MVP Health Care Diabetes News Newsletter

ISSUE 1, 2015
When you have diabetes, it is important that you get good medical care. Now that it’s clear that
high blood glucose levels play a role in many complications, your doctor’s skill is more vital than
ever. Good care helps you live a full life with as few complications as possible.
The Team Approach
You should be receiving your diabetes care
from a team put together by your doctor.
Because your primary care doctor cannot
be an expert in every area, your team may
include an eye doctor, nurses, and a dietitian.
Depending on any complications you may
have, your doctor may send you to other
specialists as well, such as a foot doctor.
The Goal
Too-high levels of glucose in the blood
are a feature of all forms of diabetes. The
main goal of diabetes treatment is to bring
blood glucose levels as close to normal as
is safely possible. Your doctor will give you
targets that are right for you, depending
on factors, such as how long you have had
diabetes. Most parts of your treatment plan—
measuring glucose levels, taking medication
or insulin shots, exercising, losing weight,
planning meals—are aimed at helping you
reach your target glucose level.
Diabetes and hearing loss are two of America’s
most widespread health concerns. A recent
study found that hearing loss is twice as
common in people with diabetes as it is in
those who don’t have it. Hearing loss typically
happens slowly, so the signs can be hard to
notice. They include:
•Frequently asking others to repeat
•Trouble following conversations that
involve more than two people
•Thinking that others are mumbling
•Problems hearing in noisy places,
such as restaurants
•Trouble hearing the voices of women
or small children
•Turning up the TV or radio volume
too loud for others nearby
If you suspect a hearing loss, talk to your
primary care doctor. You may then want to
seek help from a hearing specialist, such as
an audiologist. After a full hearing exam,
you’ll know more about any hearing loss
and how you can treat it.
It is important to have certain tests and
exams to help manage your diabetes. They
include regular eye exams, foot exams,
blood pressure screening, and cholesterol
and urine protein tests. Talk to your doctor
about when your next screening is due.
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Patients who have good relationships with their
doctors are more satisfied with their care and
have better results. Here are some tips to help
you and your doctor become better partners in
improving your health care:
•Write down your questions before your
visit. List the most important ones first to
make sure they get asked and answered.
•Bring a “health history” list with you, and
keep it up to date.
•Always bring any medications you are taking,
including over-the-counter, or a list of those
medications (include when and how often
you take them) and what strength.
•You might want to bring someone along
to help you ask questions and remember
the answers.
•Find more information and printable forms
Source: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
MVP Health Care offers a condition health management
program for members living with diabetes. For more information
or to see if you qualify, call 1-866-942-7966. MVP’s program
is based on guidelines for adult diabetes care developed by
the New York State Diabetes Coalition. These are based on the
American Diabetes Association: A Collaborative Guideline for
the Management of the Adult Patient with Diabetes. Information
in this newsletter does not constitute medical advice. If you have
questions about your health, talk to your doctor.
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