Lip Sync Battle

Lip Sync Battle
Sponsorship Proposal
15th April - August
The Opportunity
Scheduling & Accreditation
Spike and Sky Media are proud to offer the sponsorship
of Lip-Sync Battle, the spin off Series from the social
phenomenon originated in the Jimmy Fallon Show.
Transmitting on Spike
15th April – August 2015
Transmissions per week:
Over 40,.000,000 views have already been recorded on
The Show
Produced in LA by Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Merchant,
each Show focuses on a battle between two huge stars
as they lip sync to popular tunes, with hilarious results
Hosted by LL Cool J in front of a live audience, this Show
will be talk about TV.
Confirmed ‘battlers’ include:
The Rock
Stephen Merchant
Jennifer Lopez
Jimmy Fallon
Anna Kendrick
John Krasinski
Contact Details
1 x 2230 premiere
1 x peak repeat
1 x late night repeat
15” credits front of each Show, 10” credits at the end
of each Show, 2 x 5” credits within centre breaks
About Spike
Spike is Viacom’s new global Brand, launched
globally from March 2015.
Spike will sit on Freeview, Sky, Freesat and Talk Talk
In the UK it will be launched with a heavy-weight
promotional campaign reaching 60% of all adults,
via Channel 5, MTV and Comedy Central
Benefitting from a large US commissioning budget,
the channel will be the home to talk about dramas,
comedy, docs and sport, occupying a key epg slot
on Freeview.
Targeting young men, while being conscious that
we don’t alienate women, we aim to attract a
driven, successful, adventurous audience to our
Drachan Forster | Sponsorship Controller
[email protected] | 02070326637