal Affairs,
Handloom and Textiles and DoNER
besides others, to take a proactive role
towards financing such programmes.
"With the number of brilliant
artisans we have in the region, we
can easily meet the demand of global
market and if the policy makers want
to realize the ‘Act East policy', this is
one aspect that cannot be ignored. We
cannot dream of reaching the moon
whilst our own people are starving in
their own kitchen,” Lipokmar Tzudir
Smooth Movement of
City traffic
ffective traffic management by the
district administration has helped
streamline and improve the city’s
travel woes. Scientific vehicular traffic
management has reduced the congestion
in and around the city ensuring smooth
flow of vehicles.
Specific areas have been demarcated
in and around the city for parking of
vehicles. Also, the recent ban on the
movement of heavy vehicular traffic
(namely trucks) from 8 am to 8 pm to
and fro the National Highway has helped
regulate the traffic congestion. The steps
undertaken by the administration
has come as a sign of relief for regular
commuters travelling to and fro
jhalukbari and North Guwahati across
the Saraighat Bridge. Travel time to
places like IIT Guwahati and Narayana
Hridalaya has substantially reduced
spelling a boon for visiting patients,
students and other regular commuters.
With the city experiencing
exponential population growth and
an increase in the number of vehicles
registered daily, an improved traffic
management system beneficial to both
motor transport users and pedestrians
was the need of the hour.
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
The Small Wonder
Natya Samagam
Subhrajit Roy
n the recently declared 62nd
National Film Award for 2014,
Bengali film ‘Chotoder Chobi’,
directed by Kaushik Ganguly has
been declared the Best Film on social
issues. The film is an empathetic
portrayal of marginalised people
and their struggle for a life of
dignity. Although small in physique,
the dwarfs occupy a special segment
in the society. One way, they become
the business opportunity for circus
owners and on the other way, they
are considered objects of laughter on
streets. But they deserve respect like
the other stakeholders in the society.
With the similar issues on focus, the
dramatized version of such a topic
was observed recently through a
play on a Guwahati stage.
Though small in size, their
dreams have a vivid dimension and
aspirations are based on strong will
power. Within their constrained
capacities, they may sometimes
create wonder as well. Big wonder
in small size has always astonished
the mankind. Recently an amazing
performance by such small sized
achievers have stunned the theatre
lovers of Guwahati through the
Subhrajit Roy
he rich history of the Ahom
Kingdom has many landmark
stories. The then political
and social systems are regularly
presented either on the silver
screen or on stage by many creative
performers. The recent one is by the
artists of the Drama Division of
the Directorate of Cultural Affairs,
Government of Assam. Based on
the historical saga of King Siva
Singha and Queen Phuleswari, the
play ‘Bor Roja Phuleswari’, scripted
by Late Uttam Baruah and directed
by Paresh Goswami was staged on
March 23-24, 2015 at the Rabindra
Bhawan auditorium. The play was
dedicated to Late Uttam Baruah
and cultural activist Late Ramani
The story of the play started
with the nexus between the priest
Biswadev Borpujari, his associate
Agamananda and Borbaruah, one
of the close associates of King Siva
Singha to make the king bound to fall
in love with temple dancer Phulmati.
As desired, they became successful in
their initiative, as the king married
Phulmati against the strong protest
by Elder Queen Ratnakanti. With
the passage of time, the interference
of Biswadev became more focused as
The play was staged in connection with the recently held
‘Natya Samagam’ (Festival of contemporary theatre practices,
traditions and diverse cultural expression of India), by Sangeet
Natak Akademi, New Delhi, on 18-20 March, 2015, at the
Rabindra Bhawan, in Guwahati.
play ‘Kino Kaon’ (What to say?),
presented by Dapon (The Mirror),
Tangla and directed by eminent
theatre personality and actor Pabitra
Rabha. Rabha held acting workshops
for dwarfs across Assam and by
the end of the multi-day process,
he built up his team Dapon. His
goal is to empower the dwarfs with
real acting skills and performance
through plays. He hopes to make
society more aware of their plight as
little people. The treatments applied
in the play include physical exercise
as well as other martial art moves.
One way it was an emotional aspect
of the dwarfs made the play eye
catching, the other way, sound and
lighting effects as well as the creative
properties used in it levelled it at a
different strata. Above all these,
the courageous dwarfs on stage
challenged the marginalisation
that exists in the society. Some
hilarious situations in the play
made the audience laugh. On the
other hand, they have also made the
audience aware of their problems
through their strong appeal. They
may have pain within them, but
they enthralled and entertained the
audience just with the hope of love
and respect.
The play was staged in
connection with the recently held
‘Natya Samagam’ (Festival of
contemporary theatre practices,
traditions and diverse cultural
expression of India), by Sangeet
Natak Akademi, New Delhi, on 1820 March, 2015, at the Rabindra
Bhawan, in Guwahati. Various folk
art performances across the region
and nation were staged in this
three day festival. Starting from
Gayan Bayan (Assam), Baul Folk
Songs (Tripura), Choir (Mizoram),
Dahamail (Assam), the festival
brought the ensemble of folk dance
forms of Telangana and Karnataka
as well on the same stage. The
festival also showcased a Bhojpuri
play named ‘Gabarghichor’, by
the artists of century old Bhikhari
Thakur Repertory of Bihar. The
encouragement provided to this
repertory of Bihar by the organisers
is nothing but a tradition of reviving
the dying art forms as the play
‘Gabarghichor’ could not make any
sense either in its content or in the
A page from History
Bor Roja Phuleswari
Pragya Paramita in the role
of Phuleswari magnified
the character at several
dimensions. Her entry on the
stage as a diva with elegant
dance moves, her frowning as a
dictator queen and her outcry
as a repentent dying woman,
impressed the audience a lot.
he trapped the king with his celestial
knowledge of knowing the future
and predicted the fate of the king
and the kingdom to be fatal. Seeing
such instantaneous consequences,
Shiva Singha decided to hand over
the power to Phulmati and declared
her as ‘Bor Roja Phuleswari’.
After attaining power, she started
her dictatorship on the kingdom. As
guided by Biswadev, she declared
establishment of the ‘Sakta Rituals’
within her kingdom. Although she
initiated many projects of educating
people about religion, but her main
fault was that she instructed the
Vaishnavites to follow rules against
their beliefs. She was even unaware
of the fact that Biswadev used her
as a tool to establish his will of a
‘Sakta’ Kingdom. Later on when she
realized it was too late. The forced
adoption of ‘Sakta Rituals’ on the
Vaishnavites made them curse her
at the worst. On the deathbed she
declared everything to Shiva Singha
and Ratna Kanti.
A clear depiction of the
political system of the then Ahom
Rule was the strong point behind
this presentation. The influence
of several forces, both internal
and external, always leads to the
demolition of a kingdom. The play
is a strong witness of the same, as
the king gave priority to his love of
a dancer than ruling his State, and
the cunning priest established his
belief on religion through a political
Pragya Paramita in the role of
Phuleswari magnified the character
at several dimensions. Her entry
on the stage as a diva with elegant
dance moves, her frowning as a
dictator queen and her outcry as a
repentent dying woman, impressed
the audience a lot. The costumes
and properties used in the play are
not compatible as per the Ahom
era and these became the point of
laughter within the auditorium. On
the other hand, sound and lighting
effects, though have some touch
of Mobile Theatre, emerged as the
positive points of the presentation.
The adoption of the Ojapali style in
the presentation would have perhaps
only ensured less audience. For this
the director should get the credit.
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
Ward Watch
Concentrated area A.T. Road, Maligaon
Fish market
at Betkuchi
a concern
for local
Ward number 27
Sub-division 27 (c)
Jona Rabha
Phone number
Area Sabha member
Kina Ram Swargiary
Phone number
11,000 (approx.)
7,000 (approx.)
he recently shifted fish market in the Betkuchi area has
become a concern for the residents. The fish market was shifted to
Betkuchi following an eviction drive
by the Kamrup Metro district administration at the Paltanbazar GMC
Fish Market where over two bighas
of land was cleared. The drive came
about following directions from
Additional Chief Secretary MGVK
Bhanu to clear encroachments in and
around the Borsola Beel.
Officials said the drive was also
intended to force the squatters to
move to the fish market at Betkuchi,
where the administration had earlier
earmarked space for it. However, the
Brihattar Shivshakti Nagar Unayan
Samittee, Betkuchi had opposed the
administration’s move to shift the
fish market in the partly settled residential area.
Now, residents of the area have
expressed concerns over the shifting
of the fish market since the establishment of such a trading center would
cover the area with filthy fish smell
throughout the day.
Vijay Kr. Poddar, a resident and
member of Brihattar Shivshakti Nagar Unnayan Samittee said, “Prior
to the establishment of the market,
the Deputy Commissioner was approached several times and also the
proposal of initiating a cowshed in
the area was forwarded to the Kamrup Metro district administration.
Meanwhile, due to the settlement of
the fish market, the entire area is now
suffering from a filthy smell for most
the work in the coal
furnace was carried out
throughout the day, the
smoke discharged was a
major cause of pollution
and also damaged
properties of the residents.
It also caused severe
health problems. Although
several complaints were
filed for shutting down
the furnace, it is still in
operation, with the only
difference being that now
all the functioning are
carried out after hours
part of the day,” he said.
Though the All Kamrup District
Fish Mazdoor & Workers’ Union
(AKDFMWU) had promised to clean
the area on a regular basis and they
do so, but even after the entire area is
washed, the water still remain which
later discharges a slimy rotten smell
of fish scales and entrails, which is
very unhygienic, he said.
“Earlier, the DC was approached
several times in opposition to the settlement of the fish market here, but
no response was received from his
part”, Poddar added.
The Brihattar Shivshakti Nagar
Unnayan Samittee, in order to come
to a settlement of the problems faced
by the people of the area will hold
meetings among with the local residents.
Apart from the recently established fish market in the area which
consist of people of diverse backgrounds, the coal furnace located in
the vicinity has also been a matter of
concern since the settlement of residents in the area. The coal furnace
was set up in the year 2005 and initially created havoc for the residents
of the area. The smoke disharged
from the furnace throughout the day
caused pollution and damaged properties and also hampered the health
of the residents.
Rupeshwari Boro, a resident of
Shivshakti Nagar asserted, “Initially
since the work in the coal furnace
was carried out throughout the day,
the smoke discharged was a major
cause of pollution and also damaged
properties of the residents. The smoke
also caused severe health problems.
Although several complaints were
filed for shutting down the furnace, it
is still in operation, with the only dif-
ference being that now all the functioning are carried out after hours
and thus the windows and ventilators
of the houses has to remain shut.”
“It is also said that the owners
of the coal furnace are continuing
their business only through political
support, otherwise the settlement of
such venture in a residential area is
not permissible”, Boro added.
Earlier, the AKDFMWU had
submitted a memorandum to the
GMC Mayor, Abir Patra, demanding necessary accommodation for the
wholesale fish market and workers
before shifting it to Betkuchi where
the new proposed market is of one
and half bighas with only 24 stall
being provided by the GMC. The requirement was of 74 stalls, which was
the number of stalls in Paltan Bazaar.
Councilor’s Say
In a conversation G Plus
councilor Jona Rabha asserted,
“The problems faced by the residents of Betkuchi due to recently
settled fish market has not been
brought to my notice. Whereas,
the same can brought to a settlement if produced to GMC’s notice
through measures taken for the
good of all.”
Also the councilor in context
to the coal furnace situated in the
area of Shivshakti Nagar said, “In
a recent visit to different bazars
around the city where all the city
councilors visited several markets
including the fish market located
in the area, during which the
problems faced by the people due
to the coal furnace was discussed
with them.”
“The settlement of such
plants in residential areas is not
legitimate and the matter will be
taken up to the city mayor in order to move the coal furnace from
the area within a short period of
time”, said the councilor.
[email protected]
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
Venue: Radisson Blu
Date: 22nd March, 2015
Glittering function took place at Hotel Radisson Blue in
the evening of 22nd March 2015 for the closing ceremony of
“CELEBRATING ASSAM” organised by ‘North East Institute
of Fashion Technology’ (NEIFT) with the support of the Government
of Assam. The festival was presented by the Department of Handloom
and Textiles with active participation of Department of Tourism, Cultural Affairs, Labour and Employment, Guwahati Municipal Corporation, EGM of Assam, SBI and ONGC with Radisson Blu Hotel, G Plus
and Dainik Purbodoy as partners. The two day mega festival commenced
on 21st March, 2015 (Saturday) with a colourful inaugural ceremony at
Sankardev Kalakshetra, where Bismita Gogoi, Minister of Cultural Affairs, Handloom and Textiles formally declared open the festival in the
presence of many dignitaries, officials, weavers, artisans, school children,
media fraternity etc. A handloom thematic exhibition was also inaugurated by the minister. The day long programme featured art competition,
photo exhibition, open forum-cum-panel discussions and cultural evening.
The spectacular closing ceremony
of the festival was held at Radisson Blu
Hotel, which commenced with a Bhor Taal
Nritya followed by a top line fashion show
highlighting the rich Assamese traditional fabrics featuring international models from Brazil, top
line national and regional models. Chief Minister of
Assam, Tarun Gogoi , the Chief Guest on the occasion
spoke about rich heritage of Assam’s textiles and promised
to extend all support required for the growth of the sector.
Bismita Gogoi, Minister of Cultural Affairs, Handloom and
Textiles, Jitesh Khosla, Chief Secretary, Bharat Narah Adviser to
CM and top rung officials attended the function and appreciated the
effort by NEIFT. Vikram Rai Medhi the CEO of NEIFT informed that
this festival will travel to different metros to promote Assam in a holistic
manner and showcase Assam as an investor’s paradise.
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
Dr. Bikash Rai Das,
Consultant Heart Surgeon, GNRC Hospital
he commonest question I encounter whenever I go for a
TV interview or any interactive programmes as a heart surgeon
is about diet. What should we eat?
What should we avoid etc? Sometimes very funny things happen.
Even at the middle of the night, one
of my patients will call me up just to
enquire, ‘Sir, can I take ‘Sojina’?’ So,
we have many queries about our diet.
And diet plays a major role in prevention and control of many diseases
including Heart Disease. So, this article will try to answer a few common
Although eating certain food can
increase the risk of heart diseases,
it’s often tough to change one’s eating habits. Whether you have years
of unhealthy eating under your belt
or you simply want to fine-tune your
diet, here are some heart-healthy diet
tips. Once you know which foods to
eat more of and which foods to limit,
you’ll be on your way toward a hearthealthy diet.
The DASH diet
The DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) is
a dietary pattern promoted by the
U.S.-based National Heart, Lung, and
Blood Institute (part of the National
Institutes of Health, an agency of the
United States Department of Health
and Human Services) to prevent and
control hypertension. The DASH diet
is rich in fruits, vegetables, whole
grains, and low-fat dairy foods; includes meat, fish, poultry, nuts, and
beans; and is limited in sugar-sweetened foods and beverages, red meat,
and added fats. In addition to its effect on blood pressure, it is designed
to be a well-balanced approach to
eating for the general public. DASH
is recommended by the United States
Department of Agriculture (USDA)
as one of its ideal eating plans for all
Why DASH diet
Why has the DASH diet
been ranked as the best diet, the
healthiest diet, and the best diet for
diabetes, 3 years in a row? The expert panel of physicians assembled
by US New & World Reports chose
DASH because it is proven to improve health, has a balance of healthy
food groups, and it actually works. It
has been proven to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and is associated with lower risk of several types
of cancer, heart disease, stroke, heart
failure, kidney stones, reduced risk of
developing diabetes, and can slow the
progression of kidney disease. While
the DASH diet was originally developed as an eating style to help lower
blood pressure, it has been found to
be a fabulous plan for weight loss.
The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution
turbocharges weight loss with a powerful plan based on previously overlooked DASH research. The DASH
Action Plan is famous for having
introduced the DASH diet for weight
loss. Now we take it to the next level.
Who should follow the
The Dietary Guidelines for
Americans recommend the DASH
eating plan as a model for healthy
eating for everyone! The whole family can enjoy the DASH diet. And of
course, the DASH diet was developed
to help people lower their blood pressure. It provides additional heart
health benefits, lowering cholesterol
and inflammation. New research
shows that it is effective in lowering
blood pressure in children as well as
The diet everyone
is talking about
How does the DASH
Diet plan work
The DASH diet helps to lower
blood pressure by providing more
key nutrients, such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium, all of which
are associated with lower blood pressure. These key nutrients are boosted
by including more fruits, vegetables,
and low-fat or nonfat dairy in your
daily diet. Some people see additional
benefits by lowering sodium or salt in
their diet. Our book includes additional lifestyle changes to lower blood
pressure, such as weight loss, exercise, smoking cessation, and moderation of alcohol intake.
Because it has an emphasis on
real foods, heavy on fruits and vegetables, balanced with the right
amount of protein, DASH is the perfect weight loss solution. It is filling
and satisfying. Because it is healthy,
you can follow it for your whole life.
And it is a plan that you can feed
your entire family, with larger portion sizes for those who don’t need to
watch their weight. It helps you easily
lose weight, even though you feel as if
you are not on a diet, and it actually
makes you healthier!
The DASH Diet Weight Loss Solution has special benefits for people
who carry their excess weight around
the middle, or who have metabolic
syndrome, type 2 diabetes, PCOS, or
postmenopausal weight gain. And, it
has been shown to be very effective in
lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.
The DASH Diet for health
Type of food
Number of servings for
1600-3100 calorie diets
Servings on a 2000
calorie diet
Grains and grain products
(include atleast 3 whole
grain foods each day)
6 - 12
Low fat or non fat dairy
Lean meats, fish, poultry
1.5 – 2.5
2 or less
Nuts, seeds and legumes
3-6 per week
4 – 5 per week
Fats and sweets
The DASH diet is especially recommended for people with hypertension (high blood pressure) or prehypertension. The DASH diet eating
plan has been proven to lower blood
pressure in studies sponsored by the
National Institutes of Health (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension). In addition to being a low salt
(or low sodium) plan, the DASH diet
provides additional benefits to reduce
blood pressure. It is based on an eat-
ing plan rich in fruits and vegetables,
and low-fat or non-fat dairy, with
whole grains. It is a high fibre, low to
moderate fat diet, rich in potassium,
calcium, and magnesium. The full
DASH diet plan is shown above. The
DASH diet is a healthy plan, designed
for the whole family. New research
continues to show additional health
benefits of the plan. In addition to
being recommended by your physician, DASH is also endorsed by: The
Cut back on the salt. Salt can cause water retention and is one of the main causes of obesity. Do not just automatically add
it to your plate. Taste the food first and try using herbs and spices for extra flavour.
National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (one of the National Institutes
of Health, of the US Department of
Health and Human Services), The
American Heart Association (AHA),
The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for
Americans, US guidelines for treatment of high blood pressure, The
2011 AHA Treatment Guidelines for
Women, The Mayo Clinic. The DASH
eating plan has been proven to lower
blood pressure in just 14 days, even
without lowering sodium intake.
Best response came in people whose
blood pressure was only moderately
high, including those with prehypertension. For people with more severe
hypertension, who may not be able to
eliminate medication, the DASH diet
can help improve response to medication, and help lower blood pressure. The DASH diet can help lower
cholesterol, and with weight loss and
exercise, can reduce insulin resistance and reduce the risk of developing diabetes.
New research shows that following the DASH diet over time will
reduce the risk of stroke and heart
disease, as well as kidney stones. The
benefits of the DASH diet have also
been seen in teens with hypertension. The DASH diet truly is the diet
for everyone. So, next time you pick
up your phone to ask about a query
about your diet, just remember that
you simply have to follow the DASH
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
hese days, stress is a word, whose connotation can probably scare the bravest of
I am making a wild guess that stress in
the past was probably a manageable affair but
at present, children as young as 6 years of age
are going through major problems of highly
irregular emotional behaviour due to stress.
Some news of children and young people taking drastic steps to snuff out their short-lived
lives because of stress are shocking and highly
In the last one decade, there have been
suicides at an alarming rate and all because of
the competition in their peer group.
But as adults, we have a huge task at
hand in trying to handle a situation which
might take mammoth proportions if we do not
handle it on time.
I remember as a little girl, I just didn’t
have any reasons to fret. I took everyday and
every moment as it came and tried to give it
the best I could.
Studies had its own place and being an
average student, I knew I was competing only
with myself. Even if my mother would compare
me to another girl and tell me how intelligent
she was, I made it a point to believe in myself
and say that “I am the best. There is no one
who compares to me!”
And this practice has continued hence. Till
now, nothing and nobody could waver me from
this very decision I made for myself; to love
myself and not to compare myself to anyone
on Earth ‘cause God had only one blueprint for
me. There is actually no one on Earth like me.
I have never really stressed on whether my
neighbour, my friend or someone in the family is more affluent than me in some way or
the other. I always believed and still do that
God has far greater plans in store for me than
I might have dreamt of or imagined. And this
has made me carve a niche for myself at every
step of my life. If it was just having coffee with
a friend, shopping, counselling or talking to a
huge crowd, I have enjoyed every second to the
fullest and all this has added up to an investment in myself, which is giving back a lot of
returns now.
Of course, like all other people, I have
had extremes in life where there were points
when I was giving up and thought that my
life was of no use to anyone anymore. I was
totally stressed out, depressed and willing to
take drastic steps to run away from the situation. The worst was in 2009 when I thought
I should follow my heart instead of my head.
There was utter chaos in my mind and I was
just not thinking clearly enough.
Then, on the 31st of December, 2009,
good sense prevailed and it dawned on me
that I was nothing but a self-centred and selfish person who thought of none but herself, not
thinking for a second for those people who have
always wrapped me in their love. I was daring
to snuff out my life but never for once thought
of the people who loved me a lot; who survive
on my love for them and who would be completely devastated in my absence. How much
more selfish can I get? There has to be a limit!
However, on the 1st of January, 2010, I
decided to give birth to a new ME. A ME who
will be proud of herself and who will carry the
mantle of her life with élan and confidence. And
since then, there has been no looking back; no
talk of death; only life and love!
As soon as I took on this positive at-
titude, I realised that my world was back to
being more beautiful, in fact, far more magical
than before ‘cause this time with my ‘rebirth’, I
was certain that there were millions of beautiful
things I missed out and I now wished to make
up for the lost time. I started with a vigour unknown to me before and I promised to myself
to make the best of each moment. Each second
became precious as I sought the value of time.
I had wasted enough time already, thinking of
things, which were never going to be fruitful for
the World. Enough was enough, I thought. Time
to work for the world. It needed me desperately.
And since then, my day starts with prayer,
then meditation, an hour of discussion, reading, singing, blogging and what not.
Throughout the day, my mind would be
constantly ticking on how to improve my city,
my region, my country and my world. Trying
to ideate kept my mind ticking and active, not
for a second being stressed or over-worked. This
was happening ‘cause I was not living my life
on rules set by someone else but purely on my
own terms. I put the wrong and right aside and
decided that life was for living and living for
others. This life no longer belonged to me but
to all the teeming millions who needed me;
needed my love and care for them.
Everyday is a plan now; a blueprint to improve in some way or the other the youth, the
society, the surrounding and more importantly,
the lives of the people. Every little effort made
in this regard, I feel will not go unrewarded.
And my reward is when the youth, because of
some effort I made, decides to make changes
for the benefit of the future generation. Now,
that can be so rewarding at a time when everyone is so self-centred and thinks only for the
benefit of the self.
However, it is important that parents also
support their child in this aspect. Mindless competition can only stress out the child to a point
of no return.
It saddens me when I see young people,
oblivious of the beauty of life are burdened by
the competition created by their parents. During
an extremely short span of the day, I see them
whizzing to painting classes, swimming classes,
tennis, badminton, dance and what have you?
Don’t they have a right over their lives anymore? Don’t they have a choice of what they
wish to do and not to do?
It is perfectly reasonable to compete,
given the fact that competition is ‘the word’
around the globe today. However, having said
this, it is very important to guide a child onto
the right track. But not with undue pressure! Is
it necessary at all? How much can a little boy
of 6 years take mentally and physically? Are
the parents trying to succeed in the success of
their children? Well, if they are, then they are
making a big mistake!
Talking of parents, so what if you didn’t
make it as a renowned swimmer, singer, dancer
and what not? Do you need to push your child
to such an extreme that he/she starts developing complexes unheard of in him before? Are
you trying to regale in the glow of a ‘super-kid’
who knows it all?
As parents, we should remember that the
minds of little children are so fragile that they
will break if bent too far backwards or forwards.
Why are so many young people getting
violent these days? Why are juveniles around
the world worrying everyone about their actions
or inactions towards an issue? So much change
has undergone in the minds of young people.
We, as adults, have to be more friendly towards them instead of trying to dominate their
thoughts constantly. We have to keep abreast
of what’s happening in their world. They will
become our best friends only if we understand
their feelings.
Being the mother of a 7 year old, I feel
that I have to be more of a friend than a parent. Being extremely busy, I try and give him
as much quality time as possible so that his
interpretation of childhood shouldn’t be one
where he grew up alone without his mother’s
attention. These days, children grow up with the
notion that their parents are too busy to spend
time with them. These are the very children
who suffer from endless stress and depression,
often leading them to take drastic steps. They
tend to shy away from public life and stay
cocooned in a supposedly safe corner of their
rooms at home, secluded from the rest of the
world. However, this can lead to behavioural
In fact, the reverse is also true! Too much
attention can also have adverse effects on a
child. Too much pampering and not allowing
ample space to grow can mould a child into a
person who is often unable to take decisions on
his/her own.
If we take the case of Nirbhaya’s gang
rape in 2012, we find that the youngest of
the criminals and the most violent was a boy
who hadn’t seen his mother for years. He never
knew what it felt like to be loved by a mother.
He never received attention as he was growing
up. As studies tell us, that might be one of the
reasons why he carried so much of vehemence
and hatred inside him for women.
One important factor for parents to keep in
mind today is to teach their children respect for
women ‘cause it is this very child who will grow
up to treat his companion the way he had seen
his father treating his mother.
These small efforts within the family will
go a long way in creating a generation of the
future we will be proud of. We are responsible for every inaction when in fact we have a
choice to mould wonderful human beings from
the precious gifts bestowed on us by God-Our
Being Joyful
Like A Child
here is one thing that everybody is seeking for, and that is
happiness. It is not that people
don’t find, they do find happiness
but it doesn’t last too long. It is momentary; for couple of hours, or one
or two days. But the tendency of the
spirit is to find everlasting happiness;
happiness that doesn’t turn bitter.
I would like to tell you a small
story. There was a gentleman who
was looking in front of his house for
his keys which he had lost. He was
looking for it under the street lights.
A bunch of people came around to
help him find the keys and they all
started looking. Then one gentleman
went and asked this guy, ‘But tell me,
where did you lose these keys?’
He said, ‘I lost them inside the house’.
‘But then why are you looking
for it here?’
Every child is nothing but a
bundle of joy but as we grow up,
somewhere, we lose that joy.
The whole question is, how do we
get back to the innocence we were
born with?
It is very similar to what is happening in this world with everyone.
Each one of us has abundant joy
deep within us, yet we are looking
for it somewhere outside.
Just remember, when we were
kids what we used to do? We used to
shout, play and enjoy. Every child is
nothing but a bundle of joy but as
we grow up, somewhere, we lose that
joy. A child smiles 400 times a day.
When a child grows up and becomes
an adolescent, he smiles only 17
times a day, and when he becomes
an adult, he smiles occasionally and
that too when someone smiles. The
whole question is, how do we reverse
this? How do we get back to the innocence we were born with? How to
smile back again? This is the quest.
So if you look at it, there
are three things that stops us
from being joyful like a child.
1. Prejudice
2. Insecurity
3. Stress
I don’t think there is any fourth
thing. If you find any thing, tell me.
Now we need to get rid of all these
Stress we can get rid of by making using of the breath. There are
number of breathing techniques that
help us relax and get back a lot of
energy. If you ask me what is stress,
I don’t know, but I see people having
it. And when I analyse, I see stress
is wanting to do a lot but having no
energy and no time.
Now, either you have to reduce
your needs or increase your energy.
In these two things, what is most
practical is not reducing your needs
but increasing your energy levels.
So breathing exercises, pranayama,
meditation, yoga, all these increase
the energy level in a short time of 15
to 20 minutes. If we relax consciously through meditation, it raises
our energy levels equivalent to 6 to 8
hours of sleep.
Relaxation that you get from
sleep is dull relaxation. Another kind
of relaxation is conscious relaxation.
That relaxation brings your energy
levels higher. That is called meditation.
Meditation is not sitting and
thinking something. It is going to the
source of thought. So reducing and
eliminating stress is the first thing.
Second is to get rid of prejudice.
There are many types of prejudice.
There is prejudice between generations. Young people will not sit and
share their heart out with senior
citizens. There is generation gap. You
find this all over the world. People of
certain age group only stay together
and talk together. They don’t open
up and mix with elders or people
younger than them.
There is prejudice about class,
and about gender as well. May not
be so much here in Canada but
in many parts of the world, there
is prejudice against gender and
prejudice about religion, culture, language, and so on. So many types of
prejudices. Wisdom is to rise above
prejudice and see the whole world
as one family.
If this idea of the whole world
as one family comes, there will be
no war, no crime and none of the
problems that we are facing in the
world today. See how many people
are being killed. There is so much
violence in the world. This is all
because of lack of a broad vision and
Third is insecurity. Insecurity of
what? ‘Oh, there is nobody for me.
Who will take care of me?’ I tell you,
there is so much love and compassion on this planet, and there is a
higher power which is all love and
it will give us what we need when
we need. If you look at your own
life, in the past, how many times
have you felt insecure? See how that
time has passed and how complete
you are today. If you turn back and
see, then all those moments you
have spent feeling insecure, appears
to be such a waste of time, isnt it?
Count and see how much time you
have spent being insecure in the past
20 years. How many times you felt
insecure? How many days you spent
in a gloomy mood? It looks like such
a waste of time and energy, and not
only that, it created toxins in your
body. Your health
gets disturbed by a
feeling of insecurity.
His Holiness
Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
Album: Lightning Bolt
Artist: Fantasy Empire
Zombie Army Trilogy
Revi vie
Cast: Sara Loren, Taha Shah, Puneet Issar,
Priyanshu Chatterjee
Director: Shadaab Mirza
akeezah goes to the beer
bar. Or some such tagline
would serve this fairly
watchable melodrama’s purposes.
Melodrama as a genre in
Indian cinema has gone out
of vogue. Debutant director
Shadaab Mirza weaves an emotional yarn about a girl’s journey from the pristine Himachal
hinterland into a beer bar run
by an incredibly benign South
Indian man who could be one
of those caring madams in the
films about fallen women set in
To his credit, the director
doesn’t over-romanticise the bar
girl Barkhaa’s tumultuous life
story, at least not initially when
she is shown to be quite a tease.
Eventually Barkhaa’s world
begins to fall apart. The same,
unfortunately is true of the film.
But in taking the life of a
tawaif from out of the ornate
kotha into the harsh glare of the
beer bar, “Barkhaa” succeeds in
portraying a cinematic journey
worth undertaking.
There is also a reformist zeal
in the script that B.R. Chopra
would have approved of in the
way the film’s hero insists on
marrying a bar girl who is a
mother of a little girl.
If only real life had such
solutions to offer distressed
women and victims of social hypocrisy.
“Barkhaa” rains down a
rhapsody of drama and romance. A heart-warming at
times, touching tale of an innocent girl’s journey into the world
of deceit, compromise and corruption, it echoes Raj Kapoor’s
“Ram Teri Ganga Maili” and
Kamal Amrohi’s “Pakeezah” in
the way the respectable genteel
upper class is shown to exploit
women of meagre means.
Sara Loren is no Meena Kumari. But she kills the part much
better than Mandakini in Raj
Kapoor’s fevered fable.
Breasts are left behind. This
Ganga is not maili. Just maligned.
ow many slow motion
headshots does it take
before the novelty wears
off? The answer, as the Sniper Elite
series has proved, is “a lot”. Zombie Army Trilogy, a compilation of
wartime horror spin-offs from the
Sniper Elite series, tests that theory
to its absolute limit.
There’s not much point wasting word count on setting up the
premise, since its right there in the
title. There’s an army of zombies
- Nazi Zombies, naturally - and
you’ve got to put them down. The
best way to do that is, per movie
lore, to shoot them in the head.
Luckily, snipers are very good at
shooting things in the head, and
thus the battle is joined: shambling
Reich ghouls versus hundreds of
bullets fired at high velocity right
into their squishy rotting nationalist skulls.
I found that playing solo, the
game’s initial gory appeal quickly
wore off. It’s really not a game suit-
he 20-year anniversary
of Providence, Rhode Island noise rock institution
Lightning Bolt arrived in 2015.
Though their inception was as a
trio with Hisham Bharoocha, his
leaving the band in the late ‘90s to
begin similarly minded freak unit
Black Dice left behind the duo of
bassist Brian Gibson and drummer Brian Chippendale, both
insanely powerful and unique
players who formed a terrifying
and magical whole much larger
than the sum of its parts when
coming together as Lightning
Bolt. Even when they opted for a
professional studio over low-tech
home recording, the results often
seemed thin, struggling to capture
the intensity of the band’s now
legendary live shows. Sixth album Fantasy Empire is their first
full-length of new material since
2009’s Earthly Delights and also
is their first effort put to tape with
the full benefit of a highly functioning studio and long-labored
ed to the compressed timeframes
that a deadline creates. Playing to
the next checkpoint, then going to
do something else, coming back
for another short blast, seems to
be the best way to appreciate its robust but simple charms.
The other way is to play with
others. With up to four players
thrown into the fray, the game
goes from one-note diversion to
something much more compelling.
Get others involved in the third
episode levels, and you’re seeing
Zombie Army Trilogy at its best and under those circumstances, it’s
an absolute blast.
Provided all you want is the
chance to shoot decomposing Nazis in the face hundreds of times
over, you can’t really fault Zombie
Army Trilogy for delivering on the
crude grindhouse pleasures implicit in its title. It’s also hard not
to wish the game didn’t do more
to deviate from its amusing but
repetitive blood-soaked trajectory.
Book: Cracking the Code: My Journey in Bollywood
Author: Ayushmann Khurrana, Tahira Kashyap
yushmann’s journey is a wholesome and insightful account of
the trials and tribulations involved in trying to get a break in Mumbai’s entertainment industry. ‘ Ranveer
Singh. ‘Ayushmann’s account of the
dreaded yet inevitable pre-stardom
struggle is as real and insightful as it gets!
His experiences will make you cry and
make you laugh. They will both inspire
you as well as give you a reality check.
All you aspiring actors read this one carefully. It will become your ultimate guide!’
Parineeti Chopra. So you love the spot-
light and drama of Bollywood and want
to make it your life. But what is the right
time to become a professional actor?
What sort of hindrances are you likely to
face as you make your way through the
film and television industry? Where will
this road take you? And, most importantly, how do you make it happen? In Cracking the Code, Ayushmann Khurrana actor, singer and television personality tries
to answer these questions and outlines a
step-by-step guide to making it big in tinsel town, drawing on his personal experiences as a rising star in Bollywood.
Dragon Blade
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G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
Tech Watch
working on
Truecallerlike app
called ‘Phone’
acebook is reportedly testing
a Truecaller like app called
‘Phone’, which shows information about who is calling, and automatically blocks blacklisted numbers, according to a report.
Android Police says that several
Android users have spotted the feature inside the Facebook Android
app. Facebook describes the app
as, “Phone is a new app that shows
you info about who’s calling and automatically blocks calls from commonly blocked numbers.”
The update is titled “Try Phone
[FB-ONLY],” hinting that the feature was meant to be tested internally by Facebook’s employees only,
but has been accidently unveiled to a
handful of Facebook Android users.
The app is very similar to called
ID app ‘Truecaller’ which also identifies callers identity, has a reverselookup feature and also has a phone
dialer app. Facebook already has
a large database of its users’ phone
numbers, so it will be easy for the
social networking site to collate the
Xiaomi announces 40 inch Full HD LED smart TV
he China’s electronic giant has
once again launched an affordable 40 inch Full HD Smart
TV. The product was announced by
Xiaomi China by a post on its Facebook page.
The TV comes with MStar 6A908
Cortex A9 quad-core 1.1GHz CPU
and Mali 450 GPU. It’s powered by
MIUI TV Android-based OS and is
capable of running many different
video formats including some of the
famous formats like FLV, MOV, AVI,
MP4 etc. Xiaomi claims that the TV
has a contrast ratio of 5000:1 and offers Ultra-slim frame of 14.5mm at its
Sony unveils
wireless Bluetooth speaker
of flash storage. As of now the device
will launch in China itself and there
are no official statements about the
launch in India. The device is priced
Huawei smart phones
launched in India
ony has launched PumpX
(SRS-X2) Bluetooth and NFC
enabled speakers in India for
Rs 7,990. The speakers are available
across Sony Centers and major electronic stores in India.
The PumpX speakers have a
compact and wireless design. It has
one-touch wireless listening with
Android Device Manager comes to
Android Wear
oogle is bringing Android
Device Manager to Android
Wear, that will help locate
users missing smartphone. The new
feature will be rolled out to all Android Wear devices over the next few
Users have to simply enable the
tracker by tapping a new “Find my
phone” option that shows up in the
Start menu after the update. To use
Android Device Manager app users
have to say “Ok, Google. Start. Find
my phone,” into your Android Wear
device and your Android phone will
start ringing at full volume.
Google is also planning to add
gesture control and WiFi support to
Android Wear in a new update. The
WiFi feature will be activated via a
software update as most Android
Since the TV is powered by Android therefore it would allow you to
play games on its 40 inch screen, utilizing the 1.5GB RAM and the 8GB
at RMB 1999 (approx. 20K INR)
in China and as per the previous
experiences, we can expect the Indian pricing to be a bit more than
the conversion rates. Xiaomi also
launched the budget Mi Pad tablet
and Redmi 2 smartphone in India
via e-commerce site Flipkart earlier
this month.
Xiaomi seems to be taking over
the budget segment of many different products and as per the leaks
Xiaomi is also planning to step into
water purifying business. Anyways,
whatsoever be their strategy, its
overall going to benefit the consumers.
Wear smartwatches already come
with built-in WiFi support. Gesture
control will allow users to simply
flick their wrist to scroll through notifications and Google Now cards.
Last year, Google had updated
the Android Device Manager app
with ability to set a call back button
on the lock screen of a lost or a stolen smartphone. Users can add an
alternative phone number that will
appear in the form of a bright green
call button on the lock screen. Google has introduced the feature in its
Web interface and the official app for
Android Device Manager. The internet giant is also planning to add an
anti-theft kill switch to its Android
smartphones in the next version of
Android that will be released in the
middle of this year.
Bluetooth and NFC support. The
speakers also come with an inbuilt microphone that lets the device to act as a wireless hands-free
unit and allows users to make and
receive calls easily. The speakers
support USB charging and claim a
battery life of five to twelve hours
on a full charge.
uawei has just launched
two new smartphones
in India, the Honor 4X
which is priced at Rs. 10,499 and
the Honor 6 Plus which is priced
at Rs. 26,499. Honor is an independent smartphone brand owned
by Huawei Terminals. Both Honor
phones will be exclusively sold via
Honor 6 Plus is Huawei’s flagship for the year and is projected
as the upgrade to the Honor 6
which was launched last year. The
Honor 6 Plus is powered by Huawei’s own Kirin 925 SoC which is
its new 1.3Ghz Octa-core processor. The smartphone comes with
3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal
storage which is further expand-
able via microSD. At the front the device it features a 5.5-inch display with a
1080p resolution.
Samsung Android devices to come with
Microsoft productivity apps
icrosoft has expanded its
partnerships with Samsung
and other mobile manufacturers to pre-install its services and
apps like Word and Skype on Android
powered devices.
Samsung had announced at the
Mobile World Congress, that its flagship Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge
will now come pre-installed with
Skype, OneNote and OneDrive. The
smartphones will also come with 100
GB of additional free cloud storage for
two years through Microsoft OneDrive.
The Korean giant is also planning to
pre-install Microsoft Word, OneNote,
OneDrive, Excel, PowerPoint and Skype on select Samsung Android tablets
in the first half of 2015.
Apart from Samsung, Microsoft
has also partnered with US based Dell
and 9 other OEM’s in Russia, Pakistan
and Germany so their Android devices
will also have the similar Microsoft Office offerings as Samsung. The move
is part of Microsoft’s effort to disrupt
rival Google’s dominance of the productivity market on Android, since its
Google Drive, Docs
and Sheets are added
to every Android
phone and tablet.
happen when you
and devices,” said
Peggy Johnson, executive vice president
of business development, Microsoft.
with Samsung is
emblematic of our
efforts to bring the
best of Microsoft’s
productivity services
to everyone, on every
device, so people can
be productive wherever, however and
whenever they want.”
Microsoft and Samsung recently
announced that their dispute over
Android royalty payments is now
over. According to a press release,
Samsung’s contract with Microsoft
will continue but its payment details
have been kept under wraps. However the end of previous disputes will
mean, Samsung may start manufacturing low cost Windows phones
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
Hazarika Kangana Ranaut
‘Wazir’ shoot stalled for two days Rani
wins Best Actress award
to sing in
arhan Akhtar and Manav Kaul were
shooting in Kashmir for Bejoy Nambiar’s upcoming film ‘Wazir’. Apparently,
while shooting at Dal Lake, there was heavy
snowfall and the shoot had to be stalled for
two days.
The team had left around 10 days back to
shoot in Gulmarg and Srinagar, and the unit
was to stay in Kashmir only for five-six days.
Since they had only two days left, they waited
for two days and then finished the shoot and
came back to Mumbai.
A source close to the development says,
“Yes, there was heavy snowfall and the weather was really bad in Kashmir. The shoot had
to be stopped for 2 days and then we had only
2 days to finish the shoot. But we managed to
finish the shoot and come back.”
‘Jazba’ set to release on October 9
anjay Gupta’s most anticipated upcoming movie ‘Jazba’ starring Aishwarya
Rai Bachchan, Irrfan Khan and Shabana
Azmi, is set for release on October 9 this year.
It will be releasing after a week of Akshay’s
‘Singh Is Bling’ and John Abraham’s ‘Rocky
Handsome’ which will hit the screens on October 2.
Aishwaya will be seen in never-seen-be-
fore avatar in this movie which also stars Anupam Kher, Abhimanyu Singh, Atul Kulkarni
and Chandan Roy Sanyal in supporting roles.
Produced by Zee Entertainment Enterprises ZEEL, Viking Entertainment and White
Feature Films, Jazbaa is written by Kamlesh
Pandey and Robin Bhatt.
The first look poster of the film will release in the first week of April.
Shashi Kapoor chosen for
Dadasaheb Phalke award
ust days after Shashi Kapoor
turned 77, it emerged that Bollywood’s evergreen charmer will
be conferred the Dadasaheb Phalke
award. Congratulations poured in
for the actor, whose now frail frame,
wrinkled face and silver locks fail to
erase the image of his good looks
and smile off his fans’ memory.
Best known for his nuanced
performance in memorable films
like “Deewar”, “Satyam Shivam
Sundaram”, “Trishul”, “Kabhi Kabhie”, “Vijeta” and “Kalyug”, Shashi
captivated Hindi movie buffs for several years.
The veteran actor-producer, who
turned 77 on March 18, is the 46th
winner of the honour, conferred by
the government for outstanding contribution to the growth and development of Indian Cinema.
ust a while back, we
told you that Kangana Ranaut may
very well walk away
with the National Award
for her performance in
Vikas Bahl’s chick flick
Queen. Well, what we
heard wasn’t just gossip
because the curly-haired
babe has indeed won the
trophy for Best Actress
at the 62nd National
Film Awards.
olltwood playback Singer Rani
Hazarika, the one who won the
heart of millions in the Bollywood industry with her heart touching
voice and very soon Bollywood playback singer will be coming with a “Welcome Back” song. Rani Hazarika lends
her voice for the song in bollywood
upcoming movie `Welcome Back`. The
song from the film is composed by Meet
bros who felt that Rani Voice will give a
fresh feel to the song.
Singer Rani Hazarika said, `As
a singer I feel very lucky that I get a
chance to be a part of bollywood upcoming movie Welcome Back. It’s great
to working with bollywood Biggies and
Firoz Nadiawala.`
Rani Hazarika has done Playback
singing for movies like Jab We Met,
Department, Chhole Asmaan, 18.11 A
code of secrecy, EK-The power of one,
Yeh Kaisa karz hai, Memsaab, KRANTIThe Revolutionar, SHUDRA-The Rising
and Baby. Apart from bollywood, she
has also done playback singing in several regional languages like Assamese,
Bhojpuri, Chhattisgarhi, Maithili, Malayalam, Telugu etc. She has given her
voice to many private albums, ads and
serial title tracks.
n a major blow to tennis star Leander Paes, the Bandra Metropolitan
Magistrate has dismissed his petition. Paes had filed a petition in the
court saying that since he and his partner Rhea Pillai are not married, she
cannot be a party to the custody petition on their daughter. Other contention of Paes was that since there was
no marriage, the Bandra court did not
have jurisdiction to hear their case.
The judge dismissed Paes’s petition saying that since he and Rhea are
the child’s parents, there is no need for
them to be legally married, for Rhea to
be a party to this petition. The judge
opined that under the provisions of
the Domestic violence act, Rhea is an
aggrieved party and is entitled to be
a party in the case. The court further
observed that both Paes and Rhea
have undisputedly agreed they were
having a relationship with each other,
they lived together and are having a
daughter out of the relationship who
was born in 2006.
Neil Nitin Mukesh to
share screen with
Anupam Kher
eil Nitin Mukesh who is all set for his next film
‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ is all excited as he is getting to share screen space with his teacher Anupam Kher after 28 years.
He was 4 years when he acted with him in Yash
Chopra’s Vijay. Neil says “Working with Anupamji is always a memorable experience because of his extensive
knowledge of films, thanks to his diverse portfolio It was
nostalgic for me because before I stepped into the industry, I was coached by him. To share screen space with your
teacher is an indescribable feeling.”
Bandra court dismisses Paes’s
custody petition
In a 11-page judgement, the court
said, When we examined the provisions of the said act it is evident that
the term “aggrieved” person” is applicable to any woman in respective of
her age and status whether unmarried
or not and relation in any nature with
a male adultator more particularly respondent.
The affidavit submitted by the
respondent (Paes) accepting that the
applicant (Rhea) as his wife and his
daughter and the petition for guardianship SPEAKS EVERYTHING and
that they (Paes and Rhea) were or
they are living together, in nature of
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
Your weekly dose of
There’s an unusual magnetism about you this week that might attract some
excitement - and interesting people. A social plan comes to life, though
you might need to work hard to get it off the ground. If you’re hoping for
a touch of romance, consider Friday as a potential date night. A warm,
companionable transit makes this the ideal time to enjoy each other’s
company. It’s also excellent for a get-together with pals and a chance to
relax after a busy week.
It seems your social life is full of surprises, particularly as the call to
adventure may be hard to resist. If you feel impelled to join a sports
club or get into competitive games, you’ll enjoy every moment. It’s a
good way to burn off excess energy, too. A softer mood takes over with
the weekend bringing a chance to explore the potential for a romantic
liaison. And while it may be tempting, try not to overindulge.
Enjoy spending time at home and forget about making too many plans
for now. With Venus in your sign, this is an opportunity to take stock of
your current situation and how confident you feel in your own skin. You
might opt for a makeover, new hairdo, or elegant clothes to boost your
confidence. You’ll have the most fun when you entertain at your place,
especially over the weekend. Allowing your creativity to flow can be very
Love goddess Venus may be the reason you have romantic feelings for
someone who shares your dreams. Go ahead and melt the ice. By the end
of the week there’s a chance of a date. By midweek you may be busy getting
inspiration for a creative plan or project. If your motivation seems to have
disappeared, look for a fresh perspective and chat with others who may have
ideas you can use. You’ll be back in the flow again before you know it.
This can be an upbeat week that you’ll really enjoy. You may be able to
attract both love and money if you’re in the right place at the right time.
Where your career is concerned, new projects or offers could turn up that
are quite exciting. Don’t be too quick off the mark, though. Give yourself
time to mull it over. Collaborating on a creative idea can work out well if
you connect with someone who is as dedicated as you.
Pleasant influences make this a week of special messages and friendly
feelings. With your social life picking up steam, this is one of the best times
to network and meet new people. You have more energy than usual to put
into plans and goals. As Mars continues to move through Aries, it’s time to
be proactive about reaching for the success you deserve. A fabulous transit
encourages you to spend the weekend with the one you love.
Consider domestic changes, as it may be time to redecorate or purchase
something for your home. If you have artistic talents, use them to add special
touches to key areas of your house. It’s also possible that you’ll want to make
structural changes, in which case think about researching your options. Pay
attention to your intuition on Friday. A pleasant surprise may come your way
if you listen. There’s fun to be had when you move outside your comfort zone.
The social tempo provides a happy beat with a promise of fun times and
romantic opportunities. The presence of Venus in Taurus suggests that you’ll
be in your element if you involve yourself in cultural activities that have all
the sensuousness of a gourmet meal or silk sheets. Indulge your love of color,
shape, and style, as it will give you that feel-good factor. If communication
seems a little off this week, keep trying. It could be a misunderstanding.
Avoid jumping to conclusions or letting your imagination run away with you early
on. Things may not be what they seem. It’s better to get the facts than worry
about something that isn’t happening. Warm and harmonizing aspects make for
good communication with a focus on romance. This is the perfect week to ease
into a scintillating liaison and enjoy getting close to that special someone. You’ll
be in party mode by the weekend, so go have a ball.
You’ll enjoy getting out and meeting people and this is a good time to
do so, particularly since you’re quite a charmer. Avoid sending mixed
signals early on that could lead to embarrassment later. Midweek brings
an opportunity to get to the core of an issue that may have bugged
you for some time. It’s helpful to know that the root cause could be
a limiting pattern that once released will give you the confidence and
freedom you desire.
You can talk your way out of anything or solve any problem, thanks to
your inventive mind, which gets a boost this week. As you’re so alert,
this is a good time to make travel plans, sell, advertize your goods and
services, or connect with people you haven’t seen or heard from in some
time. The energy is available for entertaining at your place, which could
be particularly rewarding over the weekend. You’ll find a friend’s loyalty
deeply touching.
There’s no point in being overly ambitious during a week that’s made for
being a little laid-back. Use this opportunity to pamper yourself, whether
that means a haircut, manicure, or more exotic spa treatment. A very
indulgent transit on Friday suggests you could call a pal to accompany
you. The presence of Venus in Taurus suggests that you may be attracted
to someone with a mellow, honeyed voice. Those dulcet tones could be
the thing that turns you on.
Useful Life hacks
ounce batteries to
see if their good
or bad. Drop them
on a table from about 6
inches. If they give one
small bounce and fall
right over, their good. If
they bounce around any
more more than that,
they’re dead or on the
way out
Once a midget gets on an
elevator and somehow
pushes the button to go
up, just before the door
closes, a hand comes
through and opens the
door. In steps a very
large black man. The
short man stares and
says “You’re the biggest
man I have ever seen.”
The man nods his head,
and replies “I’m 6-10,
weigh 286 lbs., and I
repair fax machine,
I’m Turner Brown.” He
faints! After coming to
senses, the dwarf asks the
man to repeat himself.
So he does, “I said I’m
6-10, weigh 286 lbs., I
repair fax machines, my
name is Turner Brown.”
He looked relieved and
started laughing. “For a
minute there, I thought
you said ‘I am a s ex
machine, Turn Around’.”
Solution (Last Issue)
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
Required Sr.
Sales Executives,
Showroom Sales,
Executives (F) ,
Office Executive.
Hair Styler required
in an Unisex salon
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Salary: 5,000-10,000/Contact-98646-08375
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Rent- 15,000 Ph No.98644-31944
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computer classes etc.
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5 Room Flat In
Maskhowa For Rent.
3BHK New Flat
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Parking , Balcony ,
Lift At Dispur, 2nd ,
3rd , 4th Floor, Rent16,000
400 sqft Rcc godown
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200 sqft Rcc shop
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Available and nearby
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flat on third floor
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Nagar, Chatribari.
Ph.Nos. - 9864159713.
Vento (D)
Top Model 2011
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Arya Hospital, Ulubari 2606888, 2606665
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Splendor 2013 Model
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Honda Activa
2004 Model
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Hundai i20 Sportz
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Mahindra Duro
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Mahindra Duro
2011 Model
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Pulsar 150 2012
Model, Colour Black
Arya Hospital, Ulubari 2606888, 2606665
Ganga Blood Bank 2454742, 2455029
Lion’s Club of Ghy Central 2546611
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Saharia’s Path Lab (24 hours) 2458594
Arya Hospital, Ulubari
(2606888, 2606665)
B Baruah Cancer Institute
Brahmaputra Hospital Ltd
Chatribari Christian
0361-2600051, 9207044374
Downtown Hospital
2331003, 9864079366,
Guwahati Medical College
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Guwahati Medical College
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International Hospital
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Choudhury Hospital
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Marwari Hospital & Research Centre
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Pratiksha Hospital
Basistha Military Hospital
Railway Central Hospital
Casuality (2671025)
Redcross Hospital
Sri Sankardeva Netralaya
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TB Hospital
Wintrobe Hospital
IHR-Institute of Human
GNRC Hospital 0361
GNRC Life First Ambulance
Arya Hospital, Ulubari (2606888, 2606665)
GLP Social Circle 2737373, 9435047046
Marowari Yuva Manch 2542074, 2547251
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G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
Catching Up
that allow you
to access your
privates easily
Cara Delevingne
Will Skydive
new pair of jeans is out in
the market, called ‘ PlayPants’ or ‘ Magic Access
Jeans’ that gives an easy access to
boy’s privates.
Robert Kalinkin, a Lithuanian
designer has created these easy access denims which come with hidden zips in the front pocket and
comes with exceptional quality lowrise and drop-crotch double button
fly jeans.
This erotic idea came, when Ka-
linkin, found a hole in one of their old
pairs of jeans and realized that it was a
pretty convenient feature to have and
then started a Kickstarter campaign
that has now gained enough money to
make these playful pants a reality.
The website has listed some more
advantages of these magic access pants
that these allow one to itch his private
parts in public easily, adds excitement
to a single night at the cinema or boring corporate meeting, and to light up
a dull love life.
ara Delevingne is planning to do a skydive
when she reaches 20
million Instagram followers.
The 22-year-old model
recently shared a photograph
of herself nearly naked apart
from some strategically-placed
fruit when she hit 10 million
followers on the social media
site, but the blonde beauty
wants to do something even
more spectacular when she
achieves her next milestone.
Rewati Chetri
girl in final
round of Miss
India 2015
s. Rewati Chetri, a next
door Gorkha girl from
Assam’s ‘Ant Hill’ Haflong convent educated LLB student of NEF Law College of Guwahati made it into Top 21 finalist
of Miss India 2015 few weeks ago
and she is now in the final leg of
the coveted competition. Born to
Baburam Chetri, an Assam Govt.
employee and Bina Chetri, a successful home maker on 4th of July
1993 at Haflong – the lone hill station of the state in Dima Hasao
District of Assam. She completed
her schooling from St. Agnes’
Convent High School, Haflong,
graduated from Lumding College,
Lumding and thereafter, opted career in law and is an LLB student at
NEF Law College Guwahati. Quick
learner Rewati participated in all
the cultural and extracurricular
activities of school and colleges
and belly dance is one of her passions. She is a big foodie and enjoys
cooking too.
Bradley Cooper, Suki Waterhouse part ways
merican Sniper” actor
Bradley Cooper has reportedly separated from
his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse
after dating the model for two
The couple is said to have
grew apart due to their hectic
Cooper, 40, started dating
Waterhouse in 2013. They had
never been shy to show their affection to each other, but they
rarely discussed their relationship in interviews.
“I don’t talk about my boyfriend because it’s boring,” Waterhouse once told Elle UK mag-
`I’m not one of those girls who
goes on about their boyfriends ... I do
think whatever I say will sound weird.
The truth is, if I start talking about
him, I probably won’t be able to stop.
And I don’t really want to talk about
him, you know,” she added.
pick of the week
A teenager student reportedly shot
himself dead in Allahabad on Thursday
after being restrained by his father from
chatting on a social networking site. The
14-years-old was a student of class nine
and he shot himself with his father’s .32
bore revolver.
Cooper was once married to actress Jennifer Esposito who tied the
knot with British model Louis Dowler
last year. He was also romantically
linked to actress Zoe Saldana whom
he dated on and off before seeing Waterhouse. Saldana is now married to
Marco Perego.
Kamur of the week
ith criticism and brickbats coming in thick
after India exited the World Cup, people
seem to have forgotten that this was the
team which had fared very badly during the test and
ODI series before the WC. To have reached
the semis undefeated was a highly commendable feat in itself. We Indians just don’t know how to
appreciate and encourage.
Take a bow Team India.
G PLUS MAR 28 - APR 03, 2015
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