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Expectations for a Successful
Kindergarten Student
Here are some signs of developmental readiness that should be
observed in children before entering Kindergarten.
Being comfortable away from parents for several hours
Being able to retell familiar stories, nursery rhymes, or songs
Accepting minor disappointments or limits without tears
Listening to and following directions
Being able to work independently without constant adult
Using a pencil and crayon with a relaxing and controlled
Identifying the primary colors
Drawing simple, recognizable drawings
Having experience with safety scissors
Recognizing numbers 0-10
Recognizing most letters
Writing name legibly
Counting to 20
Being able to distinguish between letters and numbers
Being able to sit for a story
Being able to identify rhymes
Monroe Township Public Schools
Williamstown, New Jersey
Informational Session for Parents
of Children Eligible for Kindergarten
September, 2015
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March 25, 2015
6:30—7:30 PM
Oak Knoll Elementary—Auditorium
6:30—6:45 PM
Meet the Staff
Readiness Skills
Language Arts Literacy
English as a Second Language
6:45—7:30 PM
Monroe Township Public Schools
Board of Education
George Caruso, President
George Adams, Vice President
Anthony Ayres
Richard Amandeo
Kia Ford
Michael Hamilton
Vince Moore
Joseph Rumpf, Jr.
Jeffrey Simpler
Central Administration
Kindergarten Registration
Joy M. Laspata, District Nurse
Charles M. Earling, Superintendent
Anthony T. Petruzzelli, Ed.D. Assistant Superintendent/Elementary
Ralph E. Ross, Human Resources
Lisa Schulz, Business Administrator/Bd. Secretary
John L. Bersh, Ed. D., Supervisor of Special Services
Stanley W. Krzyminski, Director of Curriculum
David S. Sullivan, Director of Plant Operations
Michael J. DeAngelis, Supervisor of Transportation
Introduction of Elementary Principals
Please visit us on the Monroe Township Public Schools website at:
Welcome to Monroe Township
Charles M. Earling
Holly Glen—Thomas R. Myers, Principal
900 North Main Street, Williamstown, NJ
Oak Knoll—Jill A. DelConte, Ed.D. Principal
23 Bodine Avenue, Williamstown, NJ
Radix—JoAnne E. Rumpf, Principal
363 Radix Road, Williamstown, NJ
Whitehall—Jeffrey M. Johnson, Principal
161 Whitehall Road, Williamstown, NJ