Memorial Card - Schuler-Lefebvre Funeral Chapel

Wednesday, March 25, 2015 - 10:30 a.m.
St. Benedict Roman Catholic Church St. Benedict, Saskatchewan
Celebrant: Rev. Fr. Richard Meidl, OSB
Crossbearer: Jaime Markowski
Altar Servers: Erin Rheaume & Ashley Merkosky
Music Ministry: Diane Merkosky, Mike Rybinski, Marylou Beck, Blandine Norman
Intentions: Quentin Rheaume
Armin was born on October 14, 1924, to Joe and Pauline (nee Meidl) Bauman in Cudworth, SK, and grew up on the family farm five miles west of St. Benedict, SK. He
attended Hoodoo School and went to catechism and church at the old St. Benedict
Roman Catholic Church until it closed. One winter, Armin went out east to Hamilton, ON, to work in the steel industry and returned home in the spring to his parents’
farm to help out with the farming. He met and married Jeannette (nee Vey) (Martin)
on July 26, 1954, and they continued to farm in the area until 2008. In 2010, they
made their home in the Millsite Apartments in Wakaw until the present. Armin loved
to socialize and played guitar in a local band with friends. He enjoyed playing bingo,
Nevada tickets, going on bus trips, and watching chuckwagon and chariot races. A
long walk down the gravel road was a daily routine for Armin, with many vehicles stopping to see if he needed a ride home. After moving to Wakaw, he continued his walks.
Scripture Readers: Tara Markowski & Karla Lyons
Giftbearers: Andrea Willenborg family
Communion Minister: Marcel Martin
Eulogists: Diane Merkosky & Blake Peters
Memorial Table Attendants: Ramona Skinner & Lorna McGrath
Representations of Grampa's Life:
Shawna Bauman, Chad Martin, Juanita Doell,
Tammy McKay, Michelle Weibe, Shari Walker, Sheldon Rheaume
Honorary Pallbearers:
"All those who shared in Armin's life."
Active Pallbearers:
Ryan Markowski
Travis Bauman
Darren Martin
Collin Martin
Randy Martin
Marc Rheaume
St. Benedict Roman Catholic Cemetery St. Benedict, Saskatchewan
Memorial Donations:
St. Benedict Roman Catholic Cemetery Fund
Memorial Luncheon: St. Benedict Roman Catholic Church Basement
Armin is survived by his wife, JEANNETTE (nee Vey)(Martin) Bauman; two Bauman
children: Linda (Jim) Markowski and Daniel (Charlotte) Bauman; four Martin children:
Marcel (Joan) Martin, Edward (Brenda) Martin, Albert (Darlene) Martin and Florette
(Leon) Rheaume; sisters-in-law: Therese Renneberg, Iris Vey, Bertha Kroll and Denise
Richardson; brother-in-law, Joe (Peggy) Vey; 21 grandchildren, 44 great-grandchildren, and five great-great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by his parents, Joe
and Pauline (nee Meidl) Bauman; brothers, George (Ida) Bauman and Roman (Viola)
Bauman; sister, Jocelyn Jordan; parents-in-law, Joseph and Amanda (nee Bremner)
Vey; in-laws: Armande (Tom) Guthrie, Lea (Theodore) Vey, Leo Vey, Bobby Renneberg,
Harvey Kroll Sr., and Lloyd Richardson; and great-grandchild, Michael Willenborg.
In Loving Memory Of
The farmer's trade is one of worth, his pasture with the sky and earth,
His pasture with the sun and rain and no man loses for his gain.
And men may rise and men may fall, but the farmer, he must feed them all.
God bless the man who sows the wheat, who finds us milk and fruit and meat.
May his purse be heavy, his heart be light, his cattle and wheat and all go right,
God bless the seed his hands let fall, for the farmer, he must feed us all.
The family wishes to express their gratitude for your kindness evidenced in thought and deed,
and for your attendance at the funeral service.
Humboldt, Saskatchewan
"Dedicated to those we serve."
Armin Bauman
Millsite Apartments
Wakaw, Saskatchewan
October 14, 1924
Cudworth, Saskatchewan
March 21, 2015
Rosthern, Saskatchewan
90 Years