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March News!!
REMEMBER> Dinner/Rally in April 18th. Need all hands please! BINGO Friday night, April 17, raffle
and dinner Saturday, April 18th. Please provide a raffle gift or two!! We have a live band (the Culprits)
and would love for you and your friends to join us. Let's make this a success. It is our fund raiser for the
club!! We will be doing a spaghetti feed again this year. Your President didn't and couldn't get motivated to
check out caterers! :( My bad!
EBHT clothing order is in, will have the items at the Dinner/rally for those of you that ordered! I can take
more orders at the Rally for those of you that want to order at that time.
Red Rock Run> March 18-25th.
Wed> Guisti's, Ralph & Joyce Frye, Alan Boyer and Sharon (Merced Runabouts) already arrived in camp.
Sue & Corky came in late evening after fixing a gas tank leak on the RV generator tank. Warren Clark and
friend, Judy arrived late that night.
Thurs> Chris and Chuck Woods, our newest members showed up that morning but opted out of running
with us this day. Ken & Jackie Oyer arrived and were ready to run with us, so off we went. Ran south to
Dove Springs OHV area -climbed some hills and played there for awhile Then Ken O. high centered
himself and Alan got to use his new winch to winch him back onto the trail, where the rest of us would have
just pushed him over Ran further south to Jawbone- our under the bridge route still closed, so the crew
opted out to run back home after having lunch at Jawbone. Roy & Judy Studebaker, brother Stu and
Shirley also arrived while we were out playing. Dan Poe and his girlfriend, Laura arrived later that night.
They were tent camping, yikes, but had a very nice and comfy bed! The desert is in full bloom, wildflowers
carpeted the area everywhere. Mostly yellow, but there is white, blue, purple, orange, red. Sometimes it
looked as if a gardener was out there tending them each day. It was really awesome, and very
impressive. Even the guys noticed!! Along with the flowers there were caterpillars everywhere too! Some
fairly tiny, but some as long as three inches and very fat!
Fri> early 9am start. Supposed to be a long run. Dan Poe on his motorcycle was the scout, while Laura
rode with Sue. Wanted to check out new campsites for more exploration over in the Spangler Hills OHV
area. Alas, only a few miles out Ken Oyer's bolt that holds his shock absorber on busted, and the shock
rubbed a hole in his rear tire. It looked like a hot fudge sundae!! Spare tire change and we were off again!
Not so very far along, Alan Boyer (Merced Runabouts) broke his CV joint and not wanting to fix it on the trail
opted to be towed back to camp. So Bob G. towed him back to camp and we all trailed after him. At
Bickels Camp the few who hadn't seen it before took a tour and then we went over to Burro Schmidt's
tunnel. Dan Poe and Ken Oyer did a couple of hill climbs then back to camp we went. Alan was still
working on his broken CV joint. 30 miles. Chuck went out for a short run, and couldn't resist using his
turning brakes, but with his beefy motor, alas he broke his rocker arm adjusting screw. He was down for
the count. Rats! Dave Sopko (Merced Runabouts) joined us that evening, but didn't bring the family.
Early evening even though we were all back early. Not sure why that was...must be an elder age thing!
Sat> early 9am start again. Going to try our previous day route. Chris and Benji (the offroad super dog)
was Sue's passengers, Chuck rode with Corky and Laura joined Dave in his buggy. Ran towards the
Pinnacles, found only one campsite, returned a different route around El Paso Mountain. Lots and lots of
wildflowers, beautiful scenery- no break downs!! Hurrah! Bob G leading with Alan Boyer's help on the
return route. A great day, great run. 80 miles. Back at camp around 5pm. Wind kicked up again, Dan and
Laura deciding to leave, didn't get much sleep the night before. Blamed the wind of course.
Sun> With Sue leading we had 9 buggies and ran up to McGivers Cabin. Very windy in some places but at
McGivers it was really pleasant and nice. The few motorcycles that were there were very surprised and
impressed to see us there. Half day for a few, Cap'n Stu needed to leave that day, so we had a group go
back to camp, the Frye's, Roy Studebaker, Alan & Sharon. Corky w/ Chuck as passenger, Sue with Chris
and Benji, Bob Guisti and Dave deciding to run some more and do some exploring. Ran over to Kelso
Valley, past where Corky broke his stub axle last year. Ran EP36 over to EP47 and back up and over.
Great sand washes even with the few areas of cow deposits which couldn't be avoided. Honest Chris!!
Benji loved it, but Chris was disgusted by Benji trying to eat it. 75 miles total. Back at camp at 4:30pm.
Mon> Al Boyer, Sharon, Dave Sopko, Studebakers's and the Frye's all left for home this AM, the wind was
too much for them. With only four buggies left we ran south and down the waterfall, found the "tube", road
still closed under the bridge so ran back UP the waterfall over to Opal Canyon, Dutch Cleanser Mine, the
rock cabin and back to camp for an early happy hour. 41 miles.
Tues> Chris, Chuck and Benji left for Sierra Trails RV resort down the road. Bob, Warren, Corky & Sue left
for a half day exploration run, with the girls holding down the fort. Did a ridge run w/ some gnarly hill
climbing, found the valley Sue & Bob discovered last year. Sue was uncomfortable with going down the
steep portion and opted with everyone else to go around. Ran around and went up a very narrow, rocky
trail then over to EP11 which is the trail to Randsburg the guys take when they have the girls. Back we
went, up the canyon with Bob G leading and went up the very hill Sue didn't want to come down. No
wonder, her buggy used everything it had but she made it. Whew, that was close! Hate those back down
the hill routines!! Did a little more exploring, ran back to camp early so everyone had time to pack up to
leave the following morning. Wind picked up again late afternoon, so we were all hermits again in our
RV's. 38 miles.
Great time, great runs. Was wonderful to see so many wildflowers. Spring has really sprung!
Next event> April Dinner/ Rally. Flyer to follow soon! Also watch for the club member roster. Working on
finishing this and will be out in a blink of an eye!
Biggest lie I tell myself>>> I don't need to write that down, I will remember that! :)
Buggy Club Run Schedule
Apr 18
May 21
Jun 18
Frank Raines
Weed Heights
Mina, Nevada
Jul 17-20
Kennedy Meadows
Larry Eckley
Aug 8
High Desert Rally
Sep 4-8
Labor Day - Wally's
Oct 29-Nov 1 Frank Raines Park
Jan 16
Frank Raines!!
Mike Bradley
(Modesto Ridge
Dinner/rally (all hands!) LIVE BAND!
with Merced Runabouts
To check out staging area- stay tuned!
w/ Modesto Ridge Runners
Contact him
Jamboree - all hands!!
Might do a Christmas get together at
F.R. with Escarabajos. Stayed tuned
Installation/Appreciation Dinner. Where
we begin again! Stay safe, happy trails
to you all!